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Tim Dillon is a National Treasure ? | Joe Rogan's Instagram

Tim Dillon is a National Treasure ? | Joe Rogan's Instagram29 Jan. 2021
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Joe Rogan on The Rock's Instagram Videos

Joe Rogan on The Rock's Instagram Videos1 Aug. 2017
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Joe Rogan watches the

Joe Rogan watches the workout videos that The Rock posts on his Instagram page.

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #992.

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honjiraa honjiraa

0:45 that awkward pause when he drank water lol


Rick rock

ok _

just 2 bald guys talking about a bald guy

IC014_Jay Jagad

Joe rogan and Dave batista are like twins

Aneruth Rengarajen

Joe "Jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjackedddddddddddddddddddd" Rogan

Alex Isaacs

"When i want to feel bad about my day i go to the rocks Instagram" spoken like a true bitch

Jacob Cotton

Need to see TERRY CREWS motivation video

Serigala Art

joe the "He's JjjJjaaaAaaccKkeeDd" Rogan


5:14 Joe " That's called hardcore bruh " Rogan ???

David K

yall are tripping this guy is hilarious

Nitin Joshi

what's wrong with this depressed shit. I am not sure about any one else, but totally agree with Joe. His movies are feel good ones.


The rock should run for president

Brandenburg Bengel


Roei Burstein

“No one works harder than The Rock”.

David Goggins has entered the chat


Looks like a cow on steroids

Geoff Coombs

He's not fucken showing off, he's motivating people like me to work hard. I fucken love the rocks posts, I need to see this shit

Ricardo Cruz

Fuck the rock. Like ricky gervais said. Actors are no more about acting. Nowadays they all about going to the gym and take pills like a drug addict. The rock is not natural.


you know what ? FUCK YOU

Ryan Gignac

I wanna see the rock and James Harrison work out together


What's the equivalent to this in music lol?


It’s not anything for the gram man
it’s anything for the ROCK man

Justin Parrish

Yeah but ever heard of work smarter not harder these motivational guys just post stupid videos of a stupid amount of work that honestly won’t help

Luis Serrano

So funny to see the two sided reaction to the rock... both true and both hilarious

Tawer Zadok

He's 48 now

Raquel Ray

The tan beech feraly level because knot compellingly transport failing a mindless philosophy. rhetorical, giddy bangle


Man you two sounded like a bunch of loosers in this video. I don’t have the Rock work ethic but I admire anyone who has work ether more than me, he is ON doing his thing, going after his prize with the time he has left on this earth. I might not have the work ethic, why? Is it genetics? Programming, or not having the right goal to go after? I didn’t know for sure, but I will admire and respect anyone who does

Tim Wallace

Say what you want but the rock isn't natural

Bhaavan Prabhakar

i don't like the other guy's vibe

sandeep p

"we get it ! You wake up in the morning"
This guy though ?


The Rock is destroying his body with steroids.

Raúl Málaga

steroids everywhere

F To

Damn the guest is annoying asfk you can tell he hates the rock

Masen Brown

I don't have a fulfilling life because I don't work out every day? Fuck that, I don't see how somebody could have that kind of mentality. I love The Rock's movies and he's an awesome guy but the number one thing you can do to piss me off is try to preach to me

Chris Hart

Everyone loves the ROCK fact!

Joe Schmoe

The Rock is the most overrated human since Kanye West he's trying to be like Arnold but all his movies suck and he doesn't have a cool accent

The Swedes Versus

I'm not gonna try to do what The Rock does. I know there is no possible way that I could pull that shit off. So I just leave it to the professionals in this case The Rock.

Julian Devries


Game Drop

He's 45 and he's. . .ON DRUGS!

Z Fouleur

Joe Rogan secretly jaccccccckkkk-inggg off under the table.

Small Bites

Joe Rogan should have an 8 hour episode with the Rock.

Saroj Chaulagain

Why is that guy sad?

billy jack

There's NOOOOOOOO WAY The Rock is natural.


Haha. Elliptical machine in his bed... made me giggle

Moe Shak

It’s not an ego thing. He doesn’t look from confidence from others

steven moreno

He should have Brian Shaw on the show

John Lisle

Rogan..for fucks sake..fucking auto!

David Seals

I agree. People have no respect for others. Me, if I see a celebrity, then I see them. I don't invade their privacy or run up to them like an idiot. There just people. So give them space. Besides they might burst your bubble or what you think they are, they're not. They could be a'holes. Just saying.

Lord Krazus

I come from the future, I used to genuinely like The Rock. But lately he has turned into this really weird guru, writing poems and shit. Acting like some kind of personality, always the "charming" guy in the room with his charisma and it all seems incredibly fake. Everything about him now a days just seems so fake and forced.
And yeah, I know he was a personality in he wrestling days to get famous because no one liked him, but he just seems so forcefully fake now it's hard to watch him as he smiles nods and makes faces into the camera. Just picture this, if he wasn't The Rock and you threw his personality onto a normal guy you would think he was a douche. And honestly it's just getting worse the bigger his ego is inflated.


Who the fuck let this high af black guy on the show? He’s clearly jealous of the Rock of how much he has accomplished

Jack Daniel Vithal

I have been following a trainning routine not for everyone. Train 4am to 5:30 and back to bed but have some food before you sleep. Once you try it and get use to it. It's weird but Testosterone kicks in.. You train it's over and out the way. Just try it.. I do go to bed early thou.

Shah Mir Khan

DJ is a beast with a heart

Bmw 8 series

2:33 did my guy just say the rock sleeps with an elliptical machine

Tony Hyde

what the rock is actually doin on the rowing macjine is actually pulling the other side of the earth to him then pushin it back....thats why we have tidal changes, itsd the rocks fault

Jason Conaway

Genetics and roids.

Lucah London

If Joe calls you wierd you're extraordinary.

John Lisle

FINALLY Joe Rohan, Has Crome Back... to talking about THE ROCK! I don’t know why, but I’ll watch anything that has Dwayne Jonson in it!

Patrick Smith

Those chains were on the bar to keep the rock from throwing it up thru the ceiling

nao nao

God I love watching this shit, I feel stoned the minute I listen to this cool dude Rogan ??

John Lisle

Rohan .. auto correct..sorry!

OGT Gaming

The Rock dont even have human dna, it must be alien...:)

Through The Eyes Of A Sage

We still need the rock on this podcast Joe?

Rodney Bumbo

How does he have such a physique at 45 when his T levels are lowering


open rocks ig and get my testosterone boost !!


Wtf is up with all these work at home $10k/month ads bullish popping up everywhere, did they all take the same class or what?

M. Rasheed

The Rock looks like he was drawn by Jim Lee in 1994.


Vitamin S

Edgar Lopez

The bald dude in the black shirt is annoying...negative mr.Nancy. This guy literally gave up on life


Yes rock rock rock

Keith Petersen

It's called being juiced up! It usually ends up in a heart attack.

Moe Shak

Ppl don’t know manners

Reptilian Lieutenant

THIS JUST IN the rock has exploded due to muscle growth!, he will be back as a VILLAN in the black adam movie were talking the fucking terminator 1 bad guy his fans will recolile at the gore and blood he will evoke steel meats potatoes with catsup shazam will not survive to join the justice league Adam will take his charge out of pity.


Two ways to go about looking at Rock's IG.
1. How much you could do in a day
2. How much you haven't done in a day


The rock has the most followers on insta

Catt's Mahal

Rock takes his gym everywhere he goes. He said so himself. ?


One thing I don't like about the whole social media shit is everybody has to get a picture with someone famous to make themselves appear more important.


i was just dreading the gym aaaand well fuck, joee rogan DAMN YOOOOUUUUUUU!......gym it is blegh

bai deimian

The rock is my idol

Vikas Vijay Bishnoi

Joe "Ready.. schhJhhaaackkedd" Rogan.

Game Drop

Oh poor poor Rock has to hug his fans for a billion dollars. . .fuck offfff. Maybe drop his salary down to 50k a year and we'll let him be.

Astro Nautik

The Rock needs to run for Prez.

Thomas Ross

I dont like the vibes of this black dude. He sounds like a hater.

Game Drop

He's on drugs joe stfu lol

Pulyps 20SF

That guest is terrible

Akash Anuj



wow that other dude just doesn't get it at all.

Tony Martalk

is does the Juice

jamie sam vavauoti

This black dude is hating lol

Nathan Hunt

Joe was in a really weird mood that day

The Man from the pattern land

That guy is annoying


For what it’s worth, I’m watching this 3 years after it was posted. And the rock is now indeed 48 haha ? ??‍♂️

Play21 Split, Dbl Down accordingly

That fellA can take a week off from.....hating ☝️

Derbis the Eternal

And the Rock still denies that he's on the hot sauce.

Dan C

What is the rocks diet? Kevin Hart?

gareth b

Pmsl haha loved that ?


Why does Joe Rogan like to glamorize people who use steroids? Sure, the Rock works hard. But let's not pretend that's his natural physique.

Rob Ert

The rocks dad was huge also


If I had millions in the bank, I would go to the gym more.

Moe Jaime

I have done nothing all day except farting ! AHHH!

Left the building Ritz

Joe’s opinion on people who boast about their hardwork “ MAN SHUT THE FUC* UP AND GO TO THE ROCKS INSTAGRAM PAGE MUTHAFAKKA” ????

Publik Enemi

The rock may consider himself too big for guest appearance on JR.

Joe Rogan on Instagram Hiding Likes

Joe Rogan on Instagram Hiding Likes14 Nov. 2019
427 228
JRE ClipsSubscribe 438 721

Taken from #1384 w/Ari

Taken from #1384 w/Ari Shaffir:


Comments (100)

I’m so tired of all of this “you can’t say whatever you want online anymore” BS.

Brando Yager

As a power generation technician I was told they lose over 100,000 dollars a minute if their power goes down. So that can tell you how much they’re making

Yasin Bills

I think its a great idea Instagram

Marwan Alley

Instagram hiding likes is the UNLOCK to creativity

Tech Revival

Sh*t tons of money, butt cream haha

Bro. Tolliver

Joe "a lotta theses hoes go for it" Rogan.

Kaitlyn Trugman

Joe "it's a tough time to be frumpy" Rogan

Chi Zhang

thank god ppl figured out ad block on Instagram


its been gone for a while now in Canada and it sucks

M. AFNAN Choudhary

I think cuz of social media pretty much all women act like hoes. not all. but a lot. and then they complain that all guys are pervs. Ladies if you open the buffet and show them your food, are you really telling me that you don't want them to get hungry? stop bullshitting. that's exactly what you want. attention. "no I do it for myself" what are we kids here LMAO

Simran Likes the 6

Bro in Canada we haven’t had it for like a year. And it’s made such a big difference cause normal people don’t even post a lot anymore.


They are claiming it is better for people’s mental health, not comparing the likes they get to other people from school. I assume that’s why they have been testing it in some countries, like Australia where it has been this way for months. I’m sure that fact that people were making money for posting things and insta was getting any of it was the main factor though.


We have This in Ireland months now and I don’t even notice anymore ?

zam zam

Maybe people on Instagram (your followers who actually care about you, your friends and family) will be forced to comment if they truly like your post? I think I like the idea of that... a sincere comment, rather than phatic double tap...


You can still see the people who liked, so you can count it technically.


well here in brazil that happened months ago... only thots got mad but influencers still the same shit so...


Now girls will have to go back to reality of finding a job and having real talent. Oh I love this

Aaron Chavez

Man I can't fucking stand listening,watching looking at ari he is a true piece of shit

Unity Fitness

Joe “Buttcream” Rogan

BeyondComics _2099

I literally can't fucking wait for people to upload screenshots of their likes. Hahah digital social media evolution you got here.

Everton C

Here in Brazil they started hiding a couple months ago, for those thinking it'll kill the thots they're just screenshoting their likes and putting it on Stories ?

Golf Guy

Why that guest face look like a banana ??

Versace Lettuce

Wow is it still out in other countries? Its been gone from Canada for like a while now lmao

Miri Мири

Instagram is allegedly not interested in our mental health: https://www.esquire.com/uk/design/a29768558/instagram-removing-likes-facebook/

te tea

these guys are soo ugly

Bari Martin

People will just stop using their network


Fuck social media.


Instagram is like a mental house. and their users are being mentally manipulated without even realizing it.

Harley Denaro

Have had likes hidden on Facebook in Australia aswell.

All the world's a stage

Yes let’s hide likes because most people have low self esteem & live out their life on social media!

Taz JJ

The social media entrepreneurs are in business... if the likes are causing more harm than good to their businesses they gotta do wat they gotta do...

Faisal Ahmad

Joe "Hey, this is my new butt cream" Rogan

The Monopoly Troll

All they have to do now is remove the followers tally. Think about it... everybody would be equal and you would just judge them by their content. We're getting closer.

A Non Nymous



I think it's great, keeps the pressure off maintaining a fake standard of living and image. or at least reduces the competitive nature that's causing so much anxiety and feeling of inadequacy in the world right now, people won't feel like if they don't get a certain amount of virtual acceptance that they're not good enough. Overall a step in the right direction for humanity and makes the world a less shallow place imo


Likes can still be seen on the desktop version of Insta for the countries where the like removal has already taken place. Not sure of this is an oversight or intentional

Samah Amara

They should stop the views from stories


Can’t wait till all these influencers die out once this inflation comes through

Ben Matheson

People will stop using it if they keep changing it

Jelani Daniels

Literally just sign-in on Safari

Anthony Buchanan

Taking likes away and comments should be mandatory


me: oh, an insightful joe rogan video joe rogan: BUTT DOCTORS


For mee it seems like the only difference it is gonna make is that companys will ask insta thots foor ss of their likes


They should. Social Media, be ruining mofo’s minds yo.

Josh M

It’s june 2020, instagram said they would hide likes starting november 2019 so why can i still see likes on the whole app..

Nejc Vehovec

Joe "millions of bandwidth" Rogan


tbh, I dislike the figures displayed on profiles and posts entirely. It causes a lot of anxiety for most people, especially myself. I deleted instagram because of this almost 3 years ago. The culture on platforms like instagram implicitly and falsely associates your status as a human being with how many likes or followers you get. It felt degrading always comparing myself to other people on the basis of numbers. It all taps into psychological dependency these companies create between their platforms and the consumer. I care a lot more about people's mental health than advertisements and marketing. Funny how instagram is making this decision on the complete opposite notion.


Hey on my insta on other people’s phones they can see my likes but when I go on on other people’s posts I can’t see their likes. What more weird is that when I go on my likes it says that only I can see my likes but no, others can see the number

Patrick Medina

I’m glad they’re doing away with likes. People focus too much on the content that gives them the most likes rather than producing content that they care about. As likes disappear, we should see the creativity of accounts skyrocket.

Fian Halim


Moe K

who else looked up “frumpy”?

a word I’ll def be using from now on!


Gotta disagree with women being hotter. I hate the caked up makeup culture. Like, they look nothing like how they actually look. A little here and there is fine, but the women look like they are entirely someone else, along with that ugly ass weird shine. It’s just not attractive. You’ll be disappointed if you go on date to the beach ? lol

Matej C

At least they could get back normal algorithm for showing post.

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Ghost Busters

That was a while ago. Why are they talking about this now?

Magick Oracle

Can they please? ... Like please


No one:
JR: bUtT DoCtOr

Big Drink

All those instagram thots finna realize that dont nobody really support them, we just wanna see ass

karl tee

That's weird. Canada already doing this. It makes no difference to us or me anyway. Maybe to an "influencer" it might matter haha

Antonio Herrera

Rogan looks like joe budden


so i think INSTAGRAM chickened out and didn't go forward with the HIDDEN LIKES after all... :(

Rue Glock

Thank God. Please do this with all social media.


I think it’s great Kim Kardashian’s is supporting Instagram with this decision because she also wants to help tackling mental health. But it has also got me thinking if she didn’t side with instagram the media will say stuff like “ of course a Kardashian thrives of there insta likes”. So it’s like join the side of the people because she wouldn’t be able to win the argument against insta removing her likes. She has so many other media platforms even though it’s a big loss she can still lean back on other platforms. But what really got me thinking is the Kardashian wannabes wouldn’t be able to survive this new change and there presence in social media will dwindle with time because they rely more on instagram then any other platform. So it’s like instagram will kill of the Kardashian’s competition in the long run.

Andrew Android

I still have the old version of Instagram, and I can see ALL them likes. Suck it, bitches

Rylan Gebauer

Bruh this shit is wack

your mom's chest-hair



They hide likes, so they can shadowban people ahead of the 2020 race

Reza Aslanians

The new thing will be people taking screenshots of the likes and then posting them on IG

Andrew Bond

Yes, the only way to acquire a great deal of new F0LL0WERS easily would be to use ** ZIPFOLLOWER. COM

Javascript Kiddie

And they’re still not gone and this was announced like last month


Good on Instagram. These fame grubbing thots won't get all the clout for booty pics

Daniel Wightman

It's been a thing in Canada for almost like 4 months now. It really hasn't changed anything lol.

Fidel Seamans

Good vid!! To be honest, I use SMM EMPIRE to pick up free followers and likes on IG! I'm serious, I challenge you to look for SMM EMPIRE on Google or Youtube & grow your Instagram quickly :)

Samah Amara

Man ! Why did you cut end the video there !!? I wanna hear what he has to say about the competition !! ...men are choosing women for marriage based on Instagram here ! Religious men ! ...


not on the web version

J L.

„They’re changing the bar“ wouldn’t that be: they’re raising the bar? I’m not a native English speaker so what do I know anyways.

Sofia Vartanova

It’s been that way in Canada for like a year or two now lmaoo

Alex Harp

Joe "always finds a way to bring the conversation back to butts" Rogan


Instagram spends money in bandwidth so they need to get a cut of people's profits advertising on their own? Ok Joe.. have you seen how many ads are on instagram just scrolling through newsfeed? I'm sure that more than covers any "bandwidth" expenses they have

Doctor Patient

Ok but why does dudes head look like ?

Earl Campbell

Whomever is reading this remember to spread as much LOVE AS POSSIBLE, don't litter, help out the homeless and take care of nature please it's really important we gotta take care of eachother and mother earth. thank you and have a blessed life ❤


Best thing I have ever done was delete social media. You realize how much of a waste of time it really is just mindlessly scrolling through apps looking at shit from people that you really couldn’t care less about

William Russo

I understand where they're coming from, but for posts with over a thousand likes, it shows: "Liked by (X) and thousands of others." Also, you can still see the list of people who liked a post. To me, that kind of ruins the point.

Jake de Medeiros

Ive had this feature for months and its honestly not that bad

I think they just test run this shit in Canada


About time.

Aaron Bennett

Competition exists only if you play the game.


I’m glad Instagram got rid of the activity feed where people
Can see what you like or what you comment. Hella stalkers would look at
The shit

Andtp Fack

joe looks bad. Like he has no color in his face. Dont take steroids kids...

Nick Peterson

If Instagram allowed hiding likes and the followers I would rejoin

Oily Dogshit

I never really got social media. most peoples daily thoughts they share are mindfuckingly boring

MS 37

I’m so glad they’re doing this. These IG hoes are on suicide watch

Nate Moyer

The point of Instagram, social media, is to interact. You take away likes that’s a huge part of that haha that’s just silly


IG needs to do what POF supposedly has done, n not let the folks use filtered / photo - shopped pics or whatever... that'll cut back on everyones egos

Silas Futura

Been a thing in NZ now for months, I believe it has helped with the comparison complex in most people. Now you can only compare numbers to yourself so I think it has helped people to lessen their anxiety online. Has definitely helped me. It may put more $$ in instagram's pocket, but if it helps the collective mental health, I'm all for it.


I swear the likes have been gone for a month now?

Chris Mendoza

Okay but bring back my followers activity

OmegaDreadz Gaming Channel

Ass job

Max Willson

People will now have to post two photos per photo. The original photo and then the screen shot of the likes ahahaha!

Julius Caesar

This happened like half a year ago in Canada

Yeoff The Legend

I think that’s good.