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Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing5 Apr. 2015
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An SFG Kettlebell

An SFG Kettlebell Instructor candidate performs a 2-hand kettlebell swing for correction/critique...

Standards to look for:

1. The back is neutral. The neck is slightly extended or neutral on the bottom of the swing.

2. The heels, toes, and the balls of the feet are planted and the knees track the toes.

3. The shoulders are packed.

4. The kettlebell handle passes above the knees during the backswing.

5. The arms are straight in the bottom position.

6. There is no forward knee movement (increasing ankle dorsiflexion) on the upswing.

7. The body forms a straight line on the top of the swing: the hips and knees extend fully, the spine is neutral.

8. The kettlebell forms an extension of the straight arm(s) at the top of the swing. A slight elbow bend is acceptable.

9. The biomechanical breathing match.

10. The abs and glutes visibly contract at the top of the swing.

11. The kettlebell floats momentarily on the top of the swing.

More information about the SFG Certification: http://www.strongfirst.com/faqs/sfg-kettlebell-instructor-certification/

Learn how to swing properly at a day-long SFG Course: http://www.strongfirst.com/sfg-kettlebell-course/

Comments (21)
Diogenes' Lantern

COMRADE intensifies!

Hervin Balfour

His technique was so perfect I can see exactly what I need to do to improve my technique on this exercise. Great video!

Luis Duarte

I'm trying to do this work out the right way I've watched a few videos and have tried but not sure how to do quite right


I could do pistol squats, stair sprints, sumo holds and lateral lunges. But this exercise and leg extensions fuck my knees it makes no sense

Tony 1Reach1

This is how I dry my nuts...


What? No lengthy speach?

Yirga Cheffe

Perfect technique!


This seems a bit different from how Pavel himself used to demonstrate the swing in his old videos. He used to say that the swing should somehow imitate the movement of a standing vertical jump, but what this guy is doing does not show any resemblance to a jump. I'm not saying this or that is wrong, what do I know, I just would like to understand what is the difference between these approaches and why.


So whats the difference between this technique and those who almost have stiffed legs during the drop/launch?

Mr Appleidnmv

This is not the perfect swing. I read KB simple & sinister (Pavel - The guy who is standing and crossing his arms in this video). The majority of force generated to swing and bring the KB to higher position is from HIP. In this video, I just saw he puts too much on his back and ams.

Coach Kirk

Hello, i would like to take the two day course in April at your Chicago stop.I would also like to train before it...how much does the kettle bell have to be for that part


So what's the critique? Could he have done anything better? Or is this an example of a perfect swing?

Mike and Mom

I like that your video is under 30 seconds. It's all I needed. Thanks!!


what does kettlebell swing do ? build muscle ?

Jonathon Harbeck

I’ve been doing it wrong, trying to correct when I get to the top. I tend to lean back

George Hunt

Only Us Americans make things longer than necessary


I appreciate the brevity. Most such videos go on forever before they get to the point.

real demigod

This is not a perfect swing, his body is not completely vertical. What benefit you would get if you try to balance the pulling force with slanting your body away? There are other strongfirst swings which are better than this and there can't be several variations if there is only one way to do something, that is why it is called a technique not a style.

Good Luck

fuck finally someone doing it right

Ian Clark

great video. Short and to the point. Thanks !

Jahn Warner Media

I've seen them teach bringing the kettlebell all the way over to the top of the head..I thought this was very dangerous..any thought?

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing10 Dec. 2012
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Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing

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The Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell Swing11 Aug. 2016
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A proper kettlebell swing

A proper kettlebell swing is not a slow front raise combined with a squat. It's an explosive movement involving a hip hinge. At the bottom of the movement, the shins are near vertical, the spine is long, and the shoulders are set down and back. At the top, hips and knees extend and you're standing upright. As for the movement in action, the kettlebell swing is decidedly simple: explode from bottom position to top position.

Comments (6)

Fantastic !

Yirga Cheffe

Excellent technique ?‍♀️?‍♂️

Frank Colletti

you are beautiful my dear and have a beautiful swing!!!

Ray Rivera

nice form but look up I'd get dizzy like that.

bud ekins

Thumbs up for good form - useful to see this!


Perfect, great ass btw!