How to jump higher fast

How To Become “BOUNCY” And Jump Higher FAST

How To Become “BOUNCY” And Jump Higher FAST20 Jun. 2019
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Today Coach Alan is bringing you a video with one simple goal and that goal for the next time you hear someone say, "that kid has bounce" that they're talking about YOU!

Coach Alan is one of (if not the) premier performance coaches in the world and, when he speaks, elite players listen.

So, if you're serious about truly adding inches to your vertical jump, then today's video is a must.

Keep in mind, the work in Coach Alan's video is best used alongside a complete strength and conditioning program.

If you add it as supplementary work to a full program, your vertical is going to absolutely explode!

Disclaimer: Please consult a physician and follow all safety instructions before starting any type of training program. DeepGame Inc. and its coaches will not be held liable for any damages that may occur from training. Results are not typical, and only represent players who worked very hard. If you have any questions, reach out to us anytime at [email protected]

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Andres Saenz

I will use this so I can jump to dunk because I can just touch the rim


i wish i could subscribe twice on this channel

King Kaliph



I wonder if coach can dunk

Bao Nguyen

Do these exercise impact to our height?


How many reps?

Jace Da Ace

Thanx Coach!!! Love this channel...

Jorge Garcia

Coming off a huge season ending injury I plan on making a comeback to the court. They cut me from the summer league team because I was a "high risk prospect". I hope this helps me get some hops to then become a better rim finisher

Lorenzo Londero

Can I work my vertical jump on the sand?

jay Money

I needed this badly thanks coach
Edit: how many sets and reps


I hope this will help me coach

Sameer Ali AL-Ghamdi

I have issue in my knee. Before I can jump now I can’t . Inflammation of the cruciate ligament.

deadman3232 walking

Can you do video about Basketball IQ? It's necessary.

Vspmming Ot

should do defense drills

Dope Slimky

Will this increase vert if I'm already doing jump training?


should i do this every other day or 3 days straight

Swagranger4082 *

Does this help with 1 ft jumpers, 2 ft jumpers or both?

Danilo Denic

Will this help if I jump off with 2 feet?

Tre Money

EGTBasketball is the only thing making me better!!! Keep up the good work.

FunkyRicky 22

I’m 6’4 and 14 and can get almost my whole hand over the rim. How long would I do this to get to dunking two handed?

Philip Hooper

Is it mandatory to play pickup during the off-season to fully develop your game and reach your full potential? In my area there are barely any pickup games and when there are, there isn’t really any competition and it’s more about joking around while playing.

Noyce Gaming

Question, when doing such jumps per se the pogo jump do y'all land with your knee's straight or slight bend?

Hunter Self

I’m 14yo and 5’10 I can hang on the rim two handed, but lookin to dunk by end of eighth grade year

Tay Killuminati

Will this help me if i am a 1 foot jumper ?

Bol Yel luol

thanks coach.

Big Body

I always get rimmed stuff hopefully this can put me over the top

rentinghouses everyday

Im 5'8 14 and i can touch rim but cant dunk

Clash With Bedre

In how long time I will see resulsts? Couse I jumped 100 times a day(max two feet jumps) for week and any results

Joel André

How many times per week should I do this?

Young Swift

Off topic question but what results can I expect with egt x 1.0 one of my coaches has it

sophomore guard class of 2022

do you dorsiflex on the pogos and knee tucks?

Charles A

How often

Afsaneh Keshtgar

Do more!!!!!

Selman Fejzić

Do I need equipment for your Vertical program


Directions in clear I’m on the moon

Swish 107.5

yall try football footworks to have faster feet and higher jump

Chauncy Gardner

box jumps work i do them everyday


Use it to help my game into a whole other level

Shaquille Flowers

How often should i do it?

Kobe Ao

Hey coach how much reps and sets should i do?


I have one month to start dunking?

Houdini4theWin q

how often should i do these coach?

Shadow Gaming

Did anyone get result

Unknow N?

Can someone who’s used EJT tell me how well it works?

Nathan H

Do u do it every day


Now I can run away from my dad when he gets the belt out...

Jump Higher Instantly ? WITHOUT WEIGHTS | Increase Vertical Jump Fast

Jump Higher Instantly ? WITHOUT WEIGHTS | Increase Vertical Jump Fast30 Oct. 2020
25 899

In today's video, Coach

In today's video, Coach Steve shows you how you can INSTANTLY jump higher withOUT needing weightlifting! ?

ILB is an advocate for lifting weights, but due to the pandemic, many players simply don't have access to the weight room or training facilities. ?️

Not to mention, younger athletes may not be ready or have the no-how to lift weights. ❌

So this video explains in FULL how you can start jumping higher withOUT having to lift weights to do so. ✅

If you want to increase your vertical jump fast- weight lifting is not the best way to do so, instead, jump technique is the FASTEST way to increase your vertical jump and jump higher as fast as possible. ✅

If you want to add EVEN MORE inches to your vertical (for free) go grab Coach Steve's 3 inches in 3 Minutes Jump Workout Here: →http://ilbelite.com/3in3

Comments (100)

I needed this?

Steven Celi

LETS GOOO!! ??????? get UP!!

Russell Westbrook

Just take some advice from me

Ankur Bhardwaj

I'm 6ft 1 inch and 72 kg can I dunk a basketball

Krzysztof Lipa

Any tips for one leg dunks

Subash Kumar

Nice vedio but I need some tricks for preventing from ankle breaker and giving someone ankle breaker .........

Prithvi Raj Tamang

What is your height


Thank you


Ima be ready for tryouts


I'm 5'7 is it possible to dunk soon when I train hard and smart enough?

West 182

Aw this is Steve


Hi! How has your day been?

Malik Salami

Who ever is reading this have a blessed day stay safe!!

Small basketball youtuber looking for your support h

Yuvraj Toor

What I’m trying to say is that are we ever gonna increase sets and reps for plyometrics or always keep them the same? If i do 3 sets of 5 depth jumps, will I always keep the sets and reps like that or what?



Om Kothari

The last video for increasing jump was effective and I think this would also be ...........


why does he look so small tho






Coach Steve got an Instagram?

Malik Salami

Who ever is reading this have a blessed day stay safe!!

Small basketball youtuber looking for your support plz

Lavar Ball

Is it possible you give us a list of how many reps and we we gotta do for each exercise I’ll really appreciate it if you can and thanks for the vids they look hella helpful I can’t wait to try them

Mohammed Nthenge

Hey couch I wann know your height

Milk Machine

I’m kinda like the whole “being 5’3 with an even smaller wingspan” thing

Kyle Alik

Can this guy dunk?

Kyle Alik

What’s his height?

MJ sandiego

The sound effects make this even better. Now I just wanna shout "FWOOM' when jumping.

Malachi Alexander

i clicked on the video as soon as the notification popped up


How many reps do i need to do to these exercises? And does anyone know the list of the workouts so that I'll use them for the following day.


I just sprained my ankle will that effect my Vertical ?


What's height of this basketball rim?

ttg.jashun 5⃣

I do squats everyday with the weight bar & I don’t see no results

Gavyn Cirricione

This is great! Thanks for the tips


Love from INDIA


what’s your height

Titus Boone

I’ve been wanting to jump higher!!! Right as I saw this I clicked it???

Niko Dem

How tall is coach steve?

Edgar Rodriguez


What if I want to use weights how would I use them?

Young Reezy


Yuvraj Toor

Can you please please please do a video on nutrition cuz I heard we can eat junk but we just have to eat enough calories our body needs but I wanna healthy and I’m just really frustrated. Can you please make a video on this

william_ andrei33

Stop scrolling thru the comments focus on what is he saying


I finnaly dunked 10 feet 2 weeks earlier trying to get consistent with it

Ryan Maynard

i watched their videos on this from like 3 years ago like 2 nights ago and now they posted this, thank god

eden dugbaza

I love how there is a random PC in the corner ? lmfao

Dávid Šarišský

good vid, will try some of the things out :)


im already jumping over the backboard thanks

Tosh Jain

Plsssssss make a video on increasing your body height at home.

Aldrin Alonzo



I'm about 6'0 and 14 and can barely graze the bottom of the rim while running without working on my vert at all. How long do you think it would take for me to be able to dunk if I did these exercises (no weights) everyday?


Kinda walks like Zion lol

Dag Dagi

Steven thanks,when in game situation we dont use arm swing.please make video how to jump higher with the basketball.

Fak es

Can i get some help my brothas i have a good drop step but when i run and jump its the same as my drop step could i get some help

Faze poop Cube

Bro what happened to the original guy of this channel he was cool asf

Calin Solomon

I'm 13 and 5'9 I can touch the backboard is that any good???

Isaac Johnson

Live the advice !!


Iam 165 and I want to dunk in the next year (2021) I will Be back in few months to tell u guys about my progress...

manzi owen

Can’t believe am the first here

Kenny Thana Teeraphantuvat

I can balance when I do the sissy squad tho...any tips?

Derek Hayes Piano

My guy going to dunk on people soon.

BallisLife LifeisBall

Finally I Love Basketball TV is spending time with me dropping them gems

Yuvraj Toor

Are pistol squats a plyometric?


Yes finally i was waiting for this video!!!!

Malik Salami

Who ever is reading this have a blessed day stay safe!!

Small basketball youtuber looking for your support he

kobe bryant

yay i hope i will dunk soon TY guys i learned lot from this channel


Thanks now I can jump over the jail fences

Not Awais

Why is this poppin on my recommended I can finna dunk easy


Yo I love the video you did on the PG4's

Shone Blount

Good tools!


My knees hurt just from looking at those sissy squats...I'm gonna work on them slowly during the winter! Thanks coach for the video and God bless

Myles Smoove

This is perfect

Diego Vezzoli

Could you please make a video about jumper's knee rehab or prevention? Thanks a lot


How do you aim at a basketball rim accurately? Or what is the best way to work at it.

ts cloudy

this is gonna help me alot

Scoped On YT

Thank you i’ll try

Mabur Mabur

When your attacking the rim do you do a left right plant then jump

Joe nicolas

Can you make a first step quickness drills video please?

sara 8

I'm a girle and i wanna know can i dunking? Or it's impossible!!

Mohit Yadav

I am 5'7 and I started the practice 1 month ago seeing ibl videos and before practice I was
Jumping 7'5 and now 9'5 yeahhh?? thank u so much coach steve

Joakim Gråman

Can you do a video with tips for 1 foot jumpers?

The Bounce Kid



Can you do a vid on how to get rid of jumpers knee? Patellar Tendinitis. I have had this for a little over a year and it affects my ability to jump and train.

Praveer Tiwari

Can you make videos of how to play under pressure


i can already jump higher than my house...

Because my house can't jump.

OG Beam

My tryouts are November 16 about two weeks can you please make a new tryouts video


This is good now I can dunk

Stephanie Salo

The boys always tease me about not being able to jump... imma show them this season!!!!

Norman Carmona

how tall r u coach

Ryo Kun


Priyantha Pathirana


Amit Magic

Shabat Shalom king???


I feel like i jump a lot less high when i run fast before i jump, am i doing something wrong?

Maleek Williams

Is it ok to use a little bit of weights at 13?

Abdul Doughani

I want to do this drill and I really want to increase my vertical but recently my knees have been killing me, my friend said it’s because I’m growing, but it hurts so bad, so I’m not sure if I should do this workout now or take a rest until it goes away. What do you think coach?

The Goat

i have one question how the hell aren't they in the NBA


Thank you very much and good luck

Basketball highlights

I'm about to do leg day and plan on doing squats what kinda squats should I do should I do 4x5 of heavy weight or 4x10 of light weight?

Ager Muñoz Rodriguez

The teacher of the dunk, thanks steve. I from Spain


Subscribe to british basketball league

Nicola Maccaboni

If i'm a 1 foot jumper i have to run faster or it's all about jumping


If you want to add EVEN MORE inches to your vertical (for free) go grab Coach Steve's 3 inches in 3 Minutes Jump Workout Here:http://ilbelite.com/3in3

How To Jump Higher PT.2 (FAST RESULTS)

How To Jump Higher PT.2 (FAST RESULTS)29 Feb. 2020
96 532

How To Jump Higher PT.2

How To Jump Higher PT.2 (FAST RESULTS)


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Comments (100)
Mini Phini

I was the 3000 like exactly

Nancy Phelps

Hey how can I do that?

Ob Bob

Car Jumps/Box Jumps 5 sets of 15 reps
Fence Jumps 5 sets of 15

Nick Biddle

i don’t have a vehicle?

Rowt scout

I am not jumpin on my ?

Joshua Godbay

I don’t think i’ve honestly ever watched a youtuber who loved his subscribers as much as this guy. Keep up the good work bro. Im rooting for you ?

Gaming With Munashe

From part 1 my vert was 3 in now its 7 1/2

Caiden Bosley

lets gooooo! you made a part 2!

Romeo Ornelas

Look at the shadow in the thumbnail?

Teddy Choeu

You ugly, fat, stinky, and pretty.

Depressed Subob

Ayo I didn’t see you do the 360 dunk cause I wasn’t watching videos for a long time my bad.. but did you do it?

Dexton Crutchfield


N cM

I ended up running into a wall and hitting the side of my face and my left knee lol. I'm fine btw.

Bikelife Tide

u make me inspired to jump higher and keep trying


Nice video! I’m a kid, 5’2, 150 pounds and for a big boi I can run and jump pretty well thanks to you!

david 64

Hugs and kissed to you too NO HOMO

Amp Sharpe

Man I am 5’2 and you want me to jump on a car

gene almario

I want to be like him

Kahseem Sumpter

What about kids who dont have a car


I love this channel lol

jay R Kos


Tiffany Barnes

do part 3


How tall r u

Bennett Scott

What is your vertical jump?

Lil Lettuce

I swear I’m not hating just stop being cringe. I still like your videos tho?

James Wittmann

Well u can box jump ur car because it’s a box literally




Make the how to Eastbay off two feet fam


How tall are you and can you dunk on people ?

caillou with airpods

Were you on the globetrotters?


I ain’t know he had a twin that’s dope ?

katrina shaw

nice video

Benito Va

Hi DextonI I have a question My height is 180 and I can barely touch the hoop You can tell me how much I have to train and that to get to make me a dunk Thanks

180cm = 5.9"

Michelle Barbuto

On a car I can’t my pa will kill me

Vivid Vibes

I love your videos bro ? keep the work up


Plot twist: That click bait thumbnail is actually not click bait

TeZ poison


Mr. Mackey

Stretching is a really important factor for jumping high

Austria-Hungary Simp

He wpuld crack dem ankles doo

Ball All Day

I just left the hospital after trying this workout...I’m still a huge fan though Dex!

Hạc Giấy Thiên gia

Dude you are flying thru the fence, it's insane.

Raph KDS

My vert used to be 25
Now using this for 10 days its 28
It works


I love your video

Udai Malhi

Again bro thanks? I swear if u heart this inn send a screen shot to everyone I know



Andrew SantaMaria

Dexton, I'm gonna guess that you have a vertical of 63"

shadowblueZ X

Me watching then so I can jump like hinata

2mpo TM



Again, Dex nails the thumbnail. Foot dunks. This is what the next generation of basketball players will now be implemented into their game.

Rowan Brearley

Imagine if someone was 6’5 and couldn’t touch the rim. Could never be me... ?


What the heck? Is this guy superman?


This really just dex showing off?

Nick Reacts

Wait this is fake right ?

Tan Kairui

why would anyone dislike unless its the person who got rekt vsing dex

Michelle Barbuto

There isn’t that much can there be part 3

Erick Saenz

It kinda worked

Izel Mejia

i love you Dex so hapy to see you blowin up my man!

Jackson Croswell

Thank you for giving more ways to dunk

Tan Kairui

LOVE THE THUMBNAIL not clickbait tho as he did teach us how to jump higher

Xuxi Pan

come on you're getting us injured at that fence hahaha

Ravi Kabir

Hey bro, im 15 and wanna start getting into basketball. Could you please make beginner tutorials? Thank you!

Dev Drinks Water

Can you make a new video on jumping way higher

King Bxllo

Wen r u gonna 1v1 someone

YoungBair_ MPR

I want to meet you in real life so much also I’m a day 1??

Will Alvarez

He actually did reverse it at :59 You can see the car moving before he even jumped in it???‍♂️

Julian Ayala

Best vid ever hope u like and coment


My favorite dunk is any one that you do, you are one of the most creative YouTubers I have seen and you have really big potential keep up the great work

Shantanu Sharma


Sam B

You look like James Harden without a beard


Box jump your vehicle of vert or run up 5 sets of 15 jumps 0:35, jump a big fence or small fence running or of vert 5 sets of 15 jumps 1:12. Hope this helped people and drop a sub if it did.

Kouakou BENIAN

Its no easy

Udai Malhi

Like it up for a shoutout. Ur choice

Nolan Klein

Great video

Hrscooter 1278


Arhinza Akbar

Please fast respon dexton

PigsForLife Draws

Next video can you make it about if a self lob off the backboard dunk(or layup) counts as an assist or a rebound or both

TeZ poison

Part 3

User unknowns RB

He jumped on to a car lmao ?

Poop City

That fucking thumbnail? again...

Raph KDS

imagine being in the zombie apocalypse, he would jump over zombies like mario

Bigboi Bhag

Bro your tips have helped me improve merci g

Henry Steurer

How the hell did he box jump the top of his car ?

Mojay 2k

Dex can you friend me on ps4 my psn is mojay514mojay51 and what is your psn name

Brooklyn Jimmie

Really B? Just jump all on my Chevy like that(That's a sin)? NAW... Jump a low fence maybe... Plus I'd bust up my knee on the bumper trying to jump up like that.... And then all the Nissan drivers will laugh.

G-Sand GMM


Cristian Vela

Who else thinks 0:59 is fake

Arhinza Akbar

dexton is the first time you practice leg muscles, in the area of ​​the aching calf muscles?

Le Monke

try to do a off the backboard windmill of the backboard dunk or off the backboard between the legs of the backboard dunk


It worked


weird flex but okay.

Luke F

What's up dex

Sry I missed last vid, I was out of town

Connor Berdine

Why your car


Hey This is Awesome! I Can Literally Jump On Top Of My Piano.

(Yes I did that I got in trouble.)




Top ten ways to put a Dent in your car

Don’t Follow

What if you can’t do any of this?


At 1:21 the cops be like let em' go

Cars.and_gtrs Ig

I’ve tried jumping from the three point line, that helps too

je bolle moeder

Hey I'm 5'3 and can almost touch the rim this helped me a lot thanks man

Theo Lauder

After searching for jump programs for 2 years..this has finally helped my vertical! I added 10 inches to my vert in 3 weeks! Thanks dude


Where’s the foot dunk tutorial?