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Kinesiology Tape for Tricep Strain

Kinesiology Tape for Tricep Strain26 Jul. 2016
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Welcome to Meglio

Welcome to Meglio TV

Follow our quick and simple video guide to learn how to apply Kinesiology Tape to help with tricep pain. Using just one piece of tape and applying a 25% stretch you can help to relieve your muscle tension. Tricep pain can manifest as pain in the tricep itself or as pain just above the elbow on the back of the arm. Our Kinesiology Tape is Latex free and will stay put for four or five days.


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Leanne Chen

can I put the tape on for 24 hours ?


I have a question... my son has low tone cerebral palsy but he does have control of his arm but i want to encourage him to extend his arm. His PT has used it to help supinate his arm upward. Now he has improved drastically, I now want to help him practice keeping his arm extended by using the rock tape. Can you help me with this?

Super Pulseadas Armwrestling !

I have a question .... i was doing tricep pushdowns with resistance bands and i felt a burning/cramping/burst sensation in my right triceps while i was extending my arm (using the tricep) in the concentric phase .Now since that event , i cant do more than 1 or 2 dips (bench or in paralels) because my right triceps falls first , and that burning/cramp/tear sensation comes back .the good new is that i dont have hematomas or pain trpugh the day , but if i have to push something heavy i have to be careful eoth my right arm , any help i would apreciate it very much , if you know wath i could have :) regards


Hi is this suitable for tricep tendonitis (just above the elbow) pain?

Rahul Sharma

Sir after applying the tape the atheletic can play ? I mean he can do movements of triceps ?

Kinesiology Taping the Shoulder and Upper Arm with PerformTex Tape

Kinesiology Taping the Shoulder and Upper Arm with PerformTex Tape16 Jan. 2013
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From http://www.theratape.com/performtex-tape.html. Kinesiology taping instructions for shoulder and upper arm pain using PerformTex kinesiology tape. Buy PerformTex Tape at http://www.theratape.com.

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Acti-Tape - Upper Arm - Biceps

Acti-Tape - Upper Arm - Biceps28 Dec. 2011
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Acti-Tape -

Acti-Tape - www.acti-tape.com

The most advanced Elastic Therapeutic Sports Tape

Acti-Tape may help you with:

- Alleviation of pain

- Relaxing overused and overextended muscles

- Repositioning of joints

- Reducing edema, inflammation and discomfort

- Supporting rehabilitation from muscular injuries

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