Hack squat muscles worked

Reverse Hack Squat | Try This Exercise To Build Massive Legs!

Reverse Hack Squat | Try This Exercise To Build Massive Legs!21 Jan. 2017
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Try this exercise to

Try this exercise to build MASSIVE legs!



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Comments (15)
Steven M

What is the primary muscle worked?


Great pointers Adrian! My machine is a bit different but Ill try to get closer to the bottom like how you do em


nice ass

Jesus Gonzalez

I usually do regular squats w the bar and sometimes I do these. Could I do both during the same workout?

Dave Kershaw

Yeah man never actually tried this, will do next time I get on the hack squat! Good video Adrian brother

Manuel Garcia

could work depending on the position of the feet...some people place them higher and that produces a lot of dangeorus strain on the lower back


I try this before. great video fam

Kenneth Streater

One of the most under rated exercise for legs. It’s easy on the knees and back if you do it correctly. Good video ?????


Awesome squats man, subbed, keep it up!

Bikini Fit

I love this move!!!

Anthony Reyes

the leg position will not work best for everyone due to the height of the person and I see people are going to bang their knees on the machine..... but yes to hack squats in general

Tonys Pure Fitness

bruh I'm working on my twigs now...that slow controlled motion. going to get that solid contract tion...solid run down brotha??

Devon Bernard

I have done these before and I can say definiltyhits the legs perfectly ! Great video man

Anthony Perez

strong legs man !

Chris The Vigilante!

Man fuck front squats ???


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Nitish WadheraSubscribe 438 721

If you’re not training

If you’re not training in a conventional gym, you might not have a hack squat machine. Hack squat machine load up the quads in a compound movement without axial loading. In this video, Nitish discusses what exercises you can use as alternatives to these !

i hope you will get the proper knowledge after watching this video.

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Comments (5)
Namat Dubey

so much knowledge keep going

Sun Studios

Awesome as always ??

AJsingh Vlogs

Yehhhh मेरे भाई नितेश का चैनल monetize हो गया मज़ा आ गया अब पीछे मुड़ कर मत देखना चाहे कुछ भी हो जाए.... लगातार वीडियो आने देना और मेहनत करना बाकि भोलेनाथ है हमारे साथ.... love u मेरे भाई... ???????????????

Tsewang Stanzin

perfect bro ...

vidhu wadhera

good bro.... ?????

Quad Sweep and Huge Legs with Hack Squats

Quad Sweep and Huge Legs with Hack Squats6 Jan. 2021
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Comments (58)
x sastah

Hey Joe, thanks for the insights!
Would you always recommend Full Range of Motion? I feel my quads much more when I use a smaller rom but with with constant tension. Also getting a big pump. Or is that not so important for growth? Thanks!

Zoran Kornet

Hi, Joe! As a gym owner and a personal trainer, I'm really loving this type of content, there's always a golden nugget to be found on your videos. If I may add a suggestion: you could make a 20min video about basic exercise mechanics and hypertrophy (mechanical tension, moment arm, active range of motion...) and then do a video for each of your favorite exercises per bodypart (as you did with hacks right now). I know you already explained moment arms, but maybe a video named "What is training" or "What are exercises" where you tie everything together would light more than few lightbulbs over our meathead heads. :) The most sharing I do with all my clients and coaches is when I do their programming and when I link to each exercise in their program.

KenzoSuzuki Smith

6:40 My wife walked in when I said out loud "I have no feelings". Thanks coach.

Shane P

Hacks have always felt pretty brutal on my f'd up knees coming out of the bottom, been doing primarily pendulum squats since the resistance curve is great and I can hit rock bottom pretty comfortably.

I'm gonna play around with bands and my foot placement though see if I can't make em work


The BATMAN says he can never get enough of leg day videos

Benjamin Senatore

Is the activation better in quads when you use Bands?


Also find it annoying the platform on the machine is angled upwards. Helps with safety to prevent slipping but forces more ankle mobility.
For ex. If you had a plate on your heels, you could have your feet further back (if your machine allowed) and have more quad engagement

Zimasa Ngqokolo

Amazing tips, thank you so much for your content!????

Any advice on people that struggle with knee pain generally especially on machines like a hack squat?


great beard!


Hey coach! I used to enjoy doing these but my left lower back would flair up pretty often. Eventually I just switched them up with Pendulum Squats and no pain on my back. Also, the Pendulum at the gym has a counter weight to offset the weight when at the lowest point and found it to be cheating as I can't handle the weight in some way but I'll definitely give it a shot!

Fun guy no emotion

I use less weight than 90% of my gym on hack squat and leg press but have some of the biggest legs by pushing the muscle fibers heavily in full ROM.

Muhammed Abu Alburghol

Always learning from this guy. Thank you!

Moisés BN

Great tips Joe! Thank you so much ?


17:33 consider this a gain


Thanks for the videos and free tips man, these help more than most training coaches for sure.

Patricia Malloy

Very Nice??

Joel Bullion

I follow hunter labrada an brain been doin these for awhile making huge progress on my hammie focus day i move my legs up the pad abit works for both great variations an take stress off the knee joint thanks hypertrophy coach great stuff ??


Crying ? 'n Learning ?


Great video. What is your opinion on the style of Hack that Tom Platz did where he was keeping his feet together and coming up on his toes?

Fling FlangFlong

Hack Squats I feel like they bang up my knees more than ass to grass high bar squats, is my feet positioning messed up or is this exercise just not for me


Would be cool to see some bodyweight tips since a lot of the gyms are closed ?

Dragon Flies

So valuable, thanks heaps

jim beam

Awesome! Can't wait to use this on an available hack machine... oh wait.

Mark Newton

That “hack” at the end is something I can’t wait to try when my gym opens ?

Chris Tarpley

It’s a shame that a person like this that genuinely wants to help people in calm articulate manner doesn’t get as many view as someone that yells at you and just trying to sell you something


How about free barbell squats with plates or a wood on your heels. Can these be effective like in the old days?

Mersow MersowBR

Very nice video! keep it up. Greetings from brazil!

KenzoSuzuki Smith

Coach, what about the machine behind you the Hammer strength V squat? I found that hack squat hurt my knees :( But that other machine i can go heavy and to failure. Any difference between the 2 machines?

Ander García

Your insights into training and your tips have completely change the way I train. Thank you Joe!

Markyyy focus Tibben

Great video


Awesome info!! Thanks

Christopher Joshua Wang

what are the bands for?

Questionable Ethnicity

We've known about moment arms for millenia! You're absolute right and I cringe when people think you're being excessively theoretical when you bring it up. Uneducated people often intuitively understand it yet people act like you're just trying to sound smart when really you're just being precise with what you actually mean.

Diablito Speedz

Great tips !

John Smith

Thoughts on using a belt hip squat as an alternative?


I once got a hole in my underwear but good think it was a girl that saw. The rest is history ?


This is a massive tip so many people do it wrong

Tom Bayes

33k subscribers??? Keep up the good work, man. Love your educational approach.


This was very helpful, thanks for sharing Joe. ?


You're the best bodybuilding content creator in terms of quality, usable content. Been lifting for over 10 years, and still find new things to learn/relearn from you. Thank you, keep doing what you're doing!


Hey Joe, Is there still an option to change the membership to life time? thanks!


How many Hack Squat machines does mi40 have ? ? What brand is this particular machine you are training at first I thought it was Arsenal but thats not it

Weird Account

I can’t express how much weight can I’d love to be in Terrances’ shoes when it’s comes to training w/ you..

Sanddeep Bhargav

Please make that arm day video. Hit like guys

Kiernan Carlson

Tutorial on how to set up the bands ??

Vladimir Ciric

Banded hacks all day ?

Tajinder Fitness

Video quality is excellent ?

Amod Amladi

Want the song at the intro, suggest some workout playlist


What’s the difference between the Incline Hack Squat And this one. Can you still go as deep on the Incline Hack Squat to target quad sweep


I have the same hack machine in my gym. Will totally try the super deep style. Great tips

Miggy Galuza

Hello sir. Im a new subscriber on your channel. I just want to ask that is it possible to lose stubborn fat on your obliques when your calorie intake is only for maintaining your muscle mass but your still going to intake small amounts of goods fats.

Nazmul Haque

Is this good for MASS?

Mees Slokkers

Would be bulgarian split squat work somewhat of the same ?

Rahul Singh

Man i wish my gym had this tormentor

alex blaxell

What percentage of band tension in comparison to the actual plate load do you recommend roughly? Great vid man ?

Anthony Intensity

Joe I have an interessted question, so please
For max depth, is it usefull to use Olympic shoes (squat shoes) on the Hack Machine? Or just flat shoes? With Olympic shoes I can place my feet a little bit lower on the platform.

Mark Barrett

Ah yes, the hack squat pant split. Done that.

Conor _

What would be the main benefit of banding from the bottom?