Mike tyson charity fight

Mike Tyson. vs. Roy Jones Jr | OLD FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS KNOCKOUT Previous Fights & current Face Off!!

Mike Tyson. vs. Roy Jones Jr | OLD FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS KNOCKOUT Previous Fights & current Face Off!!29 Nov. 2020
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Mike Tyson returns to the

Mike Tyson returns to the ring against Roy Jones Jr TONIGHT... but can he still do it at the age of 54? Great video to watch before the actual fight later today and shows footage of both Tyson's and Roy Jone's old knockouts and has both fighters facing off & includes a Tyson interview!!

Mike Tyson is ready for his charity exhibition fight with Roy Jones Jr today in another 30 minutes or so...

The fight takes place at the Staples Center in California today

Evander Holyfield and Danny Williams have backed 'Iron Mike' to win the fight Tyson's former sparring partner Joe Egan says it will only last one or two rounds

It might be more than two months late, but Mike Tyson's showdown with Roy Jones Jr at the Staples Center in California is fast approaching.

With just hours until the eight round charity exhibition bout, the odds have dramatically fallen in favour of 'Iron Mike' Tyson.

Tyson may have retired from the ring more than 15 years ago but fellow boxing icons Evander Holyfield - who had his ear bitten by Tyson in a now infamous bout - and Danny Williams have backed the 54-year-old to not only win, but 'seriously hurt' Jones Jr under the lights in Los Angeles.

But not all believe it will be quite so smooth for Tyson. David Haye and Lennox Lewis have sided with underdog Jones Jr, claiming his 'combinations' and 'skill' are good enough to see him dominate in any era of boxing.

Whether you're sitting firmly in Tyson's corner or believe Jones Jr can pull off a spectacular feat, nobody watching this one can say for sure which way it will play out between two iconic fighters.

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edmar Dadea

Its a prank!!? Not a full fight!

Paul Gallen vs Junior Paulo - Charity Fight Night 2016

Paul Gallen vs Junior Paulo - Charity Fight Night 20169 Dec. 2016
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Fight begins at 5:50

Fight begins at 5:50

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Justin OConnor

Stop making excuses gallen is tougher and quicker. End of story. The other guy did a good job.

Corz Illa

Gallens jab was on point. great fight though for Junior for his first bout. if he got his weight and cardio right he could do well, but gallen smoked him with those punches at the end crazy.

Sabeer Ahmad

Lol and wants to fight sbw lol???


Junior paulo did good especially for someone who hasn’t had a professional fight before but Paul gallon has had experience

Peter-Joseph Lamusitele

Eels vs sharks

Tom Friedrich

Next match Paul Gallen vs SBW


Gallon is one tuff dude!

Alekos Dafiniz

If paulo gets to 107-110 he will be a serious competitor

Zeb Nicklin

Gallen is lucky, lucky that Paulo is a novice... 5 fights like Gallen and it's game! Mini HUGE Tua!

Andy Fuatai

Solid fight! Great talents

J Ryder

Paulo uce cut down on the sapasui,pisupo and kalo and youll be sweet???


Tomorrow u fight a real Samoan in mark hunt! Don’t forget to pacc a lunch

Gentle Giant

Paul gallen knew that his opponent would get tired fast, so he conserved his energy and waited for the right opportunity. Good thinking though ?

david Coopes

Go Paul Gallen

E2dW F

Great fight..respect to Junior Paulo keep going bro..you can come back better..


Junior has all of the advantages of youth, reach, weight, and size, but Gall's years of carting the ball up the middle in the NRL has created a physically durable and mental tough athlete.

Faauta Taulapapa


Allan Yaqoob

I want a clean fight boys!

Andy Kaye

both average boxers- they would look a joke fighting wilder or Joshua

cob cob

both good

Clay Shaw

Good fight lads ??

Nox Valhalla

Paul can fight

Anthony Joshua

Gallen broke him in the staredown, Paulo is big don't get me wrong but even he had some fear of facing Gallen

Jason Velghe

Mark Hunt will KO Paul!


Paulo did pretty well for his first time in the ring. 1st fight vs 6th fight is a big difference


Soccer the most powerful sport on earth has 4 billion fans and loved by more than 240 countries. Every nation on earth loves soccer > rugby league has 9 million fans popular in only 4 countries cbvs


Gallen is an absolute warrior. He wears some big hits in this fight but it’s like flicking a switch, he just fights back. Like brah. How you gonna eat my combo flush then turn straight back around and combo me back?Dafuq?

Nunya Biz

The Islander brother had this if he had of put more road work and conditioning in.


Gallen too good tbh let’s see him and sonny bill fight now !?will be a good boxing match ?

Sene M

I came to read the bad comments on Samoan fighters....

ali Gator

Junior can move for a big dude & he swings fast for his size

dbase340 dbase340

not enough greens and too much corn beef XD


Is this Paulo's first ever fight in the ring, and how many fights Gallen has had already? I think a fair fight would be a fist fight, without gloves.It's a first for both. I would put my money on Paulo any day. If Gallen thinks he's that good,why not give Joseph Parker a call? Gallen knew that if Paulo was fit & experienced like him, he'd have been in serious trouble.

James Thornton

Gallen did really well against someone that was 15 years younger I think he smashes hunt who is 8 years older than Gallen

Bentley Rowley

Junior Paulo

charveyh Watene

Awesome fight... these footy players can boogie... good effort from both sides....

Michael John Foster

Paulo is a beast of a footballer and God help anyone if he learnt the art of boxing. That was a brilliant fight with Gallen who took over at the end and fought really well. Hats off Jnr that was a massive effort first fight wow.


Gallen is more experienced.If Paulo was fit , no doubt he would've knocked Gallen out. Absolutely...

Tai Graydon

HAHAHA like to see 'Gtrain' run it straight or try to tackle the uso Paulo

Corey Strong

Paulo did well Gallen won by experience that's all that was. Oh and the racist people commenting on here you need more life experience and learn what it means to be human and oh yeah im black lol

Sam Dawkins

boxing in Australia is a bit of a joke

Terry Bong

Pual Gallan is the best fighter until someone better.

Kenny Dalgic

Better than alot of big name pro bouts. Good fight big fellas?

simon acland

Worst announcer

Arona Ropati

Fitness and timing let the Uso down...?

K West

th e ref on the bell f*n useless


Fair play to Gallen he is a machine.

trent savage

Fight non fighters PG

Steven Mcleod

Good fight, leave it at that

Daniel Mezes

Why did Paul Gallen played nrl for the sharks ? now does boxing

Daniel Johnson

It’s about time Gallen takes on a real boxer or gives some of these guy a rematch will more time to train. Cos Gallen really is ordinary


The fight must’ve been in Queensland so many people are booing gall.


Let's see gallen take on haumono

Mr Miyagiz

Should of put a different islander in. This coconut can't bang!.

Hayden Backhouse

Jesus Christ is Lord. Everyone dies but Christ died and rose again so that those that turn to Him can receive the free gift of everlasting life. Only through him can he forgive our sins so that we can be made acceptable to God the Father. Jesus said I am the Way the Truth and the Life no one comes to the Father but through me

Adam Corbett

RUBBISH paulo won that , landing the better shots, GALLEN IS GOING TOO BE CALLED THE MUMMMY. staight up no head movement stiff as, waiting too be hit

Aquatic Mullet

This is what state of origin is missing

Samson Hoeta

Gallen donging all the island boys lolz awww gummon


Paulo is Great. Fighting the first time in the Ring

I can feel, Paulo has a good attitude fighting for fun but Paul is fighting for Real , head-hunting

Good job

Matthew Ahoy

Good fight junior shred a few pounds and build more muscle man you would destroy gallen too unfit

Steekmoer jr

HUNT getting knocked out again...then he can sue Gallen afterwards like a b1tch.

muzikology 101

Paul Gallen is so fat

kacia way

wow.. i bin a
watching boxing all my life.. both paulo n gallen could compete with any heavy weight in the world rankings. absolutly shocked with paulo speed. great fight the best haevy weight fight i have seen in oz.

Richie Rich

So good to see an islander is smashed, so many of them are bullies and but when they fight someone who is their size. Different story. Not sure how they are bought up but they are very dirty and narcissistic, no morals. I blame their parents. Should have let us go for 10 rounds, let him burn.

Roronoa Zoro

Fight was more interesting then Parker and Joshua ???

Maximus Goodwin

Honestly gal is a great fighter for a smaller guy hes bloody good

Riley Dagg

I thought Paul Gallen would come out to the ring surrounded by strippers

Ryan Campbell

Paulo did well 1st fight showed he had the toughness for pro boxing and left it all in the ring. But gallen was definitely superior all in all more fit more smart good jab and could work in booth nicely with combinations besides tyson, holyfield and riddick bowe who was probably the best big man when it came to letting them go on inside i think it was refreshing to see gallen do that you just don't see heavyweights have a go like that anymore should have retired from footy and really give boxing a go 5 yrs ago but he did go on to win a premiership with the sharks so i'm sure he would say no regrets well done the definition of heart champion

Veicharyne Beamsley

Gallon vs vatuvei


The MC and commentators need to be fired ??‍♂️ cringeworthy tv

Justin Lambert

Great job for Jnr for his first fight , Gal had the experience in the end though top fight by both champions ????


Paulo could be a boxer if he put all his training in that not footy. Pretty fast for a big man. Respect kuz ✊


Only paulo first fight against the other guy had more fights so stfu

William Teo

When you realise you can't drop a Islander, lol.. If I'm on there size I would knock Paul Gallen in first round

Riley Dagg

Come on Gal you should fight KSI

William Colios

Love a brawl

AIDS Monkey

Pierce and Boyd ?

Toutai Palu

Kali Meehan hit the nail on the head, too much running & bouncing when your that big will tire you??https://youtu.be/ipLFlQMa3NY


Paulo needs to learn how to throw bombs and string combinations,anything beyond round 3 he’s done,more stamina work.keep up good work can only get better,would have loved to see you put gallon to sleep


Why is enis a commentator? I'm sure we don't need a insight into how to run away like a scared little bitch.

itz tainui

Islanders suck at boxing? they big for nothing..


Thats one of the best first two rounds ive ever seen.

Jon lolesio

Good scrap

Romans 8:9

Gallen should have fought Steve Matai in the Battle of the Grubs.


Let's see gallen take on haumono

Carl Kelly

Gallen vs mike tyson

David Forbes

Gallen would never have fought Paulo if it was his first fight and Paulo had 5 fights.. Paulo wins rematch but Gallen will retire when Mark Hunt KO’s him ...


Both legends brilliant and Thank you go the sharks and the blues awesome


ga luga ou lima magaia koe sela mea fai le mu malo uso. good fight guys


Peptide Cheat!!


The Grange sent me here.


Late shot from Gallen. Turned Junior's head. smh.


Gallen is a tough bastard!

Riley Dagg

Something I took from this video, don't f**k with Paul Gallen


The big boy gassed out that last round. Entertaining.


Great fight by both the boys.. very technical for big boys.


Gallen vs Manu Vatuvei would be good

Mark Stokes

Gallen fought a kid......now Mark Hunt is gonna whip him like a man


Paul gallen had a great win but gotta give it to juinor paulo, i mean at this debut he did a great job but good job gtrain

Carl Kelly

Fitness > skills

Mike Tyson Interview 4 Charity Fight

Mike Tyson Interview 4 Charity Fight29 Nov. 2020
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