Quad muscles stretch

Ultimate hip flexor and quad stretch for back pain and hip pain

Ultimate hip flexor and quad stretch for back pain and hip pain8 Aug. 2019
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Hip pain or back pain?

Hip pain or back pain? This simple hip flexor and quad stretch is crazy effective and can help relieve your hip and back pain.

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In this video Matt explains how to do a hip flexor and quad stretch to help you with hip and back pain. If you want to improve hip mobility, loosen your quads, or stretch your hip flexors, you'll want to watch this video the whole way through. You will learn how to improve hip extension...and you can even learn how to improve hip internal and external rotation with this hip stretch.

Comments (51)
Russell Thompson

Well done, well done!

Robert B

Upright Health would really appreciate you doing series of videos of conquering Achilles tendon pain. i.e how to recover from long term Achilles problems which has been ongoing for 10 years


I had total knee replacement on the right knee in April. I am having terrible pain in my IT band. I was told, because my hips are weak... So that is causing the IT band problem. Do you have exercises for someone like me? Also, arthritis everywhere, scoliosis in 2 parts of my spine, and left SI joint problems. This IT band pain is interfering with my knee progress.


Great video and great content! Thank you!

Tony Ofarrell

Impossible while suffering from sciatica

mi fa so la

And....what does one do if one can't kneel due to knee surgery?


How many reps or sets of both fully vertical (head upright and back) and bent over (section that works on upper part in 2nd half of video) stretches do you recommend and is this better as warm up warm down or both ?

Toakase Tafuna

Nightmare! I’m so tight. Thank you for the help ??

Robert B

hamstring went into a cramp spasm afraid of this now, every time try it always cramp spasm hits the hamstring

Sarah L

Whew, I definitely felt it but not nightmare level. Thank you!!

Debbie Ray

No way I can do this stretch. Can't get on the floor!


This is bad for the knees!

Team Shmo

If I have back pain and problems should I do this stretch each day, a few days a week, multiple times a day, etc?


This video is #1, just fantastic. Thanks!!


These absolute suck!! But in the good way....hesssuusss am I tight

Tulips ontheorgan

oh that was FANTASTIC!!! My hip flexors feel so much better, ahhhhh!! TY TY TY

Joshua Ramirez

You look skinnier

Glory Calabrese

New subscriber! Great video ty for such detailed instructions.


How long would it take for quads and hip flexors to become more relaxed if one does this every day?

Dave Centrella

Please add info for people watching that have hip replacement.

TheLord's Butterfly

You are the best around!!! This is a blessing from the Lord to find your channel. You deserve a lot more notification but don't worry... It will come!!! Keep being yourself. I am soooooo thankful!!!!! God bless you

Brian Foster

Great stretch! Any good ones like this for the adductors?

Лика Энергия

Hello! Are you have some information about lymphatic system in place of woman breast? Please tell us))) useful exercises, stretching...

Ramteen Vedaee

This has been the most helpful thing I’ve found in my research for my anterior pelvic tilt

Lion Wings

This was a great stretch.i will be using it. I felt taller after.
Do you have ideas for psoas. Mine are so tight.i get them worked on every 2wks. Because of pain. I go to Gym 4x a wk but cant do much lower stuff because of psoas restrictions. I'm ready to conquer this. This was great video ty!


I did this once or twice and found that right above my knee, right where everything attaches went numb for like two days. Now there's twinges and odd feelings through my quad. It scares me and I have stopped this stretch. I don't want nerve damage or muscles tearing. Did I do it wrong?

Mary Talmi

This is not for someone with an injury

Daniela Mrsic

Do you have any experience or tips for muscle cramps in the thigh?

My father does a lot of sports, especially cycling and running, and has cramps very often, after long periods of rest, for example when lying down for a long time or at night while sleeping. In any case, it is not due to magnesium deficiency or similar. Does stretching prevent?

Btw I discovered your channel a few days ago, after I had been struggling with hip and now back pain (probably impingement) for a few months, and I was very afraid to have surgery. You have taken away my fear and I am now confident again! Thanks for that! You guys are great!

Manasi Kashyap

Your biggest fan here. Your exercises have helped my entire family! Thank you ?❤️

AbHiNaV DaHiYa

My Vastus Lateralis hurt in this stretch and goes numb after a minute. Help!


Hello, i did this exact same exercise with the right pelvic tuck a few months ago. Afterwards, I had a very light and good feeling in my leg. However, a few hours later I was bending over regularly for my work and started developing lower back pain. I think i may have overactivacted my right quadratus lumborum and released my psoas too much. What do you think? Should I never stretch my hip flexors? It got better after I activated my psoas again.

Romelia Polly

I am pretty sure you can find good solutions on Unflexal page, great for health :)

Kevin Orie

Thank you, good stretch!

Isa Schurian

Great stretches, I've been doing them for a while now. One question: What do I do if I notice a strain/pain in my knee (on the pillow/pad) during and after the stretch?

Matthew Michael

This is the most beautiful stretch for quads. I was tyying all these other things that never seemed to work or were too hard for the tightness i have. Thankyou so much!!!!

D Wilson

The right leg hurts so bad. The left side I feel nothing not even a stretch. Schedule MRI for right hip. Rotation inward I am stuck. Acetabular impingement is suspected. Should I still try this stretch? My right SI joint wont stay in, moves quite a bit per my chiropractor. I am so much better but everyday is day 1 with stretching.

Bryan McGowan

Been having some problems with my lower back, glutes and basically all ove rmy leg and hip on my left side. Did this stretch, got some good stretch and contractions.
Decided to do it on my right leg, so much easier to get into this position and stretch however, when visualising pulling my knee up to contract the hip flexor, my left addutors(the leg in front) start firing up like crazy, any ideas ?


As an 8-9 year Jiu-Jitsu player my hips are a wreck. Starting these tomorrow. I’ve been rehabbing and strengthening 3 months and low back pain and hip pain episodes are far fewer and less severe but not conquered yet. I need a solution for my hip pain and hope this gets me going...

perfection designs

the first exercise induces lower back pain and my hips pop whenever i extend my legs to the ground while lying down. any suggestions, i have pretty severe apt also

Mohamed Orayith

Was this developed because of David Goggins recommendations?

Michel Rea

Thank you Matt, this feels good. Will use it in my daily routine ?

Steven B

Do you any exercises that would help loosen the hamstring muscle group? I thought that I had a Sciatica problem, but both of my doctors, internal med and orthopedic diagnosed my tight hamstrings problem as a pseudo sciatica. It seems to be an ischial bursitis and I have been doing PT exercises. Do you have any other exercises that might help?

Michael Kaiser

Tin man here. To make this short my left hip has been bad for a long time. Now that I’ve been attacking it using upright health techniques it hurts worse than ever. I’m sure this is a combination of atrophied muscles, dormant muscles, inflammation. The question is do I keep going or do I change my approach. I’m well aware of overuse but I have to believe you can stretch every day. Maybe I should do more strength work? Less? Hell I don’t know.

Shawn Langeland

I can do that!

Julie Aprahamian


lin con

This stretch is the best. I love this video.

Peter Hoatson

Brilliant! Looking forward to trying this out!

Mo Mc

have been doing this but loved the pointers I always worry about correct alignment to avoid back arching....these pointers will be a great help also for different angles of the hip...very well explained...thanks for all you do Matt!

Dag Ole Kristoffersen

Recently started doing that variation with the knee up against the wall after reading "Ready to run" By Kelly Starret. Love this thorough demonstration and explanation of its variations. My first marathon made it obvious that I have some problems in my biomechanics that makes me injury prone. Ran the last half of that marathon with intense foot pain that I suspect was from cuboid syndrome, still haven't confirmed it though. Knew it was a bad idea to continue when the pain started about halfway through, but I wanted that finish so bad. Had to crawl on my hands and knees to the bathroom the next day..

Richard Dery

Am very very stiff, so more on the nightmare side

Derek Camarota

awesome stretch, helped loosen me up a lot. I will for sure be adding this to my routine. Thank you keep up the good work.