Hamstring pull exercise

Hamstring strain - Exercise to prevent.

Hamstring strain - Exercise to prevent.20 Aug. 2017
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See James' written article

See James' written article accompanying this video Here:


In this video, Toronto Physiotherapist James Braithwaite describes how to prevent hamstring strain/tear injuries so common in sprinting and field sports. The Nordic Hamstring Exercise is demonstrated.

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Ham AlA

After trial, theirs is the huge wall soreness in the lumbar area plus the cervical with weak abbs

Ham AlA

James for those with low back you don't recommend this, do you?

Pulled Hamstring Rehab: How To Manage A Hamstring Strain! | Episode 31

Pulled Hamstring Rehab: How To Manage A Hamstring Strain! | Episode 311 Sep. 2020
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Have you ever strained

Have you ever strained your hamstring before? You’re not alone because guess what, we are regular human beings too and Craig strained his hamstring! Hamstring strains are among the most common acute musculoskeletal injuries. Athletes who participate in track and field, soccer, and football are especially prone to these injuries given the sprinting demands of these sports. Don’t fret - we got you covered - Craig is going to walk you through the step-by-step process of how he rehabbed his hamstring strain and how he got back to running and weightlifting within just two weeks!

What is a Hamstring Strain?

A hamstring strain is a hamstring injury, it is just being more specific using medical terminology. The word strain is used to describe an injury to the muscle, in this case tearing of the hamstring muscle fibers due to excessive force/stretching of the muscle fibers. Hamstring injuries occur most commonly in the terminal swing phase of the running cycle.

So where do you start with hamstring strains? Are you supposed to stretch? What about strengthening exercises and if so which ones should you start with? Great question! Let's address the stretching question - one of the biggest risk factors for hamstring strains and re-injury rates is a decrease in hamstring flexibility and reduced extensibility. This diminished flexibility of the muscle-tendon unit is often due to residual scar tissue. While the eccentric control of the hamstrings is vital in preventing hamstring strains, what good is all the eccentric strength in the world if the actual length and extensibility of the hamstrings is not optimal?

However, passive stretching after an acute hamstring strain is something you don't want to jump into for many reasons. Remember, a hamstring strain is a result of muscle fibers being over-stretched and torn. You don't want to overstretch an injured tissue, which is easy to do with passive stretching (and trust us it won't feel good either)! With that being said, gently stretching an injured muscle strain is feasible by taking advantage of reciprocal inhibition. Reciprocal inhibition describes the neurologic process of muscles on one side of a joint relaxing to accommodate a muscle contraction on the other side of that joint. In this case - we can relax the hamstrings and move through their available muscle flexibility by activating the quadriceps.

If you like this post and want to learn more about the other modifiable risk factors, hamstring rehab exercises, and optimal treatment strategies for hamstring strains - be sure to check out our full in-depth article on this topic: https://theprehabguys.com/4-reasons-tight-hamstrings-lead-to-hamstring-strains/

Want more hamstring [P]Rehab content, check out our Hamstring [P]Rehab Program! Hamstring injuries are one of the most common soft tissue injuries in sports. They are especially challenging and frustrating due to the high recurrence rate. This vicious cycle of reinjury and tweaks is because the hamstring wasn’t appropriately managed the 1st time around. It’s time to change the narrative and be proactive with taking care of your hamstrings! This program will expose your hamstrings in a safe and effective manner to prepare you for high-level activities!

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Muddog 4456

I was running from home to first and I felt a pop, no tear but I couldn’t run, and the pain was excruciating when it happened. Couldn’t put any pressure on it

Israel Abaga

My left hamstrings is in pain cause I always stretch extremely plus I do some RDL, tips on how to heal this.

Jack Prisons

I run track in college and I’m in a situation. I pulled my hamstring in November and it’s still stiff. I’ve been stretching it daily and it has gotten a little bit better but I still cannot sprint like I use too

Nancy Beale

Excellent video!! I haven't ran in over a week due to hamstring strain. Will incorporate these exercises. How long should I lay off running? I'm walking 5-7 miles 5x weekly. Advice appreciated!!

luke hughes

About 5 weeks ago I felt my hamstring pop I let it rest a couple of weeks and then lightly started stretching and exercising. I am currently at the same point you were at the start of the video, I can do everything but sprint when I try to open my stride i can feel it struggling to extend any tips? As I want to start playing football again and me not being able to sprint is the only thing holding me back

Last Action Hero

What is this fake news athlene-x?


Thanks for the video guys, I pulled a ham two weeks ago...decided to sprint at the end of my 6mi trail run and the next day my posterior lateral lateral knee area was bothering me. Tried resting for 10 days.. then tried to run a few days ago and it felt good. Completed 3mi on the road. Then 2 days after that run I went to the trail to see how my leg would do, 1.5 miles in I had to stop and hike back. May have made my ham worse ( pretty sure it's my biceps femoris)..this video was very insightful, the discussion about the deceleration through sprinting was on point with how I hurt myself...super thankful for the information, keep up the good work!

Grisha Zeigermaher

Hi guys, thank you for the video. I injured my hamstring 5 month ago, and I have been training since then, know I fell like it's getting worse. Is there a possibility to heal it without having rest?

Amballa Babji

Hi Guy's currently i am facing this hamstring issue, So this can be recoverable right if we do proper stretching excercises and can i run like previous?


Are these ok to do right after it happens?


I injured my hamstring as well as glute when I was hiking and tripped on an exposed tree root Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I managed to catch myself with my opposite leg but it was fully extended by that time, and then had to intensely strain to get up to standing position again. I immediately had intense pain and could not even walk. I couldn't lift my foot up off the ground. I had extremely intense spasms when I tried. Does this sound like a tear or just a strain? Btw I am 74 years old.

Sue Deters

On Aug 26th I was taking a huge box downstairs and walking it backwards. Thought I was on landing but actually had 3 steps to go. Thought I was on landing and went to pivot when I actually stepped off and over last steps causing my left leg to stay up on step then I fall forward and heard horrible crunch. The sound was so loud I thought I had broke my left hip . I was transported to hospital by paramedics and X-ray Ed but no fractures so they said to go home and rest. They didn’t even have a wheelchair available so when they stood me up I couldn’t put weight on it and promptly started sweating and threw up. They decided I needed a chair. I went to see my primary care doctor two days later but couldn’t pick left leg. She said probably torn hamstring and will take up to a year to heal. Gave me pain meds. It is now 4 months later and I still can’t get out of chair unaided and feel like I am sitting sharp rocks. I haven’t been out of house since then. My steps are very short and have hard time walking into shower. Is it safe for me to try some of these exercises? I can’t get on floor


1:00 Functions of hamstring
1:30 Common issues
2:05 What not to do
2:30 Dynamic stretches
4:20 Isometrics (anagesic pain relief)
7:00 Dynamic strength
7:30 Isometrics with load
8:20 Back to running tips

Dee Rock

Pulled my right hamstring while doing db stiff leg dl. Heard it snap. I can limp on it. When do I start rehab? Its now 2 days since it happened. Thanks!

Victor Lee Bhagad

Please help,i got a question,what to do when youve pulled hamstrings,hip flexors and rectus femoris at the same time?

#ДомНаЛадони Марат

Привет. Смотрю из Россия. Найдите русского перевод. Много полезного, но я не английский. На русском языке хотели бы слушать.
Hey. Watching from Russia. Find a Russian translation. Lots of useful stuff, but I'm not English. We would like to listen in Russian.

Natalia Shershakova

It seems everyone is pulling their hamstrings from running/sprinting/lifting. So am I the only one who pulled their hamstrings from stretching?
I pulled my right side from doing a standing leg hold. Felt it pop at the top tendon. 4 months later it's doing much better but still not there yet.
And 4 weeks ago I pulled my left side from doing the splits ??
It's so hard to try to become flexible as an adult....

Jesse Iloreta

did they ever make anotheer video for sprinting?

Laurence Lee

Pulled my hamstring practicing my beginner muay Thai moves on my roommate ?. It hurt so bad that I spent the first 1-2 months doing exactly what you said not to do, NOTHING. three months in and it still hurts so I finally tried being active and this video helped me a ton. Just did about 20 minutes of active mobility and it feels so much better. I am just scared that It is still not even close to being better. What is the longest injuries like a pulled hamstring can take to heal?

Giants Fan

Thank you

Lisa Willford

Would these exercises be appropriate for high hamstring tendinopathy/tendonitis?

Alan Wilkins

I don't know if I pulled my hamstring but yesterday I was doing exercises and I woke up today barely being able to move. I have had tight hamstrings before but never as bad as this my glutes are sore and I can't extend my legs to walk

Suellen Dennehy

Great advice and exercises. Too many people just stretch instead of isometric and eccentric loading.

Rodrigo Velasquez Arauna

Nice video like always guys, Saludos desde Chile

Masume Hs

i popped my hami about 9 days ago while being in a split position, not knowing any better i did heavy lifting and intense conditioning right after it popping. the next day i felt discomfort so i looked up hamstring strain and educated myself, and i believe i have minor strain cause it wasnt painful at all, just extreme discomfort or maybe i have high pain tolerance. the next 5 days i did all the rehab work and my hamstring started feeling better like much better so on day 7 i was like let me give an all leg based crossfit workout a try and it was a complete FAIL. and i feel i am at the start line all over again! how and when can i know that a stringed hamstring is ready for use !? intense use !?

Lisa Thomas

Perfect timing - just strained my hamstring running. Thanks!

Chad Gillihan

Alright, I’ll bite. I was Skimboarding when I pulled my hamstring. I do it early in the morning, but it had been about four days because it was too windy. I finally had a perfect day, so I wanted to skim super bad. I had two cups of coffee and a can of Yerba Mate (with 120mg of caffeine) before I skimmed. ? I didn’t warm up very long and started skimming. Skimming is sprinting as fast as you can at the ocean, throwing a board on the ground, and running on to it. It was about my 6th run and it felt like lightning struck my hamstring. It has hurt all day and not gotten any better. It hurts to bend over, like yours does, and it hurts to touch. It feels like a Charlie horse that won’t go away. I’m about to hit the sack and dream about skimming, but I wanted to say thanks for the video. ??

Warren Salsa

I have pulled my hamstring and been told whatever I do don't stretch the hamstring!?

Lisa Delay

Hi, I had surgery to reattach all 3 hamstrings in October following an accident where my dogs lead swept my left leg right out in the splits, I’m 14 weeks post op and have no idea what exercises I should be doing, would some of these exercises be suitable for me?


Would be brilliant for you to make time stamps/summary for each video


I had immense DOMS and i barely was able to walk down the stairs basically waddled down falling catching my bodyweight kinda with wall support. Even so I thought it would be a good idea to go for a new deadlift PR. It was my last warm up set (previous max) before going for a new max. I rolled it back and was like oh my god this is light this is gonna fly, easy work. simultaneously I pulled out the slack, braced my core and sat back on it engaging my hammies and glutes. I began to push into the floor and I was like THIS FEELS AWESOME but right before it came off the ground I felt a pop in my ass. I rested 2 full day and started doing the starr rehab protocol. I did it for RDLS because that was the only thing I could do. I couldnt squat, I couldnt deadlift not even conventional, even doing em body weight. About 4 days ago I was able to do my first body weight squat with equal distribution between legs. yesterday I did 3 reps on back squat with the bar just for fun but only one of them was clean. I was also able to manage to sumo deadlift reps with the bar and they were the slowest reps of my life.

jean-claude Legras

What about a Jefferson curl?

kennedy Lightner

I had a grade 1 strain December 2nd and I can sprint and stuff now. My right hamstring just feels so much weaker than my left

Lauren Tyser

Just pulled mine today running:/ doesn’t feel good at all

cory bailey

HI! I was doing unweighted SLDL to help with lower back rehab (I was substituting the SLDL for the exercise you demonstrate at 3:16 of this vid because that exercise kinda 'destroys' my left knee due to no cartilage behind left knee cap, so any leg extension-type movements cause quite a lot of pain; but BTW I could feel that exercise was a good movement when done with my undamaged right knee) and wow, the left hammy pulled quite hard and suddenly. Good video you have here, thank you for your efforts. Just wondering it you have an opinion re my pulled hamstring from SLDL for lower back rehab.

Suwayba Adam

I tore my hamstring tendon (both semitendinosus and common) 2 months ago. I’ve had a PRP injection last week. I continued to exercise and run after the tear as I didn’t know it was torn. The pain is worse on hip flex ion with knee extension. It doesn’t seem to be healing. Since this is more of a chronic injury, will these exercises help? Is there anything else I should try? Thank you so much.

9 Matchroom slayer

What would a massage on a pulled hamstring be like and how would it help

debagnik roy

Hi man... thanks a lot for this video....

Recently I have been stretching to get some front split... but I am getting my hamstring injured pretty often... I am not forcing too much.... with respect to lot of tutorials I can see...where they are pushing too much. I am trying the stretch almost gently with some minor forces just to get better at the split.

The injury is staying for a period of 4-5days mainly... is this actually a strain or some soreness?

I have been really struggling to get the splits fighting through these injuries... if u guys have any suggestions... it would be really helpful. Thanks a lot

Austin Massey

pulled my hamstring twice with small muscle fibre tears...been 3+ years and it’s still not right..been trying everything but when i get up to +75% it feels like it’s gonna pull again and feels like an odd muscle cramp coming on which makes me pull back..but the strength and mobility is coming through but the recovery is longer and it’s all pain in one specific area inner hamstring just above the knee

anonymous hacker

Hell yea it hurts like hell

Deepak Sundar

Would you recommend icing for recovery? Is so how often to ice?


Felt a "tweak" in my hamstring half way through a normal 6 mile run 2 days ago. I stopped and walked home. No swelling, no pain on walking, no point tenderness, but can feel it when bending over. I have been walking 5-6 miles per day to stay active (no pain on walking), and doing some of the exercises I see you recommend with plans to add some of the others. Do I do these once per day, 2-3 sets of each, or something else? Is it ok to experience 'some' pain while doing the exercises as long as it isn't severe? How long before attempting easy run/walk routine again? Thank you.

Kyle Davis

It got stretched too far during a wrestling match earlier today. Is it possible a lot of stretching beforehand could have made it more likely to happen? It’s not super painful, just tender and limited ROM.

Tinku Baglari

Tq so much sir .?❤️

Augustin Tiberiu

Great video


I swear I feel like this channel and I are aligned. Whenever I start feeling a pain somewhere you guys make a video about where I felt that pain

Jameisa Mapp

I pulled my hamstring doing a split

Video Stop

I strained my hamstring after picking up a ball lol. It felt like it just knotted up and wouldn’t let go. At first I was scared I tore it. But I had no bruising. And I was walking normal a couple days later. Now I still have some discomfort in other parts of my leg.

My question, in a month or so am I safe to left weights? Like squats and stuff or am I prone to fully tearing it?!


Thanks. I was training for the CIM (it canceled due to Covid19) but prior to that, I pulled my hamstring doing too many hamstring curls-went out for my daily run, and ouch. It's been one month-still cannot run.

High Hamstring Injury Exercises | High Hamstring Pain

High Hamstring Injury Exercises | High Hamstring Pain23 Jan. 2020
1 993

Learn high hamstring

Learn high hamstring injury exercises to rehab from high hamstring tendinopathy, high hamstring strain, or other high hamstring injuries.

For more information on high hamstring injuries and a breakdown of these isometric exercises for a high hamstring injury, see my blog here:


A high hamstring injury, most commonly high hamstring tendinopathy or high hamstring strain, can often be resolved with a rehab exercise program. I’ll show you how to perform isometric exercises for high hamstring injury in this blog. Know that high hamstring injuries are common, and you can overcome them successfully with hamstring injury rehab exercises.

There are a lot of rehab exercises for a high hamstring injury, but isometrics are the best ones to start with. Isometric hamstring exercises apply load and tension to the hamstring muscles without a lot of shortening/contraction of the muscle or joint movement.

When you have a high hamstring injury you want to start with isometric exercises because they allow you to engage the muscle but control how much tension you’re putting on it so you don’t’ continue to aggravate the hamstring muscle that’s in an active healing process.

Generally, I’ll move my patients through the following phases, with speed depending on how painful their injury is and how much it’s limiting their function:

Isometric hamstring loading exercises

Isotonic hamstring loading exercises with minimal hip flexion

Isotonic hamstring loading exercises with increased hip flexion

Energy storage and impact loading exercises

I can’t stress enough how important it is to approach your high hamstring injury exercise rehabilitation with a strategy. Start with the isometric hamstring exercises I’m going to cover here and then move forward as you begin to improve and see gains in hamstring muscle strength.

Comments (4)
Laura Angez

Just what I needed!! Thanks so much :)

Don’t Follow

How long do you think it’s gonna take for me to recover. I’ve had for a week now. While I was sprinting it was hurting. I stopped doing anything for a week but it still hurts?

The Minimalist Ninja

This was super helpful! I'll have to see if I can set up places where I can tie the bands to. Either way, this gave me a few ideas how I could set it up! I just got diagnosed with high hamstring tendinopathy and will be doing these exercises until my app with a specialist! :)

Joe Zhou

Super helpful and he is super cute too... Question, I just had Operation because of complete muscle tear of the hamstring. It's been 9 weeks. Can I do these exercises too?