Hamstring exercises no weights

Hamstring Exercises at Home with Very Little Equipment for Golfers

Hamstring Exercises at Home with Very Little Equipment for Golfers4 Dec. 2018
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Are you struggling to

Are you struggling to find hamstring exercises at home that you can do without equipment or weights?

In this video, Jeff shows several options to still get your hamstrings strong that you can do with very little to no equipment at home!

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Michelle Barclay

Please share what type of bands you have hanging and the bench that you used? Thanks.

Mo Butter


Scott Doane

I needed this


Thank you! ???


I think you are limiting your viewership a whole lot by appending "for golfers". I don't golf, I do bodybuilding... I have tried a bunch of these and really felt hams working!

kieron thomas

I tried the 1 with the ball but found I was feeling it more in my calves

Home Hamstring Workout (NO EQUIPMENT)

Home Hamstring Workout (NO EQUIPMENT)24 Apr. 2019
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The home hamstring workout

The home hamstring workout starts at 3:05 min.

I've done a full video of this home hamstring workout, allowing you to do it with me in real time. If you want to skip the intro and exercise breakdown the home hamstring workout starts at 3:05 min.


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Most home leg workouts put stress on the front of your thighs, but this one is only for this on the backside. Focus is the hamstrings, but you will also feel it working your glutes and your calves. You can do this entire workout from the comfort from your own home or you can take it to the gym with you and do it as a finisher after your booty, hamstring or leg workout.

Why Target Your Hamstrings?

Strong hamstrings are beautiful and super functional. They're especially important if you have or want to prevent knee issues, if you're a runner or an athlete competing in any sport that requires you to use your legs. If any of those apply to you, you should definitely watch this video and do the workout with me. It takes only eight minutes and all you need is a mat and a timer.

So now you know why you should train your hammies. Are you ready? Let's dive into it!


First I will take you through the technique for the four different exercises we're gonna do in today in the home hamstring workout.

Exercise 1: Glute Bridge Walk Out

Exercise 1 is a Glute Bridge Walk Out. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Lift your toes and hips up, and keep them up, while stepping forward one foot at a time for 4 steps. The bigger steps you take, the more difficult the exercise becomes. Return to the starting position with four steps. If you can, keep your hips up throughout this whole exercise. Make sure your toes stay lifted and your butt stays lifted as high as possible. You want to keep a straight line through your hips and knees.

Exercise 2: Glute March

The second exercise is a Glute March. To begin, lie flat on your back and bend your knees. This time you can keep your toes on the floor and just lift your hips. Staying up here throughout the exercise, you're gonna lift one leg up, put it back down and switch legs. Like you're marching and lifting your knees high up but in a supine position.

Exercise 3: Reverse Plank Leg Raises

The third exercise is a Reverse Plank Leg Raises. You're gonna lie flat on your back with your legs straight. Now come up on your hands, make sure your fingers are pointing towards your toes. Make sure your elbows are straight and your shoulders are pushed back away from your ears. This is a reverse plank. From this reverse plank position, keeping your knee straight, lift up one leg and hold for a brief moment. Then place it back down and switch. Make sure to keep your hips up throughout all the repetitions.

Exercise 4: Reverse Saw

The fourth exercise is the Reverse Saw. Starting position: Stretch out your legs in front of you, come up on your elbows and lift your hips up. From this reverse plank on your elbows, do a see-saw motion back and forth by flexing and extending your ankles. Make sure you keep your shoulders down and away from your ears. Press the weight down through your elbows and through your heels. Keep your hips lifted the whole time - it'll get difficult at the end but you can do it!

It's gonna be 3 rounds of 4 x 30 seconds of work + 10 seconds of rest.

No break between the rounds so you will be working out with me for 8 minutes in total.

Make sure you push as hard as you can throughout the whole workout. Be strict with your technique and keep those hips up. I know it's gonna be really, really hard, especially at the end, but you can do it! If 30 seconds is too much for these exercises you can change the timer and do, for instance, 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest instead. If one of the exercises is too difficult for you, feel free to leave that one out for now and just do the exercises you feel like you can do with good technique.

This is a tough home hamstring workout and you will probably feel it in your calves and your glutes as well. That is perfectly okay, we are working the whole lower posterior chain of your body. If you don't feel it in your hamstrings (back of your thighs all the way from your hips to behind your knees), please go back and watch the instructions in the video. Before the workout starts I go through the technique of each individual exercise.

If you give this home hamstring workout a try, let me know how you like it! Would love your feedback. It helps me learn what you'd like to see in future videos.

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Great workout! I like the new intro by the way!

Katy Donna

Excellent explanation and looking like a great workout! Have just finished my workouts for tonight but will definitely be giving this a go tomorrow ♥️ thank you, wishing you happiness and prosperity ✨

Jai V

Thanks for the great video again!

Hamstring, Glute and Leg Exercises // No Equipment // 6 Exercises

Hamstring, Glute and Leg Exercises // No Equipment // 6 Exercises18 Dec. 2020
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These glute and hamstring

These glute and hamstring leg exercises require no weights (just bodyweight) and are low impact which means they are low back pain friendly and also help strengthen and lift the glutes giving more support to the lower back. Not only do all these exercises strengthen your legs they also target the glute and hamstring. All exercises are beginner friendly and great for at home or the gym. I always recommend using a stable surface for the marching hip extensions and elevated single leg hip extensions.

Give this workout a try. and let me know what you think!

00:00  Intro

00:44  Hip Extension (Marching)

01:19  Elevated Single Leg Hip Extensions

01:50  Stability Ball Hamstring Curls

02:25  Open Clamshell Kickbacks

03:02  Isolated Hyperextensions

03:34  Side Plank with Leg Extension

04:19  Outtake

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Josh Blunt

??? Home workouts are definitely needed this year!

Lubuulwa Chris Fitness

Recommending this to my female friends.


Tough work @3:03 ! Great session my friend, let’s get these goals.. stay the course.

Ava Bella

i love your intro by the way!! ???

Cuộc Sống Dân Dã

Dear friends, I wish you good health, I will exchange for a long time

Die Angler

Like 46 very good.lg die Angler, have a wonderful day and Happy NEW Year?‍♀️??and ??you me too ?❤


Excellent workout exactly what I need thanks you so for sharing ?❤️❤️


Thank you for watching this glute and hamstring focused leg day! Which exercise do you find more challenging (in a good way)?! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel ?

Saadon Aksah

omg! i need to start doing all these exercises! thanks for sharing!

Fitover Fifty

Another awesome video, love the exercise variety with the explanations on what to focus on.??????

Hesli Barajas

Like 7 to this awesome hamstring workout ????

Kaliana Yoga

MeganAnne SUCH a killer leg work out. I needed this after all the laying around and eating I have done the last couple of days. Happy Holidays!


Another great video keep them coming

Jayla Freeman

This is such a great workout! Love how you explained everything

Magandita Fit

adding this on my net booty and hams session, this are so great for my home workouts! love always your informative workouts Megan. happy weekend gorgeous.

Shana Leigh

I will definitely be adding these to my next leg day. Great moves, girl! I love how detailed and informative you are.
(And that last video ? I am cracking up).
Keep up the amazing content!

Tuan Tran - Fitness Coach

These isolated hyperextensions look great dear! I’ll try thinking how I can implement them into my clients program ❤️

Tammy Salamone - The Pink Survivor

I loved those marching hip extensions. Look super challenging! This was awesome and I loved your instructions ???

Sharyn Leanna

Another fabulous routine gorgeous

I need to utilise these in my next workout!
Definitely some ass burners there!!

You have an incredible physique ✨❤️

Love the moves right at the end!! You go girl ????

Timothy Lee, MS, OT, CPT

Hip extensions are my favorite for glutes and hammies. Gotta counteract all my sitting around all day lol

Ava Bella

this looks like a great workout!!! you’re great at doing voiceovers by the way ?


Excellent content as always!

Veggie Vee

Yees girl these all look soo challenging , i love it ????

Roxanne Russell

Awesome workout lovely, exactly what I needed!! thank you so for sharing ??

Ricky Sherrill

Another killer workout Megan. Quick explanation video..love the zoom with voiceover.. an awesome multiple round workout. ?????


Great workout ? this is very helpful Megan! Amazing job with this video ??

Jaime Fok

Omg those isolated hyperextensions killll me! I didn’t know what those were called! Amazing workout!!

Verloue’s Home Workout

Great workout girl I feel the burn ?

Journey to Mobility

Great isolation exercises!!! ? the music is also so upbeat, can’t wait to add this to my leg day routine!! Thanks for your awesome content Megan! ??