How to heal a hamstring fast

Hamstring Injury Fixed Faster & Less Re-Injury Risk-Updated Research!

Hamstring Injury Fixed Faster & Less Re-Injury Risk-Updated Research!6 Aug. 2020
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Hamstring Injury Fixed

Hamstring Injury Fixed Faster & Less Re-Injury Risk-Updated Research!

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Bob and Brad discuss updated research on how to fix your hamstring injury, as well how how to reduce the risk of re-injury.

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Comments (33)
Mariana Esther

Awesome! Thank you!!


The internet’s dads!


Thanks. Popped my hamstring last week. I'm almost 100%. This helps. I am able to walk, but not run, deadlift, or hit steep hills. Used the theragun, RICE, and massages the past four days.

Vanita Talaulikar

Bob and Brad can this exercises for hingh hamstring tendonosis?

paula arguello

I love these guys I work out. A lot and they have helped me alot with some of my. Injuries and have saved me money from having to go to a physical therapist their advice really works Thanks Guys

asiful haque

Dr. Bob and brad I really need your help how can I contact you . Won’t take more than 2 minutes of your time please ! I wouldn’t be asking if it weren’t important . I fell On a stairs and had a dent in my buttocks I need help what should i do ? . If there’s any exercise that can help? And I’m kinda fat and Will losing a lot of weight fix this ?

Marsha Hill

Love these guys

Pootie Movies

I am just here for the intro song

Hal Burke

It’s $149 on Amazon......where is the coupon?

The JoJo and Norma Show

Where is Gumby

Bill Evans

I'm Kosher so I'm immune to hamstring injuries....

Robin McGregor

Thank you I have just subscribed really got some stuff out of the vid especially the hamstring massage. I have a question about forearms I imagine I have plenty of scar tissue due to many years playing golf, rugby, other physical pursuits and work, I didn't realize how painful they were until I sort of massaged one the other day is there a right way to massage forearms an exercise or gel I could use any assistance would be welcome.
Many Thanks

AKA Kerness

Hey Guys.
So, I have this big problem. Everytime I go to the bathroom to do my necessities my lower back hurts, specially in the lumbar area. What can I do? Maybe I'm not sitting right.

Yusuf Başarılı

شكرا جزيلا لكم ، لقد ساعدني هذا الفيديو كثيرا ، نتمنى لو تترجم فيديوهاتكم النافعة هذه الى اللغة العربية

Mark Murray

Very Helpful. Would love to see the 'next level' exercises you would recommend for runners that are doing a lot of mileage & quality, but still have periodic Hamstring 're-injuries'.

Belainesh Fasil

Mike Kenny

Great video, I've also battled hammy strains for years. Thanks for the rehab info.

About Creativity

Very good, ´´Don´t go through life, grow through life. - Eric Butterworth´´

Festus Dreamer

Getting a knee replacement next year. I see alot of exercises for quads and hamstring. I never see any for calve muscles. Are they not i.porant?

Sarah Bear

Awesome information! I tore my hamstring ligament where it attaches to the ischial tuberosity. The pain literally took my breath away and I could barely walk for 3 months. I managed on my own without a physio (although I DID find a wonderful video on ‘seats pain’ by a lovely duo (Bob ‘n’ Brad). When it was recovering I found stretching it after warm up was helpful by taking a lunge position (injured leg out front: knee bent 90 degrees) and leaning forward (chest towards knee and pushing my butt out) into it really isolated the pain point and helped a lot. I don’t know if this was the right thing to do but it has healed and I’m back running Ultra marathons. I still get an occasional twinge I’m putting down to the ligament fibres not incorrectly knitting together.
I often hear of contradictory information about whether to stretch or not to stretch hamstrings?!?

Matt C

Thank you for staying updated on the peer reviewed studies

Shannon Marie Fogarty

Do you guys have any updated videos on Charlie horses?


Thank you for always sharing your knowledge with us who are struggling out here! Every time I go to see my Physical Therapist because of back pain and back hip pain he always asked :Why is your ham strig so tight? Funny thing is I never asked him "what does he think is the cause?"

Pamela White

I love your channel. Thanks for videos.

Terry Taillard

Great video guys. Dp you have a video on the next level rehab?

Dr. Q

First also great video ?

Lori Pettit

I’m a retired RN and loved working with PT & OT!!! So, when I found your YouTube channel I was thrilled. You both are great by the way. Anywho I had a fall in early March and my Right leg was becoming more & more painful. Sharp pain would stop me in my tracks! I was finally able to see a Orthopedic approximately a few months later because of the pandemic. The doctor abducted my right leg & I nearly passed out from the pain. He gave me a knee brace & exercises. He told me to return if no improvement. I’m barely able to walk now and my leg is stiff. If any bumps into my leg I’m in tears from the pain. I’m trying to find a doctor who actually cares, but it’s not easy. Do you have any recommendations? The pain is behind my right knee and when my leg is abducted the pain is unbearable. I should go to the ER but with COVID-19 circulating and my health it’s just not a good choice.

mike madsen

I have to heal on the job because I wont play the doctor game, and corporate usa is pro doctor. they dont like me, they would take everything I own, I dont owe them one dime.

Luke Wiles

You guys are the best! I've struggled with hamstring reinjury for years. So good

Greg T.

Hi mom!


Clicked as soon as i see the notif. ?

Perla Gomez

Thank you for this. I tore my hamstring about a year ago and i still sometimes randomly feel pain and its definitely tight, well tighter than it used to be. Is it possible to still recover or it always going to be like this? I thought i was supposed to stretch it out so i know i did way more injury to it the following months after i injured it, so it got really bad at one point. but then finally rested it build it back up but I still don't feel it 100%


Sciatic nerve can get scar tissue? ??

Hamstring Injuries: Proven Steps to Recover Correctly!

Hamstring Injuries: Proven Steps to Recover Correctly!1 Dec. 2019
5 241

In this video Ian McKeown

In this video Ian McKeown and I discuss hamstring injuries. These types of injuries are some of the most common and costly across all sports, and there is a great deal of misinformation floating around the internet about them. This video discloses the truth, from a veteran in the performance field, and is filled with tactics you can implement immediately!

Please be sure to subscribe to the channel and share, and please see the links below for more free resources as well as details regarding courses, my podcast, mentoring and workshops.

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Comments (7)
Sanro Training

Brett your enthusiasm makes me so happy and gives me a lot of motivation to keep learning. Big fan of your work/podcast/book from Spain here! Keep the good work coming!

Ozzie Del Valle

Incredible information. Thanks for this

Chris Duffey

Hey Brett love the vid with you both, I can’t seem to find the other vids though. Could you maybe link them in the description or are the already available in your vid? I just can’t seem to find them based on description

Rocky Harris

I injured mine 11 days ago from during rdls. It’s only sore in a hip hinge position still. A lot of the tenderness went away. It doesn’t hurt to do nordics or leg curls. Any idea on what exactly I did wrong?

Miguel Wickert

Excellent material, took notes. Many kids I work with at the HS level want to sit around all weekend because they're sore or I also hear things like " coach I can do anything because of x,y,v..." and my reaction is oh no worries, we will work around it, there's always something we can do! Keep it up Brett, love what you're doing with the channel!

Johnny Cumpian

I popped mine at the end of my workout doing sprints. I can walk and everything but I feel pain when I put weight if I bend my knee. How long after the injury should I start doing rehabilitation workouts?

Pierre Bedard

Great content. Can you expand on the proper methods of Applying ICE? thanks

Fitness & Nutrition : How to Properly Heal a Hamstring Injury

Fitness & Nutrition : How to Properly Heal a Hamstring Injury6 Mar. 2011
288 322
LIVESTRONG.COMSubscribe 438 721

A hamstring injury can be

A hamstring injury can be debilitating if it doesn't heal properly. Find out how you can properly heal a hamstring injury with help from a fitness expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Seth Hampton

Bio: Seth Hampton has more than 20 years of personal and professional experience in the fields of fitness and wellness.

Filmmaker: Jeromy Robert

Series Description: Fitness and nutrition can help you continue to stay fit or help you lose weight using a variety of methods. Learn about various fitness and nutrition concepts with help from a fitness expert in this free video series.

Comments (100)
Elise T

I am a dancer and I hurt my hamstring warming up this happened around a month ago and it's ALMOST healed up but I lost so much flexibility I can't do high kicks properly I can just only reach a little bit past my toe I used to be able to touch my leg to my nose really easily but not any more and it's football season too so I have to perform like every other Friday

Caitlyn Sikorski

I pull my hamstring every saterday because I have gymnastics that day and it never goes away

DJ Kenny

This happend to me 2 months ago while doing the splits and i was still stretching it until today. what should i do? Did i make it worse? can it still be treated?

Helena Holmes

my injury has lasted for more than a year now. Someone over split my right leg and ever since then i couldn't even touch my toes without being in a lot of pain

Tapan Goswami

I got my injury from split so this video is also for this cause

Chandan Tudu

Sir i have my hamstring injury during Sprint and it is about 5 month but it not cure. Can i continue my slow running and is their any problem for practice


Very Nicely explained. Much helpful presentation


Thx very much. I have this problem since 4 months now and it happened during yoga. Now I can't do any stretches at all. It is deep and the pain goes into the po. Could you please also explain how I might get rid of it. It's now pretty much chronic. Best

RDazzler Motion Pictures

thank you sir

Livia Van Der Jeught

How much time does it takes to completely heal?

Samar Kody

I pulled mine while doing splits enyone else??


How do you know if you've pulled it?


How the hell did he get his leg up there ??

K J Sauser

About 2 months ago I tried to do my left splits cold and I heard multiple pops and then my leg went numb.. I could usually do them cold but I wasnt really thinking. I have still trained in taekwondo and competed in tournaments hoping it would get better on it's own but it hasn't. It doesnt hurt as much now, but it's still not nearly as flexible as it used to be. If I sit for too long, my hamstring hurts and sometimes it hurts while walking...


I've had hamstring pain for 1.5 years now. It comes and goes, but keep in mind with injuries: Keep the injured site active, meaning that you should exercise it lightly and without pain. My pt suggested one legged hip bridges, and they worked well for the hamstring heel dig (google that). But what the revealed was I have a strain in the belly of the muscle which could be common. Again, exercise it lightly. You might have to feel it out between what works and what doesn't because some things might cause pain and some things might not. If you can heel dig without pain, then you might be able to move onto isolation exercises such as hamstring curls and gently work your way up in weight week by week.

Second of all, don't overload your injury too fast. This is about reintroducing a healthy amount of stress onto the hamstring. So don't go to the gym and do deadlifts, and stay away from good mornings probably. When your hamstring feels better for the most part, then you can introduce hamstring stretches with VERY light weights and feel it out. Third of all, and this is bad news for some with chronic hamstring pain, is that it might not ever get better. Prepare yourself for that, because it's a reality for some people.

Haseebee !

Out of the Pain,
Into the Pain

Jake Viveros

Great video thanks for your help.

Crystal Torres

at the end of my cheer dance at competition I did the splits forgot to do split stretches and the end of the dance when I did the splits it her I bounced of the mat

The Fat nekru

i tried to get a toutch in footbal (soccer in america) so i pulled my leg really high up and pulled it snd it took about 2 months or something lije that

Montana Chapman

i am a cheerleader and i pulled my hamstring/buttox (somewhere in-between) by doing a cheer jump (toe touch) and it still hasn't healed and its been a month. i lost SO much flexibility in my good leg i can't even split and i always used to oversplit.. my bad leg is better then my good leg and now i might be moving down a level bc i lost flexibility and my jumps are getting worse. ESPECIALLY MY HURKIE

EDIT: I do cheer 5 times a week (7 hours a week) and idk what to dooooo

Mary alabassi

I pulled mine while I was doing the split when I went forward and touched my knee with my head . Ps: I warmed up before it


He just casually lifted his leg up as if it's no big deal


What the fuck!! Is it CGI? Is it his leg? Is it not attached?

Tinku Baglari

Rq so much sir

Äshlëê :Bëll


Ajai Jeon

Pulled my hamstring today and I hope it heals quickly ??. I've been trying to get more flexibility so I was stretching and I went down for a left split, AND THEN I heard these 3 weird popping sounds. Sounded like cartledge popping but like REALLY loud, that I heard the pop and I was blasting my music with my headphones (so that kinda scared me lol.) I am icing it and keeping it elevated but I really hope this is nothing serious. My hamstring kinda aches and I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse because I'm starting college and I gotta do a lot of walking on campus :-/

whipper thompson

I think the title was Bulletproof Your Hamstrings - its the bestselling hamstring book at Amazon.

Mysterious Queen

Who else pulled their hammy doing a split ?

Rohan Roy

Super...this has been the most lucid walk through....thank you.


This helped me a lot

Agniva ghosh

????? oh god.. i wanna get rid of this injury .. 5days has gone ?

Erianna Smith

I pulled mine doing a heel stretch ?


What could had happened if when I was wormed up, and i could do the split, and then i did a jump to a split and something popped?

brobro bro

i pulled mine by just standing still???‍♂️

Jeremy Williams

I tore mine in my right leg and now both of my legs are tight in the back

Macy Holmgren

I tore my hamstring while running during a track and field states competition. I tore it so bad that it took a piece of my pelvic bone off. It's been 6 months and I still am having a ton of pain. The doctors said that if I were older, I would have to get surgery (I am 17 now, 16 when I tore it). I'm continuously doing exercises with my PE teacher (he doubles as a physical therapist), but it doesn't seem to be healing -- I am extremely impatient. What do I do? Please reply with some help.

Nicole Neill

I'm a martial artist (Taekwondo) who recently pulled my hamstring during sparring and this video was so helpful, thankyou!

Lucas Harris

pulled my hamdog having sex last night, cheers m8

Safeway Admin

Thats like coming and going from home.Out of the pain,,,Into the pain.

Ballin Chuck

This guy must be half human and half cat, with that leg in the air.

Victor N

I feel sensations in my hamstring

Phukk Offski

Keep pulling hamstrings in kick boxing, despite stretching and warming up. Is there any dietary changes that can help?


I pulled my hamstring a couple of years ago and never let it heal or got the right treatment. After a few years of leading a sedentary lifestyle i started going back to the gym. Problem is i feel my hamstring whenever i do exercise and i can point to exactly the same spot where i injured myself last time. It is very irritating and i feel i could get injured again at any moment. Can someone please help me i am desperate

Aidan Potter

can you help me i play baseball and whenever i run my legs spread apart i had physical therapy and its still bad

Android Pack King

I injured my hamstring in cricket while doing squats and lunges how do I heal it.

Factor 1

If you need a more comprehensive program, try Bulletproof Your Hamstrings at Amazon.

Eni Kefelja

So I did the split and I felt something rip inside of my leg....it didn't hurt tho,after 2 days I can't do the split anymore...i feel pain when I try to do it or tri to put my leg up,I can walk normal but idk if I really teared a muscel? CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE?


Is the movement master a doctor?


Does anyone know what i can use for an icepack burn on my hamstring?

Ellis Goat

Good looks bro


LOL. a grade 2 hamstring strain develops a lot of short scar tissue. that's where recurrent tears seed.
you have to ensure those scars do not limit functional activities (kicking, sprinting). that requires more than presented here - a complex massage protocol that has not trickled down from the most elite levels of sport.
I could explain, but then my family would go without!

Mind Body Matters

Do you have some exercises for the hamstring gluteus area injuried?


It really helps thanks alot


I am a self taught gymnist and tore my hamsting

Sophia Ferguson

im a dancer and i was doing the splits to show my friend at school then someone pushed my off balance and it has been a month and still hurts :-(

Reina McDermott

I'm a gymnast/cheerleader and I pulled my hamstring doing a split and it's been like this for 5 weeks and I need it healed immeadiately

Caroline Van Der Ryst

So supple. A joy to watch.

V visceral

Its been 2 weeks but I didn't put any ice on it....

Jason Bigg

Great concise info mate. Cheers


oh damn


i dont know if i exactly pulled my hamstring. but i've been working on my splits these past few months and in the process i did SOMETHING to my left leg. it doesn't hurt intensely or while doing everyday things, but only when i stretch. i've tried waiting a day or two in between stretch i figured it was a part of the whole "getting closer to my splits thing" but it still hurts. but it also doesnt prevent me from stretching, some days i don't get as far as usual but most days i do, it just require more work. and its a very dull pain as opposed to sharp, so idk if its pulled or not, i just want to get over it so that i can get my splits hagag

Kait J

I believe this is what happened to me but if I tell my parents they aren't gonna do anything. They will say shake it off.

Victoria !!!

Where can I buy a stretch band just like the one in this video?


I’ve been playing racquetball for about 15 years thank God I’ve never had an injury but the other day I walked in to the courts and I was cold about half way into the game I launched out to get a ball and pulled my hamstring worst pain ever .. thanks for this video was very helpful ??

Maximillian brainiac

I got hamstring injury while playing cricket

The Broken Man

I ruptured my left hammy a few years back playing football and the 'pop' was a distinct sound I heard. Thought it was a minor tear initially (bad diagnosis by an unqualified physio). A real professional later told me it had required surgery within a week of happening and might never fully heal.

This was over 4 years ago and it's regressed into lower back pain and numb glutes. Do your stretches and rehab your muscles properly! And most importantly, if you're ever concerned about an injury (no matter how small) please see a qualified professional asap.

Bhavik Pansara

thank you sir...

Bro Sean Medinah

Are there any foods, herbs or supplements one should take to help recovery?*


Yo, so I pulled my hamstring during the splits and theese are things that helped me:
1) having hot baths with epsom salts dissolved
2) using heat rub on the suspected injury area, I recommend deep heat.
3) also I recommend massaging it
I wouldn't bother with what this dude is doing however if you seriously want to, by all means go and do it

Cesar C.

I hope this works.....if not i dont know what im gonna do....i thought it was healing, then today the pain came back While i was sprinting, its been around 4 weeks now......may 8th football try outs start.... and its my senior year...i cant miss football....?

Cameron Shelton

I pulled mine going over hurdles but I go over a hurdle with my left leg and I injured my right hamstring so I’m really confused on how I pulled it

Stevie Wilson

About 3 weeks ago I was in my p.e class and I hadn't stretched before doing my right legged splits. When I went down I heard what sounded like cracking which bow I realise was probably most likely a tear. Anyway All I felt was pain just a little bit above my mid thigh/hamstring I couldn't put any pressure on it for the next five days. Fast forward to this day I still can't sprint or put alot alot of pressure on it Nor can I do the flexible things I used to be able to do I know it's still healing but I just wonder how much longer.

Nwanyi oma

Omg, he's so flexible, I'm female and not as flexible, so jealous.

The Best

I was squatting too heavy and strained my right ham. I don't think it's the same as over stretching it. Right?

hopefully good

out of the pain into the pain

Christopher Jordan

Overly extended*

Mangledfoxy XD

Lol that time when you do a high kick and pretty much you have to do the same thing while you stretch ???

brandon hernandez

Would you recommend Epsom salt ? Or just ice it ?

Sarah De Martin

I pulled mine when I was doing bad leg splits on a box and my coach was pushing me down ( just like coaches do not to hurt me just to stretch ) and it felt unusual and hurt way more than usual and than I felt a pop. I started saying it hurts but we both just thought is was cuz it’s stretching. And now I’m lying in bed at 10:40 with an incredibly sore hamstring

Horatio Redgreenblue

"Out of the pain , into the pain"

anime gxthy

Needed to watch this starting gymnastics this Thursday trying to do splitz

Arnold Swish

Mhm stretch it boy


I tared my hamstring and I got basketball. I went to practise, and it was hurting the whole time and my coach made me sit out. I hope this works. Plus all the kids that are super good on my team are out of town except one. I hope I can get better before my game so I can play better.

Zinou Nouari

I have a scar tissue injury i have no idea how to teat it im so lost plz give me any solution

Bro Sean Medinah

Are there any foods, herbs, supplements one should take to help recocery?


Injured myself while easing into a side split.

Heard a slight crack/pop. Now I have pain on side/back of my thigh running up into the glute. Cant tell if it’s hamstring or periformis as I don’t have excruciating pain but it flares up.


I am agonizing a lot over my strained hamstrings, that’s right I was stupid enough to strain both of them and I am in desperate need of help! It’s been almost a year but the hamstrings do not feel healed, it doesn’t hurt, it just feels like there is something thick inside the hamstrings, I can’t really describe the sensation but it really does not feel natural. It starts feeling more if I stretch the hamstring and I don’t know if it’s a good sign or not. If anyone happens to know or maybe have the same problems as me, please reply and tell me what my problem is and how I can fix it in the easiest way!


While i was doing the splits i heard a sudden loud crack/pop noise and i realized it was my hamstring but it hasnt been healing for a month+ so i cant continue to keep practicing and i dont want to get worse at the splits. (Yes i did a warmup before i did)

Athul Manoj

Thanks a lot man. I am a young athlete dealing with hamstring pull. Your video helped a lot. :)

Rafael Cisneros

I love how your very flexible

brobro bro

does icy hot work?

Venkat Yellameli

Its been almost 5 months i wana play football like before ?

hopefully good

I have had and still have it for 2 years I lost all my flexibility now I finally know what it is


Yeah well I was 3 years into my first hamstring injury and it still hurt like a cramp feeling when bending my knee. Torn it two days ago again and it hurts so bad.. about 10 cm above the knee :(

Amit Yadav

thank you for the information.

Mannat Bains

I slightly pulled my right hamstring while doing splits two months ago. At that time it did not hurt while walking or running but only when I did stretches. I didn't think the injury was that big and continued on with my stretching, workout and dancing. Soon, it started to hurt a lot while doing the stretches and I decided to get it checked out. My doctor said it wasn't a tear. He recommended me to completely stop exercising, stretching or dancing and asked me to wear am elastic band until it heals. I am still following his directions and have lost my flexibility and haven't improved much. I never iced it nor did he recommend to do so. Should I continue with what my doctor recommended or follow the healing process as mentioned in the video? Thanks!

Michael Duffy

I have a football match now I can't go over stupid hamstring

Mariah Rivera

Pulled my hamstring at work today ?

Andrew P

What a weirdo

Sharad Patil

I like this guy