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LA Fitness manager calls cops on two black gym members because he assumed they didn't pay

LA Fitness manager calls cops on two black gym members because he assumed they didn't pay18 Apr. 2018
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LA Fitness in Secaucus,

LA Fitness in Secaucus, NJ.

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Mike Campbell

I like how this manager thinks he’s doing something when there’s nothing to do because they had a membership and a pass, 2nd he snaps his fingers when he gets upset because rights are being exercised so gay and he looks gay, probably is gay, 3rd he’s Spanish and doing crap like this, karma he’ll get pulled over in a very white neighborhood and get slammed with tickets maybe even a tow see how you like that gay boy.

Roy Smothers

racism in action

Lucifer Lee

dude is a straight up bitch............. y'all should have beat his ass

Carlos Cifuentes

Hurry up and build muscle .

Terry Murnane

Dems only like u at voti g time or your get kick out of gyms and Starbucks both dems company's


Wow, those are stand up cops! Fuck L.A fitness, find somewhere better to hoop fellas

Mojo Gucci

What the hell were the police called for ??? - even if he had no membership it’s not a damn police matter!!! ? time wasting morons!!!

Ray Ray

It's time for jayz-zee to take this opportunity to open gyms across the usa, go jay-zee


Wow. You should really talk to some lawyers, that is bullshit

raza saiefg

Every one should stop going there then they can shut it up for good
And stick the thumbs up there arse and sit on it and think
Where they fucked up without a job now profile that you

Pretty Redalert

Haha, now go back to whatever shit hole country you came from. We've got enough racism without importing them!
It's a fucking gym. They just wanted to workout. Your racist fat ass should try it!


this is why black people need to invest in their own community ... if more black people own gym clubs, restaurants, hotels and pools... this will happen less... but my brothers need some gold teeth and bugaties...

Nae Moody

Sue that ass and be done with it


Next thing you know, ppl will be calling the police because black ppl are breathing too much air.


How is America gonna be great again if this keep on happening constantly? If you're not white you are being targeted regardless

Copper Aboriginies

Sue these people for harassment and bullying. If we don't stop this shit in these early stages then our people will continue to be harassed and bullied it's up to our people to do for ourselves.

michael rogers


Tako Bell

why do black complain so much damn do like all other races buil your own empires and stop depending on whitey.latinos dont cry about grammy awards cause theye have their own awards and shows and movies and stores and no matter what wall or no wall they still say fukkk trump


Simple solution.. open up businesess and enjoy life instead of all rubbish.

kelly mikaere

Send the guy back to asia,and the women back to europe


Idk if the guy was Asian but Asians like white because they think it’s “beauty”. A lot of Filipinos are white-wash who tries to fit in and stuff. They only date white cuz they want “beautiful” kids etc.

Neck Bone

Get your money I like they you didn't use foul language was able to your point across. That staff just coast that company major money ?


It's obvious that that they are prejudice. So why would you want to continue to support a business that has no respect for you? Have some Real pride in yourself and our race and spend your money somewhere else. If your daughters boyfriend was beating her. .. would you want her to leave him or fight to get him to change? Come on bruh

Epic Line

its not even whites but asians too like damn

Jose Jimenez


Mr Yusuf

Whites and hispanis always racist

Terry Murnane

I wonder if management is legal

lxndr x

I smell a come up. I'm gna go to an establishment where nothing but white pl go to with a covert body camera. Somewhere I know for a fact I'm gna get mean mugged and get racially profiled. Ill get all of it on camera without telling them walk out blast it all over social media then sue that business into the stone age. Lawyers love these cases cause as long as its on camera the case is good as won. black people if you would open your eyes you can see the come up. If these people want to racist and prejudice in a business setting then lets hit em where it hurts.

Cora Beaumont

Either u go work out but if he continues making a scene or disrespecting employees an filming them with out their consent u need to leave

Hakeem Fitzgerald

I work for LA Fitness and I see it first hand, really sickens me


black bully held accountable


He sometimes the scanner doesn't read well. You just have to scan again. It really doesn't have to do anything about you being black bro

ekachai laoya

Bad advertising bad business for being racist and morally wrong.

I am SaLo08c

Sue they ass

Mr Ct3

Alot of these people making complaints like this ... they just have sticks up their asses ! These foreign people that come to America and act like they in another country need to take that shit somewhere else ! This is America people ! (In my Jay z voice)

Joshua Fart

I hope numerous people in the managers family get deported back to whatever Hispanic country they crawled out of.

David Baker

what`s the issue ? I`am white his black his orange his yellow seriously people we all the same we all pay bills etc we live we died and some where there`s God ? what`s the issue ?

Arin Adams

Those 2 black guys should get free membership for life after being treated like that.

Roy Smothers

Cops are as racist and stupid as the gym manager.....

Jaime Lopez

Somebody's getting an ass chewing in court.


Fk that slope pendejo.

J Love

You have a lawsuit...sue baby

kiba 7

America give it a rest blacks want to live our life in peace! Stop
embarrassing yourself! I wake
up every day loving God made
me black same 4 my beautiful
daughter just stop!?

Jacquen Anderson

We need our own clubs like the Asians who came in the 1980s

lil chino310

It’s bad they are accusing them of not paying. But I hate when it’s a black persons ThAts being accused, they’re being accused because of their skin color allegedly. So then it turns into accusing them because of their race. But when it’s someone else of any other color that gets accused it would just be a false accusation that isn’t involving race. Stop using the race card. Maybe they just thought you didn’t pay and falsely accused and were being stupid.

Martha Olson

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Denise Johnson

That is why us black people shouldn't cape for other races and cultures. Look at the manager. Clearly he's not white, but he's definitely team white supremacy.

Pamela Dunigan

Nobody, nobody, here just see human beings. Sad for all of you. Where ever you come from, or what you think you are. SAD.


A waste of money ( calling the police )and insulting to him as a member of that fitness club.

5.7L Hemi

Kinda make m me wanna stay away from la fitness frfr.....


"Excuse me sir I noticed you have brown skin. Could you kindly get out of our white gym? ?"

Wrist disabled Writer

The best way to end racist acts in businesses would be the consequences be the business is now owned by the person the business was racist too with 0 dollars cost to the person the business was racist against

Kristina Winter

If I worked there and I thought they hadn’t paid I would just asked them if they had or check online. The last thing in my mind would be wasting police time.

Cherry Adrales

yeah some Asian think they are favored. I know quite a lot and it is absurd

Ninef JUMA

Wow asked that 4 foot Asian if he has his green card

LadyMarmalade A.

I'd like to Marry this Brother. He knew how to stand up for himself and was fearless while using his intelligence!!!!

Mark Stevens

Thank God! Justice!

Robert Bates

Blacks always wanting to be around white people .

Cleveland Chisholm

So glad they where fired.. God is gonna burn these raciest people up

Rene Jovitz

After that nonsense, cops being called and claiming that I had not paid when I have,, I would have asked for my membership to be terminared and full refund. Not wait for the a-hole to.

VAN the man

Racist profiling is everywhere and this is coming from a white dude I had just spent 48 to 72 hours with hardly any sleep with my mom getting out of the hospital they finally said she was stable so I walked to a local donut shop to get some coffee and it was all owned by Asians I paid for my coffee left and they came running out the door saying heno pay for coffee heno pay for his coffee pointing at me and made a scene I know exactly why I was profiled to it was because I look like hell cuz I hadn't slept I hadn't shaved for at least 3 or 4 days and I had a beanie on my head with the hoodie cuz it was cold and let me tell you after taking care of my mom and worrying and somebody doing that to me I let them fucking have it I walked back in demanded to ask for the person who sold me the coffee which was in the the back she came out and was like yes I sold him the coffee. Then I Unleash the Beast because I was sleep deprived and pissed off I looked around and told everybody my quick story and then told them they shouldn't judge a book by its cover at the top of my lungs just rambling until people started taking their food and walking out I literally felt my claws retract as I walked away from the store like a lion they messed with the wrong motherfuking white dude that day.

Bjorn Yesterday

If you were black why did you try to get a gym membership

Alex joe

I hope y'all negros realize it was a brown person who called the cops on those brothers Asian looking Hispanic male. We have no friends and no such thing call black and brown unity it doesn't exist.

Ezeqiel Echeverria

Send the mexicans back to Mexico.


He needs to go back to his country. Automatic deportation for a cicil rights violation

Dammit Boy

It looked like the Butch and the manager didn't like being filmed because it made them look like idiots. Even the cops were scratching their heads like WHAAA. Sounds like discrimination to me.


Fuck that place hope it burn down

Couch Mayne

Asians are honestly more racist than white people I see a lot of Asians act like this idk why either I’m guessing cause they don’t get shamed as much as other cultures in the US Muslims blacks and Hispanics are targets so other races just jump on the racist ship

kerman725 n5

Call his Corporate office or go to another location. I had same problems at Planet Fitness


The manager who called the cops on the two Black men look to be Black himself. He's a minority trying to give others a hard time.Smdh This is some backwards ass BS. I'm glad him and his co-conspirators were caught on tape and got fired!! Get to steppin' ignorant mofos!! ??

Mr L wiseman

hit em up in the pockets. from the begin of time, other races have been jealous, envious of Nubian ppl. I always say to ppl, dont worry about hateful ppl,

Reaper168 Reaper168

That manager is a streight up racist.....

Don Wax

Scary little bitch so the Asian community is in on the bullshit too

Sandra Bates

Why on earth were the police called? Boycott this gym, when will people learn???

Donna Moore

Boycott them motherfuckers real rap

Whitney Harris

Asian are a joke. I love seeing them in the new crying about races shot that happen to them. Like no shit! Now you know we’re you sit.

Ricardo Martinez

Fucking rats in LA fitness they just one ur money


So glad I ended my membership!


Unfortunately this is still happening. Happened to me in a well known, franchise gym here in ajax, Canada. Quite honestly its very embarrassing and it only happens at this particular location.

Marylize Liguana

Someone slap his chinese ass



Gokuflexgaming Ink

If you guys live in California in harbor City LA Fitness everybody is nice even playing basketball An San Pedro LA Fitness is nice to everybody say hi an the Manger is cool too I give them high five an all the employees


It's their business if they want you out get out

Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi

Don’t these young men know that you’re not allowed to lift weights in LA Fitness? No wonder they called the cops.

Katihryn Idle

That’s not a female, that’s a beast

donald trump


Shana Peterson

Their next year's membership should be free if they go back....


Why is this type of stuff still happening?


Amazing. That little cow works at a gym?!

LittleLady418 BeneVento

Hope you got those idiots fired.

Oscar Tosso

I am very proud of black people defending themselves against all kind of stupidity and racism that have been hunting them for centuries. From my heart you all have my support. Just do it intelligently, with evidence, politeness, without offending anybody. That will make your case legit. (NOT THAT THIS GUYS WERE NOT LIKE THAT)

Tony Chavez

what are pieces of shit stupid manager wanting to keep your cell phone he knew he was f*** when you recording them hey I hope LA Fitness hook you up for life as member cuz of the stupid ass worker


Blame everything on racism

Edgar M


Gail Oliver

These folks are going to cry wolf one too many times. This a complete waist of tax payers money and officers time. They need to start issuing tickets to folks who make false complaints like they are supposed to. They never seem to ever do anything to anyone who is not black after discovering what the real issue is. It's just dishonest and outright racist!


another contrived excuse for YOUR failure...... nonsense

Cindy Do

Get the local news involved each time this idiot gives you issues

Argentiskyblau 15

Hey let me piss off people and be disruptive. As soon as they tell me something ill get defensive and say its a race issue. Lol.
Narrative is all wrong

Jupiter Stars

Why is it that blacks people always have to PROVE themselves to STRANGERS.
Why can't we just live??

Pretty Prudent

The manager was a dark skinned Asian?

Sauna Room at LA Fitness Club

Sauna Room at LA Fitness Club8 Nov. 2010
51 759
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Getting fit one day at a

Getting fit one day at a time. Follow me as I journey to change me to be better. There are no excuses. I'm 67 and made a commitment to myself to find answers and then then do something about changing to improve!

Comments (13)
handyman Rodríguez

phone and keys??????good luck with that

Madhu Kollu

Is that a infrared sauna?

sam s

did you attach the camera to a vibrator ?

Lonnie Dotson

gawd! shaky camera and all that should be completely forbidden! Beside how silly of a posting!!!1

Vin Man

As females at LA Fitness, you're lucky to enjoy the great benefits of the sauna. With the guys, we have a number of complete and utter idiots that put foreign substances on or near the sauna rocks. Some idiots want to convert it into a steam-room by pouring their DRINKING water on top of the rocks. Little do they know -- until I educate them -- that they've just increased the moisture within the sauna by 5% or less. I also have to inform them that I -- and everybody else -- is breathing in their saliva and their germs. They'll usually counter with "Oh, I haven't drunk from THIS bottle." Then I'll say "Well, how do I know if you're telling the truth" and that "I should just go on your word that you’re not forcing me to breath in your bacteria?" Now since I'm no weak-looking guy, they don't try to intimidate me. But I can imagine a frail-looking 20-30 year old guy getting flack for speaking common sense that is not so common among these knuckle-draggers. In addition to these simpletons pouring their spit-water on the lava rocks and having it aerosolized, they also pour eucalyptus oil on the rocks either straight up [undiluted] or blended into their remaining spit-water. So now -- when this happens and I'm not able to stop them -- I have to say that "Not only do I have to breathe in your germs from the spit laden water, I also have to breathe in eucalyptus oil that is possibly from China that might contain dangerous chemicals." Then they think they're educating me when they say "No, the eucalyptus oil helps open up your airways." To this I say "What if you are correct about the eucalyptus oil opening-up your airways and that it wasn't in water that had your backwash in, what about those individuals that are allergic to eucalyptus oil?" They usually respond by saying they didn't know people could be allergic to eucalyptus oil. Then I say "So let me get this straight, you risk other people's health, you risk getting caught violating the gym's policy, you transfer your germs and bacteria from your mouth into our lungs, you possibly put Chinese derived eucalyptus oil that might contain dangerous additives into the air and into our lungs, etc. all so you can get a 1-minute 5% burst of steam and a long-lasting stench of eucalyptus oil that does or doesn't open up most peoples' air ways?" This is when they say "Easy dude, I'm sorry." You go to management later on and they empathize w/you and request that the next time it happens come tell them. I then ask them if I should worry about ratting these idiots out and have to deal with them in the parking lot." They usually evade this question. I then ask them if they can make hourly announcements or the like about placing foreign objects, materials, or liquids on or in the vicinity of the lava rocks while including the warning that caught violating club policies could result in losing one's membership and paying for the cost of cleaning or repairing the sauna apparatus. They say that's a great idea and push it up the chain. I should also add that some of these animals place their sweat-drenched shirts on the wooden railing that flanks the sauna. I ask the management about the enforcement of the sauna rules and they usually skirt the issue. I tell them that having a rule w/o enforcing it and/or a way to monitor adhering to the rule is useless to the customer and is basically only there to avoid liability when somebody does get sick [like a respiratory infection or worse]. Then they brush you off.

Tech Youngsters

i go to LA FITNESS at 25th street easton pa and its really nice

Julyanna Garcia (Student)

I go to the la fitness with my sis are u at the sauna by in n out I love la fitness

Angie Estacio

My gym LA fitness brickell have souna yes


Is this an infrared sauna?  Someone please answer.


Can u wear a sauna suit in a sauna room and have a liter water water with u. Would this be safe to do for 10mins? Thanks

neuro science

Don't they have a NO CAMERAS POLICY??? I'm reporting you!


What is the temperature

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