How to release psoas muscle

Psoas Muscle Self-Release With Ball

Psoas Muscle Self-Release With Ball27 Mar. 2018
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The Psoas muscle is

The Psoas muscle is usually tight and tender in most people. Jiu-Jitsu practitioners are no exception since we focus on keeping our hips up and in to prevent guard passing. Releasing this painful, tight, and tender muscle can be a challenge, but this technique is relaxing and easy to do. Not to mention that tight psoas muscles can be a contributor to low back pain, which is another common issue with BJJ players. Try this technique out, you will have looser hips and less pain.

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Alex Zerbel

What about training the antagonist group to balance it out more?

Manon Vernon

You guys saved me £50 - was gonna buy the Pso-rite before watching this.

Trigger Point Therapy - Iliopsoas

Trigger Point Therapy - Iliopsoas17 Feb. 2017
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For more information about trigger points and NAT certification, please visit our website: www.nielasher.com

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Nick Jamo

If this video gets 70,000 views the guy laying down will shave his stomach

Natalia Nash

Love the hairy stomach❤


Thats one hairy stomach

Matty Bhoy

South African medical professionals are really good

Nikola Milicevic

Wow, such a good explanation. Finally someone explained me the exact muscles which are giving me pain.
How often would you massage it and for how long? When ever i strech those, the pain is actually increased, but deep tissue massage does really help.
Thank you


Seriously, 48 hours and I finally found what I was looking for. Tired of the drawings, needed on person example. Thank you!

Gaurav Joseph



holy crap. it's referring pain in the exact spots i've been feeling pain in for months (inner groin and back). God bless you

Annache Hagood

Omg. I love that you explain how you can tell if it's intestines or not. So much clearer now

Stephen Otieno

I long to know this and extend the assistance to the disabled...

123 123

I been having lots of pain in the right side

Эдуард Лутфуллин

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So thonnPT

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Gerald Conques

Now I need a cigarette.

Chris Rosenkreuz

Wow, finally someone with accuracy on this matter

Marcia De Menezes

I wish u were my therapist
I totally fell that.

Dr. Stephen Stokes DC

Janet Travell says, "Your Welcome Everybody"

Abrar Khan

Me big problem Musculs please medicane name ?

tausha Reed/Coffey

Where are u located I live in indiana I need a good real pain dr to help long term relief other then my medications

Beata Last

thank you for explaining it in such detail. I have weird pain shooting into the front of the thigh...i have been looking, if it is referred pain..where was it coming from ?? from the iliopsoas..never hurt my thigh. just on the left. the right side is fine and i have no appendix since age 12. How did i "hurt " this deep muscle ?? btw, i am NOT an athlete. due to the covid-lockdown i sleep a lot, curled up, in fetus-like position. anyone out there can also make suggestions, like patients who have the same issue ! Thank you. I do like your accent, very soothing.


u a groo of physio thx

Dani Adams

Ok now that one can ‘’access” these points what to DO (therapy) to create relief? Hold until no longer tender? Move leg around, get fead back from client when pain subsides? Kinda only addressed a portion of the treatment needed to resolve issue? But great to learn sideline access thank you.

Hip Flexor/Psoas Muscle Release : Massage

Hip Flexor/Psoas Muscle Release : Massage30 Oct. 2014
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The hip flexor , mainly

The hip flexor , mainly the psoas muscle is a very problematic muscle. Due to the way we use out bodies. This muscle reales or massage is very good to loosen tight muscles and will definitely help you in the future injuries and prevent them.

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Hip Flexor/Psoas muscle release :massage

Hip Flexor/Psoas muscle release :massage

Hip Flexor/Psoas muscle release :massage

Hip Flexor/Psoas muscle release :massage

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Love this guys


Fantastic video. Thanks a lot!

Vitalis Ali

Hey....I had an injury around or at my hip flexors I have tried many local hospitals but the complications are still persistent

Keli Weisgerber

Go to Unflexal page and learn how to do workouts.


do this before stretching or after?


Ok how is "toward your belly button" lower than your hip bone?

Duy Phạm Anh

I hаve spеnt mоnths invеstigаting trеating ррpain frоm hip flеxor musclеs nаturаllу and discоvеred а fаntastiс rеsоurсccсе hеrе https://vk.com/id432304135?w=wall432304135_12

Maria Ines

This was so helpful for me. I tore my hip flexor a few months back, and as a retired dancer, I was completely aghast at the recovery time. This massage has definitely helped with easing the pain.

Gamers World

This exercise is called the penis rub

M. Anne Black

Thanks .. these deep hard to exercise properly muscles can cause debilitating pain for older people who worked sitting down behind a desk all their life .. thanks for these visuals that are finally helping me relieve some of my pain

Alicia Bakowski

The only exercise that works for any of your above listed issues is TRE tension/trauma release exercise which allows for involuntary tensions to flow out of the body. Very easy and powerful releases. It’s not going to be fixed w stretching, sorry.


Hi Nick, can you add maralgia peratastica pain exercises.

Hunter Schulz

Will this help a strained hip flexor?

Chancell too lit

Who’s here from David Goggins ?

Tiger Rebellion

Wow I walk a lot so my psoas has been so tight it was driving me crazy I did this massage and absolutely ? feel soo much better! Thank you! Your video is the only one I could find like this


How safe do you think it is to press on an area that has sensitive organs under it? Just curious.

Feeling Ducky

Wow this was incredible! I'm very flexible but get very sore hip flexors from the sports I do, so most hip flexor release excercise I find on YouTube don't work for me because I am flexible. However, when you said to pivot to the side and to raise your leg, it gave me that slow burn and worked wonders! Thanks.

Lexie Wilson

Thank you for this! I actually was doing this today - without knowing if it was a good thing. It just felt good. My hip felt sooo tight and so I took a ball and just did the same move you did. It's crazy how if you listen to your body, it will often tell you what it needs. Thanks for validating that I'm doing the right things! I'll do it again tomorrow!


can you use a tennis ball ?


Can this cause sciatica pain radiating through the hip and down the outer thigh? i find when my sciatica flares up, my inner thigh starts spasming. I also have very very tight hip flexorson that side

National Cyber & Computer

I'm studying treating tight hip flexors naturally and discovered an awesome website at Fergs pain ease (google it if you're interested)

Patrick Guerrisi

After months and months and therapist visits of really bad lower back pain, I did this once and the pain went down like 70%, still slight pain though, which I seem to have plateu'd. Anything else I could try?

Kathryn Erskine

I know the muscle is there but the part where you describe where to place the ball is rushed through and not clear and I've tried with a ball but I'm not sure I'm even getting the right spot

Luke Bernardi

You are the man!

Aidan Boyko

I there anything else you can use besides a lacrosse ball

Matt Park

I must be pretty lucky with the amount of work my hip flexors and psoas get from kicking and weight training they are never tight and always have full ROM. Cant say the same for tfl squatting makes that thing tight as!

Rennal oloplin

Being an athlete all my life and having endured multiple knee surgeries due to blowing out ACL's in both knees, I later started to develop a hip issue in my ♦♦♦♦ right hip due to the years of wear and tear. It actually got so bad it was hard for me to perform as an athlete as well as be a productive coach for my clients.
Surgery was not an option I wanted to go through so I contacted Rick Kaselj to see if he had something for me. When I started to apply the strategies from Unlock Your Hip Flexors it helped me re-balance my pelvis and hip joint to where I couldn't even tell I had an issue anymore. For more information, click here https://tinyurl.com/flexorhip1?P2Ihj >


I mena, it's obviously an amazing video, but also... guys.... He is smoking hot

Nicholas Trakakis

Helped so much thank you

Breanna Louisa

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WW3Revelation6 and13

would have liked a better/larger diagram of where the muscle is. thx

Mark Wong

Really love these self-help videos!

Maxi B

It almost feels bruised the next day is that part of the process of it realising?

Aubrey Lynne

Please I need your help. I can't do this stretch on my right hip. I've had bursitis since I was 16 (I'm 31) but I've never had an orthopedist look into whether I have other issues involved. This is what I had been told for awhile though, simply, bursitis. When I try to do the same exact stretch as you, I can't even bear weight from mid thigh to hip. I can roll on my gluteus and that feels fine
It's my outter hip and thigh. Could you weigh in on what is possibly wrong and how to do another less painful stretch?

Sharkes are Sexy

I need to be examined by him asap

Kev Wills

Paoas is in the rear

Angie Cameron

Thank you!

C. C.

I love your videos. Hard to find good videos like this.
Just dont forget to mention any main arteries (pulsation) around hip flexor/asis for people who dont know ?
Keep making videos!


I did this with a large softball... life changing! Thanks for this!


Totally worked for me !!!

BTW: Why do Asian guys look so good ? I'm a guy and NOT GAY !!!

Dave S

I don't have back pain. I have psoas pain. It won't go away.

Meagan Hatton-Mishra

Hi! Are there other stretch videos you can share for this? I find it difficult as I have polycystic ovaries, so leaning weight in that area is very painful. Thank you!


Your videos are a great help mate

Adam Scott Fit

Killer video! Gonna do this today, maybe all day ?

IJtje Hallema


Alexander Aslani

This was great content! Psoas pain can be centralized or spread to the low back area. Don’t neglect this muscle!!! Thanks


Can a tight psoas on one side get the pelvis tilted on one side causing a leg to appear shorter?


this really helped!!!!

Héctor Patiño

Thank you for your content!


Great demo! Serious cyclist who drives for a living here... after seeing this Im sure this is the root of my back pain and pelvic tilt that ive had to get corrective surgery for. I recently decided that I can't bike anymore. ll be getting a lacrosse ball asap! Since my last ride my back has been killing me and my hip has been popping when I turn around our change directions walking. Its been excruciating for the past 3 weeks now! other good tips?

BeeBop Gaming

I miss being young and in shape. I’m 36 and 6ft 215. I am trying my ass off to get back to 185 after going through a lot of medical problems the last 5 years. My body is so tight, and my plantar fasciitis is hurting my ability to work out as hard. I’m going to try this and hip flexor stretches to help.

laffing devillz

How often a day and how many reps

Language Lover

What\s the he music ? Beaty

Dwyane Wade

If doing this with a lacrosse ball become too easy, feel free to use a LaVar ball

MVP Strength Camp

I use a similar technique. Ive had an anterior lumbar fusion. I cant get a longterm change. Any advice.

Tina Tova

12 day post op for l5s1 microdiscectomy.
I'm having an issue with upper thigh pain and do find the hips are tight,really tight since this surgery!(came out of OR with this)
I have a hunch it's due to the positioning during procedure! Any suggestions on how to stretch the whole hip muscle group without using stress on the low back?

Ciara Wetherell

Thank you so much!!!

Erik Thomas

I’ve had hip flexor problems for awhile now... excites to try these out. Finally fixed my 10 year shoulder pain so I can’t wait to be 100% pain free

Jamie Perkins

great video bro

Josh Fennell

Good video :) have you got any videos on strengthening the psoas ? Cause any time I do any abdominal work I get the right psoas and pain

Carter Hauke

Jesus is Lord! He will bring you peace! Repent! He is coming soon!

Khadija Tuz Zahra

Funny fact I get spasm in stomach after laughing so much ??and it's more fun when me and my mom both end up having but still can't stop laughing wallah ?

Rich Andoh

Love your videos! Thanks for sharing such quality content, you rock!


Thanks so much! This is exactly what I needed to do today!

Sandy Huen Yoga

Thanks for the tip on bending the knee and leaning into it. Ooof it's so sensitive! Great vid!