How to ease back into running

Getting into Running: Stretches, Gear, and Answers to your questions

Getting into Running: Stretches, Gear, and Answers to your questions1 May. 2020
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In the last month or so I

In the last month or so I have gotten back into running and I've been loving it. I've been sharing with all of you on Instagram and started to get a lot of DMs or comments about how to get started, how to stay motivated, what gear to use, what stretches to do, etc so I decided to make this week's YouTube video all about getting into running!

The questions came in three categories:

1. stretches

2. gear

3. general Q & A

so I decided to break this video up into those three sections.

1:10- Post-Run Stretches (my 5 favorite stretches for running)

11:37- Gear

16:00- General Running Q & A

17:46- How do you get started with running?

20:31- training for distance vs training for speed

23:53- learning to run hills or at altitude

25:25- nutrition: what to eat pre-run and/or during your run?

28:48- running injuries

30:23- how to get/stay motivated?


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John Alden

I just wanted to get back to you and thank you -- I have incorporated some of the stretches you demonstrated into my own stretching routine, and the result has been really beneficial for me. I have had much less chronic muscle tightness, and it has allowed me to increase (carefully) the frequency and distance that I am running now.

Claire Bates

Really helpful video, just back from a run after making a commitment to get fit, and this is definitely useful info. Thanks!

morgan aulseybrook

This video is awesome!!! Thank you so much for the all the helpful information and your explanation on stretching was soooooooo helpful and how to properly engage while stretching ,please keep posting!!!

Jessica Stip

you're doing great girl!! Fun to see you getting into running as someone who is a trail runner herself! :) I live over in Estes Park and it has been so nice to get back into trail running as everything is melting. Getting to the BEST time of year here in CO for running.

Esther Prado

What size is your vest ?

Conner Bolz

this is so awesome! I've just started getting back into running since college too. Its been an adjustment due to altitude here in Crested Butte, (having moved from Kansas about a year ago) I am definitely not used to it but these stretches are already helping and I've only done them once this morning! I totally understand how you feel about it gear helping you and feel the same way. Looking into those shoes now. Thanks for sharing! For sure going to watch some more of your videos very helpful and inspiring. Great work neighbor!

Lindsay Miller

This is such a great video! So well done and super informative. I just started to run again about a month ago after a break through winter and this is just what I needed. I also picked up yoga when quarantine started so this is the perfect mix of both! Thank you Arielle!!! ❤️ also the opening clip and transition clips is such a beautiful set up, you should take pictures there because you and Tabor are glowing against that burgundy wall ? also your style is really cute, you’re definitely a hat person ??

Kayla Turner

Ah! So excited that you’re going back to school for holistic nutrition! Can’t wait to hear more from my fav youtuber?

Jhon Manuel Chavez

glad that you're mood is still up even when quarantined. I like to have a mood like you i definitely lose mentally. i came from the GoPro video i enjoy long walk and do montages too but i don't have something to record yet. I really can't go outside to do long walks tho. Would really go on many places after this quarantine :))

Kirsten Ule

Great video! Thank you! I've also recently gotten more into running. I can do about 3 miles, hoping to do 5 by the end of the month!

John Alden

I got back into running this year after a lay-off of about 20 years (I'm 55). It's really key, I found, to ease back into it, as you said. You can't expect your body to "like" the pounding and repetitive strain all at one time. Stretching is absolutely necessary (I do some before I run and a lot afterwards). I try to pay attention to what my body is telling me and ease off when pressing the pace or running too often seems to be straining something. I can definitely report that muscles lose their elasticity over the years, so the need to not pull or tear something pretty much keeps me to a slow build-up on speed and mileage. It's good to feel the endorphins again!

How to Ease Into Running After Injury!

How to Ease Into Running After Injury!20 Jul. 2020
RunSmartSubscribe 438 721

In this video Steve

In this video Steve Gonser, the creator of RunSmart Online and a DPT at Buffalo Rehab Group, goes into the specifics of how to properly and safely return to running after an injury! He also goes into a great way of telling when it is and is not okay to be running!

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FIRST WEEK BACK RUNNING AFTER INJURY: how I’m easing back into my running game!

FIRST WEEK BACK RUNNING AFTER INJURY: how I’m easing back into my running game!11 Jan. 2021
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My first week back running after 5 weeks off. This is how I’m slowly getting back into my running game.

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Robert Melendez

Smart move running on the grassy paths. Yes, take that rest day, my friend!

Kyle Kranz

Sumbody got an insta 360

I Run Things

I love the footage with your new camera. And oh boy I laughed when you said 'that would have been good footage' haha

Ryan Bradley

looking strong, glad to see you back on the road doing what you love

tman Tony

Nice to see you back running.Cheers.

Mauricio Alarcon

Quality posts. Thanks for sharing. Cheers

Dr Deepak Rao

Thanks for the encouraging words at 00:33 ?

Good that you are back though

Emma Catalini

I can't believe it is 6 weeks since you stopped running. Glad you are doing so much better!
Tell Harmony that I could see the pink tree in the background! ?

Henrik Forsblad

fun to see you back as a runner, hope it gets better and better in the future ??‍♂️?

Jack Holmes

Good to see you working up those miles again!

Ranti Dev

Are you running in a glideride or in a novablast? Happy and safe recovery!

That Running Guy

Fantastic to see you back running Matt? Onwards & Upwards

Marielle van Oort

Good luck! Keep it nice and slow!

Go Kiwi

Good video Matt, good to see you’re back into running, wow! You did a 3 hour marathon that’s awesome, have u got a video with coverage of the marathon, would like to have a look ?

Mannys Fitness Program

We are runnniiinnnggg. ? Smarter than harder.

IronSunDevil Network

Great seeing you are back running. Strava is great. I am using Runcoach to train for the Eugene Marathon, and last week after running 15 miles, it recorded me doing 40 miles. Lol. Be safe and hope you are feeling better daily.

Nicholas Fansher

I always run a bit further with my garmin same thing for me. Have you thought about using the pso-right i got one and its made a tremendous difference with my recovery.

Doug Smith

Glad to see you are back.

Strava shorts me about a marathon worth of mileage per year compared to Runmeter. Even if Runmeter records the data, slightly less mileage shows up on Strava.


Glad you're healthy and back slowly building up those miles. Looking forward to the next update!


Great stuff! Here’s to more great miles!

Mark G6JVY


Seth Jeriel Roman

Thanks for the words, although you were speaking on your scenario it was quite applicable to my own injury recovery scenario, just starting to ease back into mileage after biking for the past 5 weeks due to a knee injury. Especially speaking on not rushing the process and building back slowly despite past ability (my lack of patience isn’t a great addition either lol) Hope you’re able to navigate the injury well.