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How to Do an Overhead Squat by Wodstar

How to Do an Overhead Squat by Wodstar29 Jul. 2015
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Wodstar demonstrates how

Wodstar demonstrates how to do an Overhead Squat. For our full library of movements, go to www.wodstar.com.

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Olaf S

An instructional video should have better lighting

Elzo Smid

too dark!


HOW TO IMPROVE OVERHEAD SQUATS (Paradiso Crossfit)10 Jul. 2017
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Mateusz Boron

That's very good info.thx

Kosta Traht

I like your lessons

zawawi yahya

Thumbs up???

Jamie Freeman

Great instruction Thank you

Carlos Ramirez

Best explanation on the mobility for the snatch especially on the squat part seen a lot on the snatch but no else explained the squat part, most talk about shoulder and thorax spine, great video??

Walaa Ibrahim

Thanks so much for your amazing explanation you rock coach ??

Vern Hibbard

This is THEEEEE BEST VIDEO I've EVER seen on how to increase mobility. Ever since I started O lifting (at 66 ... I'm not 68), I've had absolutely no shoulder flexibility. I became an Ontario (Canada) champion AND a Canadian champion by split squatting the snatch. I'm gonna really try this. You make it look so easy, but I'll you a box full of air (I'm someone who has no flexibility at all), that I can't do it. I'll make this a routine every day. Thanks.

Peter Gonzalez valladares

Great information !!!

Patrick Savalle

LOL. You'd expect an instructor to show some physical sign of exercise...

Vern Hibbard

Excellent video. Now I understand why this 66 year old brand new to weight lifting (snatch and clean and jerk) finds it impossible to do an overhead squat. I can do it, but my arms want to come WAYYYY forward. To do it right is impossible ... for me. BUT, I'm gonna get there.

Erasmo Flores

Thank you very much sir... With someone like me with powerlifting background, not being able to do an OS is so frustrating, I will do this 2 times per day every day... Again, thank you very much :)

Patrick Savalle

Yes. Nice.

Jeff Porter

I'm the poster child for this video. Thanks for the tips. Adding these to my daily routine!!!

Nelia Garcia

Exelente informacion

Brown Russell

Great video, useful info and drills presented well! Thank you!


Very usefull inormation! Many thanks for the video, David.

Chris Robson

Holy shitballs.. I need to get on this




Excellent excellent. Now I know what it means to use the hips to move back. Soon as I tried it using your explanation (key words, "keep the weight at the heels)... All of a sudden I can squat much deeper than I was... Thanks so much

Jeff Wood

OHS...arguably my most challenging movement..this will help me SO much!! Thanks!!!

Jordan Plourde

This is great! Ive been wanting to learn how to do these, thanks for the tips!

Tom T

These suggestions will help me a lot, thanks. I have a question though, I fractured my elbow many years ago and I can't straighten it out, this really seems to limit me in my overhead squats and snatches since I can't lock out my one elbow. Any suggestions?


Great video! How many times a week would you do these drills? I can’t seem to get my OHS better than 45 degrees from upright with an unloaded bar :(

Chad Vaughn Coaches Kayla Baumgardner on the Overhead Squat

Chad Vaughn Coaches Kayla Baumgardner on the Overhead Squat18 Apr. 2013
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Originally published in

Originally published in the The CrossFit Journal (http://journal.crossfit.com) April 18, 2013.

Chad Vaughn repeatedly tells Kayla Baumgardner to get comfortable in the bottom of her overhead squat.

Vaughn, a two-time Olympian, can tell being so low is an unfamiliar position for the 22-year-old, who is scheduled to compete at the Northern California Regional this year.

"You're gonna have to get where you can hold tight in that bottomed-out position," advises Vaughn, part owner of CrossFit CenTex in Belton, Texas.

The first step, he adds, is to become as comfortable and flexible in the position as possible.

"And flexible means that I can hold tight," Vaughn explains.

To help in getting her lower, he recommends that Baumgardner widen her feet in her squat stance. He also tells her to narrow her grip a bit to bring the bar into a position near the pubic bone when she's standing tall, and he recommends Baumgardner learn how to let go of the hook grip on the catch.

"One thing that will open up mobility immediately and allow you to keep the elbow up easier is letting go of the hook grip overhead," Vaughn says.

Video by Dave Leys.

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Derek Wehling

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Fing Book

all these cross fitters look so solid and young. Just so inspirational each and every time

David Engeron


Kelsey Peters

Great, clear direction

Dave Scott

Amazing Quads!

SAEZ Virginia

Come on! Where are the hard exercises that we could see here on YT few years ago???

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Derek Wehling

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Andrew BruteFit

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William L

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The Dean

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Patrick Tumpane

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Claira Geller

sweet Jesus she's beautiful.


holy cow..um good luck getting those pants off...


This is what you don't see at a lot of crossfit gyms. ALL of the elite level competitors spend hours upon HOURS on technique. The impact that has on not only their performance but their long term safety is lost on your typical crossfitter.


omg her legs and butt are amazing


I won't tell you to fuck yourself Mr. Tantamount but I will say that at my gym (box) there are people of all shapes and sizes that train in Crossfit. Because it's a non-contact sport (activity?) and easy to learn, whole families can train together - young and old alike.As opposed to other sports like hockey, rugby and MMA, crossfit is great for just staying in shape and causes minimal injuries.


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Louis Barcel

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Alex Roan

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Dan Harris

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Derek Wehling

I love her everything!



Derek Wehling

I love her everything!


much better video. Thanks CFHQ. <3 Kayla.


no? He's talking about getting underneath the snatch

frank bombino

Sumo exercises are also good for lower body flexibility.

Stay Inspired

This was great ?

samsa deniz

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Geno V

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Derek Wehling

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Michael The Shield

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Can't say I would mind coaching Kayla, smoking.


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Ryan Pillion

I cant believe youre insulting an entire sport and community, good for you that you can curl a lot of weight but that gives you no reason as to be so ignorant that you talk bad about an entire society. Unlike your curls, crossfit transfers over very well to the real world. I use it to stay in shape for the air force to serve my country and save lives. None of us are brainwashed so you sir can go fuck yourself.


Shes a beast. Her quads and arms are huge.

Blake Purcell



good video for us amateurs. She also seems to be at a fairly beginner level considering the take away points he was giving her. thanks for the vid.


nice socks, coach!




I would love to get some coaching from Chad Vaughan. Inspirational.


Vaughn. Typo whoops.

cedric smith

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when he looks at her front i was like whatt anyway it is really hard workout

Mikey Pee

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