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Fullstaq Marketer with Keala Kanae Review by Joe Magdaleno

Fullstaq Marketer with Keala Kanae Review by Joe Magdaleno25 Jun. 2019
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Fullstaq Marketer with

Fullstaq Marketer with Keala Kanae Review & Testimonial by Joe Magdaleno.

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Joe Manganiello Answers Dungeons & Dragons Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Joe Manganiello Answers Dungeons & Dragons Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED11 Dec. 2020
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Actor and D&D Dungeon

Actor and D&D Dungeon Master Joe Manganiello uses the power of Twitter to answer the internet's burning questions about Dungeons & Dragons. What's the best way to get into Dungeons & Dragons? Can Rogues attack twice per action if they are dual wielding? Do you create your character first, or choose your class first? What's Joe Manganiello's favorite starting scenario? Joe answers all these questions and much more.

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Joe Manganiello Answers Dungeons & Dragons Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Comments (100)
Stevany Polnaja

this D&D talk alway remind me with The Big Bang Theory

Phoenix blazer

My first DnD game I played I was a teifling bard. His name was sournote and I still have his character sheet. He was a chaotic neutral and in the first 20 minutes of the game I already caused chaos. We woke up in a cell under a Coliseum and there was a window. And a stack of just discarded weapon shards. Not only did I find an entire sword in there but I got a scrap of mental and chucked it out the tiny window at the person who was out there already fighting something. It was great. However I did almost kill the entire body because I rolled a nat 1 and tried to use a gargoyles head as a drum.

Steelbite 360

I love this dude but I still haven't forgiven him for betraying marshall

MarK Graham

3.0 with house rules or bust.

Aaron O'neil

Just hearing him mention Dragonlance brought some nostalgia, hearing him talk about why it's his favourite world made me really happy.

ORI ginal

Is that a painting in the background or a mirror (I can see the reflection of the ceiling / a chandelier, also 21:46 someone moving in the lower right corner)? Looks great.

Sad Boy Hour

I started dnd without any of those first books

Harvey Manfrenchensen

My DM back in the day had a thing he called “blue bolts” which were essentially smiting by a god that he used as a deus ex machina to punish us if we went too far out of character or out of time and place - as kids it kept us in the story effectively

Cody Plant

He didnt talk about bards much


Look it's old Rezo


Oh my God I need to do the primantis dialect!


18:02 - Dietrich die Demented

Acid Blue

Back in my 3.5 days I remember being in a campaign where a random kid threw a rock at our deathguard. Results nat 20 to hit, nat 20 to confirm crit, nat 20 to confirm bad thing happening to the deathguard. DM gave him a free true resurrect because Hextor found the whole thing too funny

Thomas Rogers

So good !

TJ Fowler

A Black Dragon named Venom...Venom..a Black Metal band...METALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Kahn Thorpe

Dragonlance books are D&D? ...that means baldur's gate on ps1 was not my intro to D&D...

Chris Patterson

Christopher Squwakin...omfg


That German accent was incredible

keith owen

Joe, I made an abstract character in 5th edition. He's a Half-Wood Elf/ Half Rust Dragon Monk.


lol i had the same exact haircut and dye back in 2001

Chrissi H

I was NOT expecting my DM to make an appearance in this video!!! 10:55 JF is an amazing DM, and he definitely has the stuff to be an actor!!

youhuardme youhuardme

The whole time I'm watching this, I'm just waiting for his beautiful wife to just poke her head in and call him a nerd lovingly.

Justin Nicholson

Can you kill the GM when you're playing? Saw it on a show and was curiousb


Joe love Death Saves! best appeal
ever!!! My Vecna shirt is my favorite


Love the answer to the "torturing some poor sob" question.

I literally just had a player who is playing a physician/battlefield medic who bought an illegal humanoid test subject to teach another player's kid about anatomy (yes, he's CE). Turned into a big old heist/chase scene to pick up the subject and drag him back to their ship. Ended with him trying to have the kid watch him dissect the subject while it was still alive.

You know the crazy stuff that you just have to roll with as a DM every week. It wouldn't be Wednesday otherwise.

Heath Harlow

Guessing you don't see this, just fan base.

Bumbling Through Dungeons

The almost-imperceptible "n'at" in the Pittsburghese is how you know it's legit. I need to bust out my sloppy Yinzer accent for an NPC now. Good stuff, Wired!

Phill Galant

Phill Galant aka Gathron. Have been a gamer and DM since 82. Just want to thank you for what you have done for D&D, you are the man.


Who is this

Ross Marquez

I know that this man is Hot coz ive seen him in TV and movies but when he talks about D&D....

I just melted


Nah, we all know the real alignment you don't want in your group is Lawful Good. Always trying to do everything in the most obscenely over-dramatic way possible, never listening to reason, obnoxious and telling everyone else how they should behave and always the first one to resort to PvP when people don't do as they told them.


I hate his hair

Seano The*POP*

Befor watching this i'm going to say Chaotic Evil is more dangerous to a party. Lawful evil characters can actually be good still, just looking out for themselves, or their kingdom/people if they are a ruler. Lawful Evil can be interpreted as a "friends first" alignment, not just "me first" Which can include good aligned characters. It's probably the most intersectional evil alignment.

K Korjus

He's married to Sophia Vergara and a big DnD fan. What a legend.

Reese Millican

Technically the odds were one in 400

Heath Harlow

Question, Hair do?

Cian Nolan

Had a Chaotic Evil character in a campaign, within 30 minutes he had burned down half the settlement we were in and converted the guards to his side. Guy had the devils luck with dice rolls. And that's how I learned to have stone buildings in my game, and also never play with him again

asa sas

I started dming using only the player's handbook. They fought a bad of thieves held up in a fortress. The boss encounter was the high-level Warlock character I rolled up.


My preferred way to start a new character:
1) Think about how I want to play mechanically. Fighter, magic user, ranged, buffer, etc
2) Create race/class/background
3) As for the actual ROLEPLAYING, I don't really start that until after the game starts. I like to read the world, what kind of characters I'm around, and kind of riff on that as the character develops. For example, if you're a Paladin, you don't have to choose what your divine quest is until you reach level 3. You can think ahead about it, but it may not come up, and you might decide to develop your character in a different direction as the campaign progresses. And there's nothing wrong with that.


Important thing I want to add to his first question: If you're brand new to DnD and you want to get into it you do NOT have to spend $100+ on all of the core books out the gate. The starter kit has all the rules you'll need to run your first adventure, including pre-made characters.

George Finnegan

I really enjoyed listening to this. Your group is so lucky to have you.

Antoine Ferdinand

I'd say Lawful Evil,more potential for cunning,and getting out of the havoc they create alive.


The Pittsburgh accent cracks me up, amazing to me that it sounds so much like a Philly accent, that we call Hoagiemouth.

Brayden B

My rule with evil is your an assassin or thug, not a mass murderer, then im fine


The seagull voice reminds me of Dave Grohl for some strange reason

Francois Beavertree

im so lost


Oh my. Wth, Joe?
Alcide looks sick.


Wait, did darth maul just ask a DnD question? (Sam witwer)

Osiris Zoran

wtf happened to Joe maganello? hes gone SJW blue hair dont care


Joe's starting to look like the lovechild of Sam and Travis...

Heath Harlow

I love you're evil. Your characters are NE-CE

Shaun Bradley

3.5 or bust 5E sucks balls

BRUther Mane

Darth Maul with the real questions

Random Rangoon

Cool video and guy but I feel like Joe is the only guy that can actually pull off a blue mohawk.

Heath Harlow

And Lord Soth is the best, then comes Caramon Majere.

Enis Berkay Mert

What's up with the hair?

Heath Harlow

Please say a dare.

Heath Harlow

Hey, your favorite character is CE, Lord Soth. I actually put him as LE. D&D are wrong. Against Tanis he asked to draw a sword, He's disciplined. That is LE, honour.

Heath Harlow

Half-elf the best, no negative.


Lawful Evil = Darth Vader, Chaotic Evil = The Joker

Luciano Gug

Joe mangianello tryng to sell d and d books for 20 minutes


I'm glad they got someone other than Matt Mercer to do this type of thing ? Matt is such an overrated DM and its nice to see others

beau arroyo

looks at hair
are cosplaying as a land whale?

Dean Wong

Gotta say, Joe has a pretty solid Walken.

David Barry

By the end of my first session DMing d&d my players had all decided to solve there ration situation with cannibalism.


Did not know Joe was a geek/nerd. Man, looks can be deceiving.

The Altered Gamer

i had a group of players once ask a streetside butcher for directions, they loved his accent so much they started asking him personal questions (ones i was not ready to answer since he was a throw away character) ended up having to improv a whole side adventure with this butcher cus he was so charismatic and the players absolutely loved him, he ended up joining them as a support npc for almost the rest of the campaign XD he would prepare whatever animals they hunted and cook em among other things!

Seth May

Christopher Squawken..... ????


the ninja haircut is not working bro

The truth

Looks like a smurf crapped on his head.

John Griffith

Damm I miss d&d with a competent group

David Miles

Joe is such a nerd, I love it! Death Saves

Jeremy Blankenship

I love this video. :)

Ink McSquiddin


Grumpy Dwarf creations

Love it, legend and he knows it!!

raul sanchez


André Schneider

To that question about conforming or breaking the party, I feel there's a huge grey area to be explored that most people forget about. Just because your character's philosophies/ideals don't align with the rest of the party doesn't mean you have this black and white decision. I once played a VERY evil oathbreaker paladin in a party of mostly good people but still managed to make an interesting dynamic in which my actions (without being too over the top) created morally dubious situations. You can do something similar and slooowly pull your party into a morally grey area without being "that guy" who does nothing but throw monkey wrenches into the party. You can also play the long game and play along with seemingly good actions in order to achieve some higher evil goal. Both of these routes make for pretty satisfying playtime for both you and the other players because it forces some players to change and grow in ways they likely weren't expecting.


Darth Maul???

Adam Boeder

Got a game that's been going on for two years. I've been the DM. We're at level 100 and starting to dance with pantheons of God's and shaping the world itself. Fun stuff.


I do like this particular man.


The answer to the question in the thumbnail is obviously: Lawful Good!

Sam Muñoz

I made a half-orc that is currently resisting a demonic spirit and has to make a charisma saving throw every once in a while or will have to go into a uncontrollable rage and will attack wherever is closest.

Siul Zelaznog

Never played d&d. But is there a summoner class. But I mean a true summoner., someone who will just chill and summon monsters to attacker of defend him/her self.?


@rezo du in 10 Jahren

Danny Yun

I lost it at Christopher Squalken


Billy Herringron and Van Darkholm would love to play DnD, i think they are destined to be Dungeon Masters

IntheeyesofMorbo Dodge

i loved the speak w/ animals spell - seagull bit speaking like walken. that was epic

Berj Tekerian

Love this. Brilliant passion, character and imagination.

Heath Harlow

Lord Soth the best.


Was waiting for the full answer on that opening question of the video but it never came. sadface


When in doubt, add a baby.

Kill the shop keeper?

You hear a baby crying.

Burndown a village sized bandit camp?
You hear a baby crying.

Heath Harlow

Lord Soth is my favorite, than Caramon. Big muscle man, especial after arena training, he's a great match to Wulfgar.

zaidan esem

This dude bullied peter parker for being a nerd yet he himself is one lol

StarVault 67

I hate it when people play D&D in TV shows because they always play it wrong but the episode of the Big bang theory with Wills D&D game was too good. Nerd culture is everywhere

Zach Guyette

Currently playing a Dragonborn warlock/bard who wields a guitar crafted out of the his magical staff and plays heavy metal music

Joshua Huynh

wow, he straight up gloated about Vox Machina not having guessed that he had a long game.

John Baker

I see it's already been addressed but I found the comments confusing so... Yes! A rouge, with no feat, and no special fighting style, can in fact attack twice in a round. Once as an action, once as a bonus action with an off-hand weapon. This is sacrificing any other bonus action like a cunning action and there is no Dex mod applied to the damage of the second attack. PHB 195

John Willis

Character Creation is the first thing I do any time I encounter a TTRPG that I am interested in!!! GREAT advice!!!!

Seagulls are now Christopher Walken ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!! lol

Heath Harlow

Actually kinda wrong, they know more then the players.

Heath Harlow

Stupid hammer, either than that equal.

Joe Magdaleno Running The Foot-Ball

Joe Magdaleno Running The Foot-Ball5 Aug. 2008
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1st Kick Off Of The

1st Kick Off Of The Game

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