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High Reps Or Low Reps For Fat Loss (WHAT IS THE BEST REP RANGE) | LiveLeanTV

High Reps Or Low Reps For Fat Loss (WHAT IS THE BEST REP RANGE) | LiveLeanTV15 May. 2013
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On today’s episode of

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing which is more effective, high reps or low reps for fat loss.

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Do higher rep ranges create better fat loss results? If not, what is the best training method for fat loss?

Let’s discuss, because I see this all the time, especially from my Live Lean ladies. I’m referring to performing excessively high reps in hopes of burning more fat.

This high rep range could sometimes be in the 25-50 rep range. Sure, doing 50 continuous reps of an exercise may feel like a burn and make you sweat like crazy.

But trust me, this high rep range does not work as well for fat loss compared to the 8-12 rep range, otherwise known as the hypertrophy range. Hypertrophy simply means growth.

So if your goal is fat loss, always remember this. You need to build muscle to increase your metabolism.

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High Reps Or Low Reps For Fat Loss (WHAT IS THE BEST REP RANGE) | LiveLeanTV


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Comments (68)
Anthony Richard

Heavy deadlifts


I have a question.. If women's body doesn't produce enough of natural testosterone to get "Bulky" how does professional women body builders get bulky?


Yes I did. I know you said 8-12 reps. But how many sets of those should we do? Thanks

Live Lean TV

bad, no. best choice, no. try sticking to some protein (like a hard boiled egg) and nuts.

Mike D

8-12.... did you watch the video?

Live Lean TV

@jackalicious27 right the words "bulk up over my fat" on paper and burn it. when you add muscle, you burn WAY MORE fat. your idea of 5 days of full body lifting circuits and cardio after is great.

Mahesh Regmi

Have you seen Lean Body Blaster? (do a google search for it) It is a quick and easy way to burn calories fast.


Now all you do is sell sell sell, I still enjoy the videos though

Cra Mac

Proven fact rep till fell at high reps produce more hgh and protein senth . How much more u ask 60% more. And will grow just as much muscle and lower risks or hypertension

david bautista



It's so frustrating how much girls think they're going to get bulky without test boosters haha. LIFT THOSE WEIGHTS GIRLS!

Live Lean TV

@etechbite you took the words right out of my mouth


I am looking to lose 80 llbs.. So scared to bulk up over my fat.. Should I be doing complete body work outs 5 days a week and cardio after.. Or alternating days??? Great info!!


Hi i want fat loss with weight what should i use heavy weight ant low reps
Or light weight more reps

Joel Isaac

Definitely for me, Romanian Deadlifts.


Great video! I love jump squats or just plain old push-ups :)

niroj shrestha

If you desire to lose pounds, make sure to Google the term "Amos Fat Loss". You are guaranteed to end up getting the beach body you should have.

Franco Guillen Camilli

Is this still true even if I’m in a calorie deficit? Considering it’s imposible to grow muscle unless I’m in a caloric surplus


You need a better mic.


It's too bad all these trolls post about a get ripped quick pill. 2 words: Hard work. From my days of playing football, I'm going with power cleans (before crossfit took them over).

Joel Roberts

My favorite exercise is the dumbbell squat and press, full body workout and it keeps that thermo burn going after the workout. I always like to end my workouts with something that has legs in it. Burn baby burn! Also, Brad, I've got a respiratory infection....is working out while I'm sick a good or bad move?

Live Lean TV

@DAVID!!! Depends on your goals playa.Are you looking to add size, lose fat, or maintain?

Live Lean TV

@drandle11 love it...sounds similar to german volume training


Cleans make me feel like superwoman... Well practically anything with the barbell

Live Lean TV

i love a women that squats!

Rishi Bodalia

Front squats.. I have such a love-hate relationship with this exercise. All I got to say is SHUTUP AND SQUAT!!

Egor Dosenko

Hello! I'm Lauren.I did -25 lbs last two months.Go to agivura.io\#0mp4


Thanks for the info... More reps might burn more calories during your workout, but you burn more calories with less reps and more weight because your body has to repair the muscle that is used during heavy lifting... Building stronger muscle... And with stronger and more muscle you burn more calories at rest...

avhi maharjan

It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when these other normal people accomplish it easily with Zippy Fat Loss (Google it).


I like to do 10x10 squat and bench press. Non stop any good? I'm only using 145

Laura Rojas

Brad, get a mic, I sometimes can't understand :(

Live Lean TV

3-5 sets depending on how many exercises you're doing. Essentially your workout should be between 45-60 mins.

Live Lean TV

@mohd 15-25 reps can build up muscle endurance but typically anymore than that, you need to increase the weight

Terry Tibbs

high rep training creates a better body, fuller muscles more definition as long as you take sets to failure, it has for me anyway but maybe some people respond better to high reps because of a genetic predisposition towards endurance.

Ashik Sayyad

another waste video, just tryin to sell their own workout plans and not talkingg about the subject mentioned in the title

Live Lean TV

@Urbannewz typically there may be an unnatural injection or two

Joseph Rodriguez

That's crazy, I always thought more reps burnt more fat?

sandeep pudel

If you have been trying to bulk up, you should do a google search Morsch Muscle Madness. That might help you get the body you deserve.


It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when these other people accomplish it easily with Lean Body Maximizer (check it out on Google).

Live Lean TV

QOTD: What exercises make you feel like the superman or superwomen of fat loss?
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Live Lean TV

yeah stick with 8-12


Squats are the best! I combine it with a barbell - ahh my favourite exercise! :)

James Brown

Dude it's funny you're channel at first seemed kinda gimmicky but I realize your advice is really good. This is the truth man!!!

Joseph Rodriguez

I look up to you brad, I just turned 18 but I watched your video where you stated that you use to always be uncomfortable to remove your shirt, I'm exactly the same way and I know I'm not fat or anything but I just always see my imperfections which makes me self conscious, Thanku for telling about your self it made me feel like if I train hard I can possibly lose that feeling, Thanku brad (:

uzol stha

Do you make these dangerous mistakes in your diets? Go google  Morsch Muscle Madness to find out.

Ram Shrestha

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Sajjad Zaheer

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How long should rest be in between reps and in between sets?


nice tip mate

Joseph Rodriguez

Hey brad can you please tell me if its bad to eat like 12 strawberries before bedtime?

Liss George

Hi. Im a woman and i do lift. And do 12-15 reps and 4 sets and decent weight too. Is that enough for fat loss?

Saiful Islam

If you desire to burn off fat fast, you should look up on google "Swift Fat Loss". You are bound to get the body you deserve.

Nate Leach

What exercises what you recommend a 13 year old for fat loss

Skye Raxter

Hill sprints. When I finish the last one i feel like a super beast. Simple but affective. lol

Live Lean TV

sprints. 20 seconds of all out sprinting, followed by 40 second walking...repeat 10 times.

david bautista

BRAD!!! I started a 8week HIIT Workout program i'm doing IF is this good or bad while doing the 8week program


Hey brad I'm an overweight male trying to figure out if I should be doing high reps low weights or vice versa I keep hearing that I should do low weights high reps until I lose weight and then mix it up to avoid gaining to much muscle please I need help!

Nate Leach

Can you give me some more exercises to make my exercises different each day


Dude do your research, you're absolutely right more muscle burns more calories daily, but this is false advertising due to the fact that per 1 pound of muscle you gain you wouldn't even be burning 10 extra calories a day... I'm not calling you a liar you seem like an honest guy but I think you may have been lied to.


Whenever I've seen women builders, They have muscle, but it's not large and "bulky" like a man. It's typically trim and lean. Whereas some men bulk up to a point where they can't even put down their arms. 0_o

Mohd Firdaus Samsudin

great info brad.. so does there any benefits doing higher reps? can it build up endurance for sport such as cycling??

Live Lean TV

@josh yes, you should be lifting a weight heavy enough that you're struggling (with good form) on those last few reps. in other words, yes buy and lift heavier weight

Live Lean TV

best if you listen to your doctors reco on this one

Rajeeb Maharjan

If you are looking to burn up fat quickly, you should do a google search "Atomic Fat Loss". That can help you get the body you deserve.


My two favorite exercises that make me feel like super woman are dumb bell squats and push ups (not the ones where you are on your knees). The push ups are still my arch nemesis (I can do 10 in a row now), but I keep trying to improve my strength to get better at them. To me, there's nothing more superwoman-like than squatting with some weight or doing a push up without having to do it on bended knee!

Live Lean TV

@misslexibee i wish more people would say that...cleans are an awesome exercise!


Hi Brad, Thanks for all the great video tips. How many sets should I do on the weight training?

david bautista

Well I what to lose fat but at the same time grow size not much size .. just more than what i started with .. I'm scared I might lose a lot of my strength.