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UFC's Michelle Waterson Weighs In On Breast Implant Rules | TMZ Sports

UFC's Michelle Waterson Weighs In On Breast Implant Rules | TMZ Sports11 Apr. 2017
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UFC strawweight Michelle

UFC strawweight Michelle Waterson -- aka the Karate Hottie -- doesn't like that fellow UFC fighter Pearl Gonzalez had to jump through hoops to get cleared to fight with breast implants ... and says all women with fake boobs should be allowed to fight.

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UFC's Michelle Waterson Weighs In On Breast Implant Rules | TMZ Sports


Comments (47)
On 2Wheels

A example of a TMZ employee hired from the BOTTOM 10% of a college/university's sports journalism grad (barely graduated, that is).

Jaiden J

Advantage or disadvantage? What a fucking dumb ass interviewer

Damn Son

I was hoping she would say that there is a video online where she had to wrestle her way out of huge breasts

Kenny McCormick

Thug Rose with W since she has a nice taper fade


I was wondering about this too ... Like they could rupture , right?


This guy is really creepy and so is Comandante Perro


zero advantage, but helps them make more money without a doubt, they're basically replacing a pound or two of muscle and a little coordination and stamina for better looks, the amount is small but there

Chandler Shakespeare

Lol'd at I've never been submitted by a breast implant

javymont tijo

All I remember is when Thug life kicked her in the face!! She lost the fight..but she gets more publicity.Weird huh??


I was once submitted by a breast implant. Best day of my life.

Dear wolves

That girl but just did the impression gave me Faith in humanity

Gail Willis

Fake breasts are really to serve a purpose. Maybe the boobs are uneven. Maybe a girl had cancer. But to improve looks? Girls do't realise that all breasts, regardless of size and shape are beautiful. All breasts. All girl breasts, to clarify...


I think people are not asking the question correctly...what happens if the implant bursts from a hard strike? Isn't that a safety issue?

charles pitter

love her,her husband is a lucky man


God she fucking sexy bro , that imitation was sexy as fuck to " sucky sucky long time"

always never

What a creepy interviewer. Michelle should head kick that creep



Patrick Stewart

0:41 ??

David James

You can fit an eggplant in her mouth.

PhiL 5

So so cute

Patrick Eatmon

I've been sumitted by breast, but I really like being summited that way.


Beautiful girl wow

Pizza Dude

TMZ is a cancer asking moronic questions

Jarek Chlebicki


Hiromi Me

god damn she's a dime piece

j fearless

I love michelle waterson. Shes so beautiful and talented.

your mom

Bottom line is an apple is an apple a tit is a tit there both good for your health

KingsNation Baby

Haha Michelle is hilarious and a badass!?


extra padding? jesus TMZ you guys are such quacks




Her mom is Buk Lau? ?

Insane Native

Spit on me baby

Comandante Perro

Beautiful Smile She Real Pretty




What if it explodes in match


? tht sounds like my ex gf mom lol


Imagine so dumbass slapping her butt


She is hot

William Brown

? what a lady.

Oloruntola Deed

WHEN U HIT IT.. IT DOESNT FEEL DIFFERENT? she is not a lesbian

Raymond Perez

super chill person



All The Rage George Page

Submission Via Tittie Choke

LION KING! 739422

Cool ass chick

Blair O'Neill

Whats with the questions TMZ asks?

Happy Dude 420

Damn i love her

Carl Vickers

Have you ever watches the LFL Ladies Lingere Football League... They play hard and most of those ladies have implants....

Holly Holm everytime tha beat drop

Holly Holm everytime tha beat drop13 Dec. 2020
5 678
MMA MaestroSubscribe 438 721

Holly Holm posted this

Holly Holm posted this video on her TikTok.






Holly Holm

Jon Jones

Comments (19)

She sucks

Bandit Kitty

Cannot wait to see you fight again




Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Night Bandit

I wanna say something dumb but I’m afraid of her human body .


Please stop it Holly ?

Dshawn Marshall



man that abs


I love her

hector morales

this girl never learned to dance?

Ken Kizz

? U GO GIRL ☝??????

James massone

Dances like my mother

Echoe Won Foxtrot76

Ah Yeah!

undertakerz fanz

Her body is banging

night Crawler

Preachers Daughter.. Damn! That girls firing

Kevin Mast

Gd it I think I love her.

Sean John

Holly you go girl, such an amazing person, nice to see you're having fun.

Thinblueline 21093

Damn Holly is the whole package. Down to earth, humble and has a good sense of humor but also a total babe that can whoop your ass. Or smash you, as Khabib would say.

lilz97 xoxo

Get it Holly!! ??????

Level Up with Holly Holm & Michelle Waterson

Level Up with Holly Holm & Michelle Waterson1 Feb. 2019
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These MMA Girls can

These MMA Girls can Dance

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