Kettlebell russian swing

Kettlebell Exercise: The Russian Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Exercise: The Russian Kettlebell Swing16 Jul. 2015
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The Russian Kettlebell

The Russian Kettlebell Swing should start with the kettlebell just below the groin, or high on the triangle created by your groin and both knees.

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The kettlebell is then swung up to chest level, creating a 90-degree angle to your body. This variation of the swing is quick and efficient. It is a hip-hinge movement, with a small flexion at the knee, under 30 degrees. The power of the swing is generated from the hips while the spine is held perfectly stable and neutral.

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Comments (18)
Tony 1Reach1

This is how I dry my nuts


why is he learning so far back? is it the shoes? not locking out? doesn't look right to me, tbh.

Lars Wegas


Steven Algarin

Wonder why they don't promote Russian Kettlesport, just american style. Useless swings imo.

KC Miles

Thats as good a kb swing as I've seen!


He looks like he could bang his head on the ground.

Nicolas Esterlizzi

Dale like si tu profe de química está mamadisimo

william R

The russians invented this?


could you belive this is the best exercise for kettlebells ???

Yasmani Aguiar

Lol, gonna be looking silly in the gym tomorrow

Jack McGinn

Poor swing. Goes way too far over. Zero drive from hips.

Girevik Inostroza

that's the WORST russian swing I've ever seen


Great technique!

José Ricardo

Hmm, I don't see much hip drive on this execution. He even finishes inclined at the top. Doesn't look good to me. What am I missing?


Way too much leaning back and the shoulders are followubg the kb. The whole chain is off and i don't see a plank pointing straight up. And knees could snap more out of that stiff looking hip hinge, but that is not as bad as the leaning back. People should do less weight when the form becomes incorrect. Simple as that, comrade. I do that on a regular basic when mistakes sneak into a routine and no shame correcting that

Belia Krouse

I know that you can get solutions for that on Unflexal Workouts website :)))

El Bolsas

Caccia, la Digilio nos quiere violar, salvanos

Donneal Hyde

Damn that's a super good hip hinge

Heavy Russian Kettlebell Swing

Heavy Russian Kettlebell Swing28 Apr. 2020
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You'll see results

You'll see results quickly when you do these with either high amounts of volume or load. The effects are similar to that of a reverse hyper which places a lot of tension on the glute complex, spinal erectors, and hamstrings.

Additionally, the anterior core experiences a fair amount of contraction at end range. And you'll get a huge pump in the forearms and traps. So the Russian swing really is a full-body movement.

The catch is that for stronger folks usually, they won't have access to a heavy enough kettlebell to get the job done which is why you may want to add a band for resistance.

Keep in mind though, adding band resistance changes the intent of the movement increasing the demand on fast-twitch fibers. While this isn't a bad thing, it may be harder to sustain this level of power output for bigger sets so changing the rep counts may suit you better. – Jason Brown

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Bruce Ascalon

How heavy is that kb?

The Russian Swing with Jeff Martone

The Russian Swing with Jeff Martone13 Sep. 2013
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CrossFit --

CrossFit -- (http://www.crossfit.com)

Kettlebell expert, Jeff Martone, instructs on the Russian swing.

Comments (21)

Россия здесь!)

Barış Peace

Wow! Its seems like everything russian makes drunk, even exercises.

Гиревой спорт Мозырь



Have you watched all of the Jeff Martone videos posted by CrossFit? His monotone voice is just the way he delivers, but I don't think that reflects on his attitude. Based upon his videos, website, and books I would say he appears very passionate about kettlebells and improving the fitness of others.


Why use the russian swing instead of a regular kb swing with arms locked out at the top?


so helpful! thanks!


Geeze, Jeff. At least pretend to give a shit...


Too many acid trips, what were you thinking?


Thanks for this!

Christi A

awesome video!

Julien Marquez

incorrect! According to RKC, arms and wrists are straight.

Michael Hueschen

Great tips, thanks for the video Jeff!

Greg Knight

Look at this guy!  What's up Mr Martone!


Agreed, prefer this movement over the American swing any day. Terrific hip explosion. Great to be combined with box jumps or power cleans. You will see your dead lift improve.

Dion Paraha

Liked the clip before it started. this guy is a good teacher


Thanks for sharing!!! :)
Check my video of how to do russian swings with written instructions: https://youtu.be/FOZYPdjaSyI

Greg Ingber

Great video, got to the point quickly, no BS.

bill Brun

I agree Im much more a fan of the lock at the top, I feel like I can really judge if I get a solid rep. Also increasing that difficulty


2 min for a 15 sec vid...

Chuck Ramey

Pavel would be disgusted with these swings.

Matt Martin

Drugs are bad. Mmkay?