How to hide love handles

Hide your tummy: 9 сlever life hacks that will help you lose weight in 5 minutes

Hide your tummy: 9 сlever life hacks that will help you lose weight in 5 minutes3 Oct. 2020
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Have you ever wondered: “how to hide my tummy?” ? If yes, then we’ll show you how to look slimmer without the need to lose weight ?. In this video by Fabiosa, we shared clever ways to hide belly fat, as well as tips for slimmer-looking legs ?, how to cover armpit folds, how to get rid of cellulite, and so much more! We also added a trick on how to hide a double chin ?!

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00:00 - How to hide belly fat

00:18 - How to get rid of love handles

00:30 - How to make legs ? look slimmer

01:10 - How to cover armpit folds

01:30 - How to visually lift the buttocks ?

01:51 - How to hide saggy arms

02:04 - How to get rid of cellulite

02:21 - How to hide a double chin

02:43 - How to look slimmer in photos

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Hide your tummy: 9 сlever life hacks that will help you lose weight in 5 minutes

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Kuch Hatke with Shilpa

I've uploaded a new video on my channel https://youtu.be/P4lcTNfV1JY
Please do share it with your friends and family since it'll definitely be really beneficial :)

Nature Lover

Nice sharing dear ??❤stay connected friends

Priyanka Mohan

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Sarfaraaz Ahmad

Very good idea

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Ikra kh

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nillima kashyap

Please go to gym, how long u will do these stupid things


I mean we dont you just exercise and lose all that extra fat.! Just stay healthy.!

Lisa Panigrahi

Kyun hide Karna hai tummy ko. Jaise ho waise dikho Acha hai.

Tomber Amoureux

Everything in these videos are always so fake but so entertaining ?

Sylva Silva

Nice to learn?

Hasnaa A

In my country those legs are the most beautiful

resh ma

Thanks for your wonderful hacks mam???????

Kay Mark

I dont think anyone would go to the effort of putting makeup on their legs lol

Nida Maya

Thnxxxx best like me?

YoungBeat Management

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Eno Choudhary

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She looks good either way to me.

Jacob Braitberg ('26)


Lorene Robertson

Is my is my mother goose club out.

Kuch Hatke with Shilpa

Great video ??

T SL rapunzel

I think it's very useful for everyone.??

Zach Zach

All girls are fat lol

Wendy Correa

Love the swim suit idea as a corset. Uber cool. Will try it.

Tara Brooks


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They forgot the most important one.....


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rima banerjee


Priyanka Mohan

It's fake it did not work with me

aryan dhakad


Amrutha S.J

Thanks dear.That tips are wonderful.!??

Hindi is India

loose weight in 5 months with beautiful body transformation plz go to gym

Alieo Primo

She's beautiful without all those enhancements????

Amy Adams

did she take off the fat suit to get that figure?

Kerstin Laika

With this Dog it's funny ?

Noel Nguemmogne

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HUGE SHEIN Haul / Try On (how to look good with love handles ?)

HUGE SHEIN Haul / Try On (how to look good with love handles ?)7 Mar. 2020
4 035
KariveSubscribe 438 721

Hii Friendss!!

Hii Friendss!! ?

In today's video, I wanted to try some new clothes from a new brand TO ME while also figuring out how to complement each clothing piece with my current love handle situation (:

vvvvvv Links to all the pieces I wore from SHEIN-please note, the other fashion store pieces do not have a link-sorry :(







The color I got in this one is no longer available https://us.shein.com/Open-Front-Double-Pocket-Boucle-Knit-Cardigan-p-908810-cat-2219.html






Black Blazer not available :(







Thank you for watching! Xoxo ?

Don’t forget to subscribe to be part of the familyy(:

Let’s be friends- Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/karive92/

Business Inquiries : [email protected]

PO Box 25961

Santa Ana, Ca 92799

Music by ninjoi. - Acceptance - https://thmatc.co/?l=B8A426B

#sheinhaul #beforeandafterlovehandles #nomorelovehandles

Comments (33)
Anahi XO

Your channel is popping. You've come so far!! Love love love you!

Brookey Baby

Hey Karen. You are so beautiful inside AND out! Love your body girl! I'm super thick too but I just buy clothes that accentuate the smallest part of my waist. But these fits were fire thi! Love them flowy tops ?

Dianesita Rodríguez

Si tu eres bien hermosa !!!

Gracie Foster Shaw

Stop going on about your fucking weight... you’re gonna make us fat chicks feel like shit. If I had your body I’d be happier. Girl you’re fucking hawt, you have curves in all the right places, fuck the gym and get back to the chocolate ?

Bere. Nice

Girl you looked gorgeous en todos los outfits ?♥️

Cristal Peralta

This is why I love watching your videos. You keep it real and are so relatable! You looked so pretty in a lot of those outfits, Work it! ?.


Girl thanks for keeping it real and showing the struggles most girls have!! You looked great in everything though and made it work in the end. it's more about comfort and whatever makes YOU♥️? comfortable.


“Where are the lonjas? They ain’t here!” ? lol you’re so cute! ? And you pulled off every piece girl! I think the belts and jackets really tied in the outfits ❤️


You have great taste...you looked just beautiful in everything!

Paige Domanski

I feel like I relate to you so much about putting on clothes! I feel like I wanna look cute but I struggle with my weight ?

Cristina P

Watching your video genuinely made me feel more relatable about the struggles that I go through when it comes to have gaining more weight. You’re one of my favorite and I want to thank you so much for posting something that might have been harder for everybody to see

Diana Laura Ramirez

Girl you look gorgeous in all these outfits!! Yass work!! ??‍♀️

Ace Hardy


Kelly Reilly-Robinson

You are so sweet and real! Love you Karive♥️



Danelle Belgarde

Loved the outfits. Thanks for keeping it real. ?

Eli's Mom

The bloopers kill me every time lol


Look great !!!

Rocio Gomez

The clothes all look gorgeous love. You can so pull all the clothes off with the small things. Add a long necklace or even a side strap purse. U have a good eye. ! Love the video

Sidney Rivera


Rose Julieanna

I love your confidence!


You are beautiful!!!! Xoxo micaela

Christa Cooper

What siZes are those ? It would be nice to know the sizes . Than do the expectation versus reality, also show how it looked on the model like with a picture beside you . I want to buy some but are they true to size? lol just some suggestions incase others want to buy like me .


Girl, when I tell you I’ve been in the gym! We had a wedding in Palm Springs last week and I refused to go looking like an Oompa Loompa. I got strict with my cals and went to the gym almost everyday for 5 weeks. I lost about 15lbs plus water weight. I’m feeling so confident but even more motivated to keep going with summer on the way. It’s not about being skinny for me but about feeling good with or without clothes and being STRONG. Taking the classes at my gym has been suuuppper helpful and watching routines on YouTube. You look amazing and can do whatever you put your mind to! Good luck ❤️

J Lop

Finallyyyy someone body that looks like mine!!!! Ahhhh always show people with a belly but still is skinny.

Tierra Wiggins

Thank you for this video. That has been my problem. I dress just like this to not make them look bigger than what they are.

Yadira J

Ughh you are awesome I needed this type of video thanks love ?

Jenn's Corner

Get a good piece of shapewear and you'll be fine to wear whatever


Love shein, so cheap and also pretty cute! I’ve had a couple of issues with the clothing coloration (I bought a shirt that was supposed to be pastel and it ended up being dark so I was kinda disappointed). But other than that, everything has always fit.

Diana Valdez

You look AMAZING ❤️ What love handles ??? Your videos are so real and you're so darn cute ❣️✌?

jessy heisenberg

Love every look on you ??


Ugh, I fucken love you ? I can definitely relate. I’m struggling rn I’m trying to lose weight. I have a few clothes that I don’t wear just cause of how out of shape I’ve become. Work/kids nomas me la paso tragando when I have time ?

Elizabeth Juan

I love SHEIN!! But sometimes there clothes is to small! Even when it’s large or extra large! But I still love it!
How much were the cardigan?!? I love cardigans so much and those looks so cute!

Compress your tummy, Lift your bust, Hide love handles.

Compress your tummy, Lift your bust, Hide love handles.12 Jun. 2020
1 481
WomanOceanSubscribe 438 721

New generation of cami

New generation of cami shaper

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