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Herschel Walker Body Weight Workout

Herschel Walker Body Weight Workout4 May. 2012
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Herschel Walker was a

Herschel Walker was a fantastic running back who played for 12 years in the NFL and made the ProBowl twice. While an ill-fated trade (for the Vikings) put a dent in the potential of what Walker might have been able to accomplish, he remains famous for his absolutely legendary workout regimen. The Herschel Walker workout regimen is what kept him in shape even into his mid to late thirties, and remains well known as a shining example of dedication and how natural exercises even without weight lifting could give him an incredible bodybuilder's physique.




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Colin Curtis

"that can work you out" LOL ... understatement of the year. Amazing guy.


Herschel has admitted having multiple personalities..this is delusional Herschel..truthful Herschel did 300 pushups and sit-ups in highschool..This according to a book and Playboy magazine article in the early 80s.

Abe Haile

Dude has massive legs but I never hear him talk about his lower body regimen


Such an inspiration!


Body weight exercises can only get you so far, dude has amazing genetics and to me was the greatest RB in NCAA history.

Joseph Bentley

1500 pullups is insane!!

Si mon

Herschel is a vegetarian and only eats one meal a day, has been doing that since his college days.

Wilson Hamza Fisk

Wow he was only 19 here.

Sean Dafny


Tunjiii Craig

The man said he was too poor for access to weights and y'all call him a lie. Lazy asses

Ferencz Gabriel

Elated I came across this vid. Fall in love with You tube for this kind of stuff. My nephew used to be bullied. He explained he was going to grow muscle mass. I didn't believe him. Until he gained 40lbs of genuine muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible - Google it. He doesn't get bullied nowadays. I personally signed up earlier this week. See what will happen. Plus the guys emails are great!!!

Kenny Flonnoy

U doint have to have equipment to get in shape

North Pond

Sorry guys but you don't look that jacked and shredded in your 50's without steroids. It is an absolute fact that he takes peds as well. Testosterone is nowhere near high enough levels to look even close to that at his age.

Wilson Hamza Fisk

"That can work you out"

Herschel was naturally gifted, most people would never be able to look like him by just doing push ups and pull ups alone. So no, it can't work you out unless you have genetics like him.

majorrwerkcartel - 404 The Ghost Mob

Herschel Walker rap song ⬇️ ⬇️???

Bill Bates

mid to late 30's? he's still doing it today at 58! change your description lol , this man is freak of nature. He said he is in BETTER SHAPE now than he was in his 20's, look it up here on youtube. A few years ago he said " I want to be the george foreman of the nfl"...............and he put it out there that he could still play football in his 50;s and I believe him.

I DID 1500 PUSHUPS! (Road to Redemption: Herschel Walker Challenge)

I DID 1500 PUSHUPS! (Road to Redemption: Herschel Walker Challenge)6 Dec. 2020

What's up

What's up guys?!

The Herschel Walker Challenge is a challenge with an INSANE volume of pushups, sit-ups, chin-ups, and other exercises. After failing the challenge earlier this year, I have decided to begin training to try and take it on again in January. In this video we addressed the pushup portion. Stay tuned for future videos where I will take on the other parts!

HW Challenge REMATCH!: https://youtu.be/r211-x7iBWI

Original HW Challenge video: https://youtu.be/r211-x7iBWI

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshmasseyfitness32/

Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/54976829

Source: https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/the-herschel-walker-workout/

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Paul Oliver Reyes

This is what we have been waiting for!

Shootin' with Uncle Dan

I admire Herschel Walker and Bo Jackson more than any athletes. That being said, I have come to the conclusion that Herschel probably exaggerates the amount he does. For example, you hear these crazy numbers he throws around but, he don't go into lots of detail. Has he ever done over a thousand pushups, pullups, setups, etc....in a day? Probably but, my guess is not on a daily basis. Just the pure math. He claims to have done this and still did his football workouts or practice. My guess is if you take a zero off the end of what he claims that would be more like reality. Last Monday for my workout I only did pullups. I did 10 sets of strict neutral grip pullups. Total count 156. Now, it would have probably been more beneficial if I only did half as many. So, could I have done 10 times as many in a day? Maybe but, it would have dang sure been hard to recover from and no way could I have done it the next day. I still admire the man but, I think he has stretched the truth to the breaking point!

Fred Hassen

How long were you waiting between sets?

alfredo rubio

Of course who doesn't do 1500 push ups like this. Not even halfway. I had to put the video on slow motion. Hehe


Where is the full HW workout for 2021? I can’t wait to see it.

Herschel Walker's Fitness Challenge for Kids Intro

Herschel Walker's Fitness Challenge for Kids Intro30 Jan. 2010
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R Gordy

And what is that claim based on? And your boy was probably shooting shit up his ass as well.

Babar Khan Javed

I like the message, hate the execution

A. Bullen

those days were so innocent, naive and pure..

Akash Bose

I love it


You can clearly tell that this was either in the late 80's or early '90's.

The Universe

@yootubeisforfags all kinds of beans,- including soybeans,- quinoa, lentils, calabassa, oatmeal, soymilk, whole wheat bread, nuts- such as: almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc, greens such as spinach, broccoli, etc, many fruits, including tomatoes....etc. ...I could go and on and on... ∞. No, I am NOT a vegan, but I hardly consume red meats- maybe one pound per/month or less, and NOT in one setting. Chicken and fish 2 times more than meat per month. ☼♥☼


He looks so uncomfortable working out

Kyle Whitley



Me: that was terrible ?
Herschel walks in
Me: terribly good ?

Adam Turner

1980 Olympic sprinter. Couldn't go because of Carter administration bycott... heismen trophy winner, black belt decorates martial artist with MMA professional wins,good NFL career, successful businessmen, and o yea Olympic bobsledder.

Travis Tarlton

Upload the whole movie please?

Playa-Made- 512

My mom bought me this tape when I was younger lol. I wish I woulda watched it more because it really was a good workout for kids who want to be competitive


I wasnt Born in the 80s but I remember early 90s stuff like this hahahaha so nostalgic . I LOVE IT


I have to say, I do not mind watching this guy exercise.

R Gordy

No it's very genetic. There are very few people who can do what he can do regardless of the type of training they do. He just hadn't trained yet.

Luke W

@Mytubezbigger well, he _says_ that he only eats once a day, just soup and salad. So if you _believe_ that, then he's a vegetarian. He says that he "doesn't worry about things like protein". So apparently his body defies science. _if you believe that_... then yeah.


2:54 move it like bernie



Erick P

Laughing my fucking ass off

Chris Ambrose

Hey man check out my Channel for fitness challenge take on my challenge and post a video of you doing it!

Luke W

What? You misread my post. He claims to not eat anything other than soup or salad. That he "doesn't worry about protein". Apparently his body can maintain 200+ pounds of solid muscle during hard workouts without protein. That's amazing, huh? Pretty amazing. Either that or total bullshit..... You be the judge

Playa-Made- 512

My mom bought me this VHS when I was like 5, i miss the 90s

Timothy Le

he would kill lil wayne


Stfu people he does 1000 sit ups today and fights in the mms and is 48. He went to college, won a national title, then went to the pros. I think he's accomplished more than you


@seattlehawkins Booooo


@firepanther7777 What? Herschel Walker is a vegetarian? Really?......Are you serious? Where did you find that information? I wonder how he could be a vegetarian, if he owns a chicken distributing company? He must have tasted his product? I need to know......because this man is so inspirational not to mention.......hes a beast!

Steve Luis

"i work out hard and i always will" ... that's an understatement



The Universe

@yootubeisforfags Look at the results: Hershel Walker, and healthy Asian people usually live a long healthy lives due to to consuming the foods I mentioned. Let me ask you blunt question: do you believe that cannabis is good or bad for human applications? ☼

Mitchell Wilson

Wtf is this shit ???

Brandon mooore


Conner Monier

This time I'll use Unflexal workouts guide to learn about it more.

Clean Music Lover

He doesn't eat red meat.

Matthew Sisk

Herschel felt that lifting weights gave a more cosmetic look to the muscles, however, doing bodyweight exercises was superior as far as functional strength for football and MMA goes.


ULTIMATE MOTIVATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's funny because these are the workouts that he actually did hahah!!

Clean Music Lover

He eats chicken!


this rocks harder then Herschel's abs

Dino Bonnano

Herschel Walker and Chuck Norris are probably the only two men that can wear leggings and not have that take away from their toughness.


Ya gotta love the 80's !!

Dung Nguyen

dude was a beast probably one of the hardest worker in the NFL. 10,000 sits up and 10,000 pushups every day INSANE.

Phil RU

1:39 little white boy near large black man dick... Yikes


My bad I meant mma

~Nimble Navigator~

So corny, yet....I thumbs it up??? Something evil about this vid.

Freeman Moore

yes they were


Herschel Walker seriously was a beast though.


ah i really wanted to slap him lol

Matthew Sisk

He's always trained like a boxer.

Hector Hazzoose


Nathan Black

Why the hell am I watching this ?


this guys a fat joke, im in much better shape than him

Greg Price

im so deaaaadddd , this was too funny .. made my day

Adam Brown

he was fat and out of shape in 7th grade, he did 5000 pushups and situps, and ran about 500 40 yard dashes in one day, thats not genetic, he worked for that.


@JacksonXxXWaWa thanks

Marijana Marjanovic

Have you tried "H6x Muscle Monster?" (Google it) It is a quick way for you to bulk up fast.


I was like 7-11 yrs when this video was introduced.
Herschel had on the LA lakers James Worthy/Magic Johnson 1970 shorts on.
I bet everyone of those kids are sickly and fat today probably.

R Gordy

There is a much greater variation in metabolic rate than 200 calories from person to person. And basal metabol rate is absolutely genetic. Your height, weight, efficiency in breaking down nutrients are all taken into account. And I was referring to H. Walker.

Jacek Skupiewski

@kingdaleclarke heeheheheheh nice joke

Christopher Migliore

Dudes not even human. He eats one meal a day. That meal is soup and salad.....

The Universe

@yootubeisforfags ...and neither do I. ☼

bigbg 7

Hershel Walker, Bo Jackson & Deion Sanders are rare human beings


Hey Kids Jus do alot Pushups and Situps and drink plenty of juice everyday and you'll be strong :) even tho its cheesy I took this to heart as a kid and have been doin pushups and situps everyday ahahaha