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An Evening of Awesome at Carnegie Hall

An Evening of Awesome at Carnegie Hall16 Jan. 2013
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In which Hank and John and

In which Hank and John and special guests the Mountain Goats bring Nerdfighteria to one of the most famous stages in the world to sing songs, tell stories, answer questions, and be extremely nervous.

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This video is mine, I'm going to live here for the next ten years and if the owner doesn't claim it then it's legally mine

Chloe Sparks

I love this so much. This fills me with so much joy. I, sadly, have never been able to see them live, as they had just finished their most recent tour when I found out about them, but this is the next best thing. Thank you, Hank and John, and thank you to all of Nerdfighteria for being so freaking amazing.

A bunny.


Mira Lauren

Just watching everyone standing together and dancing together and singing together and joyous together is so touching. I teared up. I miss concerts and crowds and applause and everything so much. Thank you for this video, all who were a part of making it happen.
New Dream: Play Carnegie Hall. With the Nerdfighters.
DFTBA, folks.


can we just have a moment for the mountain goats' drummer's incredibly tasteful drumming

(also this is my first time hearing them; as a canadian this guy really reminds me of matthew good)


He really was correct about Book 8.


Book eight turns out to be a play.

Margaret Fogarty

tag yourself I'm Sarah at the end trying to figure out where to stand (but like actually would be the same in that situation)

Annika Yunque

Has anyone else noticed how Hank's Harry Potter songs are prophetic?

Angie Wagner

"And MOST importantly - he's my little brother" -John Green


2018... still awesome

Bianca R

to all of you coming back here to find peace and solace in a burning world: We're gonna make it through this year.

Kevin Lohmann

Hank's second Harry Potter song... I need an updated song about his feelings on Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts

Muhammad Hammad Nadeem Lali

I have never in my life before this commented on a vlogbrothers video,but this time,after having watched all the videos from 2007 and having gotten here,I simply feel so moved,seeing them on that stage,especially at the end when johns favourite band of all time were playing for him and he was in the midst of all the people he loved I just felt so happy for him, I fell in love with everyone there and just felt so proud to be a nerdfighter, after seeing them through all those years and knowing how they started off,it just fills me with so much hope,these guys are just normal people, but they accomplished so much, seeing john sing at the end all energetic and fired up like his dreams were coming true made me feel so freaking good I dont even know how to properly explain it, it just felt like he deserves it,and in this world it's just so very rare to see awesome and deserving people see their dreams come true,it fills me with hope,not just for me, but for everybody, these guys are the best, now that is an opinion that has been fully formed and can never be changed, thank you john,thank you hank, and everybody at nerdfighteria,for giving me something I thought I had lost,hope,this video feels like an epiphany or a life changing event,obviously we dont know how something will affect our future selves until we are our future selves, but ive never got this feeling so strongly before, DFTBA everybody,best wishes


I had this video in my list of videos to watch later for quite a while (since I came across it in my vlogbrothers marathon, which I still need to finish) and finally watched it when John mentioned it in his video yesterday. I am quite happy I watched it. It gave me some optimism, excitement, and sense of loving, which I needed, and reminded me to be awesome. :)

Isabella Wong

these two single-handedly restore my faith in humanity


Out of all of the people I thought about sharing that stage with when I performed in Carnegie I never realized that Hank and John stood there once...such a strange feeling


Just a few things:
1. I've watched this well over ten times in my life, but it wasn't until this month I decided to watch it all the way through (I'd skipped over the Mountain Goats' and Kimya's parts because I hadn't really cared about them prior), and I literally just fell in love with all of the songs both of them played (Especially I Like Giants and the narrative behind Thank You Mario, But Our Princess Is In Another Castle)
2. This truly is an amazing experience. I think this is honestly one of the highest peaks Nerdfighteria ever reached. I mean sure, John has two movies, and Hank has a million different jobs now including Vidcon and songwriting and other stuff. But this is the one singular point that I believe Nerdfighteria as a community was the most meaningful to me, and I haven't experienced that sense of nostalgia in any of their videos since January 15th, 2013.
3. I feel like they could probably do this again and just haven't yet. But more importantly: I REALLY want them to.
4. On a lighter note, +vlogbrothers (Hank, specifically), whatever happened to writing a "Harry Potter song every year forever"? I miss that, man.

Lindsey Shreve

It is now 2019. The highlight of my life thus far is watching John sing to the Mountain Goats. ❤️

fatima Sheikh

I just realized that the Yeti was pregnant right here.

Tillie Jones

john looks like a young pastor who's fresh out of seminary and Overwhelmed

Julie Wickstrom

The video starts at 35:15 :)


Somehow...watching this five years later definitely makes you feel how far these two and those people who appeared have come as well <3 And when this happened, I probably only knew of LBD and the books but never and not yet so into nerdfighteria and all that and now just......so thankful somehow things happen and bring me here <3


1:58 "Better Than Hank"?


I was just going through the vlogs chronologically, a bunch of 3-4 minute videos, and got to this one. I'm amazed I stayed at my computer and watched the whole thing.

Katie Moss

John Green you say none of your books have anything to do with each other and yes the plots don't have anything to do with each other but the themes have a mountain to do with each other and flow together. Give yourself some more credit man

Ari Trahan

Coming back to this now that Gaiman's God is, in fact, a woman, and the spokesperson for her is a guy, I had to laugh.

Cassi Watkins

I watch this at least once a year. It brings me so much joy.
Edit: I somehow always manage to underestimate how emotional I get with Kimya Dawson on stage. The songs she plays are incredible and I wish everyone in the world would hear them, especially now.


2:45:40 am I the only one who thinks John isn't as bad at singing as he says? I mean, Hank's better, but I'd give John a 7/10


John -- my macro prof. showed me your penny rant when it was originally published ~6 years ago. YT has changed since then, but the personal essence of the videos you produced then -- and continue to produce -- is how I will remember the medium. The This Year performance is easily my favorite segment from any youtube video ever. Thanks for all you've done.

Jon Pugsley

Is there any way I can like this twice?

Matthew Davis

How did we not know John could also sing? Like, their brothers that have so much in common that maybe common sense just says that, but like, woah.

Captain Sterling

I watched the segment on the Ice Cream Progression in orchestra just after this concert at the time I had no idea who the Vlogbrothers were but now I have seen this and all the background of the show it makes a lot of sense and I liked it even more.


2019, still coming back to this

Whitney Moede

Why did it take me so long to find this??!!!! This is EVERYTHING! It makes me like them even more!! This makes the quarantine a little bit easier


I love that John Darnielle can just casually use the word "wretched." Also, John's jeans fit way better than his brother's, and we never did determine what kind of shoes John's wearing other than they're blue. But yeah, I love this. A lot. John, your books definitely jumped into that abyss with me.

Parzivald Shiflty

a litterally cant stop crying every time i see this. its beautiful

Clayburn Griffin

Why not edit this video to cut out the placeholder text?

November July

starts 35:15


Timestamping it:
Starts: 35:08
TFiOS: 39:20
John’s monologue: 46:00
Hank Green: 1:01:38
The mountain goats: 1:18:00
Live question Tuesday: 1:44:00
More Hank songs: 2:03:00
Kimya Dawson: 2:19:23
Paper towns reading: 2:31:34
The end: 2:47:30

Raviv Walker

Somebody needs to write a children's book called "John the humble tugboat"

Julio Speroni

Im really sorry to say this but i hate hank


Corndog patronus. Best thing I've heard.

Ed Connolly

I live for john singing to hanks songs in the background

Sahil K


Annika Yunque

i love kimya dawson. period


I come back to @1:27:54 occasionally, just to listen to Pale Green Things. Gorgeous.


I have watched many videos with John and Hank over the past few days in the midst of a breakdown. I have cried happy tears and sad tears and angry tears. But I don't think I have ever been happier for Hank, and for John, and for Nerdfighteria than when I saw John jumping around on stage at the end. I cried happy tears one last time and sat down to finish writing. Sometimes, it's that gentle reminder: "Don't forget to be awesome"

marie wikiwaka

So did Jo just do whatever Hank wrote in his songs with minor differences? That seems like what happened.


comes on stage wearing his mountain goats t-shirt
"and now here are the mountain goats"
everyone cries because john green has achieved so many of his dreams

Pino Colada

i watch (listen really) this video at least once ecery week

Travis Marciniak

I was introduced to the Vlogbrothers through Crash Course and so I decided to start from the beginning and getting here, thinking back to Brotherhood 2.0, Hank's first show that he had to play, the first P4A, and so many other milestones it is fantastic to see just how far these guys have come and all of the amazing things they have made and helped to make. I can't wait to get all the way caught up!


the end is such a wonderful moment, i´m speechless. i wish to be able to be as strong as john.
You know what... one day i will.


Came back to watch the finale after watching the TATWD tour finale (This Year). I'm crying yet my heart is so full. Thank you.


ahhh i was here when it happened. on youtube i mean. it's how i found grace and hannah. crazy


How did hank predict that hedwig dies, that harry is a horcrux and the cursed child??!!

Benjamin O'Brien

I mean, I came to watch the Mountain Goats set, and it was great, but I was pretty surprised to see Kimya on the second half! Love her! She should have been mentioned in the title or at least the description!

Steven Horton

This video brings back memories of when all my friends were victims, trying to be the victimiest if victimhood was an Olympic game, and you can only be awesome, in response to something terrible. I've been in the military, co-founded a multi million dollar education company, and helped changed so many lives since then, but the man I was could see me now, he would consider me evil. To whoever reads this, you're not a victim, you're a human being. The words victim, privileged, and hateful are some of the most toxic words for your soul. There's more nuance in what I'm saying than I have time to explain, because this is text and not a conversation with an individual.

megan Sirek

After watching this I don't want to go to the real world that is full of ingnorance and refuses to see things complexly

A Unicorn

three words to describe john green author vlogger awesomest

Reptiles Are Cool

This was the first time I had ever actually listened to the mountain goats and while I am not a huge fan of anyone or anything else that I was at this time, the mountain goats have been a consistent good in my life over the last decade. Their new single today made me think about the first time they entered my life. Seeing them live was the closest thing I’ve ever had to a religious experience.
Nostalgia for a time gone by do be hittin


I’d be lying if I said i wasn’t crying though this

Nepenthe Wang

Holy shit, that The Universe is Weird song is FUCKING FANTASTIC o.O


Hank Green is soooo fucking sexy!

Shea Elliott

This made me so happy, my joy cannot be expressed in words. I love this so much, and I'm glad I was finally forced to listen to the Mountain Goats- I love them!!

Katie SJG

at 59:55 i get to sad because EVERYONE "is here tonight"

except for esther (and ts elliot)

alex -

sometimes you just need to listen to "this year" and sometimes you gotta to listen to one of the most joyous renditions of it


Dead people go to Nangijala, not Narnia...
Just ask Astrid Lindgren


1:49:17 is actually one my favorite moments ever. It might sound weird, but I often just come back to this video to watch that particular scene.

Astilon Louis


Jenny Schwarz

I know it's 2020. But I've only just now had time to watch the entirety of the Evening of Awesome because quarantine. And I'd just like to thank the Mountain Goats for reminding me that music can make me feel all the things.

November July

"As long as Henry or I was alive, I was always going to be his dad, and he was always going to be his son. And in that sense, love is LITERALLY stronger than death." -John Green.
This sentence brought me to tears. This is for all those who have lost a parent or child. Love is stronger than death. It lives on.

• frostedjosieos

I want to see to see the version of Paper Towns with Grace as Ben, like, why wasn't she cast? And Hannah as Angela?! Now all we need is for Mamrie to be Lacey.


ya know I got a shirt from this show in a garbage bag (when they were doing the warehouse clearance) from DFTBA and I'm glad I can at least say now I've seen the show even if I didn't attend when people ask about the shirt


2:45:41 time stamp for John singing for my own future reference ??


Came across this because John mentioned it in his video and I just want to share my story.

I've been feeling very nostalgic as I think of how much my life has changed in the last 10 years. When the evening of awesome happened I was 17 and when the song "you were cool" came on, it felt like someone ripped a hole in me. I had been bullied from around the time I was 9 or 10 and even though it had started to let up by that time it still weighed heavy on me and I still was in a rather deep depression because I had internalized all that abuse and thought that somehow I had deserved it all and I couldn't find a way forward. Back then hearing the simple phrases of "people were mean to you" and "you deserve better than you got" meant so much to me and made me burst into tears because it was the first time, even in just a song, that someone acknowledged my pain in a way that made me realize it wasn't my fault. I've watched the evening of awesome a couple times since then but this song has always been something I often skipped over because it made me emotional every time. Today when John mentioned it, I decided to come here to listen to it again and it's the first time I've heard it in years. And just hearing the lyric "I hope you love your life now" just made me choke up so much because it was like a message from someone reaching back through my past to acknowledge how far I've come.

Thank you for reminding me of this. I've now had the song on repeat and I can't seem to stop listening to it as it seems to echo thorough me with this mixture of wistful sadness and relief that I'm still alive to bring in a new decade.


The version of Pale Green Things that begins at 1:28:00 still makes me cry six years later. Unforgettable.

Katie Dahl

One day in 2007, a man posted a video on YouTube for his adult brother. One thing led to the next, and there were a bunch of famous people in Carnegie Hall talking about black Santas and playing songs about anglerfish.

A. Oda

Take a shot every time Hank says "Carnegie Hall".


I like that live reading more than the movie

Ayush Agarwal

2:45:35 OH Yeah!


it's been years, but I still need this sometimes and absolutely love it. From the beginning when Hank is just being such a little brother constantly interrupting John trying to do a thing, to the awesome music and stuff, to just...a weird sense of community in a crazy world none of us could have quite predicted back 8 years ago.

Spencer Kaminsky

God, I was at this show...
Found this accidentally while surfing around the Mountain Goats wiki. At the time, I was really there to see the Vlogbrothers. I didn't really appreciate music then the way I do now. It's funny, I sort of fell into seeing the band that would eventually become my favorite as my first ever live musical performance.
I don't want to say that it was this show that opened my eyes (ears?), because I don't want to sacrifice honesty in my life for narrative structure, but I know that a few years later I was going through my dad's music collection and recognized This Year and Love Love Love.
Since then, music has become an increasingly important part of my life, getting me through some rough times and underscoring my proudest moments. Despite finding a home in post-punk and post-hardcore, nothing excites me more than a Mountain Goats release, which are still impressively frequent. There's something in John's music that no other artist has been able to capture for me, and I don't mind that.
I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you. I'm in college now and so much of my being can be, if you squint a little, traced back to this show. I will never be able to truly express my gratitude in a youtube comment, but I felt it would be a mistake not to comment on such a formative experience for me.

Nikki Bishop

Rare yeti sighting :D

Amy Templeman

My 2.5 year old daughter and I were just watching (listening) to this while making muffins, and after Hank finished singing Friday, I started singing, "Friday, Friday, I don't know the words to Friday."

My daughter, without missing a beat, says,

"John, I'll see you on Tuesday."


For those of you who don't know this video starts at 35:08. You are welcome.


Was looking for the P4A-playlist, that someone should totally do, and then I came across this. This'll do.
I love John and Hank and their shenanigans and cool friends and all the stuff they do.

becca moses

This came out right as I was getting into the nerdfighter community, and I'm so glad it did. It was so cool to find all of this great music and stuff, and it very quickly cemented nerdfighteria as a Thing That Is Cool for me.


I always come back to this when I'm bored or upset because nothing makes me happier than seeing all my favorite things and all my favorite people smashed together in one amazing video. It's definitely worth watching(:


I watched this live and just had to come rewatch, I saw them on tour in MN and it rewoke my nerdfighter soul.

Hannes Jacobsson

Hank Green singing slipknot was about the last thing I'd expect, but I'm glad he did



Rachel Grubbs

John is so adorably nervous when he is singing


So often I come to re watch this show, and every time I do I'm astounded by the lack of views it has. This is like the longest chain of nerdfighter content you can get in one place, and people don't seem to know about it! We must spread the word!


oh my gog the mountain goats played my favourite song

Natalie McClain

The Harry Potter Book 8 song was interesting after reading the Cursed Child.


Moral of the video: If John says he is not going sing, he is definitely going to sing.

Mobius Strip

The most important part starts at 1:18:00


John Green collaborated with the mountain goats making a new version of a mountain goats song


I had heard John talk about The Mountain Goats over the vlogbrothers posts.
This is the first time I've actually heard them (unless there was one on one of John's videos). Now I need to buy all of their albums...


I was there, and I rewatch this every year or so, and it makes me smile.

Question Tuesday: The Goat Edition

Question Tuesday: The Goat Edition25 Aug. 2015
735 001
vlogbrothersSubscribe 438 721

In which Hank and John

In which Hank and John Green reunite to discuss goats--and very little else.


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I'm just watching all the reunion videos for seratonin, and one of the recommended videos is, in fact, the goat mating video.

Kelsey Anson

Here's the issue: if you eat 5 pine cones you'll have to also poop the five.


The genuine surprise and joy Hank gets at 3:26 is giving me life.

J.J. Kuchenmeister

Well, since YouTube put this in my feed almost 4 years to the day after it was posted, Happy Birthday in a couple of days, John.

Beth H

John trying to say serious when he makes a joke tho


My friends dad says happy birthday.

Moki Mon

Avg goat size by weight: 40-120kg (88-264lbs)

Ethan Searls

If you eat something alive, is it wearing you?

Stephanie A

I don’t know why YouTube suggested this old video but this is exactly the kind of pointless silliness I need during a global pandemic.

Sophia Pu

Happy Bday John

Nina Belle

These videos make my life?

Nadja Violine

I've never met a goat, but I've fallen in love with a youtube channel with a mini goat farm... So now I now a lot more than I'll ever need to know about goats.


Hank's goat impression was great.

Cassidy W.

Omg is that a beer Sword????


John, you do realize if you eat five pinecones you still have to poop them, right?


The largest goat is the Markhor at 5'2". Is that bigger than John?

strawberry Lala

Who created you people ? i saw your psychology videos too... ??????

Bea Chapman

That was the best goat impression I have ever heard

Andrew Ballingall

when Hank laughs at the "what gets your goat" question, he rears back his head. When John laughs at the question, he collapses forward.


Personally I think Hank in that photo looks more like Arthur Dent as portrayed by Simon Jones

Nina Belle

For some reason this video remains one of my favourites

Gwenyverre King

Who the eff is Hank?

Kishore Shenoy

The infamous goat thief?
Billy the kid


4.5 years ago when I first watched: good video, very funny.

Now, while working at OCULUS and trying to come up with some project to code, hearing the oculus comment: Hmmmmmm...... That's a good idea....

Pretty Bad At Everything

I got this link from a Mountain Goats video with John Darnielle and I hate to say I'm disappointed

Nick Cameron

happy birthday to that guy

Carmen Mencar

Happy very belated birthday. I agree with last point, unless I'm considered awful in which case my succeed will be sustenance living.

Riley Tan

Hank: You’ve never even met a goat! You don’t know what they sound like!
John: That’s not true! Hank, I made the internet’s number one video about goat mating. Don’t tell me I’ve never seen a goat! I’ve seen a goat do it!

TJ Cadotte


Miss Mystery

I find myself smiling subconsciously when I watch your videos.

Sarah P

I love Hank's laugh. It's so infectious ???

Allison Kraus

I love when I rewatch a video exactly two years later by pure coincidence :)

Lindsey Clair

The password bits are everything

Coen A

I’d rather poop one pine cone because at least it’s not a conscious decision, I don’t think I have the will power to eat a pine cone.

Aya kalander

watching them together gives me so much joy XD

Lukas Lambraia

Fun fact mountain goats aren’t technically actually goats

Well with Meri

How would I feel if I were earless.... Holy XD


3:22 has quite literally never not gotten me. (Is that a sentence? I don't know; I'm typing this through happy tears.)

Hej Eve

the pure chaos that exists when you put these two in a room together is magical

Jennifer Reeves

As someone who works with goats, hanks first try was actually pretty good. The other tries were not.

Ananya Kasliwal

Hank: "Hnng"

Sayantan Mukherjee

Very goaty QnA !

ethan thompson

I've noticed I've been getting ads on Vlogbrothers video


hank asking siri if there are goats bigger than john has the same energy as my dad asking google how old our family dog is.

Will Tapley

3:24 perfect out-of-context clip.


I LOVE THESE BECAUSE YOU ARE BOTH SO HAPPY ALL AT ONCE. Also why I love listening to the pod, you two together is a great thing.

Daniel Jung

Goat -> Greatest of All Time (in 2019)

Sasha Grieve

Personally, I think I'd rather poop one pine cone because, if you eat five, you will have to poop THOSE five out. I mean, isn't one more preferrable than f, if you are pooping them out?

Shannon Bradbury

...if you EAT five pinecones you will then have to poop five, so choosing to poop one is the better option.

Blondie Wise

Hank I am a goat


Well John the problem with eating the five pine cones is that later you’ll have to poop five pine cones

Al Bitney

I laughed way too hard at them laughing way too hard at the "get your goat" question!


"When awful people succeed" definitely sounds like our election

Yatzik Krupak



Literally the most fun video i have ever watched


this is still one of my favorite videos on the entire internet

Nit Fens

"Which kind of mountain goat?
Oh John Darniel..."

Jewel Smith


Lu Guy

Wonderful normal people, really. Seems there are far too many fake people about. You guys bring out the best in each other. Boys forever.

skylar is a gay

"Uh-oh, Its a wild Hank, and hes goatobombing me" XD


But if you eat 5 pine cones you also poop 5 pine cones

unclassed media

I can't help but think if you eat 5 pinecones you'd end up pooping 5 pinecones.

Marnix Princen

Mountain goats aren't goats though, some smart guys on the internet taught me that...


i could not stop laughing


2:22 very easy dad joke. My spidey senses are tingling and my sirens are blaring. VAN GOAT!! AN EARLESS GOAT WOULD BE VAN GOAT!! HE WOULD NOT BE FINE, HE WOULD BE EARLESS AND PLAGUED. WHICH WAS VAN GOGH!! VAN GOAT PEOPLE!! VAN GOAT.




we had 2 goats as pets, one was under our friends pickup and usually leaves after the car is turned on, it didn't and its head was ran over, we had to give away the other because it did not handel it well

dhruwakshi phalke

“I would like to have 4 of the goats, that’s all that matters to me.” Yup can totally agree with that sentiment. Whatever you are going to share with ur sibling you have to have the bigger share. That’s like sibling 101.


well, i don't know how much john weighs, but the largest goat by weight is about 200-340 pounds. so yes, there are goats probably larger than john

Peter D



Mountains goats aren't goats it's a misnomer.

beth olschowka

I like Nubian goats, they make the weirdest noises

Also, . . . Is that a beer sword behind John's head?


Boer Goats:
mature Boer bucks can weigh between 200–340 pounds.


I've only just realised that "when awful people succeed" is actually Hank's answer to the question of what gets his goat, and not just a comment on the person who wrote that question getting it into the video! Rewatch endlessly peoplke, you always find something new!


“You’ve never even met a goat!”

Leah Moore

Ben's beer can sword!

Family Williams

American mountain goats, or rocky mountain goats, are not "true goats" (they're about as closely related to them as sheep) and so are not technically a breed of goat, but a different species. (pedantic... I know, but I can't help myself.)

Morgan Z.

Mountain lions really get my goat. Rest in peace, Gregory.

Amin EnJan

Happy birthday That Guy !

Shannon Ottarson

But...but...but... if you ate 5 pinecones...wouldn't you be pooping 5 pinecones later on?


2:31 did John really just tell Hank to “log in” into his phone? ?

Brumby Bailey

I'm herding my goats while I watch this. That was absolutely hilarious and entertaining. Hank definitely sounded goatier.

Sarah Oman

This video showing up in my recommended feed like... "Wait a second, 2 vlogbrothers in one shot..." #2021


Here in 2020 on day 3 of the election, and 3:20-3:40 was the medicine I needed. Also, Hank I 1000% agree on what gets your goat. I hope the awful person in the white house does not succeed this time!


1:41 Hank experiencing some of that classic sibling frustration.

Mary Miller

So I'm waiting this at 1 am, and am having to laugh into a pillow to try and prevent from waking up my roommates. I live it.


This is what falling in love is like methinks GOATs


John seems to dress progressively more dad in each video.

Nothing Rhymes With Megan

I miss seeing John this carefree. <3


The green brothers laughing is the best ?


Boer goats can weigh like 300 lbs. So yeah, bigger than John

Yusef Edwards



Heaviest known goat 293kg over 645lbs, John's heavier than he looks.


Happy super late Birthday!

Chloe Baumstark

goat simulator on oculus rift would be great


Mountain goats aren't goats tho

Colton Clement

Happy birthday 4 years late


Hank 5 years ago: when awful people succeed.

Me watching in 2020 as Trump is president and tearing the country apart: AGREED, HANK, AGREED.

Phineas Potter

Ibex is objectively the best breed of goat. Plus it's actually a goat unlike a mountain goat.

wintry mix

wintry mix18 Feb. 2020
133 892
vlogbrothersSubscribe 438 721

In which John considers

In which John considers the pathetic fallacy and the most Midwestern form of precipitation.

You can read Kaveh Akbar's poem "Wild Pear Tree" in the brilliant book Calling a Wolf a Wolf.

The Mountain Goats song reference here is called "The Mess Inside." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YRWzxYS_nM


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Lady Alfhildr of the Forest of Violet Mists

John: "There's a phrase in literary analysis for our habit of ascribing human emotions to the nonhuman--"
Me, an English writing major, before he finishes his sentence: "Oh, we're going to be talking about pathetic fallacy today, aren't we?"
John: "Pathetic fallacy"
Me: "Yeeeees!" :)

Walter Kolczynski

I mean, I find wintry mix interesting, but I'm a meteorologist. We're weird like that.

Max van Hooren

John, you've been in the Netherlands. Isn't wintry mix not also the closest the Dutch come to snow?

Brooke Lawrence

This is beautiful. Thank you.


I like wintry mix as long as I'm not driving in it.

Gateaux Q

This contemplation on the beauty of weathery mix almost swayed me to think the same.

Almost ??⛈??❄️?

Olivia Phillips

John when are you going to publish a book of poetry?? Please??



Holly Taylor

Wintry mix. I'm so glad I now have a word for the weather in Glasgow the last 2 months


What you call "wintery mix", is what we call "Slush" (Slask). And its the worst.


We've gotten wintery mixes in the mid-Atlantic region, too. I say "have gotten" because we've only had half a snow day where I live this whole winter, and it saddens me. When it's cold enough for snow (or sleet or wintery mix), it's dry and often sunny. When we get precipitation, it's just rain. :/

B Benson

I live just a few minutes from where this was shot and I drive this route frequently. You describe the feelings I have about Indianapolis perfectly. Thanks!


I couldn't do this world without you john

Conner Fields

Sorry about the usual flood of posts. I didn't know those were called groppel (gropple?, grople, gropel?). Neat.

Lawrence Calablaster

Meanwhile I’m over here in Hershey wondering why it hasn’t actually snowed but twice.

Natasha Mazumdar

I moved to the midwest 6 years ago and I'm still furious about the existence of wintry mix.


Coastal New Englanders are very familiar with this weather as well. It rolls in off the ocean and never quite gets cold enough for a real snow day.


watching this now from november 2020, its hard to express how accurate "it's been january for months in both directions" feels.

Jasmin Gentry

This is such a brilliant oration.


Where my German speakers at? ?️

Sweet/Vicious Deserves a Season 2

I've thought a lot on this video in the past week. My late mother was the kind of person who, in the face of an oncoming tornado warning or extreme weather, wouldn't take cover but instead would load my brother and me in the family car and drive straight in to it. And as such, wintry mix looks so beautiful to me, it looks so comforting and safe, because it's exactly what my mother would have driven in to, on purpose, carefully, for entertainment and adventure. And it makes me miss her so much.

Ann-Christin B.

Hey, I recognised a German word :-) We have a lot of Graupel at the moment, too.
Funny to see words adapted into other languages.

Conner Fields

I experienced so much wintry mix, and I'm south of you.

Cole Sandick

Maybe I'm just weird, but wintry mix honestly sounds really beautiful to me. Like an exhilarating blend of weathers that should be experienced in a series of days hitting you all at once

Alex S

I’m a couple hours from Indianapolis in Illinois and the weather here has been much the same. I relate to this a lot.

Amrita Singh

Considering what have typed in the comments earlier and how many books you have written like that, John, I suggest you should run, .... Byeee! Can't wait to c u!!!


This is an absolutely beautiful metaphor. Thank you for speaking this feeling that so many can relate to but cannot truly express.

Jenny Kirklin

I'm an English teacher. I wish I was a 10th as good as John is in his videos.

Alex Pope

Very similar to what we have in Vancouver Canada, sans graupel, - we call it: February.

Amrita Singh

Hi, John Green!!!!

I am sooooooo excited to see you at the book fest in Irving, Texas on March 7th!!
Question for pebbles in the comments: after reading THAT book you threw at the wall, left a dent, and cried because it was that amazingly good and sad. Do you ever get the feeling that you are gonna kick that author’s shins and butt then give a huge hug and thank them? Cuz someone soon is gonna receive it... And rick Riordan but he won't be there.... ?


Coming back here after 7 years away, this is the stuff I loved about this channel. In December my storage unit got flooded and I panicked when I realized all of my signed John Green books may have been ruined (they were not, only slightly wet). I’m sorry your books are in my storage unit to begin with, I live in a 700 sq ft apartment with my partner and didn’t want to overtake the place with my books, so it’s overtaken by my unread books instead. Hoping to come back more consistently than 7 years later. Thanks for still being awesome.

Azhrie Drake

Algorithm Gods!

El Diablo

get iiiiinnnn, gr8 vid mateeee

Richard Roe

“Living” in MidWest also. Haha one doesn’t live in the MidWest from November to April, though. One just...endures.

Mikoy Fernandez

I legit thought this was gonna be like a mix track with winter vibes lol

Daniel Jensen

Graupel is critical to the charging process that leads to lightning (we think), so there's a fun fact you can add to your story about wintery mix. And on a related note, I think thunderclouds are legitimately threatening, in that they suggest you may experience bodily harm if you hang around.

Hailey Nicholls

I grew up in Arkansas. I know wintery mix well. This video really resonated with me. I remember being in middle school and wishing for snow so school would get cancelled but being greeted only by wintery mix.


We get some good wintery mix on the east coast, but usually not til march


That ending reminded me of the song Cecily Smith

Kristian Porter

Firstly, this was lovely and calming. Secondly, it brought me back to driving back and forth from Minneapolis (where I live) to Cincinnati (where I’m from) on this highway and how, depending on which direction I’m going, the weather feels very different.

Erin Stohlmeyer

Nice shout out to the President William Henry Harrison there! ;) He was a national treasure from Indianapolis.


Minnesotan here - that opening line grabbed me as we grapple with the temperature plunging to "crunchy snow" temperatures, and I long for the warmer temperatures of a wintry mix. Surprisingly, in over 5 decades of Minnesota winters, I had never heard of graupel. Perhaps the NWS is practicing revisionist metereorology? Now I see information about it all over, e.g. https://kare11.com/embeds/video/607-8376914/iframe?jwsource=cl

Sarah Fisher

So as an Australian sometimes I curse the sunshine, I beg for the never ending sunshine to end. The song rain rain go away, is often replaced with rain rain come today and please come again another day. So I would say look not at it being a inconvenience and horrible cold, but a resource for life. Yes even in the cold of winter I wish for summer but I always hope for rain.

Michelle Maloney-Mangold

I love these voiceover videos, but I love them even more when they feature my lovely, difficult city.

Shauna Blake

We get wintery mix where I grew up and I feel like it contributes to how miraculous spring feels, when it finally comes after months of grey. The crocuses shoving that first spear of bright green through the grey ground. After living my whole life in Canada I went to study in the Netherlands and the spring coming felt like nothing, the grass had been green all winter.
Also in the relief you get coming in to a warm dry home, feeling a tingly hum as you thaw out. Though that might be specific to not having a car, but still things to do in that weather. Wintery mix gives us some strong contrasts to experience.

Wintery mix is also a big reason I want to have a cat not a dog, I think of walking them in February or March in the cold wet.


In 2020, it’s been March for months in both directions


Do all Midwestern metropolitan areas look the same? Cuz that could just as easily be Milwaukee as Indianapolis

Kevin Hagberg

THEY'RE CALLED GRAUPEL!!!!!!!!!!!! We get it all the time in northern AZ and we could never find a name for it. Thank you

Tushar Joneja

You make me smile,


This made me tear up in the best way. I wish I could give this more than one thumbs up!

Sam Lasely

Love the Baader–Meinhof syndrome, we just talked about the pathetic phallacy in our XX Century Literary Criticism class in uni last week!

Charlotte Blase

wintery mix is my favorite precipitation. i had so many feelings hearing John talk about this that I actually wrote a poem about my own experience with wintery mix. Thank you John!


Hey, that's my commute. The wintry mix is always scary for me to drive in, but it does indeed feel like home.


When you remember far too late in the video that you also live in Indy, ha

Ysabel G

We have something similar in quebec where all the precipitations possibilities just alternate and where from one moment to the next you don’t know if it’s raining, snowing etc. The results is mostly the same though, slushing if all the roads. i hate slushing.

Christopher Roberts

Gross. I wanna move from Missouri to New Mexico because of the climate. ?


You live about 3 hours away from me and we have only had one very tiny flurry once in the last 6 months. Otherwise, it has been nothing but rain. It's funny how close I can be and yet our day to day weather is vastly different.

Coffee Addict

The ending make me think of the time a few years ago, when my wife and I spent over an hour standing outside watching the lightning during a bad storm. Alone it could have been dreary, but with the woman I love it was beautiful. We just stood together in silence, save for the occasional gasp of awe. Honestly one of my favourite memories.

JerSeattle 07

“And I’ll be damned if the weather wasn’t beautiful....”

Just Having Fun

Proof that it's the company you keep which shapes your experience. John, that's some evocative language to go with the perfect footage describing wintry mix. I almost felt the car defroster blasting and my fingers itched to flick the wipers at times.

esapatimah project

is it Sun Rai - San Francisco Street footage ? haha

Adam Hollingworth

this was like a poem and an essay and a podcast all wrapped into one Joe Pera-esque footage talk and I love it


the last bit is really romantic

Trevor Smith

I think John could narrate anything, and I'd still listen. I've missed the thoughts from places kind of videos

Katharine Evans

Ah, John. Thanks for this. I moved to the PNW from California last year, and I've had a tough time of it this winter. It has not helped that this year is the third most rainfall Seattle has ever seen. We didn't see sun from November 30 until just this week. So when you started your video with "It's been January for months in both directions." I know exactly how that feels.


That was beautiful John. I'm from Ohio, and we get wintry mix quite a bit too. It's so refreshing to hear a different perspective on something that is almost always viewed in a negative light.


Oh how I love when there are videos like this.


We have "wintery mix" in England, although rarely ?️ it's not as beautiful or calming as snow, but is quieter than lashing rain, so I can appreciate it in some sense ?

OneCrafty Lady

I live fairly near to Indianapolis. It's super weird and awesome to see one of these videos that's of a location I recognize. (Also Turtles all the Way Down's setting was SUPER WEIRD cuz like...it named streets I've been on and I share a name with one of the characters, Etc.) Was still fun tho :D <3 I love these videos, keep it up.

Also I've lived here my whole life and never heard the word Gropple...so thanks for that lol.

Conner Fields

Glad I live in Oklahoma, Indiana looks like crap.


I love all the poetic talk about weather and humans and stuff but. since when is graupel.... weird?

Mikko Saarinen

You're lucky at least you have January, we've had November for months.

Also even though wintry mix is not a word we use it's a familiar phenomenon here in Finland ?


As someone from Ohio and living away from the Midwest, it was really wonderful to see a video about wintery mix. I didn't realize how much I missed it while I'm a way in a place that doesn't have the same winter. And I have to say, John, you're right, there's something about wintery mix that just means home.


I watch Groundhog Day every year in the cold months to remember all the different possible perspectives on a Middle American winter.


Hey, we get wintry mix in the Northeast although it used to be more in the spring and fall, but now we get it all winter instead of snow. One of the best things about snow in the winter is that it doesn't make you wet until it melts, but wintry mix gets you wet right off the bat.

Bryan McGucken

Being out in graupel the first time was such a weird experience. I'd never even heard the term until I moved to Cleveland, and here was this weird not-hail not-snow pricking at us. And I was 30! My fellow yankee spouse and I were discussing what this strange thing could be when I remembered the word from the local meterologist report the earlier that day.

Bethany Collins

Awwwww! Love the end. So cute ?

Emma Hacker

I live in Indiana too and that is such a beautiful description of it at 2:38! I relate to it immensely.

I’m 2 ish hours away from Indy in a very much rural town and I, like John when he was younger, can’t wait to get out of here. But at the same time I’ve got this really fond appreciation for my home and it’s quirks. ??‍♀️❤️

Elliott Collins

This was a valiant effort but you can't make me not hate that everywhere and soggy excuse for snow.


I grew up in Indiana and in recent years have moved to a desert state. I know the moods of Indiana as well as I know myself. She is beautiful in her closeness.

Marshall Emmett

The way you described Indianapolis can be said for Florida south of Tampa, just in opposite contexts. Instead of 'Wintery mix' it's the ever present chance of rain and it's hot. You have to be here for a while to enjoy the thuderstorms and sun-showers and wild flatlands that is South Florida.


Why are you so beautiful, John!??! Why!!

Austin Millard

Living in Detroit which is kind of similar, this made me cry for some reason. I feel the same way about this place.


Good ol’ seasonal depression

Justin McGregor

It is wintery mixing on my commute this morning. Much like the workday, I’d say it is looming.

Vigilant Sycamore

For some reason, to me the rain often feels nostalgic more than anything else. Not for something in my past, this is a sense of nostalgia for finding shelter under the canopy of a tree in a mid-Triassic rainforest on a rainy afternoon


And then it was March (2020) for months in both directions.

Ellenor Bjornsdottir

it's been january for an entire year here in cyxs

Sierra Justis

I love john videos which is just sounds like we're in his head while he's thinking. I used to live in Indianapolis and this this video feels like I'm driving home , talking to a friend in the car.

Brenna Byrd

I love learning about Literature and Lit. Composition stuff from John's videos. Pathetic Fallacy is my new favorite thing.


I've spent years with an illness that made going outside unbearable. The snow in any form made it worse. Nearly a decade of groans and scoffs and loathing of even the fluffiest white flakes that everyone pauses to watch with awe and wonder. I had an experimental procedure done at the beginning of the month as a last resort to fight the beast inside my head. At first, nothing. I felt pretty normal. The next day it was snowing as I walked out to get the mail and for the first time since my childhood, I was captivated by it. For a moment it allowed me to just exist in that space, surrounded by thousands of tiny flakes gently floating around me. That's the moment I knew it changed something in me.

Alexander Tso

“There’s nothing interesting about wintry mix”

proceeds to make it interesting

Richard Whisenhunt

"The flat and unbroken misery of a grocery store parking lot". Love that imagery, well said. You should write a book <grin>.


It's been nearly three years since I moved away from Indianapolis, and despite being very thankful to go, this video feels me with a very strange mix of emotions. I know exactly where you filmed this, but I haven't seen it in three years (having been back to visit my hometown in southern Indiana but not Indianapolis in that time), and the four and a half years I was there have started to feel almost like some kind of dream disconnected from the rest of my life.

Andrea Johnson

"Flat, unbroken misery of a grocery store parking lot." You missed your calling writing lyrics for emo bands. In case you ever need a side hustle.

Kaila Mae

awww i'm kilig ???

Sam Butler

I dislike that people hate January; it's my birthday

Geeks of Cascadia

does poetry just fall out of your mouth? WOW


Message from July 2020: The "January for months in both directions" feelings are going to last longer than usual this year.

Eva G

I live in California, so usually the weather is quite pleasant. However, when the smoke from the fires blew over us and the sky turned orange, my mood definitely worsened. At the time I blamed the weather, but looking back there were a lot of things that were causing me to be so down. It's interesting to think about how my mood affected my interpretation of the weather, rather than the other way around.