Mega shred

Shred Collab! (Andy James, Marco Sfogli, Justin Derrico, Al Joseph and Igor Paspalj)

Shred Collab! (Andy James, Marco Sfogli, Justin Derrico, Al Joseph and Igor Paspalj)1 May. 2020
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Initiate shred mode as five of rock and metal’s most talented guitarists unleash a barrage of madness laced with high octane licks from the uncensored pages of the soloing playbook. Somehow, no strings were snapped in the making of this collab.

Release includes video/audio, tab/notation and short/extended backings.


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Andy James smashes through the gates with his signature brand of speed, pin-point accuracy, every kind of picking and heaps of melody. After nailing the finish with some huge vibrato, he hands things over to Marco Sfogli.

Wailing his way onto centre stage with a whammy intro, Marco uses slides, wide intervals, odd note groupings, alternate picking and lightning legato to ramp up the pace until he’s hit bullet speeds.

Next, it’s Justin Derrico who fuses quick and slow bends with slides, hybrid-picking, insane efficiency and a dive-bomb finish for a solo that can only really be described as “completely nuts”.

Then comes the groove. After tapping his way through the intro, Al Joseph adds some extra special sauce to proceedings with incredible phrasing that incorporates sweep-picking, high-speed scale runs and octave slides.

To finish, it’s Igor Paspalj, who starts things off with an eye-popping intro, which sets up a neo-classical vibe filled with nearly every trick in the shredding arsenal. At this point, we ran out of notes.

Inside this pack, you’ll get the complete collaboration video/audio as well as the five solo sections. Each of the artists’ solos comes with video/audio, tab/notation and both solo length and extended backing tracks.

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Comments (100)


Renato Timóteo

Igor Paspalj, finish in great style, no word, good Jovi ?

Josh Ferrell

Marco destroys everyone, and I know it’s not a competition. I also love Andy’s solo too. But I am just saying if u listen to Marco vs the other guys I feel like with the other guys solos I just don’t hear depth, I see fancy tricks, and cool licks but not as much feelings or depth.
With Marco it’s all feeling and depth. I think Andy’s solo also was solid, again. I think Andy is the greatest metal guitarist out there
But Marco just shines so much here !
He isn’t worried about looking all cool, with tons of tattoos and piercings or looking cool by doing the hardest fuckin licks he can find to do Lol
He just plays !!!! And movement in the soul becomes priority for Marco.
In terms of all time in my list, and I’ve heard all of these guys many times
I’ve got Andy Timmons, Marco sfgoli, Guthrie govan, and then Andy James. And in terms of who I listen to the most, it would definitely be those guy, they each bring something different but their the best in what they do

Yanni V.

song : 3min
guitar tab : 72956102636 pages

Matt Nobrega

Andy James's fingers move like a spider weaving a web.

Mike D

Holy shit! Is Marco just free soloing here is this one of his tracks?

James west

does anyone know what ibanez marco is playing? i know it’s a prestige rg i just don’t know what the model number is

Vaughn Tiron


Gabriel Berns

All great, but Marco´s technique and his awesome solo´s harmonies (like always) stand out !!. And Derrico second comfortable.

Marcel du Crocq


Sattayjit Roy

Love from Bangladesh! Rock !


Igor rocks mate!

Григорий Прус

Cool Guys!

Bobb Ni-chann

What music name

Mr. Rock

Real Good.

Kroffi B.

All of them are really good . Just enjoy .
Igor- Speed of light ! You can barely see his fingers?


Im listening Justin Derrico first time, his technique is incredible ?

Vladimir Mitrovic

Who cares . Enjoy music theis talent . All are super rear. Super cool bunch of guys with super power in their hands . Everone brought something special in their play. Bravo guys please keep going

metal p

repeats the notes a lot...to much

Jovie_ Bon3000

Sound guitar from Mr. Marco ???❤️❤️❤️


hands down,, Igor all the way


igor all the way. he made all the other playes sound like they only had gummy bears in their pockets!


Hats off to Al Joseph it is nice to see someone pick the guitar properly most modern guitarists or shred Masters if you will cannot pick notes in Rapid succession properly they revert to The Brute Force approach I could explain in further detail but why bother most modern-day so called shredders don't seem to worry too much about plucking the strings in a proper manner mr. Joseph has truly mastered the art of playing the guitar properly or at least playing notes in rapid succession correctly

Gérald Agen

Killer ! ! !

Roman Autodidact Guitar

Igor I like it

Agustin Muñoz

Todos son geniales pero Marco Sfogli es épico!!!

Randy Pomar

The best was justin Derrico, what a feeling..

Randy Rodriguez

Whats the name of Andy's song??

ზეფირი karamelovich

black guy is so cool

HB initials

Andy started it with a grenade. Igor ended it with an atom bomb?


Igor should be here tsk...im not impress!

Gracy Vuna

legato is a beautiful technique!!!!

Prajwal Rai

I think last one was george lynch

Francesco B.


Chanintorn Khuhamonkol

Marco’s is music

Joe Sottilare

A whole bunch of notes that say nothing....its what you write on guitar that gives you fame on guitar .
Its not about speed ..except to impress other players

Ej Aguon


Jadon S.

1:10 My God ???

robert ledoux

I could sit down and Watch Marco play for the rest of my life. His accuracy is so mesmerizing. His tone is perfect and this guy definately Can write great guitar albums.
One of my all Time favorites ?




Killer solos! But it sounds like the drums were programmed by a guitar player lol

Stew Pruslin

Marco reppin' The Dude!

Brahim Lyazami

Great players but for me Igor is the greatest ??❤❤??

Daniel Daverio

All of them are monsters...but Marco has some tastefully phrasing and musicality ahead from the rest..

Gracy Vuna

Al Joseph plays with a lot of feeling!!!??

Joe Carl

When I grow up I want to play like Andy James

Alejandro Grisales

Me gustaria mucho un G3 Marco Sfogli Andy James y Jhon Petrucci seria lo maximo

lilith Guimarães

The black swing makes all difference =D

Patricio Silva Robalino

Igor...Lynch style

Richard Murphy

f in A

b. c.

After seeing these monsters, I'm not surprised Igor has just been elected by Guitar World magazine as the best guitar player of 2020...

Marcel du Crocq

They all sound amazing...well done guys...when is the next shred collab???

Thomas Bonds

All were great but Al has that soul shred

Joe Sottilare

There all the same ..same scales tone..whats unique here?

Nikola Stipancevic

love it ? .....we want more

Azzuran Kun

Andy is my 1st youtube instructor

robert ledoux

We all know they Can play guitar. Now, what about musicality ? ?

Jesiel Ladrel

Igor Paspalj amazing....

sugaar truth

Oh sheet !

Ihsan Anlas

This is only ability to shred they have no soul this is not rock or metal this is freak rock. Every man can gain to these kinds of technic to make lots of practice what about the soul i can not compare to these guitar men with slash or malsteen or joe striani they are definitely musicians.


Where is Sergey Golovin???????,are you crazy???


Like Igor's melody. Derrico and Sfogli sounded very smooth and slick, both had very nice tones.

Tihi Tihic

igor ...........
Balkan music Yugoslavija..

Josh Ferrell

Damn, Kevin hart took some Tren and GH dude got jacked quick

Nerse's Backingtracks And Jamtracks


Paula A.T

*Andy*y su excelencia , placer escucharte!

Rewa Jamir

Marco .....

Mark S

Marco was the best melodic/shred/tone/style solo as far as pleasing the ear and Al was 2nd .., First time i heard these guys too, no favorites

Rangga Agustian

They are all Rocks ???


Andy and Marco are hands down the best

FlotationXx Djez

Marco and Andy on another level, the rest should be in another video.

Francesco B.

I don't know who's the best, but that Igor guy destroyed them in terms of musicality.


No 2 and no 3 sound so roundid..cool

Domingo Buenastardes

Man, Igor is a league of his own

Second Sun Beats

2nd Was best!

Gizem Kayhan

marco kills it.

michael jensen

All seconds hand shreders.
All very BORING

Leandro Meirelles

Marco ❤

Ray GL


Matt Nobrega

They all sound so very epic. They need to do a colab


Igor & Al ???????????

Ian Wheeler

I am speechless...


when I was younger I though I was a decent guitarplayer..so not extremly good, but you know..no need to hide...and the came youtube...with all these Monsterplayers no one has ever heard of...my dreams were crushed instantly...lol

Tihi Tihic

Igor, wooww...

Lazar Guteša

Кад мало боље погледаш и послушаш Игор је дефинитивно најбољи - личка крв је то !


All these guys are insanely good, seriously!!

Ardy kusuma

Mataram hadir kang☝️☝️☝️

Gav Leo

0:00 Andy James
0:43 Marco Sfogli
1:23 Justin Derrico
1:54 Al Joseph
2:48 Igor Paspalj

Patricio Silva Robalino

Just incredible

Josh Ferrell

In all seriousness. I love them all. But Marco is on another stratosphere ! He just is ! He cares more about sound, and quality, and not quantity

Yacine Yacine

no feeling, just a demonstration of techniques

John Moon

I loved the part where they played the guitar


Love them all! I’m a bit bias with Andy bec I see myself in his style (if you give me 100 years of practice) those fingers snd strong picking similar to how I would play. But Igor’s playing is over the top-fingers speed on full doze steroids ?

Dejan Ajlec

All are beyond superb...but for me Marco..always. next would be Igor...


Igore,razbio si ih ko beba zvečku ??

Bill Wilenski Entertainment Wilenski Entertainment


Bogi BM

Igor is fucking killing it...holy shit

Kayo Richard

Igor paspalj é um monstro da guitarra.

Dejan Ajlec

Marco has the X factor..all have technique...and Igor is brutal...but Marco's section is the one I keep returning back to listen to...and can not get enough of it. But I only need to hear Igor's section once. And this is the X factor Marco has over 99.99% of all other pro league guitarists...

the biggest shred collab song in the world II (2018)

the biggest shred collab song in the world II (2018)25 Dec. 2018
8 435 675
Jared DinesSubscribe 438 721

Rabea Massaad:

Rabea Massaad: https://www.youtube.com/user/rabeaafro

FamilyJules: https://www.youtube.com/user/FamilyJules7X

Robert Baker: https://www.youtube.com/user/rguitar

Jared Dines: https://www.youtube.com/user/th3ycharg3

Samurai Guitarist: https://www.youtube.com/user/samuraiguit

Andy James: https://www.youtube.com/user/floevo/videos

Pete Cottrell: https://www.youtube.com/user/peteplaysmusic

Music Is Win: http://bit.ly/2GBfKb9

Baptiste Vigier: https://www.youtube.com/user/BaptisteVigier

Charlie Parra Del Riego: http://bit.ly/2VbpPPl

Jacky Vincent: https://www.youtube.com/user/Jackycvincentguitar

The Dooo: https://www.youtube.com/user/MountainDoooYT

Stevie T: https://www.youtube.com/user/SteveTerreberry

Lee Mckinney: http://bit.ly/2RaWghV

I Built The Sky: https://www.youtube.com/user/ibuiltthesky

Davie504: https://www.youtube.com/user/Davie504

Lucas Mann: https://www.youtube.com/user/RingsofSaturnBand

Rob Chapman: https://www.youtube.com/user/RobChappers

Mrs. Smith: https://www.youtube.com/user/thesistersboil

McRocklin: http://bit.ly/2rS6qFF

Rusty Cooley: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrRustyCooley

Nik Nocturnal: http://bit.ly/2rRjcnQ

Matt Heafy: http://bit.ly/2QPIC4b

Nick Johnston: https://www.youtube.com/user/nickjohnstonguitar

Kmac2021: https://www.youtube.com/user/Kmac2021

Straten Marshall: https://www.youtube.com/user/stratocaster60096

Dmitry Shokran: https://www.youtube.com/user/ShokranBand

Angel Vivaldi: https://www.youtube.com/user/AngelVivaldi

Jason Richardson: https://www.youtube.com/user/JasonOsiris

Rob Scallon: https://www.youtube.com/user/robs70986987

Comments (100)
Steve Games Cool guy


Billy Atwood

Angel vivaldis solo literally made me do the thizz face at the beginning


I saw Jackie was in this so...yea, that’s the only reason I came

Ben Nelson

9:21 - the best sound to ever come out of a guitar

Leif Walker

This is how many hours we need to practice to get this good


Jared Borra

How dare that ad play during the shredding of the guitar gods!



ZS K B Csapat

2:28 Is that Limp Bizkit-Take a lapok around?

Greg Casillas

WTB the backing track for this.

Jeff P

I always come back to this to see dimitry and Angels part . 2021!

AllYourBaseAre BelongToUs

The Dooo. All day long.

近衛唯華 / Konoe Yuika

5:25 like!!!!!!!!!!

stefan quintana

No ones gonna talk about that huge guitar?

Matthew Hatter

0:37-0:44 ❤️

Jeremy Dwiki

4:29 is it a minor harmonic riffs ?

hi howya doin

Are we gonna ignore dooos sexy man boob sitting on top of his guitar

Destiny Diamond


Maciej Skiba

Stop inviting Andy James, guy has 0 musical sensitivity. Guy ruins the great quality of this collab, runs the pentatonic up and down, 0 creativity 0 interesting intervals, comparing to the others.

Cole Carter

My favorite part of this entire thing is the awesome build up 4:42 to the breakdown right after, its just so cool!

Edgar Alonzo

9:22 will always be my favourite solo in this collab


Anybody's ears still burnin?

Lei Haiba

Woohoo. Stevie T!

uuddlrlrabs mhm

From the first to this = Best, the later ones are just too same.

Toby Saunders

I vote for The Dooo (4:00). I also liked Dmitry Shokran (9:08).


Andy James killer

Максим Улакин

2:55 coool )

Gabriel Peixoto

"Se vc estiver nos comentarios sempre vai ter alguém do Brasil "

Dani El

where is salazar guy from argentina

Ponyboy407 o

Built the sky: has cool guitar part.

Djent Binary

Hey Jared where's the shred collab 2020?

Sector JS4

Jared Dines is a Douchebag

Connor White

man pulled out the bigger iron


Kmac2021, 2021 will be your year to shine and shred like a face melting god

It’s Cthulhu You Should Start Running

Why is no one talking about Baptiste Vigier’s solo? It was one of the best in my opinion


Jason Richardson and Mrs Smith stole the show for me personally, absolutely awesome playing all around!

Jayden Balderson

How is no one talking about the guy shredding on a classical Guitar

Flow TgT

I ear a zelda fan


hearing this for the first time and the song of storms reference hits hard


how can i learn this shred solos please if someone know tell me



Mark Napat

Oh i want jam with you


Why did this just found like a giant remix of ascend by the doo

ZK Beats

Thought Baptiste Vigier was Dave Mustaine at first look ?


Family Julez is a real one for sneaking in that song of storms in there!

Lance Short

Bad to the f..... bone bro

Cangrejocore Guitar

Wuao chalie parra el mejor


Angel Vivaldi nice make-up bro...

Angelo Bangayciso

Every one they did not trust there fingers..they depends to the pedal they used...watch the tru guitar master. Swhan lane search man..

Chris Bauman

Why is thedooo,jason Richardson and stevie t the only ones that actually played with an emotion and different feels and techniques. Everybody else just doodllldoodlldololdooddlddoodll. Everyone thinks the faster your hands move the better ?‍♂️

Andreas Greve

Andy James has one of the coolest guitars i've ver seen!

Arteezy Secret

So sad we wont see another SC this year.

Bethany Davis

I think the bad ones add to the collab and keeps it from being too in center. Just like a real song would have it's ups and downs, you need breaks escalation and decline though it to keep it running

chad bro

Lucifer at 9:22

Zebra Time



No Michael Angelo Baito I’m disappointed

HBB Nguyễn Đăng

best shred clb everrrr

Diego Garcia

I love how familyjules snuck in the song of storms from zelda OOT at 0:37



Stamátis Sandas

The very video that turned me onto Music Is Win


So much talent in the span of 10 minutes

Shreyam Kar

Goddamn that's so good

Jonah Messie

i was waiting for Stevei T part ??

glub glub

Why does the guitarist O face bother me so much... it makes me want to be violent.


that was epic i want to listen to it like always thank you guys soooo much??❤

Sharpie ThreeSixty

i remember we had a VHS called "Guitar" and little McRocklin was shredding back at what, 10yrs old? good to see ya up dude.

dhani Oliver

Bring back this series!


Stevie T punched in on this one

Roger Silvester

Show! Very good.

Jakob Fromm

Man Kmac is the best

The Metalhead lama

4:50 satisfying af

Leif Walker

You should do this every year!

Jamie Colt

loved it till i saw chapmen the tosser

Daniel Coelho

The dislikes are the people who didn't get featured.

Apple Bag

a lot of great players

For real!?

0:36 did he just played song of storms?


how to be a shred guitarist
Step 1: wear a beanie indoors



question everything

Kmac is such a respected meme he doesn't even have to put in a part

Frosty Bud

I swear these guys are the Jedi masters of shredding. Honestly this channel is my inspiration to become better at guitar. Peace and stay safe

M Edo Asrianur

where marty schwartz

Alber M Yoaz

req for indonesian guitaris ,ray brikden?

Slappy Simon


Михаил Попёнков

Wow!!! Wow!!! ??

Matei Bogdan

9:35 .... my fav part!

Libero Parsaoran

Nungguin yg dari indo.?


Today is the day!! Biggest shred collab 2020 \m/

bayram tounsi

all of em would fail a drug test, are those guitar faces or meth faces XD jokes aside: Simply beautiful, thank you,

The Steam Machine Podcast

Andy James is a madman

Tru Fright

Jared paid top dollar to make sure that guitar was well tuned for shreading


Mrs. Smith has the best performance I think.

Optimus Crime

1:16 dafuk is dat?


I think we all know the real winner is Robert Baker’s hair


Dope AF

Ömer Miraç ÇOLAK

https://youtube.com/channel/UCnMhoYysT4gQ-gU4cJIi9tg great work men. Visit my channel ???

Phapha Vt

Stevie's face shred the most

seungwon lee

4:48 how is his picking hand so smooth

Hbeman 99

i genuinely cannot tell whether stevie is finding it so easy hes goofing off or if thats just his range of guitar faces




mans is shredding an acoustic. respect

the biggest shred collab song in the world

the biggest shred collab song in the world25 Dec. 2017
5 818 334
Jared DinesSubscribe 438 721

Thank you all for a

Thank you all for a wonderful year!

1. Steve Terreberry: http://bit.ly/2tB8Ck3

2. Rob Chapman: http://bit.ly/2jSNsMn

3. FamilyJules: http://bit.ly/1C4ErUF

4. Davie504: http://bit.ly/2sMtKDB

5. Fluff: http://bit.ly/29KGS6G

6. Rob Scallon: http://bit.ly/1GE8NLZ

7. 66Samus: http://bit.ly/2kWG95q

8. Rabea Massaad: http://bit.ly/29M2DC6

9. Pete Cottrell: http://bit.ly/2xVCvR0

10. Jared Dines: http://bit.ly/29KH99y

11. 331Erock: http://bit.ly/1sRHjgE

12. Sarah Longfield: http://bit.ly/2BWlVmD

13. Music is Win: http://bit.ly/23J0Ylc

14. Jonathan Young: http://bit.ly/1uBmE3y

15. Charlie Parra: http://bit.ly/2uVimdq

16. Leo Moracchioli: http://bit.ly/1oSiHq9

17. RichaadEB: http://bit.ly/1PCHdr4

18. Andrew Baena: http://bit.ly/2gTSOGl

19. The Dooo: http://bit.ly/1PA2JHq

20. Glenn Fricker: http://bit.ly/2oZrKZr

21. Kmac: http://bit.ly/2CVpq9R

22. Cole Rolland: http://bit.ly/2BUSstz

22. Matt Heafy: http://bit.ly/2xVy0Eh

23. Jarrod Alonge: http://bit.ly/29KH99y

LEAD VS RHYTHM GUITAR: http://bit.ly/2BZbr6e

iTUNES: https://itun.es/us/mCbd5

GOOGLE PLAY: http://bit.ly/2syCMqq

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Comments (100)

This needs to be on Spotify

Jesse DriftGod

kmac was the best... 100% JK THEY WERE ALL GOOD


Face = Melted

José David Rodríguezu

I want to see SHAUNTRACK's participation this year?

Max Lu

Nice improved thumbnail

Γιωργος Γεωργουσης

I mean everyone nailed it but I'll go with 66samus on this one, blends in so perfect with the rhythm guitar


3:40 Зашло

Will Perry

Fluffs bit at x0.75 and x1.25 is metal


Unearth riff

Bald Bean Soup

Wow i can to the hardest and the best solo (Rob Scallon) i think i gonna show my skill to my mum

Jean Paul Azzurro


Libero Parsaoran

Gk ada dari indonesia?


Где пропали Gibson Les Paul ?


this one is still the best

Swastik Chakraborty

1:41 and 7:00


Sorry but Erock is just in a league of his own


Davie is here to slap

Kibalion 01

10:37 you can subscribe subscribe and subscribe

Justin H

Rabea part underrated af

Guadalupe Sigala

man amazing


Nice one KMAC2021 ?


Colerolland raped that guitar


I'm not that good so the only thing I can play in this whole video is the Rhythm

ZK Beats

This collab still better than the others by Bradley and Cait, lot of feelings and emotion in every solo, I just feel like the new shred collabs are more sounding "technical shred" than something else

Saint Jimmy

The auto chapters did the doo dirty

Yalchii Xavii Yalchii

Best part comes in 07:40 :D

Sub Zyro

Rabea Massaad sounded like he was using a delay pedal wtf XD

Connor Iquada

Andrew Baena not using a green axe!? ??

Migs V

Leo Moracchioli's intro fits a demonic/monstrous Christmas/Santa theme. Love it!

flying v

The biggest shred collab featuring a goofy guy,guitar,noob,gear reviewer,2 rob,bassist,keytar and a 2 guy that i don't know can play guitar ect


am i the only one that loves listening to this

Jairo A.H.

#24 Adam Neely
#25 Buckethead

Square Boy

No shredding this year?

Nestor Arreola-2024

Am I the only one who thinks Charlie’s was the best.? 5:44

Pingüino Español

My favourite is the drummer

I'm Rolling Stone

I read as many comments as I could and made a list of your favourite guitaristrs (and davie) :
8. Family Jules, 331 rock, Leo , Colle Rolland
7.Music is win, Young, 66Samus
5.Rabea, Stevie, Davie, Sarah
4.Heafy (But why?)
2. Kmac2021


Kmac always a hoot

RTC inc

Anybody get a final note count on this video?

Rangga Agustian

Heavy and very Rocks ???


Best for ever!!!!

Sean Fox

two years later and I still love this video especially the dooo while everyone is using super expensive gear hes using a fender squire

Sean Warkentin


swann berger

I don't know if you noticed but jared dines plays on the same guitar as matt heafy from trivium
Very good

Mohib Farooq

That StevieT to Rob transition is the reason I keep coming back to this video

Angel Sanchez

@33ierock is definitely my favorite. Love the style and that smile kills

Anarba Nag

Panda ? brother ???

Aarron T

Rates massad had the best spot in the song and he slayed it ...

Tobias TK

5:20 i'm addicted to this

Efren Esparza

What a nerd. Using a capo in metal

Jim A

why did Pete speed his up? His video looks unnatural. So does Sarah’s.

The Pumpkin King

5:17 I didn't know Aiden Pearce played Guitar.

*laughs at own Watch Dogs reference*


1:37 so satisfying

no one

D-did you call Davie a guitarist

Well technecally by now he ain't wrong

Ocean Blue

You have to look at this video now and see how the people who was in it are now each one has changed in a way

Alibi Onlasyn

Kmack is TOP

Jackson H

Better than YouTube rewind


Davie is such a good bassist, he got put in a guitar shred collab.


hey, any chance you can link the backing track to these solos? would be awesome to jam to.

the not funny channel

You have more guitars than I have showers

Lean Cuisine


Trev Zartan

it’s all fun and games until davie 504 slaps some bass


Damn cool boys, someday u should redo this, maybe adding someone like mart wentwhorth from our last night. U r amazing

Dave Flores

01101011101011 111 111 1111

Anime Anime

When u have Gibson flying V hanging in the wall but still want to outcast others with squire

Shredders 4 Life

that was cool

Robert Frey

Kmac: Exists
[Everyone liked that]


06:10 my favorite as a guitar player

Adams Yve

Familyjules and Dave504 brought me here.
Everyone is amazing.


Stevie T tapping is really weird lol

Chris Felfel

Stevie T is the best...his Idea is always unique and melodic..


Fluffs part claps

Dragons Dwell

That feeling when 66Samus, an absolutely nuts drummer is still 30x better are guitar than you.


please anyone help find a video with collaboration where everyone have only 3 seconds

Virgil Cooper

Such great talents in this video... and a special mention to rob scallon for the vegan voice in metal ! Love Jared Dines and all the others. ?

Djent Binary

Hey Jared where's the shred collab 2020?

Justin H

Stevie T the goat

Arman Ali

Do a shred wars with igor paspalj

1_Agietz Shinduprinata

The drummer must've worked so hard

joe rutzer

Jonathan Young gave me them feels hahahaha

Didi G

Damn Rabea that was tightttt

Black V

Suena XI al minuto 8:50

Alexis Miron

What guitar is fluff using

Mike Dillon

Can someone tell me the technique rabea uses at the end of his solo? The descending lick




Fandi R

I searched “How to clean your ears easily” and this pop up

Spencer Kilworth

that was awesome

Jaman Lecar

my guy changes the thumbnail nooooo

Hell Kaiser


John Finigan

Sarah Longfield! That was tight. The Matt Heafy appearance was a surprise too

Elon Tremmallester

I can play an a chord?

Elio Koborssi

2:45 this sounds like some theme song does anyone have an idea what it could be?


The breakdown at 7:45 with the start of cole Rolland is killer

Joe Woods

Hope we get one this year ??

David G

Man this is just pure nostalgia ?

Kieran Mckay

Jared's crusty toes tho xD

Peter Abud

What's the context of that CRINGEY AF part at the end of that guy claiming to be Jared? Who's he and why did he do that?


I would have this in my playlist if it was on spotify lol

Stéphane BERGER

Hello ! My name is Swann.

For me, it's the best collab. Jared Dines has the same Epiphone guitar than Matt Heafy. I love ans i valid.

Elias Encina

Esta wea se merece el rewind y por mucho

Mikhail Bagirov

Hey remember Davie when he was not just a shitposter