Heavy bag drills

Heavy Bag Drills for Offensive & Defensive Boxers | Phil Daru

Heavy Bag Drills for Offensive & Defensive Boxers | Phil Daru4 Sep. 2020
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Daru then began a career in MMA and turned professional at 21 years old where he then developed his own systems for training fighters. Daru has also competed in strongman, bodybuilding, and Bjj Gi and No Gi and currently competes in powerlifting. He has worked with well over 200 plus fighters including world champions like Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Dustin Poirier, Edson Barboza, Junior Dos Santos, Frankie Edgar, Tecia Torres, King Mo Lawal, Andrei Arlovski and many others. Coach Daru is a two time award winning Trainer of the Year for the Florida MMA Awards and Nominated for the Trainer of the Year for the World MMA Awards. He has been globally recognized for his contributions in combat sports performance and has traveled to over 10 countries teaching and mentoring. We want to welcome you to this channel and hope you enjoy the content!

Heavy Bag Drills for Offensive & Defensive Boxers

Comments (23)
Kyle Y

Phil aint catching even though the coach told him to. He is not parrying or anything after being instructed.

Sam Adams Fitness

It’s always better to not get hit...

Jameson, Boxing Fan


Joshua Carreno

I needed this just got a bag n i need to focus on my defense

Deen kay

I also gotta implement this more to my shadowboxing

Almos Arsalan


Joshua Carreno


tim e

Great video , Thanks Phil and Derik . Would be great to see you do similar videos with a high level muay thai coach .

Leen Vd Steeg

I'm a slugger so I don't really worry about defense or footwork.
I just focus on hitting the bag as hard and brutal and aggressive as I can.
But otherwise, great advice!

louis Carter


Sash! Do

Am i second or third? Anyways, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us coach#boxing

Prateek Yadav

#boxing india

Mirza Sabic


John Howard


Nikhil Grave

What are some knee exercises for injury prevention, often times I suffer from ACL tear while wrestling

Ismail Lounis


Coach Seng

Nice info. defently more??

Back to basics

Hey Phil you did a video on how to throw a proper jab where you broke down proper form and common mistakes and it was excellent! I know people would love to see the same video on the cross, left hook, right hook, uppercuts and overhangs as well. It would be most appreciated. Thanks man


More #boxing

Tony An

Phil daru vs Mighty mouse lets make it happen



Appolon Platon

We want as much as possible for Southpaw drills!!!

Deen kay

Wow man! This comes in perfect as I caught myself "just doing the combinations" like Derik Santos said... Gotta adjust this right now! Thanks to both of you

Heavy Bag Boxing Defense Drills (No Partner NEEDED!!)

Heavy Bag Boxing Defense Drills (No Partner NEEDED!!)22 Dec. 2020
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Tony JeffriesSubscribe 438 721

3 Heavy bag boxing defense

3 Heavy bag boxing defense drills that you can practice or train alone. The problem by most boxers when training their defense is they do not have partners or trainers all the time. Tony Jeffries shows you some drills so you can train by yourself with just a heavy bag or shadow boxing.


High Guard In Boxing - Pros and Cons | The Best Defense in Boxing:


3 Defense Tips in Boxing to Get better at Avoiding:


Boxing Footwork | 6 Footwork Defenses with Counter Punches for Boxing on the Heavy Bag:


My name is Tony Jeffries, Olympic Bronze medallist now co-owner of Box 'N Burn, 2 boxing fitness gyms in Los Angeles, as well as the Box 'N Burn Academy...this i a sour education program where we teach trainers how to teach boxers (Link below)


0:00 How to work on defense if you only got the heavy bag

0:41 Visualization

1:42 Throw a Jab and work on Defense

2:04 Throw a punch - Defend - Throw a Counter Punch


Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tony_jeffries

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#boxing #defense

Comments (100)
Gianes Baby-Blues

Your videos are awesome!
Huge fan of your channel.
U think you can throw together a quick drill for the maize ball?

paul jeffreys

Can you show us how to use the pads


Hey Tony, can you please tell us what kind of weight and power work we should workout to be more powerfull at ring @tony_jeffries

Amit Bhardwaj

Good one !!!


Trying to do pads combinations with my stepson but it's not many on YouTube, can you post some, please? Thanks


I've been watching your videos for almost 3 months now, your tips have really helped me improve... great video as always thanks mate ??❤️

Jose Cochula

Thanks for all your videos! I love them! I have my boxing stand! At home !
Greetings from san leandro california!

Kid Dynamite

Never heard of this dude but I thought this was spike from the movie Notting hill


Can you demonstrate slips and parrys?


Good job

Cathal Ryan

Lefend m8, merry Christmas

Marivic Patigdas

Sir I love all your videos it's helping me to improve my boxing ? skills and others thanks for the help
Hope you read this small message

George Daniel Livanov

Is it possible to know how to break the fear of the other opponent and be more confident during the fight?

Peter Russell

Many thanks for answering this request Tony - I can't wait to get onto the bag tomorrow ?

Maverick Cadelina

Is that Deontay Wilder on the mitts, in the intro?

Fitness Mantra

Sir can you make a video on how to see incoming straight punches and train reflexes

Sheikh Owais

How to fill havy bag make video on this topic


Footwork is the first line of defence

m.enes baker

How should boxers workout in gym?

Isaac Riddle

Can you do a video on gaging distance? Finding your reach?


Who are all the people on the wall? I know most of them. I see Lebron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marilyn Monroe? Tupac, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ronda Rousey and the Rock. Who is the other female?

Gabe Meadows

Appreciate, my favorite


How to do a good roadwork as an amateur?

Chop- Da Resistance

Another amazing video.. thank u so much Tony.. always here for ur fans to help us improve.. if that's not humble I don't know what is.. much love from Toronto Canada ????

Diriki Rice

What are some of your favorite gloves or some you suggest for training?

showrov rizan

Excellent ❤️ please make a vedio on how to join any boxing companies


I have a question
Where is the best spot to hit the body

Leonel Cardona

Hellow Tomy im from México i love your channel i would like to see a foot drill video

Marno Junta

Awesome video. Here a question to expand, on the heavy bag. Are there any drills, to work on the inside. i.e. like Duran.

Luke Kennedy

Subscribers are going through the roof keep it up!!!!

Corey Ellis

Hey Tony could you do a video on combos for the rear hook?


Harry Stevens

Quick question: does being comfortable means im doing it right? I need opinions..


I'm calling you out Tony Jeffries, lets do an exhibition boxing match.

Candles ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Love your videos, you always seem to teach a lot of things in short videos. Well done

C. Galindo

Great video Tony. Thank you for the tips. It really improves my awareness


Hey Tony, how do you work on endurance? I get tired after a while on the heavy bags, any suggestions? Thanks!

Aaron B. Gunn

Can you make a video on different Jabs and which one is best for different types of favorite, more style and stance base

sujay M

Great one?... Could you please help sharing some tips for new guys like me to come out of first time sparing fear ????...

scar 3

Great coach

Harinath Phukan

Can you make a video on alternative of sparrring

Stuart Campbell

Watching your videos a lot lately and running drills on the bag in my garage. I would love to visit your gym and take even one lesson from you in person!

Juan david Alzate suarez

Subtitulado para que los latinos podamos entender

Dark Aristocrat

I've been watching other boxing channels to learn. They're great, but when I found yours, been stuck here ever since. I love your videos, they're all easy to understand and follow.

Shumail Zafar

I have request sir
" how to do straight punches combination like 1 ,2 . If you got caught with hook. When you throws jab he throws lead hook. And stopped the straight combination. And defense that we need to avoid hooks while throwing straight punches??

Shidrat ull Muntaha

How to fill heavy bag please ? please make short video on this topic

Chris Lelliott

Could you do a video on how to improve bouncing on your toes and not being flat flooted round the heavy bag

Rodney Ives Collen

Whenever I train boxing and MMA, I just don't emphasize offense, I also emphasize my defensive maneuvers and techniques.


Coach can you do more videos on defense and how to overall get better at it because the name of the game is hit and not get hit .

Jamie Anderson

Tony have you any tips with getting used to punches being thrown at you? Or dealing with pressure like that. Thanks

Nicolas Behak

The stepping back after you throw your jab should only be done If you did not step in when throwing It?

I ask this because If I stepped in with the jab then I should retract the leading foot back to the original stance and then step back with my rear foot otherwise If I stepped back after throwing the jab stepping in I would get stukced in the same place and wide pone.

This interests me because I usually jab stepping in and from there If the opponent shells up or eats It I follow with my rear hand If not I retract ready to slip or parry.

Could you comment on this ?



Hi Tony!
Question: what stretches and warm ups do you like to do before going to the heavy bag/sparring?



Can u pls do a video on counter punches


How to improve punch shoulder tight,Thank you Sri

Jeff Byrd

Hey coach, I’ve seen a lot of different variations of a ‘slip’. Some simply leaning to one side, others bringing your opposite shoulder in towards your knee...can you demonstrate the different types and which you prefer as the quickest and most effective way to slip a punch and counter? Thanks!

Sarim Raza

hey guys was about to buy a heavy bag to begin boxing for the New Years, should I get a 3 ft bag or a 4 ft bag?

Pro On File

Hi Tony could you do video on the jab and making it strong thanks

David Buck

I’m just starting to learn boxing. This is great stuff!

AJ Liberty

Big Brain Boxing lad.

Shonea Holligan

Parried so quick didn’t even see it wow

Amit Bhardwaj

Hi Tony, do you have a detailed video on double end bag, like when and how to use it. Small vs large, fast movable vs kind of stationary and certain techniques to improve it's relevant skills. I am sorry as unable to find such thing on this channel. Pls help ...I know details given by you would be a gold mine hence requesting.. ???

Justin Humphrey



Dobra robota.


Tony, as a novice boxing coach, I would like to see a series of videos on how to train people using the pads for all kinds of techniques and moves. Cheers


Thanks for the vid I'm planning to have a heavy bag cuz it's boring to shadow box everyday


Tony...51 year old boxing addict...but no sparring, ever...just want to stay in shape, but also learn good form and defense, stamina...I wanna be a sponge, despite my age.
I'm only 135 pounds when on point, rarely get over 140. Used to be 205+, but boxing turned me from a fatass to a beast.
Alone in my garage with a heavy bag, a 100 lb water bag at head level, and a double end bag. And a bench press to fight off any moobs that may try to sneak in.
Enough about me...can you do a video on the pros and cons (if there are any) of making noise, exhaling heavily/loudly with each punch.
I'm quiet as a mouse when I box...have tried making sounds, exhaling when I punch, but can't keep it up very long.
It's not like I get winded...I can go 12, 3 minute rounds...also have 5, 5 minute rounds on my rotation...but I'm quiet.
I do concentrate as much as possible at keeping my mouth closed and only breathing through my nose, which is hard...but possible.
But I can't make sounds. Am I doing something wrong? How does one make sounds/exhale with every punch throughout a full workout or fight???

Cody Walper

Got rid of my social media (I know you'll miss me, coach) so ill be on your YouTube channel a lot but this was exactly what I was looking for as usual. I've unfortunately been slacking these past couple weeks so im getting back into it and your at home work out videos have been awesome. I know enough to train without them to a certain degree but having the structure of the actual videos helps a ton. Also, a question i thought of recently was, as a southpaw, I have A LOT of power in my left and its been suggested in the past I fight orthodox to really rock a power jab. I don't feel totally uncomfortable fighting right handed but would you know of any switch fighting specific techniques or exercises that would the transition be a bit smoother if I did decide to switch stances?

Lime Crewmate

Love the way you speak, explain and execute. World class coaching right here?? took me 15 seconds to subscribe.

movies HD 2.0

Please make video of boxing dit before and after boxing training


??Thanks a lot this is great! Could you do the same defense video for the double end bag?

Chris Hoagland

I spent alot of time in traditional martial arts and just recently have made the move to a mma training gym. These videos go right inline with what I'm learning now but there are only so many hours a week at class and here I can watch it over and break it down. Its helped a ton. Plus the video on wrapping that wrist injury has kept me training instead of sitting out.

Ayush Panwar

Nice video sir! Thankyou??

Bartosz K.

More footwork drils PLEASE.
Imho most important thing in boxing is footwork, how to quick, light, dynamic footwork !!!

Vargas 08

Mr. Jeffries, you are fast :) Wasn't obvious from the get-go to my untrained eyes, but if you look carefully, you can notice it


Nice and useful video as always. I really wanna see breakdowns of techniques from big stars (like Thomas Hearns, Lennox Lewis and others


Lmao. Its a dejavu feeling seeing your advert for fight n fit before this video

Luca Placidi

You’re number one Tony!!
I’m saving to buy your full course!!
Keep those video comimg!

Only death remains

Thank you for the tips. How can a boxer improve his stamina... Any exercises you can advice us with?

Founding Fodder

I'll be 51 in 2 weeks. I've been active in working out since I was a kid, but I have disc issues in my back, bad arthritis in my knees and a knee surgery for a torn tendon in my knee, which I recovered from. I'm not putting this out there as a sad story. My point is, I workout alone, but because of injuries that effect me physically, do you have workouts, that guys who are physically struggling a bit, can use where we cant jump around as much? I'll continue working out either way. Thanks.

Latu Hytongue

How to work on your reaction time for defense

Perrin Vandergugten

Where do you think you would be if you weren't forced to retire?

Tony Jeffries

Are you good with visualization?
Watch next: 3 Reason Why YOU are NOT GETTING BETTER at BOXING: https://youtu.be/bKm1TYRKTMs

Jai Doshi

can you make a vid on techniques and strategies when fighting shorter opponents

Kalous Academy Boxing

Really good one coach , differents visualiation. Always imagine that we are fighting someone and not only the bag

Lario Joubert

Best boxing education videos top! Top! Top! Notch Tony! Much love from cape town south africa✌?


No need to ask viewers to subscribe. I'm bloody certain that every boxing trainee will subscribe.
I reckon it's this is the best boxing educational channel.

Thanks Tony,
Cheers ????

Jamie Anderson

I know this sounds silly I really struggle with wearing a gumsheild. Have you any tips?

ShaqzzBTW '

Tony I know you probably have made how to turn your hips for a hook but if you can will really appreciate it. Love the vids keep it up.❤️


can u show a proper way to throw hooks?

paul jeffreys

Merry Christmas

Russel Dayondon

Southpaw vs orthodox ?? ??

TheSyrian Eyes

Your videos are outstanding because you put timestamps in your videos unlike other boxing channels

Keiron Andrews

This channel is great! Thank you, it adds so much to my training.


All time great advices!

dambei dambei

Hello Tony , I have watched most of your videos , very educational channel I recommend to everyone . Please make video and explain us for shoeshine technique , very beautiful example for it is - David Benavidez vs Porke Medina . Thanks for your videos , have a good Christmas !

Ebrima Jabbi

This is a great lecture


I just realized that's you holding pads for wilder in the intro! How were your shoulders feeling after that mitt sessions ?

Edit: by the way, merry christmas mate and a happy new year

Aaron B. Gunn

Can you make a video on tips for being more fleet footed and being more agile as a heavyweight

earthen 9721R

Thank you for this coach ????

Will Haddad

Tony.. can you do one on true proper jab technique and strategy.


Best boxing tutorials. Short and sweet. Effective and straight to the point.

Three Rounds On the Heavybag | Boxing Workout for Speed and Power

Three Rounds On the Heavybag | Boxing Workout for Speed and Power26 Jul. 2020
55 803

Three Rounds On the

Three Rounds On the Heavybag. Boxing Workout for Speed and Power. Tom Yankello of the World Class Boxing Channel is back this week with a new twist on his video where he teaches you how to increase boxing stamina . This video provides you with three rounds on the heavybag. This is a boxing workout for speed and power. Doing this drill will get you in great conditioning shape! Please note that this drill is for a more elite or advanced boxer or fighter. However, Tom provides you with alternatives throughout the drill so that you can work your way up to mastering this drill on the heavybag.

The drill is 3 rounds of boxing in length. Each round has you completing a different move every 15 seconds during a round. You will experience 15 seconds of active rest, followed by 15 seconds of High Intensity Interval Training where you are throwing power shots between 90-100% of your strength, followed by 15 seconds of active rest, and then 15 seconds of speed punches thrown at 90-100% speed. This is a great conditioning drill that will improve your boxing speed and power.

Time Stamps:

0:00 Introducing the Drill

4:00 Workout! 3 Rounds of Power & Speed Drill

Everything you need to know for defending and countering punches can be found on the World Class Boxing Channel. Please subscribe today as multiple videos are published each week for your learning pleasure. Your support is much appreciated!

World Class Instructional videos on every punch, including footwork, are now available! Become the best fighter you can be through these videos Videos are available for purchase on www.worldclassboxinggym.com. Tom Yankello is a true boxing professor. What he teaches in these videos is guaranteed to parry the jab off the orthodox fighter as you will learn and understand the boxing fundamentals for each and every punch along with footwork. There has never been a set of boxing instructional's created to date like these. They are the most thorough and educational videos ever made.

Please join our mailing list by sending an email to [email protected]

Please let me know what you think of the video by leaving a comment below. I'd appreciate your support by liking and sharing the video. Thanks.


Secret Moves in Boxing:


Creating openings and set ups for knock outs:


Vital Punching Targets:


Boxing Film Study:


Technique Builders:


Mike Tyson Shifts, Switches and Set Ups:


How To Defend And Counter A Left Hook:


How To Defend and Counter The Right Hand:


Tom Yankello's Padwork Drills:


Fight Like Lomachenko: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Jfv6d9JPAQ&list=PLHlMp5Wh9xpTKeIV0JY02CapMx5ZUqhAW

Find Coach Tom

Facebook http://bit.ly/tywcbgfb

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Please watch: "(409) How To Create An Opening Using The JAB | World Class Boxing Teaches YOU! "



Comments (100)

Boxing my favorite sport this drill strengthens your legs and shoulders. I need to get back in the gym.

George Albertella

Just done this 3 times in a row, it definitely works haha. Nice drill coach

Ike Hopman

That's water inside the bag right?

Amsqualls IlI

Good work


I did 8 rounds it was brutal but I powered through it I usually do 5 or 6

Elmer Pendejo66

What is this fighters name is he ranked?

Tcc slicky

This is exactly what i needed thank you

Skip741 x

Good form on the bag brother... nice to see footwork, headmovment and defense being show as well as good hands...too many guys make it all about the hands and are lax on the other aspects.

Chay Carrion Flores

Great video coach! Always showing great stuff

Fredas Fredas63.12

O my trainer!


Thank you Coach Tom and Danny! More heavy bag drills please.


Very cool and helpfull drill !!! thanks so much , gonna practice tomorrow for sure!!!


Very helpful, thanks so much. I am looking forward to seeing new vds.


Excellent stuff, Danny.

Saul Gamino

How do you defend from a check hook

Nabeel Adams

How much attention should you pay to technique. I'm not asking if we can throw all technique away. But is it with perfect technique?

Mister GaNgStEr

Kamroq gapir naxxuy

Thomas Bülund

Very good video, he has very fast hands, and he hits very hard ?

David coocoo

Hey coach, think your channel is the best out there, luv seeing this boxer develop more each day. Could u recommend a good value, heavy bag pair of gloves. Use about 3 times a week, any help would be great. Thanks


That heavy bag ain’t that heavy


Coach, Danny doesn't pivot his foot much while throwing power shots. Is that his style or do you recommend that..

Yuri Borg

Dear coach, you have made a lot of really good videos on Mike Tyson but you have not compiled them in your playlist section, please do that we would really appreciate it, thank you

Veon Gan

downloaded this and listen to it as timer while practicing on my own punching bag.

Mariam Goldstone

awesome! Thank you for this vid and efforts!!!

Adriano Gentili

Bellissimo!!saluti Da Roma

Prabh Sidhu

great sir thank you

Carlos Flores

Good stuff

Armando Sanchez Burgos

Damn i almost passed out from watching this.....

Mint Mastering

Did this today. It sucked. I'm sore af right now. Recommend it haha

Robert Fuentes

Nice workout with the heavy bag. I’m gonna start doing this.


I do two minute rounds with one minute rest intervals for twenty rounds. I am going to try this tomorrow and I already know it is going to test my will and stamina


I do a drill
Similar to this but I didn’t have the 50% power portion . I will be torturing the lads with this one . Thanks coach

Rajsingh rawat


Victor Mendoza

Great work! I loved doing it! I'm sweating like hell!

James Wilson

I use this video also for the timer. I stop more than Danny. Your a beast bro.... I should say, I cant keep up with his work rate good job to you as well coach !!

Convicted not Convinced

I've noticed in the past that drills that alternate between speed and power get tiring really quickly. I'd like to say I can't wait to try this, but that looks tough.


I didn't know I was missing the video-idea so much

L k

I'm stealing this. Thx coach

Thomas Clay

yo coach i had a mentor that taught us like you do with danny, he was a great teachetr n the sport with us concrete jungle out of philly, great man too he will be missed rip nazim Richardson

Beeble Brox

This was a great demonstration and explanation. You take time to include meaningful details (like not sacrificing form for speed). Thank you.

Avural Vutali

Nice! Will be doing this in a few minutes. Thank you so much, coach!

Melvin Britton

Hey Danny I have those gloves too! That neoprene thumb part for wiping sweat away is clutch??

Daniel Aragao

Master Tom yankello thanks once more for great content always good to see knowleadgeable things


does it have the same effect if i shadowbox it because i have no bag?


Fantastic video! I would love to see a floor ceiling bag (double end bag) drill! I've been trained by so many different schools of thought over the years on everything from the approach and range to cord tension and height level. Currently, i have it around mid-high chest height so is at eye level when I'm in fighting stance. I've done all sorts of things over the years like have it at standing eye level and punch it while not in a fighting stance almost using it like a speed bag (didn't like that). I've always held this bag in high regard because it's been crucial for me to develope combinations, proper footing on punches (I'll miss otherwise) and keeps me defensively responsible during a drill.

Mauriciomartinez Martinez

Good workout i gonna start doining it thanks!

Tony Lopez

hey coach thats an awesome video,i know i will hate it but i will love it.i have a request.Could you teach us counter combinations out of the philly shell,i am pretty sure a lot of us would love that type of knowledge.Greetings from Indiana PA.

don juan

STOP using the Brad Pitt wanna Be Pretty boy..........This looks totally gay with t his shirt off......Too Distracting!!

Brian Pearis

Man this is great! Thank you

Christafer Duran

That boy is gangster!!! Thanks coach!

Jass Diaz

Thanks for this drill coatch
Salutations and good performance to your boxer!
Great vid! Thanks!

F Horse

??? #Yes!! Thank you Coach @tomyankelloboxing Drills on the bag to build up speed & power. Excellent bag work Danny ??? #speedshots #50% #powershots / conditioning drills #solodrills #worldclassboxing ——>>FH

Tommy Brown

Beautiful work!


I did this workout yes it was intense and a good warm up to start off the workout it’s definitely only for boxer who are considered elite I can’t see a beginner even doing half of this

Steve Watkins

Killer drill for getting in shape. Interesting to see an ad for Twizzlers just before he gets started LOL


Nice! For his size though should be faster on explosions. Power is good though. :) and def more dancing movement on relaxation.

Wissam Naser


Ray Furinkazan

Woot! Yes! We also do something similar. We separate some rounds with punching only and add the kicks in the later rounds. We do this with regards to pace incorporating and translating my athlete's gains from 100m uphill sprints. And then volume punching in the sport of Kickboxing and MMA. But thank you as it helps confirm that we are on the right track.

Osmium Fist

I only have a bag to work out with so loved this! I need structure rather than just hitting the bag without any real goal. This type of work out is also cutting edge with science showing these short bursts of high intensity are more beneficial and burn off the weight far better than slower, less intense workouts. I hope you do more of these. Thanks so much Tom and Danny.

Andres F

His 50% speed is my 25%. I compared this training video to my own based on the formula you gave and I was killing myself. For what? Was trying to prove even on sleep deprivation that I am great and I gassed myself by rd 2. I need to calm myself down. I've never sparred or been in a fight yet but I've seen great boxers like Shawn Porter lose to Spence because they feel they have something to prove and they gas out from trying to hard as I did. I wanna put up my own video doing this interval training once I've learned to maintain my energy. Thanks for the lessons!

Mark May

Great endurance - not for the faint hearted. Hey Tom, is that an Aqua bag in the shape of a heavy bag?

Steve Y

Danny looks a bit tired today ? still holds excellent balance and those power hooks are deadly ?

Andrew Crepea

Nice drill! I'm only doing 2 minute rounds though. That looks brutal.

yat ho Chan

Thanks for the video and coaching, since I always wonder why the boxers hit the bag with 50% (or less) power and then suddenly go for power shot in training, now I understand that's the active rest. Will definitely apply this in my training!
By the way, special thanks to Danny's demonstration, he's my role model! ?

Ricky Cooper

Damnaaaaam, I would hate, and I mean hate, to have to fight that young dude. Damnaaaaam!

Hùng Kiệt

Great boxing excercise!


skin so buttery smooth on the top...but so wild on the bottom.

Diego Taborda

Excellent job, very helpful, one of the best ways to get good condition in box, thanks.

zeke dawgg

Roy brought me here

Martial Lee - Vegan Roundhouse Kicks

Love it, can't go wrong with intervals!


Really great training but the guy need a little more body movement during the breaks he was not beating.

salvatore salvo

Nice workout!!!?

Jim T

Really brilliant workout Danny keep it up, I'll be looking out for you in the future and thanks Tom for the training motivation.

zinzin alchimo

waaaow i was looking badly for a workout on heavybag from you Coach THANK YOU SO MUCH


your m8 yawning at the beginning

Nenad ИС XC Shuput

This is legit

Dave Stock

Even at 68 years old, I found this workout, with a few modifications, to be a piece of cake. #1. 10 sec. warmup. #2 5 min. Rest #3. 5 sec. full speed. #4. 20 min. Six pack of beer (lite of course) to repeat workout; next week.


Like these type of training drills videos. Can you help show some training drills specifically on free standing bags?

A. L. Edwards

Great shape he's in, Keep it up!

19to100 whitedud

Good boxing

Dheeraj Joshi

thanks you sir??

Uncle John


Brice Folly

Roy Jones got me here

Kibira Njoroge

This is a sick drill.

Bogdan s

those some crisp hooks

Archangel Azrael

bout time i run into something like this

kilLluminati KO

Tried this while watching and this is fakkkin brutal great work lad. Coach I want to know how often would you do this and can you make a video around a weekly routine with circuits or plans that could be executed such as this. Using only a bag and mayb bodyweight exercises

flying power

Love watching this guy boxing has such a gentle and compact yet explosive boxing style it’s just so satisfying to watch much love and keep it up ????


If those are 16oz his hands aren't that fast for his size. I have sparred national champs at 147lbs. Couldn't see those hands. It was like wind blowing through.

yakine fort

7:07 daughter interrupt the video lol!

henry ruczynski

Thanks but at 64 years of age, I think I'll pass on this one

Nikola Savić

Coach Y. I am glad that you listened to my advice, that you need to make a video about the condition and stamina in the fight. Keep up videos about it. ???

laraib anwar

Can u make a video on how to improve cardio for 12 rounds of boxing

Алексей Бондаренко

Good work, Tom

larry rodriquez jr


Robert Fuentes

This made me want to start training again. Please put more heavy bag workouts. Awesome!!

Prashanth M

From india ?????

I am Jungle

Do you not have any fighters besides Danny? ??? "I got Danny here to demonstrate..." Every episode


How many days a week should I do this exercise?

I'm sorry, I don't speak English and I understand when they speak

Mad For it Boxing