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This is my Gorilla Bow

This is my Gorilla Bow full body fat burning workout. The workout is comprised of 6 exercises, working 6 different body parts. It is done without rest, which will raise your metabolism and burn fat. Seated Rows, Squats, Bicep Curls, Military Presses, Tricep Extensions and Chest Flys

Link to great prices on Gorilla Bow equipment below...


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Emily Magenheim

Love this workout! Great job!!

Larry Patterson

I really like your videos. Wish I had found them sooner. Do you do this fat burning workout before or after you regular workout? What time of day typically?


I got my Gorrilla Bow since I can't go to the gym for quarantine so I have been looking for workouts to do and also how to use it. Thanks for the video.

Luv Led Zep

Another great workout !! Keep up the awesome videos ??

Sal Orlando

Finally snapped a band (the red one) when I was setting up for the squats. I hope I can do this workout using the blue (32lb) band. Did order another (actually 2 of them) red band. Had the bow for almost 1 year. But it scared the heck out of me when it snapped.

chris settles

When can we get more?

Daniel Alaniz

Neal love your videos. What days do you work out your bodyparts? Also do you have any videos coming up on all back workout. Thanks keep up the great work.

904 Lawn Pros, LLC

Love your videos. Please make an ab/core video.


I'm not happy with my purchase at all I just had one of my bands break I combined the yellow band with the red band doing overhead tricep workout and the yellow band snapped that shouldn't have happened if these are supposed to be strong like you say they are I don't recommend This product to nobody and I've been working out for years with weights and resistance bands I never had a band snap on me I thought these were good quality I guess not

Exercise Instructions for Gorilla Bow

Exercise Instructions for Gorilla Bow21 Oct. 2017
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Get the most out of your

Get the most out of your Gorilla Bow workout with this step-by-step Gorilla Bow training video. With dozens of exercises you can do anywhere, you will revolutionize your full body workout.

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Gorilla Bow Workout

Gorilla Bow Workout30 Mar. 2020
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This 25 minute Gorilla Bow

This 25 minute Gorilla Bow resistance training workout video is a great way to engage all major muscle groups. Exercises include bench press, bent over row, dead lift, squats, lunges, shoulder press, curls, and more. Our certified Gorilla Bow trainer, Marrin Ellis, will talk you through the exercises and get you motivated to get the most out of your routine. Marrin is the owner of Divine Design Fitness located in Texas.

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