How to start running at 50

Five Tips To Start Running After 50: How To Take Up Running Later In Life

Five Tips To Start Running After 50: How To Take Up Running Later In Life18 Aug. 2020
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Is it possible to start

Is it possible to start running in your 50's? Most definitely. There are some things to be aware of when you start to run when you 50, and in this video, Coach Lindsey Parry explains how to run well into your 50's (and beyond).

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Well done! I started at 42, but I'm 51 now - so I'm learning plenty here!

Stu Bowie

I started running at 49 . I've been active and fit ever since leaving school competing in all sorts of sports at a competitive level. I finished with my 11th Argus, and went stright into running. My 1st year was just building up milage. I ran my 1st comrades at 50, ( up run ) and finished in 10:34. I went onto 2 down runs of sub 10 hrs, and my 4th, an up run sub 11hrs. I still run today at 66, so one is never to old to run.

Rebecca Ford

I started running at 49 and was very slowly making progress. In about 3 months took my 2 miles run from 30:00 min to 25:58. But then I sustained a lower back injury pulling up an okra plant. Yep. That was embarrassing. The injury was about 5 months ago, but when I run even 1/4 of a mile, my lower back starts hurting. I'm I just done for and have to stick to walking forever???

Bunny Kramer

"twilight years"??? "advanced years"?? damn! I'm 67 ... not exactly one foot in the grave! LOL

And a downloadable strength training plan is supposed to be here?

Dee Sheffrin

Yes, I learnt the hard way. I'm 63, was a runner for 20 years and continued intermittently but focused on competitive swimming. With covid restrictions started up again gradually. Was doing regular 5km 3x week but then stupidly got cocky and jumped to 8 then 10km. Now back to 2km with knee & hamstring injury and weekly physio. I'm building very slowly.


I am 58 cyclist and make practical forest work and xc skiing, but I started now run more 50K I ran max, but I made on track 3x1K and find something odd with my leg. So I must rest wait to start agn. But actually i started walked first 25k aand 41K summer time. Running is time saving.

Start Running at 45 and Do 5 Marathons in a Year?

Start Running at 45 and Do 5 Marathons in a Year?26 Jul. 2019
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https://www.flippingfifty.com/podcast Want to Start Running (or Start Anything?)

My guest Tracy today started running at 45. She is hooked. She has done 5 marathons in a year. Where can you catch that?

She didn’t start running until around age 45. She have watched her parents be very active in triathlon for the last 30 years. Both doing Kona multiple times and her dad earning 1st place at age 66 in Kona.

She always admired their activity but just didn’t catch the “bug” myself until my 40s. As a nurse, she started paying attention to the health of those that stayed active versus those that lived a sedentary life.

Her Racing Career

Her love for running came at age 45 running approximately 5 half marathons a year. At age 48, I did my first sprint triathlon with her mom (who just did Machu Picchu at age 70). She did 5 more sprints over the next year and decided that at 50 she would run my first full marathon as well as train for her first half Ironman.

She learned from watching her parents that age truly is just a number and not an excuse not to be active. Trying to navigate through menopause, she can’t image not having swim, bike, run as my “therapy”. I definitely feel it has saved me at times during the highs and lows of hormonal changes.

Questions we covered during the episode:

You didn’t just start running! Five marathons a year, girlfriend? Who does that? Do you train alone, in a group, with friend? Say more about your hormone changes. What have you experienced? How has your nutrition changed or has it? What kind of pre and post or during for long runs nutrition works for you? How about your other family members? Husband, kids, friends? Are they also active? What’s coming up for you this year? What do you project if you can see yourself at 70? 15 years goes so fast what will you be doing? What’s your favorite now? Running or the cross training multisport approach in triathlon? Please leave a rating in iTunes! It really helps!

VisitFlipping 50 on iTunes Click listen in iTunes Click ratings and reviews Leave your 5 star rating (seriously I’d love it, but your authentic comments are what I need to grow and give you more of what you want and less of what you can leave!) Know how much I appreciate you doing this! Are you inspired?

Are you too an inspiration? I'd love to hear from you!

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Running After 50! How to start a Running, Jogging or Walking Program after 50!

Running After 50! How to start a Running, Jogging or Walking Program after 50!16 May. 2017
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Health and fitness is

Health and fitness is critical to getting the most out of life after 50! Running, jogging and walking are great ways to take charge of our health and get back in shape! Here at 2nd Act TV, we have just the thing to help you start running, jogging or walking after 50! Our new 2nd Act Virtual Run Club! Tune in today and meet 2nd Act Expert and Running Coach Chris Spensley, as he shares his story of “running back to health” after a heart attack.

Join us in the Run Club! https://2ndact.tv/run-club

More videos about staying Fit after 50!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgLYhw2N4Fcvo50F_hSTB0SPGVBLRp8uO


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Kurisotafa Sumaru

I’m 58 October 2020 ... up until 50-ish, I was really in great shape ... (even modelled through my 40’s ... among some castings, booked a German TV commercial requiring momentary scene (tastefully done) of nudity in shower -bath), so I felt good/confident about myself ...
Then ? —age 54-55. I downsized into a compact 1- bdrm apt., from large house / property (tons of trees/garden). Since new place, not as much extra activities, (ie. gardening/yard work, house maintenance & cleaning). I found myself tubbing out in the “compact“ lifestyle ... (plus I used to be so close to the ocean beaches, could go out endlessly without any though).
New place does gave me peace & tranquility, more free time, far less stress, but less things to do. So, I upped my gym game (same company, but nearest branch a long drive away). Before I only needed to go to gym, 2-3 times/week tops. Then, at new gym location, I won a raffle for free personal training sessions (who-hoo). My trainer = 22-23? — clearly far too inexperienced & zero clue about how ageing creates joint issues ... he was still in college, not graduated from his sports medicine/ kinesiology certification.He had me do far too much cardio combined with weights ( balancing at high speed pace, like a military obstacle course, the movements were strange to me, requiring more agility & torquing/twisting of body. I tried to politely comment on my age etc. Deaf ears. Anyway, ( long story short), I tore my meniscus tendon on knee. So I had to cancel a bunch of session. By the time I felt recovered & good to go back, any “progress” I’d managed re: weight/fat loss , & building lean muscle, was gone. In the end I got fed up with gyms, the commission sales tactics, & flaky expertise of the experts in charge, (after decades of being disciplined to train & enjoy keeping fit), I wasn’t a newbie at working out.

Overall, my activity levels dropped, with dwelling downsize, strange new place, no friends in new area, etc. I started to suffer emotionally (depression), & overall lacklustre energy (“viv”for life).So here I am — somewhere btwn 40-50lbs overweight ... and I’ve NEVER EVER had a pot belly ... nor experienced trouble bending over / tying shoes .
My doctor wants me to do certain walking program ... she says I’m trending towards needing blood pressure medication & going on blood thinners, not what I want to happen.! I have been doing the walking, as prescribed. However, it’s not manifesting any change in my weight, nor waistline. ( it sure is helping with depression). Now after 8-9 months of walking, I’m searching for methodology suitable for those in my situation — to embark on running late in life seems counterintuitive to me, but what yours, and a number of YouTube video channels discuss regard to interval training — (running bursts & walking as rest times) —. Points to something that is achievable.
I hope I’m going to be ok in doing this. My concerns being, I’ve never been this heavy nor old before, frankly. I’m naturally wary of new injuries, & hoping i won’t aggravate past injuries.
I hope to usurp your advice & wisdom so hopefully I’ll be safely on the path to fitness-wellbeing & overall happiness/outlook in life.
☺️?Cheers & all the best.

Johann Van Der Merwe

Motivational!! I started running at 55.

Gary 65

I am 55 next month and after losing 40 pounds in weight I decided during lockdown to keep fit. I have a local park and every morning I would speed walk 3 miles. I invested in running gear and now run the 3 miles most mornings. I have never felt better in my life. I would urge anyone of a certain age to keep active. It really does give you a high and a sense of achievement. Great video. Regards from England.

Jaydee Cee

I'm 65...and very healthy (knock on wood)...and have always walked for excersize. I gained 10lbs with the lockdown so I started running for 3 miles so far out of the 5 miles I've been walking. I've been doing just a slow run with not putting pressure on my joints. So far..so good my body feels great and I dont have any joint pain. I'm so excited...because I always wanted to run..because I admire runners for always being so fit but I've never been able to do it! I started using a walking app on my phone ...so now I run for most of my walk and I love having the app to show me how far I go!

curious gee

Chris is HOT

micaela ynostrosa

Tell us how to do it

Yogesh Pant

Awesome. The best motivation I have seen ever. Christ you are super. Thanks so much.


It would be great if you'd stop interrupting your guest mid-sentence. ?

Justanother Tinkerbell

So excited to find this. Thank you so much for posting this. It's just what I need to get started

dream 51