How to make arms thinner

Get Thin Arms in Only 5 Minutes | NewBeauty Body

Get Thin Arms in Only 5 Minutes | NewBeauty Body2 Apr. 2015
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Got five minutes? Well,

Got five minutes? Well, then we have the workout for you. This killer arms routine will slim and tone your arms in the comfort of your own home. Follow along as CrunchLive.com fitness instructor Deborah Sweets takes host Anna through a multitude of arm exercises. Each move has been created to work together to slim your arms. Do this exact routine three to five times a week and see a noticeable difference in your arms in just a couple of weeks.

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Comments (100)
Peyton OBrien

im gonna do this everyday for a month and update here every day

Senpapi jr

Recommended reps?


I weight 47 killograms. So I was the kind of person very short, thin, but yet "fat skyinny" if you know what i mean. I had an epidosde in 2014 where i did cardio, but i didnt't keep up with the practise, so i was always shamed to wear sleveless tops. One week ago I tried this, what could go wrong? After hearing that weights make you fuller i was a bit scared. day, but i did't have weights, I am poor, ok? Just a student on budget. So I tried this .
The first 2 days I did this once a ith 2L bottels of water. The third day i stopped because i was busy and something came up. Then 2 days ago i started again, and i did it yestarday. In total 4 weeks of training but with 2 days of pause between them. Today I was looking in the mirror and my fat from arms dissapered, not completely, but my arms are slimmer. And I also saw that my armprints fat- if u know what i mean, dissapered completely. I was just wow.. I will be doing this for maybe 1 week but i will add other exercises. When I fist began doing this i was a bit skeptical, but now I'm living the results. i didn't gain too much muscle, which is my final goal, but i am pleased I got rid of the fat.

Duha S

Is this 5 min enough for this exercise or it’s just for the sake of the video and I should do more of them?


oh fvck this is so fvcking hard fvck no


eating mc.donalds rn


I'm hungry

Shanthini Mpr

thank u so much new beauty. very useful

Arpita Mishra

Does pushups also make muscle in arms

Shama Gupta


Celia Thomas

I gained almost 10kg this summer and i'm trying to force myself into getting back in shape lately. It's soo hard for me because I'm not the discipline type, because I've been skinny all my life so I never really worried about gaining weight, but lately I'm super insecure about my weight and I've been gaining too much weight this summer.


"Yass very nice"

Ritika bharti

In My under arm very fat plz give me some advice

Noora Mehdi

I have thinner arms than hers , yet I want them to be far more thinner

Nba real,

How long would this take will it work

Youssef Aly

Noobs! To get thin arms, you need to start an excess of cardio. All of this crap will take you a couple of months

Giovanna Suarez

Will this really work and give you slime arms?
Please reply !!!

Tanya Jackman

I'm feeling it by just watching you. lol. Will definitely try for sure.


My arms make my body look big and I hate it

RG 64

1:46 when I tried this, I fell to the ground and knocked my chin.. oops


Can i try this twice after i do this first try?

bAnGtAn 21bOyS

I want thin arms but too lazy to do this...??

Sunniva Hobberstad

did this work for you guys? ;/

Kang Seulgom

Thin arms? But the coach has bulky arms. I am losing my hope. I just want a thin and slim arms

Brenda B

Look in the mirror..thats your competition everyday...MOTIVATION BABY!

Coach Mohamed Khalid

Best Training Shoulder From best Girls
#Shoulders #FitGirl #Workout #Fitness #Bodybuilding #Gym #GymTime

GetPaidWith Kandraya

Found this channel off of google. I'm going to start doing this 3x's a week along with the hcg diet I'm on. I'll keep you posted if I notice a change. Thanks for this. God bless!

Imelda Lolesio

I just did this on my bed cause I'm too lazy to go do it anywhere else.

RG 64

How long should I do this to see results?

Queens Vlog

The heck?! I can’t do it?

RT Tango

I'm watching this on my bed, eating chocolate and drink coca-cola..

Charity Zulu

l like this

not even emo like wtf

at first i was like
then i actually tried


eXtreme Official

Βlessings! !

mya wu

I’ve tried these and they work but let me just say this:
If you are still growing (e.g you haven’t stopped getting taller) DO NOT USE WEIGHTS.
They will push you down and slow down your growth.

Preet Kalyan

my arms skinny,,, I want gain arms weight

kang mamay videos

how to lose fats in the arms with out muscles


Thanks ma'am this video was great help


I don't got five minutes imma go eat lasagna.

Varshita Das

If i leave doing exercise to slim my arms then will my arms be again fat more than it was .

Miya Rosie

People are like “I don’t want muscle” but y’all aren’t realizing muscles is the one thing that help get those skinny arms of course you won’t buck if that’s what you’re scared


Girls have it easy


Yes my my arms my insecurity I feel like they are to muscular for my skinny body and I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t want that plus my veins pop out. I want thin arms HELP


What's wrong with having fat arms?

Gareth Stone

Easiest ,fastest and cheapest way to get slim arms is to go jogging,all runners got skinny wings ?


Gosh, I can't do the second and third at all, so I'm just excluding them than falling face first on my mat and just doubling the others. Hope it works out without them too.


Tried tricep dips...I fell immediately

Hend S

Does this help me get skinnier arms??

S. R


Just about Kpop

eating chocolate..

Sally Lemon

I lost arm fats simply by kickboxing but problem is I gained bulky look muscles on my shoulders and arms (duded up) especially with my neck pretty much shorter in average and my shoulders are naturally broad, the after results doesn't work well that part. I rested from boxing for months and lost those bulky look, I felt better in feminine aesthetics even though I did gain fat weights on the rest of the parts. I wanna do boxing again it's what I love but till now I hold back in doubt, aware of gaining dude biceps look although I admit everything below the shoulder gone fantastic through kickboxing from firmer chest, curvier, flatter tummy as well smaller legs. Are there any ways I can customize the routines (lessen or increase) to still be able to do kickboxing/muaythai etc. without needing to gain big arms & shoulders?

Nashwa Ahmed

Great Bravo ?????????

Emily Rose

does this really work?


0:50 Deborah is looking like Gigi Hadid ???❤❤

Queen Of Ice

I’ll try it and make sure to tell u the results.

Alfa Iqra

8. anyone?


My friends bully me about my fat arms and wrists like this comment and every like makes me stop getting bullied ;(

Tiffan Yyy

I just came here because of quarantine and dont know what to with my bat wings :-P

Joanne Mamo

Doing this every day will keep you updated!

Nadia Rivera


"I'm laying in bed eating while watching this "

"I'm dying "

"How long until you see results? "

"I don't want muscle tho "

Oh and the best ones

Noham Negussie

Me: this looks easy
Person: starts to do push ups
Me: oH HeLL NOoOoOoooO

mer tab

her voice is so smooth and motivating


When you're in diet and your mom bought some chocolates??

Whitney Bessine

Currently did this for two days, first day was great! Second I feel like I just carried John cena for twenty minutes


Thanks maan this video was a grat help

Lucyb Davies

I do this every day, I started about 6 months ago, still didn't lose anything and don't eat oily foods though...

Bryana Stamegna

how many times do I need to do this .

Huda Jazuly

Idk why im watching this while im sitting here eating pasta

Kelechi Grant

I'm starting today

Mia Ireland

1 like= 1 push up

Suryakant Sahay

its really working am doing this exercise daily and my hands become slim


She's like "yassss..."


Just one problem. When it's that time of the month and there's chocolate cake in the fridge, all bets are off!!!

jasmin Mndz

dude, I died lifting myself up. I can't. all I can do is to inhale and exhale.

Salma Adel

If I do this exercise for month I will have thin arms

Everything Easier

Doesn't work

Rayeesa Fatima

Dude! How da hell do u do a push up my body hurts trying to do it!!?!??!


I'm 14 and my arms are so fucking fat.


wow i got here bcos it’s the first day of school tomorrow and i just tried to fit my uniform tonight (we have school uniform) and my polo is super tight within my arms

so yeah im going to school tomorrow without my polo

but thanks for the vid

Cool Beans

i have broad shoulders and muscley arms lol i think it looks manly even though my face is the opposite so it just looks so weird? maybe my muscles are bloated so im gonna be dry fasting, not to lose weight but to heal my problematic skin. hopefully my arms get slimmer as well. my arms are especially noticable when i lift them above my head omg im the hulk. anyone else have the same problem?

Navisa beingnice

I am looking big arms no fit

Ilen Lumibao

To have some motivation for myself and the others as well ?. I plan to do this without looking at the mirror until I see a visible result, that is for how many days or months would it take for me to see it?


i never really gave much attention to my arms cus i thought no one really cares bout it but later on it became really fat and makes me look overall fat. im gonna do this workout once in the morning and once at night , i will comment my results in a week.


Thank you for sharing your video

Shreedhar Mereddy

It is very effective. Awesome!!!!!! Amazing Zing Zing Zing Zing Zing!!!!!

Lori Jmr

oh it's a better ones

silent fox

literally trying to lose arm fat to fit in a uniform. my moms trying to expand it but I want to try this

Flower Base

Does push up will make your arms bulky muscular and big???? Please answer me!!


how to small your arms without tone :(


Why am I watching this whilst using McDonald’s free Wi-fi?


I just finished doing this and I almost died ? Im doing this for 6 more days. Let's see if this works.

Marichel Aplicador

Do jogging and do this it'sgood for health.thank you for sharing.more powers.



Jane Garcia

i love it ...i died

Maple Syrup

I use my dog as weights

hema chel

Can you also advice some sort of exercise to make arms thick and strong for girls?


1:25 The girl in black has a terrible form

Kelechi Grant

Under 2 days my arms already tin. Thank you much

Thea Klakegg seime

Who else is laying in bed when watching this?

OhSoShawnee J

my arms burn so damn bad but I gotta get fit for the summer