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COMPLETE ARM WORKOUT | Build & Define your arms

COMPLETE ARM WORKOUT | Build & Define your arms22 Nov. 2017
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This is a complete

This is a complete arm workout targeting the biceps and triceps. This is three supersets of bicep and tricep movements and then a killer burnout at the end!





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-Close Grip Bench

Straight Bar Curls

4 sets |12 reps each

- Cross Body Hammer Curls

Tricep Close Grip Push downs

4 sets| 12 reps each

- Incline Wide Grip Bicep Curls

Tricep Kick backs

4 sets |15 reps each


Tricep Dips (Added weight optional or you can use an assisted machine)

Chin ups ( You can do these on assisted machine OR w/Resistance Bands)


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Idalis Antone

I love how you keep your videos straight to the point. Most fitness youtubers vlog and it’s like 20 minutes extra, but honestly I just like seeing the workouts! Thank you!!

Samantha Teekah

I absolutely love love your workout videos

Dee Luther

????????Nice WorkOut Video as Well????


The camera angles and that outfit??? I swear I’m here for the workouts too (gets out notepad to write down workouts.. video ends.. looks down.. and it’s just the website I can buy all your clothing pieces). No Brooke it doesn’t work that way! If you wanna look toned like that, you can’t just wear the same outfits, you gotta workout too???

joey millenia

I love love your channel! It's so helpful!

อับดุลกอดีร มาราสา


Claudia Bearman

Can’t wait to try this ?

Carmen Szekely

Thumbs up, great workout! Can you please tell me where did you get those leggings? :) You look great btw

cloud flores

Love your videos!! ?


Killling the Legging game!!! Love your content.


Cool workout. Thanks!

Amara Thomas

Great Workout! Even better that it was uploaded on arm day ?

Ashley Bell

I seriously love your content soooo much! Keep it up girl bc you are GOING PLACES. I can see your channel blowing up soon. Love from California :)

Jasmine Falls

EXACTLY what I needed! Thx :)))

chikita bonita

Yay!! Arm day today ??

Gladi olator

I love your workouts I just did shoulder and abs I couldn't do this one I was already tired!!!

Martina O

Cute leggings ?

chezz kayy

What's a good weight to start with each exercise for beginners?

Shealynn Wicks

I had to edit my comment because I was dramatic and hungry and just excited for the video LMAO but great workout GIRL! Your arms look amazing! Btw the voice over was so smooth and timed really good! Support from Canada ???


Todays arm day after work!! Thank you, you are amazing! ❤

olivia arruda

Is doing 4 sets of 12 reps the same as doing 1 set of 48 reps? I’m confused with the whole sets and reps thing. When I complete one set, do I pause and do it again or do I continue?


Thank youu

Arms Define

Arms Define19 May. 2020
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Kelly Dewald

Amazing !?? Thanks for another great workout!

Sou Bang

Bit sore in the legs after yesterday’s leg define, and expecting some upper body soreness tom from this one. No plyo, and still a sweaty one! Thx Michelle

Alice Edar Turk


Kayla Huebner

Can’t wait to do this later tonight!

Arely Moreno

Hi Michelle- how many times a week would you recommend to do arm workouts . I need to build muscle. My arms are too skinny


I love ❤️ you! This is worth my sweats.

Jenny Kim

Great workout!!!! THANKS MICHELLE! ??

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Thank you man I really got way bigger in one month.. :)

Chaudhry Alligood

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