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Guillermo vs Spider-Man Tom Holland

Guillermo vs Spider-Man Tom Holland19 Oct. 2018
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Guillermo steals

Guillermo steals Spider-Man’s mask only to be confronted by the hero himself. #KimmelinBrooklyn

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Guillermo vs Spider-Man Tom Holland


Comments (100)

i guess guillermo in his secret life is "spewder man"

Sarah H

WHOOPS spiderman's mask just got swiped off his head


The word "pew" should be banned from all over the world

Daniel Olumota

Tom is cool

Elaine Teo Mui Ting

Mmmb yes

Samariddin Najmiddinov

Tom hello

Tom Louis Müller

Guillermo: Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

Diana Smith

0:27 that sounded more like pio, pio, pio....I was waiting for the rest of the Spanish children's song...pio, pio, pio, dicen los pollitos...

Sharky Player

El spiderman gordo con los movimientos de lanza telarañas parece un pinche gorila paseando por la jungla ???

Svetlana Petrova

???ᵖᵉʷ ᵖᵉʷ ᵖᵉʷ

ali sha

The even excellent excited impulse computationally reflect because coke proportionally accept aside a bright humor. sad, rebel baboon

Izuku Midoriya 17

why would the guy steal masks from heroes

Godprince jalos YT


president oogway

pew pew pew

Erika Alvarez

Spiderman yeah

family medicine

I love spider man

Reginald Reynolds


Teegan Z


Eric Henderson

Yes Thanos is Poor

Alaa Hassan

اريد ردا مثل الخاص سبيدر مان

Chris T

That’s the suit he made in far from home

Dark brothers


Zdenushka Exnerová

Lol ? PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW A hahahahahaha ?????????

Khant Ko Ko Zaw

is that a real spider man suit i want to buy it

Remand Kirkuki

That flip was awesome peter

Jared Bermudez

Pls do not add da pew pew pew pew

Void Selemy

Lol thanos is poor loooool

Sonicthehiels Friend

Pew pew pew pew pew




"Because it's for threats and he's.. not all that threatening"

Ofeliya Talıblı

i am in crush on him i love him

Kerim Eminovic

Guillermo is too OP

DM7 SoccerVideos

2:12 - Dude really had a hard time breathing through that mask for over 2 minutes. Glad those extra pew pew pew pew didnt know him out on the stage

Elaine Teo Mui Ting

I love spider man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

terhdnjem jrhmendh

The low skate hepatosplenomegaly lock because brace finally rescue at a tame signature. violent, well-made wolf



elenaire puzon

We really need lots of gillermo in this world. Such a cool guy.

Paul Esmeria

They are both idiots

Uswa Bukhari

Tom Holland is the best thing ever happened to Spiderman. Period.

Rᥱιzιn メトル


Elaine Teo Mui Ting


Josemaria Barrantes Sanchez


Christian Kongjini

The mcu ruined spiderman

eni alpaca

That scene where he takes that thing off?and everyone like:AAAAAAAAA

Demian Rey


Christy Plambeck

Tom Holland still does his American accent


thanos is poor

Muhammad Ahmed

Tom is Peter Parker aka spider man

Matěj Buchta

0:54 you mother-
that was close xd

Evelin Tomassi



The old spider man who did the first few movies was been FORGOTTEN

Jennifer B

?. How do

Ashley Bryantes

The abaft consonant noticeably arrive because robert statistically pedal abaft a puzzled curler. encouraging, cluttered girdle

Elaine Teo Mui Ting


Jesse Cairns

Why does Tom need to be so athletoc

Klip Movie Indo

lawakan nya garing ajg

navas muhammed

Mask off.... Lyrics ??

Joel Abraham Manoj

It's not pre pew pew it's thwip thwip.... Guillermo is not the real Spider-Man ?

michael jackson


solvatore rappa



Guillermo needs a MCU skit where he steals Peter's mask and runs around going "PEW PEW PEW" to bad guys

Brian Mendoza

Woooooohooooooooooo tom holland

jonki leshi

The special castanet totally plan because golf unusually dress up a chubby arithmetic. green grey grieving, curvy card

Sparshita Sahu

I love his suit so much!!

Ramses Gabriel Silva Velasquez


саша или крутой Калашников



That’s not Guillermo that’s Ned

Haakon Olsen

Spider Man!

Luzia Bassi

Uau spike Man

Adhil Afsal

Only Tobey Maguire ❤️

Shabeena Mohamed

It's a conan and cream


Pew pew pew

sonic 2006


Olivia Rose

Why is thanos robbing a bank?? Because thanos is poor

mega twins

Is this fact

Joan Taylor

The cooperative close proportionally attempt because titanium kelly crack alongside a better chimpanzee. bizarre, chilly drum

M - 800

Jimmy - HoW MANy oTHER ShOWs bRiNg SpiDErmAN
Me - A lot


Thanos is poor never leaves my head ;-;

Kevin Vázquez


May Cheung


Gladys Canales

What there cannot be two Spider-Mans what is happening?

Maria Luceni


Fathia Rania

People says it would be cool to meet tom holland but what if you are tom holland

Orlando Rosales


Галымжан Бигалиев

Now imagine seeing on Kimmel's show 2 more guys in Spider-Man suits but they are Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield

Soup Bear

tom being scared for life because jimmy is asking about spoilers 2:39

Kiki Afentoulis

As soon as he takes the cone off

mung nguyen

I love you ,Tom Holland

Joe Abim


Robyn Moody

Am I the only one who thought it was gonna be Jacob Batalon ?

Ava Bennett

Thanos is poor

Lindsey Mcgeefr4

The optimal timer numerically occur because cut aerobically screw inside a numberless person. plastic, fluffy waste

Nikka Grace

What makes you fall in love of Tom Holland
Them: Cause he's attractive-cute and handsome
Me: Cause he can do flip

Rodrigo Dutra

I love the pratical suit, why they cgi it the entire movie?????? :(

Metehan Kurga

Meraba pitır


I’ve watched so many mcu cast clips that I can’t tell if he is talking with his American or British accent

Nikka Grace

The Pewpewpewpewpewpew is basically my cat and dog

Matthew Morel

When jimmy said is this is a prequel you should have seen toms face

Ernest Lifja


monica santy


This Man's Hunt Ended In A Deadly Back Breaking Fall | Fight to Survive S2 E8 | Wonder

This Man's Hunt Ended In A Deadly Back Breaking Fall | Fight to Survive S2 E8 | Wonder24 Oct. 2020
516 841
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Deer hunter Nathan Holcomb

Deer hunter Nathan Holcomb plummets from his tree stand. Every hunters' worst nightmare becomes Nathan's reality. With a broken back paralyzing him, Nathan must crawl out on his own to find help.

Subscribe to WONDER to watch more documentaries: https://www.youtube.com/WonderDocs

Fight to Survive tells the inspiring true stories of outdoorsmen who have faced down death in the wilderness and lived to tell their story. Adventurer, author and survivor Craig DeMartino hosts the series, journeying to meet other survivors and hear their stories. Each week, Craig takes a survivor back to the flashpoint of their ordeal as they share with him their very own fight to survive. This series takes the audience right into to some of the most majestic and dangerous places in North America. From the exciting action to the inspiring comebacks, these stories will remind us all that faith, determination and human spirit can do anything when faced with the ultimate Fight to Survive.

Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thewonderchannel/

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WONDER is packed with binge worthy reality documentaries for hours of entertainment. Check out our hub of diverse and empowering stories which explore the extreme side of life!

Join our Wonderers Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2227476344246882

Content licensed from Big Media to Little Dot Studios.

Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected]

#wonder #fighttosurvive #survival #survivalstories #ishouldntbealive #weirdandwonderful #extremesurvival

Comments (100)
Zayn Coleman


Olivia Seymour

I always go hunting in a ground blind and not a tree stand because my friend fell out of her stand and luckily her bf lived about 50 feet away from where she fell or else she would have been eaten by coyotes

Anthony Gamingツ

I cried ??????????????

Susan Nagy


Matthew Ramirez


Joshua Giuliante

My name is Nathan and this is my brothers account.

Nicholas Farrell

Good for him

Aimee Dion

I fallen out of a oak tree, and the wind got knocked right outta me, and I was on the ground wheezing. I fell from about 11 - 13 ft. didn't luckily didn't break my back but the pain was pretty bad. I was fine after like 3 2 or 3 days. Then, a month later or more, I fell out of a oak tree again (I slipped) but this time I fell 14 - 16 ft on my left side. I saw a blur of leaves, and then I was on the ground, wheezing, thinking did this really just happen?! Again?! I then had to go to the emergency room to get stiches, and I was there for 5 hours. It was scary at first, but when I was getting the stiches, they numbed my ear, and it barley hurt at alll. It was my first time getting stiches...


put some vaporub



Jaidon Vick

I bet most of the people clicked on this video and skipped the half of the video just to see what happens.

Hannah Massey

That’s why you wear a harness

Michelle Dull

That sucks so much

Mirona 28

His sweet
kid has such a lovely face and huge eyes!!!

Elliot McCarthy

I cried


i fell off a tree and only broke my toe

Brandon Hastings


Michel Family

WAIT A SECOND. there's a recording person who could have helped him did they just want him to die bc the recorders could have helped him

Ethan yo

Just imagine being eddie and can someone tell me how far he fell in meters

Keltyn Selmeyer

I’m fine

Nimal Chitrasena

This man should be able to understand now, how much pain he is giving to animals by hunting them. He should feel the pain of the animals in this way. God has given him the right punishment .

Sophia Hermanson

Hey man I’m sorry that happen

Olivia Seymour

I am now terrified to go hunting with my younger brothers or my step dad
My brother go hunting by thief selves all of the time and now I’m cared that the same will happen to them. My step dad has now had two surgeries on his neck and if he falls out of a tree stand he may die

Alpha Wolf

Who tf is recording him


Instead of recording maybe help the man with the broken back

Michel Family

He could have gotten helped but he didn't get eny

Aminah Holland

And one time I was playing with my little cousin and I had a Rake and it was sharp we was at my house in my back yard I dropped the RAKE ON MY TOE and it was SPLIT OPEN I was crying I walked to my mom and uncle and YELLED I BROKE MY TOE CRYING and they thought I was joking since I always play around I showed them CRYING !!THEY was like stop crying and I said take me to the hospital they didnt THEY DID LIKE SURGERY ON MY TOE AND IT HURT I WAS CRYING!! when they was finally done I said I was about to die ? even though it felt like I was?? TRUE STORY


Thank goodness he is okey

Hockey Man

My grandpa wants to wear a harness and he hunts and he fell luckily he only had minor injuries but from that day when I hunt with him I always wear a harness we even have a Reminders on our phone

Colby Smith

Yo you can servive

turtles lit

This scares me

Bejamin Flores

So dangerous

Kyle Kinkelo

this is sad

the tang

Bro they made this way more dramatic then it should have

Michel Family

why are people like this

Jacqueline Bennett

This is why you do the following when hunting: Make sure someone knows where you are and when they should look if you don’t contact them or return home, use a GPS if necessary to give them an exact location. Don’t deviate from your plan if you can’t update them of your changes, Wear a Harness if in a stand, and Carry a cellphone even if it may seem useless to do so.

random marcus

When I was 11 I was in a car accident and lost my brother my dad broke his jaw and me and my friend was walking around trying to find my brother

Jamal pulled out the 9

Absolutely no one:

me:what a f$#k#*g legend

Parker May

why didn’t he just say “hey siri”?

olga chavez

Thats sad


What a champ

Alex does stuff

my uncle broke his back and leg from falling out of a tree stand a few weeks ago.

Teresa Condry

This is so sad

12 guage catfishing

My sister goes to southern alamance high school

Keltyn Selmeyer

Ull be fine cuz I fell 25 feet outta tree at 11 years old face first onto tree roots and broke 4 bones in my face and my shoulder

Beth High


Avery Chickens

I’m a hunter and coyotes won’t attack ?‍♀️

Derek Baher

I'm so sorry

Professor Slime

That’s proof that are God is real

TJ Shorts

Love how they were just recording

Ainzley Caldwell

i i'm glad you made it and i hope you get beter

Colten Laderoute

And this kids is why your mom tells you to not climb trees ?


That is why you should be in a blind on the ground not in a tree

Zander Goodale

I don't know how it feels to break that many things at once when I was 8 and I was in sec grade I fractured my left humuers they keep replacing my cast I had like 4 but then I was good and then when I was still 8 prob a week before I think Christmas I was in third grade and this time i broke it on the same part of the playground on the monkey bars and that time it broke snapped in was so scared and didn't want surgery but I'm happy now 1 year now without breaking a arm. This is how it went both times first I feel when I fractured it i slipped and reached up to catch the bar my arm was behind my back I landed on it and it was in pain the time I broke it when I was walking inside the school not crying but was in very bad pain I didn't feel anything my arm was stuck behind my back I heard a snap and I was able to move my arm in front and I knew I was in more pain then last time I fractured it. :( ??


this is crazy if that happened to me i would do the same and try to grab on roots and anything else that i could

paul mydonick

because of an accident I got parylized from the waist down ,GOD is sooo gooood HE healed me complete I give HIM all the PRAISE, HONOR,GLORY AND POWER , THANK YOU FATHER FOR LOVING me .

Jahnavi Sinha

who recorded?


Guy: falls of cliff and dies

Guys soul: “I WAS LAGGING”

Derek Huynh

I’m just a kid

Ryland Jones

That was sad

Susan Nagy

I’m happy he didn’t die

Jaidon Vick

This is why you bring a gun just in case this happens

Austin’s YouTube videos Generation X farmer


Caden Mccown

If I fall out of a tree stand next time I go hunting I’m gonna hunt in a box

Jaidon Vick

Just be grateful he didnt get stabbed by his own arrows


The camera man be like: oh cool you are dying lemme just record

Cindy Hinton

I hope you fell lot better just let me know that if better ple0ase

Noah Bala

I have been huntin on ground but never in a tree


This is why you dont kill animals thats doing nothing to you

joao muller coutinho


Layla • ᴗ •

A few years ago, I was on my hammock between trees and they both fell on my and it broke my hand & some fingers on that hand and the other. Still hurts to this day.

Tristan Bohannon

My dad is walking on a 4 inch wide plank 20 feet above the ground and everytime he walks on those planks they bend 6 inches. Scares the carp out of me evertime he walks a cross them.

i? Meyer

Sad ?

Spark Lucky

Definitely wear a harness

Kassidy cooper

I have lost my dad in a car accident so I know how it's fill

Susan Hite

That is scary!

Natasha Lawson


Martin Negrete

This is natures karma????


Why didn’t the camera man save him smh ?‍♀️

Connor Gowans

Thank God he didn't land on an arrow

Bogdan Kragic

Poor hunter

Ryland Jones

I am crying right know

Fran Vrabec

When im scared to jump 3 feet off a wall

Anju Suryavanshi

The greatest thing he did was to pray to God and his angels..That crawl was unimaginable..only God gave him the strength to reach his ATV


Wait can somebody tell me how he’s standing in the interview and is paralyzed?

Sarah Pannell

0:18 when he calls for help: no one answers

Camera men: leave him there he doesn’t need help

Tatsu The Basic Person

Holy Shxt.

joe B

If you do not wear a harness try to land on your head. No harm should be done since it's an empty vessel.

Hayley Gilbert

Just saying that I think that god just give him a reminder to wear his safety harness

David Krappenschitz

Shame he survived.

Kimberly Stone

This is sad ??????????????????

Flippin’ Gamer

Congrats on 1 mil

Ethan and Maddox Smith

Why shouldn’t the camera man help him

Adelaide.diaries sameer

Don't take curse of animals killing them for your own hobby...shame !!!!

I make different kinds of video :D


Colby Smith

I’m going to pray for you

Gamerboy Alperen

I cryed a little

Elisha Laureen Rivera

I hope his wont happen again ;-;

Eva Lister

I'm so proud of you keep safe and God bless you ??❤️❤️

Prison Mike

Man : 0
Deer : 1 ?????

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Comments (72)
Meridith Ewing

Where is your cat! I love your interactions with your cat!

Rita Was Here

It's wild how the infection seems to be far away from the bump. And the bump is so small.

Frances Martin


how many

Great one!!!!!!

Denise S


Brulas Reacts

go check out the MERCH STORE AT https://teespring.com/stores/brulas-reacts-shop

Naomi K Garza

Maple Buttermilk Bar Topped With Bacon.

Abigail P

Haha! Thanks for making me laugh! I needed it!

Rita Was Here

? I just viewed the merch, it is exquisite. You really paid attention to Quality and detail! You don't have cheap shapeless t-shirts for women. Ladies you must check out his March!! ❤️


Great vid!! I’m always shocked these people aren’t afraid of an infection when they cut into each other like that. Oh and muffins are my fave. But Boston Cream donuts are VERY good!!

Debi Barlow


Shell W

Good one!!!!!!!

Frank Yearty

? donut

Penny pink

Donut yummy .you make me laugh , thats a gift you hav ???

Linda Koss

DOUGHNUT!! Boston Creme, chocolate covered!!!!

Barbara Mays


Gamers Ahoy


Rita Was Here

Muffin, unless it's a plain cake donut ☺️

Jenny Bennett

It's doughnuts for hubby and I xxx

Ray Taylor

Brules, ease up on the dog. He is trying to get what falls on the floor.

mama bubbles

Doughnuts. The merchandise is great. Thank you for doing that for us ❤️. Great video. I shared too


Emotional support doggo

HAL 9000

BRAVO! BRAVO!... Aux Fromage!!! (pardon my French)

Deborah H

Donuts by far. Great Video as usual. Great Merch. Quite the selection. I love the Kurrie stuff. Definitely will be ordering once I get the money. Kinda pricey. But good job. And put the prices in bold numbers so one can see it better. Love from Northern California.


Muffin! ?

I love your beard! It’s growing in! ?

Going to check out your merch link!

Debi Barlow


Barbara Barela

Don't ever stop, you are so entertaining! Donut! But blueberry muffins are good too

Southern Sweetheart

Blueberry muffin

Tammi Bogus

Now I can't eat mayo ever again lol

Narda H

What kind of muffin and donut? It matters you know.❣️☮️?

Bella Schuman


Cathy Loffer


Stephanie Krol

Thank you

Tiffany Laberdee

Some of your reactions made you sound like you were taking a big poopy poo ? ???

Justine Bilton

I don't like donuts or muffin..as im loosing more weight..but don't usely eat them anyway..but you did make me laugh..so thankyou....

Ed Gallegos

That was a good one. Godzilla approves !


....Oh and fresh glazed donuts

Simon Howells

The dog wants sausages

Ed Gallegos

If the muffin is Blueberry then it would be the muffin. If not then doughnuts

Shay bennett

I love ur videos

Kristy Shannon

What kind of donut? It makes a difference. Lol if its plain i choose muffin

Mary Garrage

Donuts...are the staff of life.
Thanx for the share. I was squeezing my phone. Lol

Kathryn Masters

[email protected]"that's what you call a back stabber* toooooo funnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyy loved it..!!!!

Cherie Lundberg

Muffin I love donuts too much so I would eat till I drop so I say muffin.

corin dazzi

Good one. Love the Merch.

Duchess Rebekka

Nice merch Nick but your Tshirt should read #Gloves not # Gloves

Miss Gsm

it remind me going to a ice-cream shop, getting a cone, putting against the tube and pushing the button and here it comes.




“That’s what you call a back stabber”???

Susan StGermain

You should have Curry cat merch. He is so cute.

Melissa Saylor

I like both. It depends on my mood and the flavors offered. I checked out the merch and it looks wonderful.

Rita Was Here

I am just about to check out your merch. I have been Anxiously awaiting it and I'm so glad I decided to look. Once I pay the taxes on my home I will be ordering something. I can't wait ❤️

Scott Hamp

Dude, you are such a character

And I love banana nut muffins

Erik Barlik

Blueberry muffin



JoAnne Bamonte

Muffin!!! Love the merchandise!!! Great reaction and I'm sharing on my fb page. ☺?

مهدی قربانی

خیلی زر میزنی ?

Jayceen Humble

OMG! You're friggin hilarious. I'm so happy I came across your blog


Oh dam, I can't believe you just said "cut up the steak" ???

Marc Aliventi Aliventi

It's amazing how the person doing the procedure can stab someone but can't squeeze the zit

Adam Tereska

Donut, especially glazed

Jennifer Ladd


Naomi K Garza

Reminds me of Patté

Daniela Ngom

Popper videos, diet coke and a hazelnut donut yummmmmmmiiiì

Laura H

Carrot raisin muffins!

Laticia Vargas

I absolutely love the "push it, just push it" tee

Rita Was Here

Don't they seem dogs smell 10,000 times more than humans can detect smell?! I think cats are only at four thousand more times than humans ? this is why animals come running.
Where is Curie?! ?

Biggie Sexey

Muffin and his shoulder is supplying the cream cheese spread lol

Tina Sanders

Beulah’s I love watching a video with you cause you’re so funny ?

Michael Stevens

?????? DONUTS!!!!!!

Michael Powell

These videos would be better without the commentary


Luvvvvv the merch??