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Try Guys Try On Women's Thongs

Try Guys Try On Women's Thongs11 Nov. 2020
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Toxic masculinity has left the chat! An ode to our very first video together, a Try Guys classic, today we'll be trying on women's thongs! ✨

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Comments (100)
Niamh Winters

Dear future children of the try guys- i am so sorry

Jenna Teigland

Day 62 of requesting Try Guys Try Professional Swimming/Springboard Diving (once it’s safe to do so)

Leah Moore

Wondering what Ariel and Becky think about all of us knowing their favorite thongs.

Calcinha Wedgie

Perfect Video .... perfect thong do more do more

Chavon Hawthorne

This year... try guys will be 7 years old.
I’ve been watching them since I was 12?

Laila Hagam

I love the cris cross one


Zach's penis @ 2:04:

"Now, watch me Whip...
Watch me NaeNae...
Watch me Whip, Whip,
Watch me NaeNae..."

Jordan Williams

This is so not for Kidsssss lmao

peepee poopoo

i dont like that me and ned are wearing the same g-string rn

Milo peippo

"Special gay parties"

Lily Bug

I agree with neds wife 100% they’re so much more comfortable

Emica Censi

The way I have been following them since may 2016 and I got positively used to different type of bodies (a good way to say almost naked)... I think helped my mentality, as I was already open minded, but it helped me with diversity and I'm still working on it this day.. I'm so happy try guys are so chill and spreading positivity

Hannah Melissa

The bigger the thong the longer they get... like not bigger in waist they just make the v shape about a 30cm long ?

Ellan-Rose Caulfield

Eugene said the scrunchie thong was Republican then said Ned would like it... Does that make Ned a Republican??

Angela Alvarado

The cat thong terrified me


Omg again with the rainbow shirt Keith
Either thank you for being an extremely amazing supporter, or being part of it yourself
No matter what you are accepted by my side of the fan base and this many people loves you

Saige Skinner



“I kinda like it. You know, it reminds me of a math problem.” NED WHYYY ?

Dulce Arreola

Ya should go full Bridgeton look. With the stays and everything

Emily mayrinʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ Morales jauregui

Ummm no me ha dicho nadame no me ha estado muy bien?

Flynn Rider


Em Brown

DON'T TELL THE ABOUT THE POCKET. That shall remain a secret.

Emily Gilmet

i love how they know each other so well that with the second thong eugene and zach were like “you know who would like this? ned.” then the cut to ned absolutely living for it


two things sending me: ned being like omg Ariel prefer thongs out load, and the fact Zach cannot contain his d in these tmi tmi tmi

Chavon Hawthorne

Not me getting a SHEIN notification of lingerie

Hannah Melissa

‘What if you snag a pube’ you definitely do not have pubes if you own a crystal thong... it would be like a huge gathering of tweezers.

Madison Ann


Hugs not Drugs!! Fries before Guys

I want their partners to be in the room where it happens and get their reaction when they try stuff on

Joe Thompson

Yt allows this lol

Emily Alexandria

Keith’s moulin rouge was perfect ??

Nyssa’s Financial Journey

The Brittany thong looks like a skeleton sternum

CC _247

I don’t really like thongs and rather have boxers instead

Hannah Melissa

It’s always the little guys have the biggest surprise...

Appler taters88

Morpheus and Myrtle! LMAO

Sweet & spooky

Wait i have been wearing thongs for my whole life and didnt know!?

Lisa G.

I love lace a lot but if you're broke and can only afford cheap stuff the lace feels sometimes so scratchy ugh

Crystal Mahaffey

Lowkey thought Eugene was naked...

Sofia Martinez

Love them ?

marianne meissner

WHY DID I WATCH THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!

Amy Hudd

You guy should do something like this for a calender for charity. So many people would pay to have your bums on their walls ? haha. Plus it'd be for a good cause.

Hailey Hraba

Republican= Karen= Ned?¿

Ezio And Rudie Payahsape

excuse me! My eyes are down here!!! ???

Courtney Foster

The impolite drake analytically order because manicure physiologically back till a secretive bun. naughty, chilly mouse

erin burkhart

Bends over and touches his toes “how does it loook?” Lol

Reddit Vamoosh

Can they start an Only Fans and redo this video without the compression shorts??? I would pay to see it.

Abby Wolffe

"This is Karen's night out"
"Excuse me, could I speak... to your manager, sir?"

Shlanna Seibert


Leah Moore

Zach: Eugene, I’m only going to tell you this once....
Subtitles: (speaking in foreign language)


Eugene in the black lace thong is my religion

Bri Aronson

LOL without those panty hose y’all would be soooooo uncomfortable

Gemma Pearce

There is a pocket bc there needs to be two layers bc discharge is acidic and will wear through it with time

caty therese

6:59 when Eugene said to Zach thank youuu!

Grant Yes

Why is Eugene so fucking hot

Liane Reading

Lmfao! Omg, this had me choking in laughter.?

Rebecca McKenna

Sometimes I think their friendship is too close ??

Rui Ribeiro

How is Eugene so thicc tell me lol

Sarah A

Why am I watching this?

Renee Major

I'm this old when I find out the G stands for Groin. ??

Shyho Gaming



i can’t get over the fact, that Ned’s laugh sounds like minecraft villager if he were to laugh.. not a squidward but a villager.

PEDDNEY Official

Hi, your try-on is amazing, willing to sponsor you.

Nhung Nguyen

Please make a video of Try Wives reacts to this video


I have a booty? Lol that was cute ?

draco baby


Olivia Summers

did anyone notice 12:46 Zach just casually took a peek at Eugene


Trying women’s thongs
boy thong
What why??


can someone PLEASEEEE tell me which song is playing at 3:45 (with the satin thong i think) , it’s been stuck on my head for weeks and i don’t know where i’ve heard it before

Victoria Asenjo

Zach no ass

Justyce Janee’

the crazy thing about all of this disregarding the fact that theyre wearing thongs is i've been watchinng since 2014 but it feels like its been so much more longer

Claire Heitman

I love Eugene’s laugh, we don’t hear it often but when we do, I can’t help but smile.? (4:57)

Harleen Apolla

i have to hope that becky and ariel allowed the comments about their underwear preferences to be in the video otherwise i would be concerned for ned and keith

Martin Smith

Keith: This is the hottest thing ever!
Becky: stares in wife

Kacey Gallagher

When zack realizes that the pocket in the underwear is to store a pad

ailie jang

Ned: talks about wife’s fav thong
Keith: just laughter
Zach: giddy confusion
Eugene: *hotness*


to answer Keith's question, plain cotton thongs exist and they're AMAZING. sexy ones are great, but not practical or healthy for every day (and when you have a big butt, your ass generally just swallows fabric, so thongs are an every day must) but the cotton ones are light, and breathable, and some of them even come in cute designs and patterns.

Keith Newton

You're turning into the why guys

Khaleesi Moons

I- not me wearing the exact same lace thong whilst watching this- where. are. the. cameras?.

Dameon Welch

Omg ?

Kimberly Liu

I am completely deaddddd from laughing. Why tf do the try giys just randomly and cusually see each other's d*ck? lmao

Megan Ofstun

if only they wore these for like 48 hours and realized how uncomfy they are

JYs Dimension

Wtf does the crisscross thong even cover lmao


Try guys wear thongs for a whole day!!!!! PLZ DO THIS


You guys ruined something I once loved ?

trinidaddy 333

The excuse my eyes are down here made me geek

Devin Hemmings

I probably shouldn’t be watching this at school ???

Zephaniah Carrier

i wear a type of thong for dancing. it's a dance belt, so essentially a thong that's padded at the front to stop your part from visible and moving around while you dance. they're the most comfortable item of clothing that I own


the kind of video where you have to lowkey shield your phone from you mom’s field of vision lmaoo

Nhung Nguyen

I almost choked from laughing when Zach brought out the curtain rope

Klaus Lubinus

I have an actual question.... this was demonitized ?


pulls out satin thong
me: that's a cute thong!
eugene: it feels a bit republican
zach: karen's night out!

me: surprised pikachu face

Kick Starter

good job

Kaitlyn Bengtson

They’ve all seen each other’s dicks
That’s a new level of friendship

Victoria Asenjo

15 minutes of grown men playing with ladies' underwear

Harleen Apolla

eugene insulting a pair of underwear by calling it "a little bit republican" is my favorite thing ever

Mari Schroedinger

Jfc guys just get a wall mirror! A man should be able to admire his own ass in a thong!

I’m actually really sad rn lmao

ok but where did they get the Brittney thong

Drawing a stickman

As an Australian, I was confused with the title

Heba Osman

I love how the beginning zack was concerned about the rope but it was just for the curtain ? (u guys are awesome ✨)

Purple goop

Why is it on your face after its been on your butt????!!!!!! Has Covid taught you nothing?

Josi Gb

I want the Britney thong ??

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Comments (28)
Sajid Laskar

Sir is surgery mai cost kitna hota hai ?

Banomali Das

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Iska full size milta hai kya?


Surgery ke baad masturbation kar sakte h...dubara to gyno nhi aa jayega...?


Gyncomestia m cheera bhi lgta hai Kya sir


Kaha se khared sakte hai sir pressure garment..?

tosif Daud bayad

Pressure garments chahie

Amir Khan

Sir apka hospital kha hai

Akshay Kolte

Sir local aenestesia ka kya benefit he and general aenesthesia ke konse se side effects he gyno surjery me

Vedant Solanki

Sir kharcha kitana hota hai

upendra sahoo

Sir How many day used
Pleasure belts


Yeh girl pehn sakti hai kya... Surgery ke pehle .?

Talha Nadeem

sir gyno ki surgery say infertility ka issue hota hai?

UP K King

Please sir Mujhe ye bealt chahiye please

Filmy latest's

Agar Paani bhar gay tho kyaaa hogaaa

ashik as

Sir pressure garments kitna din tak pahen ni ki jorurat hain ?

Shekhar Kumar

sir patna mein clinic hai...

Rd Sam

Sir fess kya h Opresan ki

Atul Kushwaha

Kha se sir


Aap message ka javab to dete nhi ho what's up pe to bat kese karen

Shan Dutta

Sir surgery ho gya lakin dr bola abhi bandge ha bandage 10 days bad khulega tab pasure germents use karne bola .itna din bad use karega to kuchu nehi ho ga to sir plz reply

Good Life

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Md Aamir

Sir gareebun ke liye kuchh compromise hu sakta h kya , gyno surgery karwani h bihar ke rahne wale h ,kuchh hu sakta hai sir to please bataye


Sir apka West Bengal Kolkata me koi chember hai?, Mera bhi gyno problem hai,, msi operation korana chata hu,, and cost kitna boliye jara please,,


Is garment ki price kitna h

Shamsuddin Ismail

Hello sir, Kya jlne pr keloid scar me bhi pressure garment useful h? Plz reply...aur vdu banae hypertrophic scar,mota- mota- phula h skin plz aap ispr bhi vdu share kare...

Shuababbasi abbasi

Sir how much your fee

Logesh Waran

I need an compression suit can you share price details

Men Wearing Leggings Compression Pants Tights Spandex | Double Standard

Men Wearing Leggings Compression Pants Tights Spandex | Double Standard4 Nov. 2020
JuiceSubscribe 438 721

Is it a double standard

Is it a double standard for men to wear to wear compression pants, spandex or tights? Should men wear automatically west shorts over tights?

In this video, I'll be explaining why I wear compression pants, how to wear garments and how to avoid the bulge.

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Comments (9)
2020 compression

I am from Jamaica I wear my tights with my jeans shorts and yes people do look at me but I don't give a flying fuck it's the modern days now so its just new fashion always say that if they can wear very tight skinny jeans then u can wear compression tights it's the same.


I appreciate the video man. My fiance has a lot of knee issues from military service and sports and I've always suggested he try compression pants; but because it's not as common for men to wear them he passes them up. I appreciate you talking about them. I'll pass this video along to him. Keep doing what you're doing, youre great. Have a good one. :)

2020 compression

Men and boys who do cycling, track and field swimming wrestling, etc they all wear tights and it's becoming a fashion too it just looks great.

Isaac Scott

Can you recommend a brand

Brian A.

I started wearing compression tights under my jeans at work years ago. I had a very physical warehouse job with a lot of heavy lifting and fast paced walking. They helped so much. I love wearing leggings. I think It should be cool to wear 24/7 even as fashion. But there is a taboo. Some people can't handle seeing a man wearing leggings. My girlfriend loves when I wear them around the house. But she did laugh and make ballet dancer comments at first.

Lee Muscles

Good content. Keep it up. I've subscribed and would love for you to show some love and subscribe to my channel to. Thank you.

Donnell Belle

Juice. What's up my brother? Great video. I wear compression pants and shirts all the time when working out. I love the tight fit. I'm 62 years old and not bragging but I have a nice build and loves to workout and do cardio. I don't care about what people think. WHAT'S THE PROBLEM! Nobody complains about college and olympic athletes ...women in sports bars and mens in compression shorts. Like you say. It's just there. Boops and bulge. By the way, I eat plant based only. Love your videos. Stay strong my brother.


there are some things you can do. wear a dancer's belt if you're well endowed. tightsguy aka jeffrey scott sells a modesty pad as well. you can also just wear a longer shirt to cover the groin and butt area. the first two things i mentioned, it will prevent the outline of your penis but may still have some sort of bulge. better than showing it all off.

also, i'm a guy that lives in the usa and wear leggings with my outfits (no shorts kuz i think shorts+leggings look trashy. no offense). i have long hair as well but i haven't really gotten any criticism. then again, i am wearing a face mask due to covid so people cannot tell if i'm a guy or girl; when/if covid is over, i'll prob still wear leggings with pride. i wear shirts/hoodies that cover my groin/butt tho. i also use the modesty pad

Ak Off

How tall are you