Jean claude van damme splits

jean claude van damme parody funny | Chuck Norris parody funny

jean claude van damme parody funny | Chuck Norris parody funny18 Jan. 2021
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#Volvo Excavators –

#Volvo Excavators – “Pump It Up” feat. Dolph Lundgren


#Ed Sheeran - "Shape of You" PARODY

The making of "The Epic Split" featuring Jean Claude Van Damme

Sherlock Parody by The Hillywood Show®

Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo Split is not a Fake

Taylor Swift - "I Knew You Were Trouble" PARODY

Van Damme Volvo Epic Split - Backstage Video

Katy Perry ft. Juicy J - "Dark Horse" PARODY

Van Damme se abre de piernas sobre dos camiones de Volvo | Autopista.es


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EPIC SPLIT FAIL Feat. Van Damme - Volvo Truck Split Commercial

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Camiones Volvo - "The Epic Split" con Jean Claude Van Damme (traducido al español)

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Jean-Claude Van Damme VS Chuck Norris

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Van Damme epic splits parody


Жан Клод Ван Дамм реклама Volvo Trucks | Шпагат в движении!

New Funny Videos 2021 ● People doing funny and stupid things Part 6

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Jean Claude van Damme - Best Kicks (Top 10)

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Volvo Trucks PARODY - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6)

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Volvo Van Damme Epic Splits Rob Ford Mashup!

Van Damme Volvo The Epic Split DONE by LOS VIVANCOS

Как снимали рекламу Вольво. Эпический шпагат Ван Дамма.

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Sardorbek Khujaev


Jean Claude van Damme Epic Split Tutorial

Jean Claude van Damme Epic Split Tutorial13 Oct. 2013
61 934
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This Jean Claude van Damme

This Jean Claude van Damme Epic split tutorial shows you one of the most insane flexibility skills that requires both flexibility and strength. Made famous by Jean-Claude van Damme and recently shown in one of the most epic advertisement videos ever for Volvo Trucks


YouTube Music Library: Nadia's Theme

Website: http://jeromefitness.com

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Google+: http://tinyurl.com/lccbv8p

***Disclaimer: Consult a physician or other medical specialist before starting a (new) workout regime. You are responsible for your own health. I am not responsible for any kind of injury or problems you might get that are the result of following my advice.***

Comments (53)
Farah Aqilah

my first time doing oversplit is on chair LOL


Eventually it is up to you to decide what to do with your training, because it's better to do something you like and stick to it, then do something you dislike and quit doing it. 4 to 5 sets per muscle group is fine, no problem!


I don't remember really. I started flexibility training when I was 15 or so and got the side split when I was 16 (it took me 6 weeks). I am not really focusing a lot on flexibility at the moment as I feel it starts to bore me.


Thanks for the tutorial Jerome I'm able to do a front split but I'm still working on getting it down comfortably

Joseph Stalin

This test was set up to show the precision and stability of our chairs.


See playlist of flexibility on my channel please!

Manav mehta

Hey Jerome I want to do a handstand but am not able to balance myself can you tell me some exercises from which I can perform a handstand?

Zymorr Terrado

Jerome can you do a freerunning video ? And are you dutch ?


Not really, no. It's just that it can cause injuries way easier than lifting weights or doing body weight training.


Hey Jerome, can you do another video about splits and flexibility in general ? thanks !


I have 30+ flexibility videos. Go to my channel and scroll down to the flexibility training playlist please!


Please watch my flexibility training videos on my channel (they are all in a playlist featured on my channel) and also read the articles about flexibility on my website! jeromefitness[dot]com (or follow the link in the description!)



Elizabeth Colvin

My new favorite YouTuber


You make me smile. Sometimes I don't want to smile but I do because you are ace.

Sean Vigue Fitness

I'm going to work towards doing this. Thanks for the video Jerome!


Jerome, do you think that being just as flexible as you, would help in getting a bit taller?

One Man On Fire

I'm a flexible person myself and can do this also with enough warmup

Justine A

This video deserves more views. I like that van Damme helped pave the way to work on strength and flexibility at the same time.


Probably because you are subscribed?


Did you stop freerunning beacuse you got injured?


Thank you for doing that!


Nope, being lazy and not using flexibility exercises does. But I'm pretty lazy with that these days too and I haven't had a lot of decent stretching routines lately.


Man you re frog rsrsrsrs

Ian Stuker Avila



No, it will not!


I want to do this, just started yesterday... Not just because it is cool, but because i need to have more flexibility...

Tiago Rodrigues

subbed man :)


Practise them a lot. Start against a wall to increase your shoulder strength and stability, then just practise on a soft surface, such as grass!


Hi Jerome, how much time it took you to acquire such a great flexibility like that ?

John C

this is just my dream

Mikko Mäkelä

Why I get a notification to my phone everytime you upload a video?

Espeoss S.

? great vid, thanks!!


Glad to hear that!


Jerome, very informative video u got there.. I've got a question regarding flexibility in general. What are the general pro's of it? It kinda makes sense to me that if you were to have more flexible legs, that cramping is less likely to happen? But coudl yougive me your thought on it and why you started trainign for flexibility?


Eat more and / or train your obliques.

Manav mehta

Thank you will do practice a lot.

Amber Carr

does working our with weights not affect your flexibility



Daniel Alvarez Vlogs


Mikko Mäkelä

Yea but this channel is the only one which gives me a notification. Normally videos that I have subscribed only shows on my subscription list on YouTube. Not on my phone as a notification.


It's over 9000!


I don't really think it will increase the risk of getting injured UNLESS you do static / passive stretching before a weight lifting routine or something like that. You could start using isometric stretching or PNF stretching, which isn't passive, but it's very advanced.


I sounded a bit 'special' in that comment. I'm not really, I was just a bit down and possibly had a couple of drinks! This video did make me smile though when I didn't feel like it. :)


Nice video! Never did any Flexibility workout.. might try it ^^ Oh and I have a question! What are you favourite exercises for neck muscles?

Joel Hiemstra

mate, go under a tanning bed :D u will see the muscles even more not hating or anything just saying ;p


Yes, I'm Dutch. I don't really do freerunning, but I did that for a little while. The risk of getting injured is too big for me now and it doesn't weigh up to the advantages of freerunning. So that's why I won't do it anymore!


jerome if you can please make a video for half middle splits.they help a lot for full middle splits.thank you.


I can't tell as I only know on what days you train what. That's not nearly enough information for me. If you want me to review your routine, make a nice schedule and send it to me in a PERSONAL MESSAGE, not in a comment please. Then I'll let you know what I think of it.


I'm a guy I used to have a full split then I lost it. How do I get it back, when trying to bulk up at the same time? should i be doing splits on leg days which is when I do heavy squats or no and why?

Levente Paranici

Now, I do split my legs at about 100 degree. I want to make full split, and today I started to train for it. How often should I train? Everyday? Every other day? Should I make stretches on Leg day? Or on a rest day? Thanks for help!


This has really helped me thanks Jerome?


Hey Anthony, 10 sets of 10 seconds is fine too. I personally don't like to hold a stretch too long either.

5 Exercises for Van Damme split

5 Exercises for Van Damme split22 Feb. 2016
64 203
Back upSubscribe 438 721

5 Most effective exercises

5 Most effective exercises for Van Damme split

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Ask your questions in comments!

Comments (55)
Hari the fight lover

Thank you. I respect you????

Anthony boxer Ward

Great video

Cheerful Jyrwa

I'm 30 years old, can I start it?

Andres Jimenez

What song is this?

Erik Zuk

Good stuff. No useless chatter,no pointless tips. Straight to the point,showing all the good stuff. Good video,thanks man.

Eric Rōnin

Thank you bro.

Syafiq Asyraf

When u first start doing split, how long do you take for each pose? Is it pain after that

Zsolt Molnar


Shfq Sn

At 27 is it still possible to get the full split ?


How many times do you stretch like this in a day?


Nice dude, thx for tips.

Espeoss S.

Thanks for the vid. And amazing shoulders btw ??

Van Damme

Nobody is doing the splits like me!

Rubens Antônio da Silva Rubão

Se esse for vi van Damme eu sou Bruce Lee

Aramusha Meng

Do u need a ballsack armor protector?

Phoenix Pharaoh

How long did it take before u were able to do the splits?


How often you stretch?

CJ Payne

The frog is making me say nvm....bruh

Forhetz Twins

if you had to start doing the split again, what would you change in your training plan?

Montin Yek

Чувак а сколько месяцев конкретно ушло с нуля до шпагата?

cc 477tiger

⁉️ Can you help me through a video chatt? I will PAY YOU A LOT TO HELP ME GET THE STRADDLE SPLIT FAST. EMAIL [email protected]
[email protected]hotmail.com ⁉️


Nice video....I was impressed by your tiger push up video...too good man....do you have any suggestion on how to train for coming out of splits without using hands. Currently I am just training for middle splits and I have not reached there yet but wanted to know if I can train from beginning itself on how to go into and come out of splits without using hands....for example like this

Talps Citcra

I hope my uncle doesn't enter the room while I'm doing the frog

Monkey Man

hear the click? it's my feet


If you can do the Van Damme split and the Moonwalk, then you can achieve everything in life. The sky is the limit.

Nqngokorn Kornnqngo

Can u kick high after you are able to do the split or it requires more sepparate exercises for the high kicking?

Daniel Flores


Terje Oseberg

#1) Stretching is not exercise.
#2) Being able to do the splits will NOT make you able to hold up your body weight when in the splits position.

This video should be renamed to, "5 Stretches for Van Damme split". And you should make a new video with the name, "N Exercises for Van Damme split" that shows the exercises needed to gain the strength to hold your body weight between two chairs like in the beginning of this video.

I can do the splits, but I can't hold myself up. That's why I watched this video.


What was your strength conditioning routine

Dee Marco Music


Peter Lanza

Alright I tried doing the butterfly on my floor... the frog.. and the sumo... My legs are dying. Im able to do them for a few minutes a piece.. mainly the butterfly... I cant do the one against the wall to save my life yet. Should i continue the first 3 of the process before i move onto 4 and 5?


За месяц реально сесть?


Impossible to do the facial splits for everyone it's a question of anatomy of the hip with the femur !!!

Jimski UK

Mid-year resolution sorted then

Back up

Good luck for everyone who want to stretch the split! If you have any questions - ask in comments!


Back up: Do you consider yourself naturally flexible? I want to know this because in my case no matter how hard I am training, I always go back to my previous spread angle once I cool down. It's like I cannot maintain the progress I did. Any thoughts on this? Thanks, great video! I wish I could get to the 180 degrees opening.

Peter Lanza

Well I sit like the butterfly pose in my computer chair 95% of the time... I might be off to the right start!

Creation Closet

How long should I hold thess


The weights on the knees are brilliant, gonna try that now with a coupla six-packs.

Gary Woods

I can get all the way down but I can't get to where I can point my toes up and get those knees to point up. Help?

Dallas Harris

I'm just saying the truth bro you don't scare me lol

vl Garcia H

Phenomenon, greetings since Santander, España.

Guilty Fury

Whats the name of the song ?


how long?

Àbdalla Ismail


Мария Стогниенко

круууто) будем учиться))

Meek MiLL

1st day of trying, and i can do all these stretches naturally, but i can’t split. Any advice ?

David weld

How long do u do each exercise



Al Bo

Is it any risk for the nutsack and so on? (100% Serious question)

Stompie Kasselman

Hi the real real jean claude van damme my friend is it Dirk vd westuizen on the photo he can do the splits with sunglasses on his eyes from your friend please send me a photo where he do the kickbacks and kicks okay my friend from your best friend Estelle kasselman from sa

Dana14me Hettinger



Cool background music.


Grazie mille per aver condiviso questi esercizi!!! All the best bro!!

Dallas Harris

Lol why you mad hahahahaa