How many pull ups


95 757

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Hello everyone! In this video I decided to test my max pull ups, dips and muscle ups! I have never focused too much on basics but since some of you were curious about it - here we go! Got some more challenges? Let me know in the comments!

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Comments (100)
Kacper .1

:O jak zobaczyłem filmik , który dodałeś 3 lata temu to miałeś taka prosta wymowę a teraz nie odróżnie czy jesteś Polak czy Brytyjczyk


Może byś pomyślał o Polakach i dał napisy


I think 19 muscel ups,
30 pull ups,
and 46 dips

I didn`t look after the sets godd luck !!!

gr3dxd suh

10 pull ups, 12 Chin ups, 30 push ups and 0 mu, currently injured shoulder, so im weak

אורי לנצקרון

Mine is 32 pull ups
About 20 muscle ups (with rest at the top
Dips: about 38

Dancan Dancos

g shock model please

زياد اشرف -Ziad Ashraf

How can I warm up to prepare myself for testing ?

Renato Stojanovski

My personal record
2 chicken wing muscle ups
13 pull ups
20 dips

Long Đỗ Hải

stop wearing watch to avoid wrist injuries =))


How tall are you? Just curiosity

Biblethump _I_

Jestem zaskoczony że udaje ci się mieć widzów z zagranicy wielu YouTubuerow próbuje a i tak tylko Polacy ich oglądają

unknown player

5-6 muscle ups
Around 20 pull ups
And 28 dips

Chill Gaming

musick in 0:01???

dxni dvc

13 pull ups
1 muscle up
30 push ups
18 Dip

I am 15 year old

hyper reda bouguie

I can do
1muscel up (bad form)
9-10 pull ups
20 dips
1 one arm push up
Bro plz make a video how to do more pull ups i suck on them ?

migatte nogogokui

My guess:
Muscle up never tried ?
Pull up 27?
Dip 31?

Nicks Welt

I like this challenge! I want to try it to!

geoffrey Davis

Darek I really loved this video .
How long did you wait between muscle up and pull up because that would have affected the amount of pull ups you could do IMO
Also I will miss the outdoor Workouts as That is suck a cool looking calisthenics park IMO


100 push ups
21 pull ups
0 muscle ups xD

روتيني اليومي ساخن



You're one of the most sympathetic people i've ever seen man! Keep it up! <3

Satan sw

Fuck you bro girl do 13 muscle up in world records hahaha


Не пойму откуда такие банки с таким кол. вом раз выполнения Выход на 2, подтягивание, отжимание на брусьях???? Реально для выполнения такого кол.ва раз можно в 3 раза меньше иметь банки.

Big Boos

So clean MU?


15 muscle ups
19 pull ups
45 dips
78 push ups

Abzal Amangeldiev

То чувство когда понял что ты руский по браслету

Axel Roy Dandan

It's not pull ups its muscle up you did

Александр Северянин

im sorry, but what exactly is your job? you show your car, but you cant buy this car being such young, no matter how good you can do pull ups and other stuff. Trainers dont make so much money, and you are not winner of olympics, so what is the secret?

Rainsa Pattiruhu

i can 52 MU with 5kg ,in a row

Knight Rider

What's your max on pushups? I've heard a guy should be able to do 40 pushups to be considered strong, what do you think? Cheers!

Silas Hümmler

My Progress:

Pull ups: 14
Muscle ups: 2
Dips: about 20 (i dont know)

snygrv Vrygns

11: pull ups
25 : dips
Muscle ups : just need to understand the technique


You're really a super cute guy.


Э бля, русские есть?

Ahmad Ichlasul

My record after 6 month calisthenic: 19 pull up clean
36 dips but not good form
5 Muscle up not good form to
But i start calisthenic with good basic i can do 5 clean pull up and 10 dips

Maxi A

Hey Darek do you have a vieo doing the "bring sally up" pull up challenge? :)

Abdulbasith Abdulbasith

I realy like him?

Imad Daoudi

what kind of work you are working ! until u get Mercedes ??

Rockstar Physique

What's wrong with training in the cold?

Aung Hein Kyaw

Pull up:0
Muscle up:0
Dip:i hv never tried it once

skrienf misschien

0 muscle upps 48 pullups 52 dips 91 pushups

Fahmi Fik

I like your personality bro, you seem nice.

William Augusto Kawakame Sampaio

you make it seem too easy OMG

Marius Stöckel


Knoperss 1

pull ups 18
dips 25
push ups 70
muscle ups 2

Chronicles of AJ

good result


Muscleups 0
Pull-ups 16
Dips 40+

Jeffrey Xing

Just hit 20 pullups, 7 muscle ups, 38 dips. I have mild tendinitis in my right (dominant arm) elbow so I need some F in the comments


i have a friend that i always train with and he can do 12 muscle ups without leaning forward (he does like a max height pull-up). He took 3rd place last year in the Israeli national muscle championship

Ian Andrew Walker

bro, love the diversity of your video, even tho it's not related it's still interesting/informative, love it?


Which country and city do you live? Answer please

Josip Crnkovic

My record when i was 14 y.o (after ~1 year rep training)
Muscleups: 14 (at 15th my hand sliped?)
Pullups:25 clean
Dips:36 (didn t do them often)
182cm/74kg bf~9%
Now im 15 and im around same?

Shimshon Dayal

My max
8 muscle ups
30 dips
19 pull ups
53 push ups
5 pistol squats
23 sec handstand

Paul Coanet

16 muscle up
31 pull ups
dips idk

Faheem Shaigi

3:04 which song is the background music

Eren Yeager

i do 200 pushups every day. never tried pull ups cause there's no equipment in my house.


Muscle ups 7 (2 weeks ago)

Pull ups 22 (today)

johan liebert

My personal record
Pushups 35
Pull ups 7
Chin ups 10
Pistol squats 2
Diamond pushups 17

Age 12


My personal: 25 pull ups
9 muscle ups
Like 35 dips

enamul faisal

Pull ups 21
Dips 60

Amit Prakash

I can do more than u

paul maloney

to be good at all things calisthenics I think you have to start when your years old

Darek Woś Caliathletics

Hey Fam! Got more challenges? Let me know by replying to this comment!
My Calisthenics program (beginner/intermediate/advanced + skills guides) https://caliathletics.com/workout-program/
IG: @caliathletics_

Кирилл Касимов

Are you Russian?


What editing program do you use?

Khushnood Shaikh

10 muscle ups
37 pull ups
50 dips


I have a calisthenic canal, it's not that big yet. Anyone who can sign up, I appreciate it. Here's one of the videos, if anyone likes it, leave a like to help. Thank you.


sdfsdf sdfsdfds

5 muscle ups , 25 dips , 15 pull ups ( 17 years old )

Robert B.

Alter du bist ein richtiger wannabee

Das Adhish

What's your arms size?


Am I the only one who can do more pull ups then dips?

Daniel S

What excersise you think in calisthenics is best for biceps?

Jason DX2



Нипанятна ©


Just respect for you bro

Julian Rosero

My personal record:
One arm chin up: 1 (each arm)
Muscle ups: 7
Pull ups: 18
Dips: 54

For some reason I've always found dips a lot easier even after achieving one arm chin up. Even when I could do only 4 pull ups I was doing like 20 dips in a row

Zoro Nameirakpam

We also want Max push ups

Arthur's Freedom

Are you Russian?

Luis Martinez



wariacie kiedy cos po polsku, czaje ze inglisz so more views no ale wiesz o co chodzi :) pozdro

Le Duy Nhut

My results:
Pullups: 13
Muscle ups: 1
Dips: 30


5 pull ups
0 muscle ups
5 dips

Igor Belyakov calisthenics

Respect bro?? I also recently pulled up 25 at age of 54, but I want 30, and I'll soon do it? Muscle ups I have only 8, but not so clean as have you. Great workout brother????


молодец, что сказать )

M Karpik

My results
Pull ups: 40
Push up: 100

Radek Balicki

18 pull ups
0 muscle up

Astor saldana

Have a talent but need a lot practice ??

steel [Pl]

jesteś Polakiem?

Thomas Stevko

What’s the name of the intro song??

Сергій Леоненко МП-І-1м

How many guys from Ukraine are here?


My max pull ups is 17. Like u, I don’t do endurance either. When something gets too easy, I go for harder variations of that exercise.

GNAT isthenics

https://youtu.be/hgb8AoOWwy8 check my 50 pullups

hyper reda bouguie

And i'm 14 yrS and i started calisthenics 5 months ago

Javier Palenzuela

15 muscle ups
30 pull ups
60 dips
100 push ups

Bakó Norbert

My record:
12 muscle ups(not perfect form)
19 pull ups
51 dips

Santiago Marky

69 muscle ups
690 pull ups
690 dips
6900 Push ups

H Silviu

2 pullups
0 muscleups
6 dips


My personal record

1 bad form muscle up without kipping (working on it)
15 pull ups
35 dips

I started 3 months ago with 2 bad pull ups and 8 decent dips.

Ahmed Ilham

How to get abs like yours?


I'm still progressing in calisthecnic its been a year.
Pull up:10
Pushups:50 on good form
I'm still progressing still in the basic but soon will be learning the skills.