Modified lunges

Lunges Modified

Lunges Modified27 May. 2015
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darren bodnar

Thank you so much for this. Such a blessing!

Lunges - Modifications and Progressions

Lunges - Modifications and Progressions28 Oct. 2018

Breakdown of how to

Breakdown of how to safely perform a lunge with modifications and progressions.

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I highly recommend you start with squats so if you're new to exercise pop on over to the video below and get some squats under your belt before attempting lunges.

How to Safely Squat: https://youtu.be/oadIrKnnsLI

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Very good video thanks!

Modified Lunges for Golf | Golf Fitness

Modified Lunges for Golf | Golf Fitness26 Dec. 2019
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Modified lunges for

Modified lunges for golfers. Try this movement out! As I mentioned in the video if you can get a piece of wood to stand on to stress the importance of balance... do it! But first, make sure you can perfect this movement without a balance board to ensure perfect form.

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