Leg of steel

Legs of Steel: Same Difference Official Trailer in 4k

Legs of Steel: Same Difference Official Trailer in 4k16 Oct. 2017
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►Freeride, Freestyle and

►Freeride, Freestyle and Alpine racing united! Legs of Steel releases a detailed preview for the upcoming multi-discipline ski film 'Same Difference’.

True to the credo – ‘a film about skiers’, this documentary will provide a one of a kind view into skiing’s diversity. Follow Alpine race legend Felix Neureuther through a testing competitive season full of ultimate highs and lows. Take a ride with Fabian Lentsch, Bene Mayr & Sven Kueenle as they venture to the nerve centre of freeride skiing in Alaska, and watch on with anticipation as Freestyler Paddy Graham and his gang attempt to redefine gravity with the biggest jump ever attempted. The start gates and slopes are different and the rewards may seem wildly contrasting, but it’s all just skiing in the end.

Legs of Steel 

in co-production with Red Bull Media House

Presented by Audi

In association with CEP & Blue Tomato

A film by Mathias Kögel and Michael Haunschmidt

FEATURING Felix Neureuther, Fabian Lentsch, Bene Mayr, Sven Kueenle, Paddy Graham, Tom Ritsch, Lukas Joas, Russ Henshaw, Sam Smoothy, Ian Rocca, Tom Leitner, Tobi Tritscher, Tobi Müller & Mcrae Williams. 





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Comments (70)
priti sonkar


pooja Sharma

Amazing ?



Isaac McDaniel

Mind boggling distance on the one jump. At least 100'




Did the dude at 1:52 even survive? Because he sure as ** sent it. There's "go big or go home", and then there's "go big like that dude with the pink knee covers on his snowpants." He had a longer free fall than that time I went skydiving.


im first

Julo Obiwan

Who can tell what is the name of the track (music) used in the video?

priti sonkar


Eugen K

It's almost awesome like snowboarding

leonid lukaroski

Good trailer.



Martin Chambert

Freaking good job! Winter is coming and I can't wait for it now!


did that other guy that overshot the landing survive?!


Amazing Trailer until 3:12

Kaleb Larsen


Justin Hu

The awkward fistbump/high-five at 3:12 is kinda disappointing....

Dillon Ross

Everything you could want in a ski movie

Wando datitan160

sou o único brasileiro a ver este vídeo


My friend has six subscribers and I was I had as many as him ??

Oskar Munk Madsen

Where can i find the movie?

Ted Kirk

whats the title of the song in this trailer?

David Ramirez

Dope ??

Ignacio Elias

brutal homi

priti sonkar


Alessandro Rizzi

No wayyy! Loved ths trailer! KEEEP GOING!!!!!

Rickon Moor

a film that shows ....how much snow left in the world because of global warming :P

Fast Update



Cool video Red Bull

Jacob Ferrera

November 20 cant wait


Great job again Red Bull - this looks fantastic


i wish i could be part of the RedBull team. i would not let them down.


Is this a video for homosexuals. I didn't see one snowboard

Guillermo Montane Sierra

19 comentari

bob gogo

man that looks so rad in 4k so hyped for dis.

Joshua Dangerfield

Epic sound track! Anyone know the name?

Fast Update


Bernhard Leinan

HEY YOUTUBERS and filmmakers! I am a skier and I just startet filmmaking! Sub to my channel and stay tuned for awesome vids this autumn and winter! comment below if you want me to follow you back :D Cheers



Paul Webb

Definitely awesome, as a poor old freestyler I felt so nervous looking at that jump on the film, very few people in the world could even consider hitting that. Total respect.

Ridwan Chowdhury

Thinks for the best video

Lost Ballads


Lyon Primero

Best Filmmaker


Jävlar! Thats a bigjump. The first dude that hit it send it big time!! But tell me, shredders around the world, where can i find huge jumps like that? Or atleast 30meters+.. seems like those are only built for bigger events and so. I want to ski in austria or switzerland next trip im doing.. Laax looks awesome.. any suggestions folks? :D Winter is comming, be safe!!

Devin Carvalho



A film about skiers so expect lots of pseudo-philosophical narration from entitled - albeit talented - rich kids.

yamaha 255


Long live Jahseh

Today's my birthday

Burkhalter Media


My My09

“The Calculated Idiots” would have been a better name lol.

MJ Nation

Today is My birthday!
Can u have birthday sub?
Comment ”Subbed” and i’ll do the same!????❤️

Williams XD

it's a good trailer

Yassine ben salem


Fynn Wheatley

Omg I want to be able to do that so bad?
Like if you agree??

Andrew Zabrodin

Who can tell what is the name of the track (music) used in the video?

Jacobo Gil

Volunteer office accounting various also brilliant beach stranger pilot first comfort aid


What happened to the guy at 1:53? Is there a full video of it?


very nice

Nathan Hassall

So cool


After hitting the biggest jump ever and sending it to the moon... "Dude it's kind of mellow"

Kaushal Pandya

Epic trailer....I'm looking forward to seeing more soon.

Lor Bet

Name of the music?

Perpetual Student

I will be watching this: a snowboarder

Joker Writes

Leg off steel

Paul Sarson

Why make this crap, I want a new art of flight!

Fortnite Professinal

It is my birthday today and if you could sub it would mean the world to me and I am now 12


Amazing can't wait to to watch it (like? if you agree)

Nathaniel Hawes

I'd like to see the landing of whoever overshot that kicker. That was massive.

priti sonkar

nice ??

nils forssberg


Leg of steel

Leg of steel30 Nov. 2020

In this video I am using

In this video I am using the mega leg press machine for a complete leg exercise targeting front, back leg and culf.

Weight used is 210 Kg which is double my current tottal body weight

Then moving to cable cross targeting glutes

All in one set finish, rest and repeat

This training method is suitable for advanced athletes not recommended for biggners or intermediate yet you can grasp part of it and adjust the weight to match your current capacity

This video is to motivate and inspire you to work and lift that weight and watch your self getting stronger

Comments (4)
Mohamed Ragab

Bon courage mon cher ami

Mohamed Ragab

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عاش ياكيمو ياوحش

Nemesiz الخال

Brother Going to be a Star ?✊?

Superman Leg's of Steel Challenge

Superman Leg's of Steel Challenge19 Jun. 2013
1 912
Joe CarabaseSubscribe 438 721



Challenge: 20 Single Leg Squats at a challenging progression (several shown in video) three times a day, for 30 days.



40 Sandra Drive, Suite 7-8

South Windsor, CT 06074


Comments (4)

Bodies like that should be against the law! :D


dang you are getting huge bro--you training for a contest?

The Flather

if you'r pecs get any bigger you are going to need a bra


Joe is Fearless!