Long head of triceps

Building Bigger Triceps: 3 Exercises for the Long Head Tricep

Building Bigger Triceps: 3 Exercises for the Long Head Tricep19 Nov. 2013
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k k

u need to grow facial hairs bro u got feminine looks


why is he showing the pulldown on the first part of the vid?

Burger King

Here's another one. Bent-Arm Pullovers ? You're welcome

Alex Ruediger

My girl looks over my shoulder And asks me why I'm watching females Workin out. No BS.


no skullcrushers?

Herbert Breece

Thought for a moment that Mitch Hedburg came back as a bodybuilder instructor...nevertheless, this video is informative and easy to listen to.


When is that shirt going to be up for pre sale? I want it!

M. Rebo

already knew the exercises but im looking at your form to better mine...thank you omar


You shave your armpits? 

Xtreme Games

Are those better than skullcrushers? I can't train my triceps without doing that first.

A Gad

I've been off of youtube for about 2 months now and I can honestly tell the difference in your body from now and then. You have definitely made improvements in the past couple of months. You make all of your fans proud and motivated by keeping your word and progressing. Continue being a leader Omar. BUFF ARMY!!!

ALi pie

You changed my life thanks man

Hope you are getting gains

Men's Emporium

Improve mike quality, but you've got a stellar channel. This guy is legit funny as fuck, I don't understand how he doesn't have more views. I think it's the marketing of the channel maybe, but seriously, love it, funny as fuck.


Great video!

Right now I'm doing rope pushdowns plus one arm db overhead extension as my bread and butter. Is there any difference between the rope overhead tricep extension and one arm DB extension in terms of effectiveness?


Omar do train every week 6 days?if yes how do you manage that with your time and power?sorry for my english


basically 3 variations of the same exercise


Are skull crushers good too?

toshammyxd xd

lmao i thought u were girl u just gaylord ?.?

Magic Mike



The longhead tricep is the only thing stopping me from having that horseshoe.. Lateral is 3d bro.

Raul Martinez V

dude, you are not allowed to do single joint exercises :p


2:20 PRO TIP: put both clips on one side when warming up.

lntimidating XBL

1:15 lol "chest" flies

i cant believe people still do flies like this


Hey Omar, I just wanted to know why do you go wide on the behind the neck ez bar curl?

Yeah Me

What if its uncomfortable for my shoulders and I prefer exercises that aren't for overhead?

Szotak Andrei

What about the close grip press?

Szotak Andrei

What about the close grip press?

Chuck Norris

damm all these exercises dont work for me, i just dont feel it in the tricep

Carmelina Katzman

I am pretty sure you can find good solutions on Unflexal workouts, great for health :)


Hey Omar, I had broken my elbow and both wrist when I played football in middle school, I've been training for maybe almost a year now 21 almost 22, anyway cut to the point. My left elbow has issues and I find locking out is slightly painful on my Triceps, I still train them obviously but I don't always fully lock out, do you think this is cutting into possible gains? I'm still gaining strength, but not really noticing "SIZE" gains compared to other body parts (IE: Biceps, Outer Triceps). Thanks for any information that you can give me! Keep up the good work, stay safe and stay healthy!

Ian Kehler

Love the seated dumbbell overhead extension.


What kind of stance are you using on the rope extensions? One foot forward or both together? I'm thinking one forward just for a stronger foundation, but curious if it's the other way

Remember The Name

Good video thanks


do you reccomend doing those crazy ass wrist curls? i have really small wrists.

Dimi z

I thought its always winter in canada? :P

Zack Attack

be getting gains! ALLL KINDSSS OF GAIINNZZZ haha you should collab with hodgetwins!

Tyrique Christains

Why widegrip on the E-Z bar?


Hey Omar what is your opinion on the upright row? I love doing them because it hits the delts and traps hard but will it ruin my shoulders like some people say?


Even your grandmother Omar you are one awesome guy 


Is there a difference between close grip or that wide grip you was using on the easy curl bar?

Nick Meale

I don't know why I watch other channels anymore, Omar's videos are the best

Motard Brah

Whenever I do anything for triceps overhead I screw up my shoulders, rotator cuff I think, I have built decent tri's up tho from doing lying down extensions heavy as the the bread and butter of my tricep work.

Jc Campos

I'm sub 223,001 fuck everyone else.
Kidding this Omar guy got me pumped at 2am.


"I was on some anti-anabolics this week" :D


whats wrong with lying extensions?

Brian Nielson

Great video, Omar!


Forgot the rippetoe skullcrushers, Omar.


Who's the broad..

EJ Olguin

Try doing over hrad s lying on your back same movement just on a lying down on flat beanch try palms up and palms down hold for Two sec. At top .....and waych your tri s grow

sage ambrose

the dude in the back was not doing butterfly's right






What's with the bald arm pits? A little manscaping to get rid of a big shrub is fine but straight shaving arm pits bald looks a lil too fem dude..

Erin Gerber

Real Saiyans are pale as hell! Props from your pale peeps in chilly Minnesota ;)

Clark Ragay

annoyin a.f man. just be yourself.

Sergio M

He locks his arms, you shouldn't lock out to keep tension on muscle.


does the skull crusher exercise work out the long head tricep?


The barbell extension hurts my elbows im not going heavy on this does anyone know why?

Rowan Page

all of these tricep exercises cause extreme tendon pain in the back of my elbow, along with skullcrushers.
all i can do is tricep pushdown dips bench etc but my left arm long head is lacking and its fucking up my bench. any advice anyone?

Steven A

Shaves his pits, still manliest than you


workout music playlist?

Barney St Anton

Do you even puberty bro?

Jessica R.

Boy or Girl?

Dakota Feight

Both clips on one side that's the secret technique!

Warren John

One of the most important things to do to activate the triceps is to have your thumbs on the inside of the bar opposite of your fingers. Most triceps exercises should be executed this way.

MUTEB Mohammed

Your name, is it Arabic?

Rook Rude

Chicks dig the long head

MachineGun Kelly

Bro armpits get the shave down because the hair acts like a sand paper and will rub you RAW.. you wouldn't know this unless you lift every day hardcore for years....who's fem now?


0:39 dat chest fly form on the back :O daaaayuum brahs 


Is ok to do all these variotions in one day?

Duca Schoenberg

Just look and learn much more about it from Unflexal workouts.

Bob Gill

What about elbow pain/triceps tendon pain during pressing excercises which make these type triceps excercises almost impossible? What are people doing wrong during bench press, overhead shoulder barbell press, dumbbell shoulder press that cause so much problems for many people? How do you stop your elbows/tricep tendons from getting tore up, tender, and painful?

Robin Ankartoft

you bulking omar?

Jared Applemun

One of my favorite workouts. Used to use dumbbells for these back when I first started working out.

paseka mazibuko

what a exercise i use to do

Kyle Bawcum

got any exercises to help my grow a monstrous weenie i tried compound, isolation, and plyometrics nothing is working


is it very stupid to tuck / try to not flare the elbows when doing the overhead tricep extension?


i always feel my left tricep dominating on the rope overhead even though im right handed.. tips?

Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Ok Brady put on your shades please!

Ivanhoe Aleaga Diaz

You look skinnier. Are you hibernating? Lol! Anyways, great stuff bro, keep it coming.

jeffy panda

awesome tips bro!!

Masoud Houssein Hassan

How many triceps isolation exercises do you incorporate next to the big compound movements?


Does anyone in your gym even lift?


Omar shouldnt you do wrist curls? is it not necessary  to train forearms directly?

Michael Porter

bruh you look like a female


Hey Omar,

Since anterior dislocating my left shoulder, I can't employ any exercises that utilises my elbows above my head and my arms going behind my head so I can't use any of these exercises with experiencing pain or instability in my shoulder.

Is there any other exercises that you can recommend for the long head without involving my hands going behind my head?

Thanks =)

Colbert Solo

As smooth and shaven as a babies ass mmmmhhhhhh

george lock

Could you do a video like this for growing bigger forearms?


i'm not able to do it with the rope because it pulls me back due to my weight :(


OMAR!  All done with your cut?

Someone Movement Fitness

Great ideas Omar!  Thank you!

Remember The Name

EJ that's what you mentioned there sounds good will give it try too thanks

Patrick Spies

i love you omar

Joshua P

2:06 you say eating a dick like its a bad thing! Don't worry lots of guys get bad blowjobs.

Rasteen Jackson

That particular exercise targets the side portion of my tricep!!

scott carlson

You were small anyway

marshall hill

I chose your video because it was kept short and unnecessary talking is kept out.


Triceps overhead extension really help develop my triceps. :D

Raoul Moreira

How is this 3 exercises? It's just one exercise done with other tools

Teroine Foma

nice Brazilian armpits

Triceps Brachii Muscle - Origin, Insertion & Innervation - Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Triceps Brachii Muscle - Origin, Insertion & Innervation - Human Anatomy | Kenhub6 Jun. 2014
145 532

This tutorial covers the

This tutorial covers the anatomy of the triceps brachii: heads of the triceps, origins, insertions and innervation. Quiz yourself on the muscles of the arm on https://khub.me/a4zz8

Oh, are you struggling with learning anatomy? We created the ★ Ultimate Anatomy Study Guide ★ to help you kick some gluteus maximus in any topic. Completely free. Download yours today: https://khub.me/3ezi1

The triceps brachii (triceps) is a large, three-headed muscle of the upper arm. It consists of the long head, medial head and the lateral head.

All three heads together form a thick tendon which inserts at the olecranon of the ulna and additionally to the capsule of the elbow joint and antebrachial fascia. The triceps brachii forms the posterior compartments of our arms and is one of the strongest muscles of the arm, performing extension of the forearm, extension and adduction in the shoulder joint. It is innervated by the radial nerve.

In this video we will introduce you to the anatomy of the triceps including its nerve supply and the origins and insertions of its heads.

- 0:17 triceps brachii location

- 0:36 heads of the triceps

- 1:07 long head

- 1:19 medial head

- 1:28 lateral head

- 1:42 insertion at the olecranon

- 1:58 innervation of the triceps brachii

Want to test your knowledge on the muscles of the arm? Take this quiz: https://khub.me/a4zz8

Read more on the anatomy of the triceps brachii in our free article, in order to solidify your knowledge about this muscle and memorize its facts more effectively: https://khub.me/itxg7

For more engaging video tutorials, interactive quizzes, articles and an atlas of Human anatomy and histology, go to https://khub.me/f34ha

Comments (15)
Claudiu C.

2:10 really? Not rather extremly flexion?

Ex kD

thanks. ..حلو جدا حبيته

Usama Khan

Thanks Alot! You guys are just awesome

Mercedes Munoz Lugo


İrman Nesirov


Aleena Mahvish

Thnqs a lot!! All your videos are fun

hanan morcos

Thanks alot

Luis Lol

Sadly I have high insertions :( not genetically gifted

Terry Zúñiga

Thanks a lot, u guys have about the only video or picture that I've found actually explaining this topic successfully, I was so confused


But, what is the function? Does every head have it's own function/movement? I can't find any information about it, only that it extends the ellbow.

Asma Al-salim

Thanks alot. This video is great! Helped me alot.

ABED Alrahman

u are just reading a book .. students really don't like this way

Zainab Abid

Thanks for help

Kenhub - Learn Human Anatomy

Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed watching our video on the triceps brachii. Please let us know what you would like us to cover on the next videos. Are you ready to test your knowledge? Check out our quiz about the muscles of the arm at https://khub.me/6nh3n Good luck and have fun :)

arba mld

it is much more fun than reading a text-book thanks alot!