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5 Moves for Golf Fitness at Home - Kettlebells & Dumbbells - Beat the Lockdown, Stay Ready!

5 Moves for Golf Fitness at Home - Kettlebells & Dumbbells - Beat the Lockdown, Stay Ready!9 Apr. 2020
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With the world staying at

With the world staying at home right now, we want you to have the best options for your at home golf fitness workouts!

Kettlebells & Dumbbells are an awesome way to train and these 5 Movements can create challenging, fun and effective workouts!

Listen up, subscribe and check out how we put these workouts together at our website!

Stay ready, Golf Strong.

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TOTAL BODY KETTLEBELL & DUMBBELL WORKOUT - 35 Minute Fat Burner?14 May. 2020
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TOTAL BODY KETTLEBELL & DUMBBELL WORKOUT- Love your at home workouts with dumbbells or at home workouts with kettlebells?

This kettlebell & dumbbell full body fat burning workout offers up the best of both worlds in one 30 Minute Follow Along Workout.

In this full body superset workout for fat loss and strength building, you'll work through 8 seperate supersets. Completing 2 sets on each of the supersets for 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest.

I used 1 x 12kg kettlebell and 1 set of 5kg dumbbells to complete this workout but you may want to work with something lighter or heavier depending on your fitness and strength level.

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This is my own personal workout and may not be suited for you. It is strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program. By engaging in this exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk

Thank You For Following Along

Penny xo

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Jessy B

Guess who just invested in a set of kettlebells!!!!! I can't wait to start in on the kettlebell workout playlist you have created <3 Can't wait to give this one a try.

Laura Tarmey

Love this smashed it, sweaty Betty ???

Ivan Ng

Great set. Would have just liked kettle bells only. I love the style which you programme but would prefer you break the silence with some voice over guidance. Either correcting common mistakes. Provide some instruction or some words of encouragement


Love your workouts Penny. Can you please release more 60 minutes workouts. Would love them ??

Danielle Mills

This was my first workout with you and it was great! I like the combination of exercises. I didn't have a kettlebell but the modified version was super helpful!

Alexandra Piripitsis


Scimmia LaRatta

I love the combo kettlebell and dumbell! And 35 minutes is a good length too cause i like workouts from 30 to 60 minutes.

Janet Y

Thank you once again for a wonderful workout. I liked the combination, I substituted the weights with milk bottles filled with sand and water ??

Caro Port

I felt energized after this workout and wanting to do more!!

Julia Berris

Great work out. Great variety and challenging. Loved it

Beatris Hernandez


Divya Tejas

Just finished this session and I liked the mix of kettlebell n dumbbell mix & Penny u play with everything and plan us such an unique workouts ? really appreciate your work ✌️keep it up dear we all support you??

Sarah Imam

Great workout..Will surely try tomorrow ...??

Nicole Lopez

Thank you for another awesome workout! That was challenging yet fun! :)


Super intense workout. Thanks a bunch!

Shaun Jarrett

Love the combination of kB and db

Leto M.

That was owsome Penny,thank you! ?
Still sweating,we have a heat wave of 40 c° in Athens,but I really enjoyed it,. I hope you release some more of these...

Saws Daoud

Hi Penny. Waouw this workout is very complete! Full body
I like it?❤???kiss from Brussels. Sawsanne.

clare bitmead

Phew that was tough! Thanks for the burn Penny! :)

Yen Le

I really like your workout. It help me lost 2.5kg/week. And more than this i fell strong.

Dede com voce USA

Love, love this workout!!! Thanks ❤️

Taoufa El Gardaoui

I liked it so much and I am so thankful I got the chance to do it
Thank you so much loves from morocco

Rachel Owhonda

I really enjoyed this combination ??. Thank you

Pualiʻi Rossi-Fukino

This was a great workout and one of my favorite formats! I love the alternating of kettlebells and dumbbells. It really made me break a sweat. Hope you do another one like this! Thank you!

Lynn Tran

Omg, I love this workout so much. I really love the combination of Kettlebell and dumbbells. Thank you so much???

j f


Victor Pons

...no better way to start the day,..yes, Brutal is the word!! hello from Barcelona

Jinhee Lee

You've got yourself a new fan and a new subscriber!! I've worked out for many years and consider myself quite fit and this workout was tough but also super fun! I only have dumbbells at home so having this option for a kettlebell workout was great. The time just flew by! I love the music, the minimum talking, and best of all, seeing the smile on your face when I look up on the screen. Thank you so much for the quality workout and I am looking forward to doing many more in the future!

Reine Mrad

Omg a killer workout!!! I burned 330 calories in 35 minutes!!! I m dead!! Loved it ????

Anne Makuro

I really enjoyed this workout. Moving from dumbbells to kettlebell challenged my muscles and I really had to concentrate. Thanks Penny.

Vangie Marie

Another goodie, as always!!! I love kettlebells. But, of course, I am not opposed to dumbells. I need to buy a few more kettlebells. The heaviest I have is a 20. thanks for these great workouts.

Kate Masterson

I love the DB and kettlebell combo super sets! It was a fun and never repetitive workout.Thank you, Penny! your videos are helping me a lot!

naina gupta

I looooove kettlebells. This one is a happy killer one!! Love the compound moves. You are the best Penny.... More please

Jimmy Oates

Love your videos, question how do you keep smiling threw the whole work out LMBO I love it

Lady Shabs

Aww Penny you are truly amazing, I enjoy working out with you everyday. I seriously can not get enough. Thank you for doing an amazing job.

Lisa Sipes

Will do this tomorrow. Thank you for sharing these incredible workouts. ❤️?. So appreciated

Cristian Andres Moyano

La mejor profe de todas.genia total???

Virginia Lojuti

Nice workout Penny. Yes, love the combination DB n Kettlebell. Looking forward for another of these two workout combination ?

renata hogan

Thanks penny once again for your awesome workouts, I love the combination of kettle ball and dumbbells ?

Bridget Hughes

??loved the combination of kettlebells &dumbells.

Fuse Kane

I'll save this one for tomorrow?. I'm considering buying a kettlebell: do you have any suggestions on how to chose the right weight?

Rebecca Martinez

You kicked my ?!! Really good workout!!!

Nikki Hughes

Love love love this workout! Definitely my new fave, what size dumbbells do you use please? X

Sarah Jane Roberts

They are a great combo!! I modified some since can’t do most of the upper body yet, thank you Penny ❤️

Kendall Brown

I loved this work out and I liked the combo . I started working out with you about a month ago and I love your work out videos and the dogs . I actually can see the results . I tell all my friends about you , you are a beast . I would like more kettlebell work outs . Can I ask where your from. As I hear a accent ? Checking in from PA here .


Burned 200 calories with this. Thanks for a great workout Penny!! Love from IL USA ?

Iris L

Thank you another great workout - I liked the combo of kettlebell and dumbbells but i prefer kettlebells mainly because i have more variations in weights at home :)

Laura Zeffer

yes, yes, yes- compound! I am a walk and chew gum kinda gal. Thanks!

Honeicia Williams

Omg ? this combination was brutally amazing ? ? ?


Thank you Penny, i loved this workout so much! ❤

milissa rizzio

Great workout ?️‍♀️ Penny! Thank you!!

Monika1805 Monika

wow... tough workout, but enjoy it :-) thanks

Crystal Mac

What a great workout!! ??

Jessy B

Loved this one!!!! My very first kettlebell workout complete. I can't wait to get more familiar with it and try out some of your other kettlebell vids. Those Alt. BD. Plank Flys had me DYING!! As well as the very last set. Abs on fire. Thank you for this one. Even added on a mile run to finish it out <3

Ronke Ajadi

This was a great kettlebell/dumbell combination. Thankyou.

Jennifer Adams

That was a great one penny ?. Very effective and love that only repeated 2×s. Great time block as well

Jenna Christmas

Love the variety! Keeps me engaged! Another soaked ?️‍♂️

Farid-James Healey

Another Great one! Also your music is on point!

Kate Gonzalez

Thank you. You are awesome.


Forgot to leave my comment yesterday. This workout is exactly what I needed this Monday morning after overdoing it on a few pink gins over the weekend. Well needed this morning. I was dripping sweat ? within the first 6 mins of the workout. ?? ? ?? ? ?? Absolutely smashed it. My favourite workouts was DB sumo bent stance row, DB bear renegade row, DB step back lunge to lateral rise and DB burpee punch. Doing this workout to funky house/garage music ? gets you pumped up to push through. #MorningWorkout #mondaymotivation #LetsGetFit #LetsDoThis ?????? Burnt 300 kcals ???

Constanza Mansilla

hi penny, how many calories do you burn with this workout?

Virginia Chow

It really is a pleasure working out with you! I don’t have kettlebells so I used the dumbbells throughout with no problem. Love your workouts! Keep them coming!!

Eric Skilling

Great workout! ? Liked the combo on kettlebells and dumbbells.

Sarah Hagen

Thanks Penny! Another awesome workout!

Joyce LM

Thanks Penny. Another great workout. Love the kb/db combo ?

Maria Lupu

You are the only one on this big YouTube platform who has well structured workouts. I am being subjective now I guess. But you are doing a really good job. Thank you ?

Mel Taylor

Brilliant combination and workout length. The abs at the end were tough (started out easy.. but by 25 secs in had me groaning!) so glad the cool down was on the mat today!

Preeti Tyagi

Cracked it....and
love it!!!!!!

Cheshire Cat cat

The combo was super fun ♥️ it big thanks Penny u rock ??

Cam M

Woohoo! On tap for tomorrow. Looks great!

Joyce LM

That was a very sweaty workout. Thank you! Love the kb/db combo?

anne camps

Thanks love

Shiri Gaiger

I'm from Israel, and just noticed your channel. Great workouts! realy a killers!

chuma Lilungwe

love the combination

eva hantzis

What a workout, loved it event hough I prefer dumbells and used only dumbells in this one thank you Penny xx


Thanks again Penny, you deserve way more subscribers ?

Edirlan Martins

Faz um vídeo focado em abdômen.

joanne taylor

Brilliant love the combination ?

Яна Камбур

Thanks for you ???

Cara Rudd

This workout truly pushed me to my limits. I pushed a little more with heavier weights and kettlebell where I felt I could. Thank you for your encouragement and motivation. It’s so exciting to see what you have in store for us next. Thank you for your commitment to creating hardcore/doable workouts??????????

shrenik oswal

Penny The workout was just just amazing amazingly best loved it enjoyed it a lot was amazingly Exzosted ?? keep making such extraordinary HIIT WORKOUT Videos lots lots of love & Support from India ???????????????????????????????

Jessica Babin

You are by FAR the best fitness youtuber with the BEST workouts! THANK YOU!

Ihab Hammad

Thanks ? great workout as usual ????✊

Renaida Leito

I love all your work out. I like the combination

Barbara Serdeczna

Hi Penny, I’m new to you channel since about two weeks, love it love it love it! This was a great combo, I like kettlebell & dumbbell mix very much! It was tough too!! If I can make one general comment / suggestion - for me personally the warm ups are a bit insufficient. I would welcome a bit longer & more comprehensive warm up to prevent these strains & injuries that do happen from time time. Other than this all perfect! Keep posting You’re amazing !!!

erica glesk

That was awesome! It felt like 10 minutes!!

Anna Torres

Loved this workout! More ustlike this!

Angie Martens

That was an awesome way to start my morning. Super sweaty super sets. Loved it. Thank you

Koala GaL

super sore but super awesome Penny! Tha! xx

Sarina Sierra

I love the mix of dumbbell & Kettlebell workout! I have been using your workouts for about 4 weeks and have seen GREAT results! Thank you!

Raghad alahmari

Next time tell us how much weight do you use

Elishia Veilleux

What a workout.!Couldnt stop sweating. Thanks for the great conditionning.

Kellye Hunter

Absolutely loved the weight combination and movement configuration of this workout. I feel like I really racked up some exertion points on this one! Thank you!!!

sandra crnogaj


Racha Saoud

Great workout! Can we have more videos during the week? ? You are just perfect ?♥️


This was amazing

Natalie Rocco

thank you dear! If you could make a cellulite bye bye workout, i would appreciate it a lot

Helena Durfort

Loved it. The combination worked well ??

Laura W

That was great Penny! I used a set of 3kg and 5kg dumbells and now i'm just sweating?
I also love to see new excersices in each of your workouts, great job!


I liked both!

Dumbbell and Kettlebell Full Body Workout

Dumbbell and Kettlebell Full Body Workout14 Oct. 2020
1 401
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In this at home workout,

In this at home workout, we will be using a kettlebell and a pair of dumbbells. We will be doing some great total body kettle bell and total body dumbbell exercises to build some lean muscle and burn fat. There are many kettlebell benefits and dumbbell benefits when it comes to exercises with kettlebells and dumbbells when it comes to working total body to burn the most calories and build some lean muscle. From the kettlebell snatch, kettlebell swing, to the kettlebell deadlift kettlebells challenge the core and many other muscles. Lets get ready for a kettlebell and dumbbell fat burning workout

Comments (4)
Carl Reid

Hardest workout yet! Keep them coming.

Craig Calzaretta

So great! Kicked my ass. ????????????

Stacy Love

Awesome workout! Thank you - I am dripping sweat :)


WoW, my legs gonna feel this one tomorrow!
And I thank you for it ?