Olympic weight lifters

How Do Chinese Olympic Weightlifters Train Upper Body?

How Do Chinese Olympic Weightlifters Train Upper Body?2 Feb. 2020
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Lu Xiaojun - Olympic Weightlifting Motivation

Lu Xiaojun - Olympic Weightlifting Motivation9 Aug. 2016
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Music: Ahrix – Left Behind

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Comments (100)

His strength is obviously a result of Ping-Pong.

Tim Marshall

He makes it look so much easier than it is

giannis mpastas

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFQ2spQLzHc and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSU_d7OyolY are two of my best lifts . take a look

Dan Phan

Chinese fake weights?



A tt

how can he lift like that without a belt? does it mean that he can lift even more with a belt?


“If you think you are good at something, just know there is always an Asian better”
This quote is so true on so many levels

Jimmy McPerson

Why does his elbow always move like that coming up on squat?


What went through your head when you decided "What music should I use for my video?"

Street Rider

how old is he....bet his knee cartilage doesnt last past 40

Parulian Lian


Flex Flex

There's always an asian better than you

乘嘉 Chengjia Xu



he trains twice a day, six days a week and even more when it comes to preparation for an event. Its crazy! Imagine how many times he has performed each lift :D

zhuocheng Li



This guy is a beast

Let's Progress

those traps wtf


wtf im not kappa pride but damen


Here you can find a perfect natural body, and all those culturist guys are bullshit

Din Din

Most inspiring weightlifter of today's weight lifting.. with regards and proud to be a Mizo tribe, nomadic tribal from Mizoram state, offcourse North-East Indian nationality.


Weightlifting friends.... Amazon has the Adidas Leistung 16 II's in blue only on for $100.... opposed to their regular $230 price tag

Im sure this deal wont last.. https://amzn.to/2NPXNIz

Alexander the great

Tofu power

Cheng Wei

Love his T shirt.


worst dips europe

Nebojsa Sarajlija


king quad s

Not motivated but depressed af

Sun Wu

The depth of his squats. Goddamn, thats the hardest part to squat up.

Diego Cruz

Again, a nice video ruined by shitty gay music. Fuck off.


jesus christ the traps on this man

Bruno Herrera

What about that snake dips he is doing? Isn't wrong?

Jungle Beast

What does he eat?



Ronan Vieira

China superando as barreiras ???

EB Cloud

They should replace ping pong with basketball. Clearly he is getting bored with it.

jixing bian

when he warm up with your max X 3 weight


Amazing athlete! ?


This vid was legit, just subbed and told some friends about it. My goal right now is 1000 subs, any help is appreciated as well. Looking forward to your next vid!

James Moon


Dimitri Jachvadze

Couldn't have chosen shittier music


Obviously the key to being a World Champion Weightlifter is Ping Pong


This music made me change the channle

David Msta

China Nambawan

Eman Howard

Its amazing how he basically has superhumsn strength but doesnt look freaky at all

Fio Anugrah

Why does weightlifter dont need a spotter when squatting unlike powerlifter

meaty cabbage

Seeing all these little jacked chinese dudes with long torso and short legs lifting enormous weights makes a long-torso short-legged chinese dude like myself want to try out olympic lifting

Winter W

3:01 this back is just simply beautiful


Music sucks

Dalton Dirty D the King in the North

Dude what is with the translator fake accent lol


He is so fine what the fuque

Hurricane Hugues

Anabolic traps of peace and prosperity

Leo Low

2016 video with such a background music. Wtf is this shit.

S.Y. chiang





I want to do this because I have a mesomorphs bodytype

Daniel Lau

he is one strong chigga

Patryk Kowalski

This song suck

tyler millaway

All dem quality Chinese supplements and training!

Достопочтенный Гражданин

пиздатый Киргиз )

Michael Shaleen

watching while dumbass class on diversity

Help me reach 100 subscribers !

He’s developed his back so much that the squat bar rests perfectly in between his muscles lmao

David Kim

Africans and East Asians have the best muscle recovery genetics. East Asian men also have unmatched levels of testosterone by a HUGE margin. Our skeletal composition is more robust and our bone density is the hardest (including erectile hardness). Look it up. Don’t take my word for it.



Adrian Perek

Does anybody have name of excersise in 1:15? thanks!

Magical Manvi

He is so strong that if you shoot a bullet at him ... It will reflect back after touching him and hit you back?


Just really impressed that his form doesn’t break no matter what weight he’s using


My inspiration ??

jarmanjitsingh lehal


The Love Doctor 69

His torso is so long holy fuck

Mason Lee

Better than porn~ yeah so satisfying ughh I feel so good??


Clarence Kennedy | Vegan training progress 2006 - 2018

Edward Xu

His name literally translates to small soldier.

Marlen Vassallo

You can get the best workouts guide on Unflexal :)

Jolianne Fe

fuckin beast

Gagan Singh

Lol people shouting juice act like his competitors are all natural GTFOH it's all hard work and genetics



Dulneth Enuka

Anyone spotted lus bmw

Marco Pol

Why do every one of these motivation sports videos have obnoxious overly upbeat electronic music


You'd never guess by looking at him he'd be so strong.

Eddie Avinashi


Anyone who is more jacked than this guy is ABSOLUTELY on gear.

Elite_ Eight

what is most astonishing to me is the absolutely perfect posture and execution. Probably what most people can't see and understand is that he has put as much effort into stretching and joint mobility as in the strength training. If not more. The average gym guy just want to lift more and more ignoring this part that is vital. I've never seen someone who make a squat like in this video at 0:44, he make it seem simple, so fluid so perfect, so deep, so solid, stable and always in control of the movement. This is what an olympic champion look like

Daniel Prest

first thing i had to do was mute, what a great way to spoil amazing content with that shit music

rumualdo bravo

Them asians thoo be hacking gravity and shieeet

Cauli Jutsu

He’s beautiful. #gay4Lu

Abe Froman; Sausage King of Chicago

Felt kind of weird watching shirtless dude while listening to gay disco music

Joshua Vranesich

The old man in the club was unbearably funny?


strong dude!

John Breuwet

Olympic lifters never cease to amaze me.

Frank Liu

5:06 not impressed!!

Mike Wagner


Xiang Rong Eo

I like his shirt.

Michael Asta

I'm 22 and a half and have been intensely weightlifting for the past 6 months. Before that, I had been a casual gym-goer, attending to my exercises maybe twice a week if I was lucky. Now I'm in the gym 5 to 6 days a week, twice a day usually. I am learning as fast as my mind and body will allow, pushing myself appropriately each and every session.

I say all of this because I am suddenly interested in competing in weightlifting competitions over the course of my lifespan, and Olympic weightlifting is one of the blips on my radar.

My question is simply this: how should I train so that by the age of, say, 25 to 27 I could be a formidable competitor in both this and powerlifting competitions?

Rankaisija .R

What are the tight shorts hes wearing when training. They all wear them and it look so dope


snake what channel or video you recommend for learning to snatch and clean chinese style?i follow one guy call larrior on instagram hes so good but idk so much in thatall

No Worries

lu hanma ?




4:30 Uncle Benny...renminbiiiiii!!!!!

Philip Manik

I don't get it... isn't he so much stronger than the famous powerlifters we know?

leandro borges

Chinese are a great people, congratulations man

Solid Snake

That music in every motivational video are so annoying all the time