Kneeling cable pulldown

Kneeling Straight Arm Cable Pulldown

Kneeling Straight Arm Cable Pulldown10 Jul. 2017
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Rope Pulldown Tips for Maximizing Lat Focus

Rope Pulldown Tips for Maximizing Lat Focus28 Aug. 2015
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In this video, Dr.

In this video, Dr. Stoppani shows you a technique for straight-arm pulldowns to increase the amount of weight used and to maximize lat muscle fiber recruitment. Pulled From www.JimStoppani.com

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Jordan Shallow D.C

How can you ignore the crossing of the joint at the pelvis?


Very good. I've been doing this variation for a while and have noticed significant growth in my lats. Thanks.

Dan Stafford

Doing Low Reps on a cable is bad advice because you're very unstable... you'll be bringing in more stabilizer muscles! Doing Low Reps on machines is bad advice because of severe joint strain! Every gym has it's wackos don't be one of them!


thanks for this video. this variation is much easier on the lower back.

The Art of TK

you should get a new camera :]


sir my pre workout have same ingredient that i also have to consume after post workout can i take pre workout two times ? plzzzz answer

Dan Stafford

A rope pull down is a neutral grip... your grip strength hinders that exercise.... a pull-down should be done with a pronated grip... a pull-down is the bottom half of a pullover... the bottom half of a pullover can be done on a decline bench.... the top half of a pullover can be done on a incline bench... or the top half of a pullover can be done on a cable facing away from the weight stack... likewise for the bottom half of the pullover can be done facing towards from the weight stack! You're not a personal trainer you're a gym owner!


do you have to do them kneeling or can you do them seated or standing?


I'm waiting for jim's answer


Question: what works the lats better, pronated or neutral grip on the rope handles?


i usually do the 80 kg wide grip lat pulldown but i had a fucking hard time today handling this shit here with 25 kg. guess i need a lot more lat isolation


I do feel my lats while doing this exercise but it also places some stress on the triceps as well. Any suggestions Doc?

Kneeling cable lat pulldowns. 2.1 weeks out WQ 2016

Kneeling cable lat pulldowns. 2.1 weeks out WQ 201611 Jun. 2016
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