Hamburger in a can

Pressure Canning Hamburger

Pressure Canning Hamburger15 Sep. 2019
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Jars of pressure-canned

Jars of pressure-canned hamburger on your pantry shelf make for the easiest "fast food" meals ever--tacos, spaghetti, sloppy joes, soup, stew, and many more. It is also great to have a supply for emergency preparedness purposes--ready-to-eat meat if the grid goes down! See recipe below.

USDA Canning Guide


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Saundra Gano

Before putting your hamburger into the jars do you heat the jars up or just use clean prewashed jars?

Angela Bishop

Thank you for making this video I found it very informative.
I bought all the stuff online so I can start pressure canning ? real soon. I can’t wait for it to arrive ?

Nancy Haywood

i really enjoy and appreciate your videos. thank you for sharing your knowledge and the science of canning. know that your method is very much appreciated.

kevin hicks

You could pack that in as tight ass u want the internal pressure and the extreme heat would penatrate a gallon jar packed solid with it raw.

Pamela West

I love your videos, thank You for your teaching info...

Sherry Craft

always canned my meat with oniuns or with out add beef base for more flavor to my meat i also add more this is up vidoe from others I am bored.........

Lisa Kukla

Hello! I've just found your channel and I'm already so glad that I did! I like hearing your stories about how things were when you were in college and newly married. You're so pleasant to listen to!
A few weeks ago I tried to get my grandma to tell me about ways they got through the Depression, but all she ever talks about is "end times" and Tribulation stuff, and I got an earful about whatever difficulty I'm having in my life or finances is because I'm not crying out to God enough. ? She's a weirdo. It was a pretty disappointing conversation.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your content. I hope there's more stories about how things used to be. ?

Linda Dwyer

Jim does not buy you roses for NO reason, he's a very very smart man ...he knows what a treasure he has. Thanks for giving us the information for SAFE canning, I love your videos.

Nick Freyermuth

Great video thank you

Carla H.

Hi from the state of Georgia! Thanks so much for taking your time to video, and instruct on canning. I'm new to canning. I've always been afraid of the pressure canner. I'm facing my fears... and going for it! My game plan is to watch your videos...rewind and watch again. You are awesome!

Seeress Legna Pavonis

Can’t wait to try.... very first canning #hamburgcanning ????

Kelly Hawes

I would really like to see your canning storage “ out on the shelf” . Show us sometime?

Anne Gonzalez

Love your videos and thT you don’t accept endorsement! I wii be following you!!

N C Dean

Love how you debubble with your butter knife ? Subscribed

rosebud wilson

Just subscribed today, love the way you canned this meat as I was wondering about adding the onions. I am new to canning so trying to find the videos on the meat that I want to can and we also love onions so this way is perfect. Funny about how we lived on so little when we were younger and also the changes in prices through the years. When I first got married, 45 years ago, gas was .23 a gallon here in CA, and a sub sandwich that would feed two of us was .75 and it was a treat to be able to share one of those.

gwen reed

Where did you get the jam pot you called it and cooked the ground beef I have been looking for one with the bail handle? And love your videos thank you good advice

Pam Winn

What state do you live in? For your pressure.

Carol Murray

I CAN ON A PROPANE CAMP STOVE TOO!! Wow I thought I was the only one!! ?

angel sunshine

Did you use regular beef bullion cubes? Thanks for the video. Yours was the best I've seen so far. I was worried about packing it and canning it raw. I trust this method and will definitely do it this way.

Angela Bishop

Oh I did have a question how long does it preserve the Food?
I want to make labels ? and I need to know does it last 6 months, one year, 5 years ?

funny videos

Hey Madam... i love your video so much.. i hope you make it on pork meat.. thanks

Karine Carde

I did my ground venison both as raw and hot pack several years ago to test the differences. Raw pack venison tastes more mild and is more succulent as opposed to hot pack. Obviously it is safe as we are still alive. Raw pack is safe and tastes better in my experience.

Gail Williams

Good morning, you are truly an inspiration, so much that you inspired myself to try my hand at canning hamburger meat. However, mine is not as professional as yours. I did not drain enough of the fat from the hamburger meat. So, when it cooled by morning I have an level of meat fat at the top of my jars. They did seal, but do you think they will be ok? I should of strained the meat better. I thank you ahead for your response, and hope your day is blessed.?also, what a great guy you have.

Kelley Etzel

I get so much use from my home canned ground beef! It’s fast food!

Rosie Rose

I'm happy I found your channel! Your a great teacher! I am a new canner, and your video's have help me a lot Thankyou! .?

Debbie Herring

I know this is a crazy question but do you add any water to the bottom of your pressure canner? I absolutely love your videos! God bless❤️

pine 09

Could I just buy beef broth and use it?


I made both your Beef Stew and Chicken Verde Soup. Now, today doing Hamburger! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge!

Artist Targeted

I Just Love You.
Such A wonderful Lady.
Your Jokes About The Olden Days .
You crack me up.
Take Care

Salima Carter

Absolutely wonderful!!! THANKS so sharing. This is exactly how I'm going to prepare mine!


I thought canning was not to be done on an outdoor type gas stove.

LA moon

I watch this with great interest, and tickled to pieces (I was glad to get the right video on the first try :) ... I've got a good load of hamburger and I'm ready to go. I liked the idea of your silicone measuring "cups" and I'll keep an eye out for them. I generally use a spouted measuring cup that holds about two cups of liquid. That looks a lot less unwieldy.BTW, thank you for a great video :)

Lee Verrill

How much water do you put in canner?

Esperanza Sustaita

Great video as always. Enjoyed it very much.


Thanks for sharing again.

willis pratt

I'm new to canning and I really enjoy watching your videos. You have inspired me to get even more into it, thank you.

Beulah Land Homestead Farm

Thank you for your videos, you can never learn enough! Mu husband just got a deer and I'm doing all burger with it....would you recommend putting just a bit of fat with it while cooking since venison is so lean?


I don't trust the food supply to be there anymore. I've started canning soup, but the only real place I have to store it is in our garage in SC. Not a super-cold place, but it does freeze outside. Any thoughts on storage in out-facilities for the winter?
When you double-stack jars, you don't have to add a lot more water, so as to cover the jars?

Todd Wilson

Thank you for the excellent informative video.
I recommend adding links to the kitchen tools you like as we can find those items easily and hopefully at some point maybe W/S would send you a nice thank you.

Mary Criswell

Hello saw your great video...I'm going to try this with ground venison. What type of fat would you suggest I use so it's not so dry? And how do you get away with your jars not cracking when you lift them out of the canner cause it looks like your cooking OUTSIDE!

Saga Wang

Why does new Ball blue book say to add water or broth to raw pack jars for canning? Asking because u did raw chicken in Instant Pot Max without broth or water. Now I’m confused.... plz clarify as to why No liquid added. Thx

Beulah Land Homestead Farm

Been canning for 10 years now. I used to use a knife for getting air out...I've had plenty of jars break...but haven't yet since iv ed started using a chop stick.

Rosie Rose

Beautiful roses!???


Thanks for this. I'll be canning ground beef more for the sake of emergency preparedness than for an ideal healthy meal. ?

Forgiven and Blessed

Thank you for the in depth detail. That made me subscribe to you.

Donna Burrows PaperScissorsCraft

Another fantastic video, thank you.

Heide Fries

Hi Pam, with regard to canning ground beef (80/20%) and onion, what would the approximate amount of meat you can get into either a quart or pint jar? Most recipes want 1# of beef but not clear to me what that equates to when it is in a canning jar. Thanks!

Cindy Woods

It was fun to learn that you studied at BYU! We have that in common. It's time to can more hamburger here. This time I will add plenty of onion as suggested. And I'm on my way over to check out your mixed dry bean canning. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Louiesa Malicdem

Am on here on Youtube searching for pressure canning guidelines and happy that i found this video!

my husband has just recently rented a canner from mygaragerentals.com (i wonder if anyone has heard of this) since we just want to test out the water first and not waste money if it doesnt work

we cant wait to try it out so thank you !!

Angie Dodge

Thank you for taking time to share with us. ?


Love it! Thank you for your educational video and time.

Diana Casario

Thank you for all your canning videos. I have been canning along with you. Yesterday I canned 7 jars of ground beef & onions. I followed your instructions. But I'm having problems with the liquid ciphering out. I am experiencing this with all of my canning. I have a presto canner. I do let a canner vent for 10 minutes before I put the weight on it. I do allow the jars to cool down on their own before removing them. I do make sure there is a 1 inch head space. Nothing I have tried has stopped the siphoning. Would you have any idea or advice for me?

Angelica Pouland

Does 1 pint equal 1/2 LB or 1 LB?


I married a man just like yours. We are very blessed!

Linda Lou

Great video, thank you for sharing your knowledge. ✝️?

Carol Badoni

Hamburgers were priced higher than the french fries? Wow. Glad I found your channel. Been watching them all morning on this cold, windy Sunday.

Kathleen Elliot

Glad to meet you, want to try canning. Gotta get my courage up. For so many reasons I need to do this. Thank you.

Brenda Gratza

Can you can hamburger with spaghetti sauce

Beth Richardson

I did 30 pounds of ground Chuck with onions this year. So satisfying. Thank you for a wonderful video

lazat diet

I learned too much from you how to can soup and I make my own business now
This is my video : https://youtu.be/lzlTh_K5kFs

Stacy Parker

what type of vacuum sealer is a good one

Heather Junker

If you can find Better Than Boullion Beef variety, you can make a broth with it to can with. It tastes fantastic. It does cost more than regular bullion cubes or powder but the taste is worth it.

Vickie Nesbitt

What is the shelf life? Have you gone years and tested it yourself? Thank you.


Love your videos~ my Gram told me about pressure canning meat years ago before her passing and I can meat and soup more than anything all year around! My beef, chicken or pork cubes come out great, using broth or water. Braised or raw pack. Awesome!
However my ground beef, even with S/P always came out tasting "gray"- bland, yucky, flavorless. Very disappointing. So I decided that I never need plain ground beef- I always use it in some sauce or with some seasonings. Why not can it that way? So from now on I make sloppy joes, taco meat or in italian red sauce for pasta dishes. NOW the ground beef retains good flavor. You can NOT beat the convenience! Between just being tired on a busy day, or when you have no electricity in winter for days on end (here in NH that sure happens!!)
I would love for you to do a video on all your equipment, with links on where to purchase each. You could toss in video clips or photos of you using each! There's an idea!!


Why would you not put the fat grease in with the burger? I want it in mine.

Carolyn McGee

I was looking at your jam pail thinking I could use my pasta insert for my large pot or maybe my large colander to separate the meat from the juices.


I am a single Dad. I very much appreciate this Lady and her knowledge. I am all about taking care of my family. To the Young Ladies out there.... Follow Her example. There are good men out there craving a Woman who knows how to be productive and Feminine. Unfortunately it seems to be a lost talent. I canned meat for Y2K. It is still good when I open it. OF COURSE I only feed it to my dogs at this point. It still smells good! I am just sayin.. Canning is a great way to preserve hamburger. Better to be prepared and not need it than to go hungry.

Country Charlie


Stephanie Urban

I love, love your channel! So much great info. You have the ‘I can trust you’ vibe!! Thank you!

Nathalie Cousineau

Love watching all your videos. Very educational for me as I never canned anything. Feel more confident after your explanations and knowledge. Love everything about your channel. Would also love a tour of your canning storage/room. Looking forward to the next video. What's your thought on canning "cream of...." soup?


I love your most amazing presentations-
it gives me courage to use my new All American Pressure Cooker/Canner I purchased seven years ago that sat in its box. ?? I’ve successfully water bath canned-so I feel I’m ready to move forward because of you. ??????
That said, I canned for the first time today, hamburger. My results were not very successful. I had seven quart jars-one broke(bottom fell off-and it was setting on the aluminum rack), two didn’t seal, four succeeded, I think—Will confirm in the morning. After packing with the hamburger/onion mixture and filling with beef broth, leaving one-inch head space, I cleaned the jars edgeswith vinegar and Put on the lids and rings which were sitting in warm water. I let the canner vent ten minutes, put on the weight for 15 lbs., waited til it started jiggling and gauge showed 15 lbs, set timer for 90 minutes. I adjusted it to jiggle 1-4x in a minute and watched it. It never varied very much. At 90 minutes, I turned off the stove and let it sit. Then the gauge showed a zero in a very short amount of time-maybe 20 minutes. So, I took off the weight, waited 2 minutes and opened it away from my face. Results were as described earlier. Any suggestions as to my errors? Did I open too soon?
Sorry for the length of this, but I would appreciate any help you might be able to give me. No worries if that’s not an option, but I did want you to know that you are inspiring me to explore new vistas.
Thank you—blessings to you and yours.

Julie Ramsour

Yes, I agree with the comments on how informative this video is. Thank you! May I ask what kind of bouillon you used?

Ba Sperry

I noticed that you have an outdoor canning stove of some sort. Could you please give some information about the brand name retail store or on line. Product information as I need to have an outdoor source for my pressure canning.

Joann Fortune

Hello RoseRed Homestead
How many packages of ground beef and onions to make 16 pints
thank you

Mr Joseph

Thank you for clearing up the cooking issue. Do you think dehydrated onions would be okay instead of a standard one?


Can you answer a question for me please? I canned hamburger with onion but my jars have about a 1/2” thick layer of fat at the top. Is that ok or should we not eat it? Thank you for your time.

Steffani White

I LOVE your canning videos! Quick question...does canned ground beef lose some of it's firmness in texture? I've heard it gets kind of mushy so I've opted to dehydrate for long term storage. Your videos are always so informative and thorough. Thank you for the time you put into them!!

Susie Huckvale

My heart just jumped! Now it is confirmed .... Gooooo Cougars! Rise and Shout! ❤️❤️❤️

Nancy Poidomani

Lovely intro and Jim is scoring points. I too can ground beef xx

Cindy Wisdom

I was just going to look for hamburger canning, thank you.

Johanna Bubela

Love the video - thank you for making it! Why do you not use the grease/juices from cooking the meat in the jar to be canned?

Carol Murray

I think I would run that beef through a strainer before canning


Ground beef is my FAVORITE food item to can! Because I work, I usually cook the meat one evening and can it up the next. It is so worth the work! I have 2 doz pints on the shelf now and will put up more! A few years ago, I tried raw canning it but it comes out the consistency of dog food. Precooking it and canning in broth makes it come out like you just fried it up!

Udder Charms Farm

Your the second person I’ve heard say not to raw pack ground beef and yet I did my first batch that way! There are other canners who do but I like your explanation! I’ve got 7 pints left and will be using your method from now on!

Chris Block

I’m new to canning. I’ve watch several videos and I always go back to you. Your recipes and methods I plan on doing first. Thanks for sharing.

Mark Lindsey

Great video. Someone with experience sharing the Knowledge. Thank you.

Alice Sais

Thank you so much for explanation, I will do it just like you! Better safe than sorry!

Susan Southard

Let that broth sit and pull off the fat, then you can use it

Laurie Sundeen

Iam a beginner canner. I made my 1st canned hamburger, but not sure if it turned out ok? When I took the jars out of the canner, there was some of the broth on the inside of the canner. The seals seemed to have sealed, so not quite sure what went wroughtm Kim

Ms. ReadyPlayerOne

Love learning and working alongside this super experienced fun woman ? I will be looking at all her videos for my I fo going forward ?

JB Susan

Thank you Rose! I miss canning with my mom so much every year during autumn. You remind me of her. I appreciate you don't have ads cutting in every few minutes! makes binge watching easier while i cook along with you! Blessings and stay well out there!


I have received my new canner a couple weeks ago- today I am canning 6 lbs of hamburger with your wonderful guidance. I have never canned before. Thank you!

Mary Glover

I really enjoyed your demonstration. Thank you. You explained this so well that someone new to canning like myself is excited to try this?


Is your beef broth store bought or some that you canned? Thank you. Loved your video..You are one of the best I've seen on youtube for canning.Thank you.


How long will this last on the shelf? And, how do you store it? Thank You :)

Joann Fortune

Hello RoseRed Homestead, I would like to know what kind of Knorr mix do you use in your ground beef so that I can purchase. Your videos are awesome
Thank you

Gramma Kiki

I had a friend tell me not to add water to my burger meat that it would be mushy. Does the beef bouillon act differently? I'm new to canning meats and wanted to try hamburger since I found a couple dozen jars.

Mamaw's Reborn Punkin Patch

I’m so thankful that I found you. I’m a late starter here and I really love how you teach❤️

Angela Bishop

What size masline pan do you have?

Prophetess Loretta Holliman

Does this method cause the ground beef to be soggy because that is what I have been told

The BEST Cheeseburger In A Can EVER !!!

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Comments (100)
Jacob Thornton

that looks good

Nem's MRE

this is crazy but great review Nathan :)

Olskool Mo

Where did you get all these cool ? mre from???

Ignasi Soler Vazquez


Richard Ransom


zombies gt

Hamburgers in the future


I love onions like crazy. Eat them raw. Nam nam.


Something tells me this would taste better warmed up

Blak Gesus

You apparently don't care about your life and you're trying to end it quickly eating stuff like this ??‍♂️


WTF 8 of the 10?????


these videos only appeal to me at 3 am


Who else eating a hamburger in a can while watchin this

Daniel VanderWoude

where can i get one???

Olskool Mo

Like my folks would say if you are hungry ? enough you’ll enjoy it all

Jasc Random

Well, it's not winning the Looks category.

linh phạm

Why is there must watch?


it kinda looks decent

Steve Mclain

Nice job

Alex Algor Industries

I'm a little wondrous on the 8/10. What actual adult doesn't like onions? Stick to your milquetoast, bud.

Stevie Pigford

It's a MCDONALD'S burger...WTF so u expect...dummy


5:16 is when he finally eats the burger.


"I really, really hate onions" PREACH BROTHER.


hahah worst critic ever

Matthew Powell


Juan Elorriaga

“That is a tasty burger!”

If he said it like Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction I would have shit myself

Mars Boy

going to give mcdonalds a run for it smoney

Swedish Fish

I just came here to say..


jeremy higdon

Gordon Ramsey approved ???

Vladimir blazkowicz

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1% food
99% cancer



Michel de berg

cancer in a can..

original fireman cancelled

Probably better than the one I had the other day at the airport Diner that was disappointing??

David Rief

onions cleans your blood everyone needs to eat more of them. and helps keep the flu away instead of getting the posion shot from your doctor


this burger looks very disgusting why is everyone saying it looks good??

Brutal Costa Guerra


William Wilson

I know how to have one taste even better. I've done it and as I recall the same brand. 20 mile hike wearing a 90 pound pack.

Wingin It with Irish Colleen

Whaaaaat in the? I saw this thumbnail, and I was all in, lol lol. ????? I recently tried my 1st MRE, I’ve been obsessed with them forever, but recently started adding them to my preps,... and now I can’t stop trying them, lol. My husband thinks I’m a weirdo. ? GREAT CHANNEL, I look forward to catching up on your past videos. ??


where can i buy this?


"..8 out of 10 compared to a real burger" ..like a Krystal burger.

Jakob Celén

"I really really hate onions"

What are you, twelve years old?

Waelotheboss wael

Better than my school cheese burgers


Why does that look exactly like a McDonald's cheeseburger?

Mars Boy

This is genius


Onions are amazing though!!


Only an americans or a dogs could eat that kind of stuff. Sorry if I hurt some dogs ;)

Dragon maid

Ewwww that Patty looks green.

Lidan Hannasvily

cheeseburger in a can>mcdonalds




8 out of 10!?!? Eat the rest of it then. That looked so gross

Mike Chermonitz

Can has pull tab....guy users can opener...... is you a wizard?


Nathan: this burger is the Best!
The burger: siggy crumbked destriyed burger


British burger

Bill Chestnut

I really miss the hiss


The only way I eat onions are if they're cooked; cant STAND raw onions!


YAY! I'm not the only person who hates onions!

Грозный IVAN

oww Gosh America why? "facepalming in Russian"


Just your average british kitchen art :D

Corey F

gonna give McDonald's a run for its money


I think you're meant to open the can and stand it in a pan of boiling water.....


Who the fuck hates onions? That’s such a basic staple food and ingredient in like...everything...
Broaden your horizons boi

David Munro

The British make the best products. I hope that Canada will import more goods from England.

Logan Stringer


Chase LaFlair

Those are tomatoes not pickles

Joseph Crispin

Oh God that cheeseburger looks disgusting!

Daniel Bogue

You are braver than I am

Sister Rose

I'll cook by Burger, on the Stove. Thank you very much! LOL!!


looks like mcdonalds

italian bread


Don’t Lick The Stripper Pole

Maybe after a nuclear war....maybe....


Too long to get to the point. Nearly half the video is gone before he even opens the can.

Norapat Patrawetsakul

Looks like what u get in McD's


Very informational, thank you Gordon Ramsay. I now can consume canned food without having an orgasm

Nathan Shelton

If you're gonna do a food review you have to be able to eat all of it. The onions aren't rancid or anything. Come on man suck it up and eat those onions!!

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Leon Ruvalcaba

Way better than the McDonalds stinky shite. I'm lovin' it already.
Where can i buy the canned burger?

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scary! XD jk


Don’t do it OJ!!!!!!!!!

Kenzo Tenma

look like cheeseburger from McDonalds

John Sanderlin

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I do not want to know what that thing would look like in 2029 lmao...

Alex Lo

Gorden Ramasy: Looks very dry!!!

Janusz Jutuba

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Sour Pickle

Atleast heat it up, yuck.


Man you're so boring to watch.
And honestly, 8/10 for a bruger in a can???

Kush kingOnyx

if your gonna be living in some post apoc world then yea that burger would be fine lol....Like who could complain when everything turns to shit

ND Punk

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I would actually eat that over what burger I make


how is it not poison :D


WHO would buy a cheeseburger in a can?

Sam Henwood

Looks interesting ?


Where can I get these? Can't find them anywhere online.

Aleksej Andrejev

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Sister Rose

I wouldn't feed that to my Dog! LOL

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Wilens Galette


eric siggins

He is still farting from this

Zack Mergel

I swear I kept seeing mold all over those burgers .. nasty

sara amelia

Burger for dog

Jovonte' Taylor

He could’ve washed his hands before moving to the next burger. The slimy one seemed spoiled ????

Nemanja Nemanjaa

still better than McDonald`s that`s for sure! :D

The Space Coast Life

Fried chicken in a can would be awesome!




I prefer when you eat pastiet!

Edwin Restrepo

Theres a booger party

Kevin P Carey

only 6 dollars a can LOL LOL LOL

Theboyz Gaming

In a part of the earth far far away burgers are in cans


Spongebob would be jealous of those Boogeers

Marco Lopez

That is mad nasty

Kid C


Kim Laudadio

I love Gus, more video of him.

BeerforBreakfast FactsforSnacks

Were can someone get this?

Nguyen Dunn




self ish

His accent is so cute

Wtxohn Thao

I'll bet McDonald's wouldn't even need a can to preserve their burgers. Also they're burgers would still exist in the world after all humanity goes extinct.

common_ studio's

What cannot be in a can


Turn your subtitles on while watching, makes Taras' videos so much funnier lol.



Shiloh Pacheco

That slime is the boogers in da can.




Booger in da ken

Charles F

It grease

Ty Ty

Throw some bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup n mustard, turn dat frown upside down

ann Dvs

Open a "can of burger"
See a bun
Sniff it
"smell like bread"

Seriously?? Dumbest comment ever

Erik Plankton

Pop a hole on the other side then blow through that hole.



Awake Out Of Sleep

Slimy boyguhz


b o i h g e r

Eddie Williams


Molen Mendoza

The last clip was Hilarious ?

patungpatung network & services


Stephen Williams

I see your hands shake. Eeek.

Jason Monroe

Here's a tip for next time you get food that is stuck like that open both sides and then push it from the other side everything will come out

Bryant Archer

Cost vs dollar menu?

Top 5 Auto Repairs

Like how he pronounce it booger

Kirill Trandin

Melted cheese, more like melted jeezz

Nick Koffiezwartaub

Thisj isj dielisious

Vishnu Prasad BBA

Boohgyer in a can.

Cam Fam

We should send him a better can opener

Jason Oatman


Katie Elizabeth

i love how burger translates to booger