How to retract scapula

Retracting Shoulder Blades in Bench Press: How & Why

Retracting Shoulder Blades in Bench Press: How & Why17 May. 2016
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This video is about Retraction in Bench Press

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Wait so you don’t keep this position when doing a push-up?? Should I always aim to do more of a push-up plus when doing push-ups but not benching?? I have major problems with winged scapula and when I try to keep them “down and back” I get pain


Thank you so much for this! Was having shoulder pain when benching and after trying this it completely subsided

Ish The Face

What if I can't do this on one side? I've developed my shoulder to take over any and all chest exercises. And it's not a matter of improper technique (well it is..) but I physically can't get into the correct position. I know how to do it. It works great on one side, but not on the other. Can't do bench, can't do dumbbells, can't do cables, can't do pushups.

Jethro Nicholls

This needs more views after watching loads of videos I actually know why and how you involve your shoulder blades when benching now

Lint Roller

Great video


Good info. I was snapping my shit up because I had a flat back

christian H

Great Video

joe hoe

Great video. Very well explained and helpful.

Arsen Sapsa

Looking swole as hell! Are you currently bulking or cutting?

James Jcam

really good video and demonstration. I had read about this in multiple places but it's easier if its demonstrated on video. Nice!

John Furr

This was very informative. Thanks for putting this together!


that cue you gave on the bench being the opposite of a rowing movement worked miracles for me dude. have been doing it wrong all this time and was wondering why i barely felt the exercise in my chest, but tried it again today and it felt awesome! cheers my man


I have a lot of trouble doing this especially on my right side. Could you recommend some exercises to strengthen my shoulder blade retractor muscles? (sorry don't know the muscle name)

Francis Taylor

I have a repaired grade 3 AC shoulder separation and this video just changed my life.


do you think its necessary to add scapula depression also? Or is retraction just fine? Seen different sort of views on this, thanks for the vid nonetheless.


check out my humeral tilt gets the ladies wet

Slayer 1608

very helpul thanks


Great vid. Any tips on how to keep shoulder blades retracted when doing bench presses with heavy dumbbells?


Humeral tilt and shoulder health has absolutely nothing to do with why one should retract shoulder blades on the bench press.
Gymnastic ring athletes doing muscle ups and ring dips put their shoulders in extreme "anterior tilt" tens of thousands of times for decades with a significant load and don't have shoulder issues.

Read starting strength. The main reason for retracting shoulder blades is that it is a mechanically more efficient position that allows you to better engage the pecs into the movement and therefore move more weight and get better results faster.

BarfyMan 362

Sometimes there is such thing as too much detail


When I press with retracted scapula I cannot stretch out my arms fully. Meaning my range of motion is very limited if I keep my scapula retracted till the very end. My shoulder will move up/forward eventually till the end, there is no stopping. Only if I stop the movement very early and my arms are still bend in mid pressing

Albert Espenschied

best video i've ever seen on this subject thanks alot

parveen verma

chal be chutiye

David Lee

I seen lot of bench press video on YouTube, this is one of best and clear explanation, thank you

Shakie 42

I never used to retract my scapula when benching but when I did the next session I somehow felt much stronger when retracting and benching... I felt more stable also. Pls explain why i felt more comfortable with a weight im usually struggling with when I squeezed my shoulder blades together...

Darryl Cuevas

Thank you for posting this! Very informative and best video I've seen on explaining the shoulder positioning during a chest pressing movement. Great!!!

Punisher Gaming

Well, I wish I'd watched it before I injured my shoulder:d


Great video. I used to allow my scapulae to move freely while benching up until recently, and that caused scapula pain. Keeping them retracted has much helped with that issue.

Beetle Van

you should taken off your shirt for a better view on the back and position or you could have wore a body hugging top


thanks for this video. just tweaked my shoulder, need to work on this.

Kingflix channel

simple,easy to follow and informative, thank you for the upload


Where did you et those sick FeiYues?

DO NOT pull the scapula back and down!

DO NOT pull the scapula back and down!4 May. 2018
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A common cue is that

A common cue is that patients or clients should pull their scapula back and down. However, is this reasonable - or just a massive fallacy?

By pulling the scapula back and down, you risk jamming the brachial plexus and subclavian vessels into the first rib. BONES will be compressing these structures, potentially causing costoclavicular space syndrome and thoracic outlet syndrome! This can cause tremendous problems which you may read more about in my TOS article, linked below. Further, scapula "back and down" will put the scapula in retraction and downward rotation, GREATLY increasing the risk of both subacromial and coracoid impingement syndromes, with subsequent pain, muscle injury and late-night cries for help.

DO NOT PULL THE SCAPULA BACK AND DOWN! Learn to maintain proper scapular height during glenohumeral articulation. It is harder, but your body will thank you! Studies show that these patients have DEPRESSED scapulae, not elevated!

* https://treningogrehab.no/how-truly-treat-thoracic-outlet-syndrome/

* https://treningogrehab.no/permanently-resolve-scapular-dyskinesis/

Comments (79)
Jo o

I’ve just had that exact advice pulling my scapular back and down. I am not sure what to do. Back and down feels very awkward to me and it clicks. I also have some compression in the brachial plexus with numbness in fingers. I’ve had a nerve conduction study to further confirm this. I feel like if anything they need to pulled slightly back and UPWARDS! Thanks

gabe garcia

Terrible advice considering every physical therapist and elite benchers cue scapular retraction for the bench press.

Brigitte Milde

Thank you for your videos. You explain everything very well which is very helpful when doing exercises. ?

David Clark

You're making a lot of sense you disagree with most bench pressers but I think you're right thanks for the info Common Sense tells you your scapula and stuff should follow what your arm does

john Crang

Holy shit were not all doctors plz simplify things next time

Sierra Alpha Romeo

Bench press, rows, shoulder exercises...........how should we do them.

Kyle Howard

when i squat near the end of my set i'll start feeling my hand/pinky start tingling. is this a symptom of everything being crushed together like he said?

Egochkr SS

He is 100 percent right.I tried this movement and it never worked on made my fingertips get cold easy and numb.

Thomas Chung

That how we we're taught all these years, back and down. I swear I don't know anymore and just gonna do my own :(


when i have my arms overhead and then depress my scapulae, i feel and hear a crunching sound behind/over my clavicle. May this be the compression of these structures behind? How do so many people do these exercises like pull ups without this problem? can something be done for that or is it just anatomy and the movement shouldn't be done?

Bohdan Kostúrik

How should we bench than ? Great info btw.

Lukas Pruess

This video couldn’t be less based on scientific literature

Hey You

I've never had an injury and I've always done back and down. Never have any shoulder problems either


do we feel it hen it crushes the nerves when our scapulas are retracted ? I do it a lot for pull ups

Ozzy 616

I've had pain near the end of my right clavicle where it goes into the shoulder joint.
If you're right then it could be scapular retractions - will stop them now - thank you

Bob Lob

Then what the fuck am I meant to do about my burning shoulders when I lift my arms up

sundar prabhu

Hi Buddy . i have a doubt if retraction is wrong then please explain how will you strengthen the rhomboids major and minor


Your videos have helped me on the glute medius. Piriformis. Psoas. And now this. It seems you're the only one on YouTube with the right idea about what muscles do! Spent months doing the back and down and just made my neck pain worse. Seems I have a downward rotated shoulder and this was just feeding it. Keep it up!

RNONThenics Channel



I see many YouTubers practicing calistenia, saying that moving the scapulae back and down while performing the pull on the fixed bar improves activation of the back muscles during movement, and thus improving strength gain and muscle mass.

After seeing this video I will not do it anymore, but this completely nullifies this "technique" in question? No differences in strength and muscle mass gains by performing this "technique" or not

Kiara Vincent

Can you give a bit more info on better cues? This was informative but I am now feeling a bit lost on what to do properly. Thanks!


This is competently opposite to what I've heard thousand of times....interesting. Can you please record a video on how push up and bench press should be performed without retraction and depression of scapula?


So, high row or lower trap pulldown are dangerous exercises on the long haul ? Besides these, what do you think of "basic" rowing exercises (with arms close to body) ? Are they bad for shoulder's health ?
Thank you for your thoughts



Ross S

I’m amazed how many physios have given me no only no effective treatment but actual advice that is detrimental to my recovery.. where can I find a guy like this in the uk


I watched 5 videos and you have gone 5/5 with accurately describing and fixing my problems. I think you were sent from god.


What should i do then

Jamison Horch

I have torn labrums in both of my shoulders as well as two disc herniations in my lower back from sports related injuries. My trainer used the back and down cue with me and every ounce of pain has been relieved from my injuries and I am able to wrestle and part-take in body building with no problems. Not to mention my posture is now textbook. If you learn how to use scapular retraction the right way by initiating movement with your trapeziums, rhomboids, and lattisimus Dorsi muscles, you are going to be safe using the back and down method. All it takes is a little muscle awareness. It is the proper joint placement that our body was made for. This cue also minimizes your chances of having back and shoulder injuries as well as giving you CRAZY progress in the gym when used correctly. I have been using this technique for three years and have never experienced any kind of “muscle weakness” or “nerve damage”. My trainer is a professional body builder and he has lived by this cue for 10+ years. You obviously lack the experience. This is by far the LEAST bullshit cue out there. Get your facts straight and stop throwing this kind of garbage on the internet.


And what if we only retract back our shoulder ("squeezing together" the scapulas in other words), without the "down" motion, could it help to cure Thoracic outlet syndrome, in addition with strenghtening the upper traps ?

mark gatti

Interesting—I think I may have injured my rotator by doing too much “down and back” which often felt like I was jamming my humerus back into the shoulder socket, especially if I did any benching wider than shoulder grip. It is also hard to fully contract your pecs if you can’t move your shoulder forward during the movement. Perhaps a more natural, intuitive approach would be better? Thx.

Kevin Kiser

Never had trouble with my shoulders until I started following "back & down" advice from YouTube experts.

Abhimanyu Choudhary

Hi, do yo think this coincides with the issues you spoke about in your supraspinatus video?

A. Tonelli

This makes a ton of sense for functional movement, but:

1. What about the bench press? The majority would say to retract and depress for a stable base. However, to implement your philosophy, one would have to lie down on a foam roller or something and press to allow fluid movement of the scapulae. It doesn't seem practical if one was to lift heavy loads.
2. What about horizontal pulling patterns to train the scapular retractors. The majority would also cue "down and back" to maximally work the rhomboids, middle traps, etc. How should one's scapulae be cued during those movements?

I'm very confused now, haha. I'd love to hear more on this concept.

Thanks for all your posts! I appreciate your knowledge and courage to challenge common training philosophies

Gabriel Bossée

Do you know the work of doctor Evan Osar ? Only a few people understand the proper structure of the body, particularily scapular kinematics. Thank you for promoting this idea ;)

Vinter Sorg

I would appreciate if you could film a bench-press-setup-video for us, cheers.

Ramiro Alvarez

Thank you for doing the research and putting your insights online here for free. You’re helping so many scapulas out there, mine included. I’m a dancer and the “advice” we get sometimes about posture is pure bs

Eclipse KCB

What about for bench pressing?

Sagi Gluzman

Omg, another wannabe with bull**it made up explanation. Just because he use props and use fancy jargon doesn't mean he know what he's talking about.


The last 15 seconds of this video are the best ???

Luke Hannibal

So how would you bench press ?

Piyush Dwivedi

Please demonstrate in a pullup!

Luky No

hello is this fine in your opinion? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JObYtU7Y7ag&t=291s


So how do i reach behind me without compressing the brachial plexus?

Henrik Baranyay

I am more confused than ever....

Ross Woodhead

Down and back! Is a unnatural movement you wouldn’t live your day too day life doing so! Most things are impossible too do with this fixed method... be agile! You’ll have a far more rigid posture doing so! Most comments on this are ridiculous lol you’d look a robot if you moved around like that constantly. Where ever you feel relaxed and no muscle tension is exactly how you should be, stand tall and let everything else do the rest!


i find that i deadlift much more weight with much less pain when I lock my scapula down to my backpocket. When your scapula is closer to your hip it is a much safer lift with much more leverage. I also much more power benching when i bring my shoulders down and back. Correct benching involves the bar being nipple height when bar hits chest. How do you expect to be at nipple height when you have scapula slightly elevated?

A. Tonelli

You should do a bench press demonstration video man. I think it would help a lot of people who need help with the scapular positioning element of the lift.

Jeff G

I don’t understand, so just dont cue it at all? What do we do instead?

Fabien Vandeputte

Thanks so much! I've had pain in my right shoulder/neck for years since doing bench press while pulling the scapula back and down... I think I might have damaged a muscle because of this bullshit advice :(


Yeah. Omitting the backward pull, pulling the scapula down would only be productive if you were upside down. Standing on your two feet, gravity is already pulling your scapula down. However if the movement is there it must have a purpose, for example in a pull up the scapula is pulled down. Our arms have evolved to be extremely mobile compared to the stability our legs have evovled

Bobo Momo

What about doing bench press exercises? Cable cross press?
I'm so confused??? ,
I'm trying to fix my impingement and get back to pressing exercises again in a safer way.

alain Rpp

thank you very much, very well explained. This "qew" never made sense to me


This goes against everything I've been told about rehabilitating my rotator cuff tear.

David D

You are a GENIUS. Thank you for sharing all this awesome info and explaining it!

Musical Warrior

This works also for pullup and rows? Pushups?

Márk Màrki


What this guy does at 3:00, is that correct scapular motion?

J Wise

I agree that "back and down" feeds into downward rotation and retraction of the scapulae, which could lead to shoulder impingement. However, during retraction, the angle between the scapulae and the clavicle INCREASES not DECREASES. So there is a very slight chance of creating brachial plexus impingement. The scapuloclavicular decreases/closes with protraction on the other hand.

Freek Schavemaker

Would be intresting if you should discuss this with andrew lock, one of the very best (strenght) sport fysiotherapist. You have totally completly opinions about this while both having all the knowledge in the world to discuss it. But fact is that Sebastian Orebs, the best strenght coach in the world, is a huge fan of this technique and while he gets the best results in the world all of hes students never have any injury

Huan Nguyen

ty for the video! i'm not able to download the articles, showing an error. is there another way we can access them? ty in advance

LuckeGaming HD31

when i do rows should i retract and elevate the scapula a bit at the end of the movement


Do a video on the bench please. Actually when you train the chest. Most people including me don’t understand the terms being used

Jana Aghazarian

Great video, thank you so much

Ahmed Kamal

I hope you do a bench press video because there is a lot of people claim that scapular retraction is the secret weapon of having a nicely safe bench press, & I don't know how to bench press until this moment! :(

carsten nielsen

Great video. Try to demonstrate how involvement of acromion is related to the process, and in this relation how collarbone pushes etc. I will love to see such video and bet other would too, even if they do not know it. It may be complicated to explain, but it should be possible to make interested people dig this, as it is highly relevant.

Guil Hodara

are you familiar with "reconciling biomechanics", "pain science blog". about adaptability and nocebo.; fear avoidance ... ?
Repetitive load compression exist It make sense for some people; anatomical variants exist as well maladaptation but not in everyone.
in fitness arena a big amount of problems are because of loading to much or too soon an plethora of myths that never end.

Allison Tolman

I actually applauded when I got to the end of this video. Great message!

J Roo

Hi i had a nasty slip in shower with my arm outstretched (trying to grab shower curtain) I landed essentially on armpit on the edge of small tub breaking 4 ribs. The ribs healed i then developed frozen shoulder ( 15 months in first 12 months in other shoulder). To the point i i tried everything! except surgery to ease the pain that can breakthrough tramadol 325 3 x day. Would be ever so grateful for ANY advice/ guidance, thank you :)


This Q alone caused me months after months of shoulder pain, doing physical therapy was just making things worse.

Stopping this Q fixed main issues with my shoulder within 2 weeks.

Massive thank you.


Your point, that the physiotherapists are simplifiyng scapular movements is very interesting. However I have a Problem when doing push ups, which is my left shoulder blade collapsing when pushing up from the ground. I was told to depress and retract my scapula with a raised arm to train the shoulder blade attachment. Whats would be your solution to this. The right scapula instead is doing great job. And what about doing rowing exercises? Should I only depress or retract scapula, but not doing both?

kalok li

Thanks for the sharing and a video on demonstrating how to proper bench press would help a lot of people


So if I have forward head and rounded shoulders, should I just stretch and it gets better on its own?

Nimish Mhatre

Really interesting and helpful.... Thank you..... Can u pls suggest any cues which will help maintain proper scapular position while retraction exercises or abduction exercises...


thankyou brother. i learned the hard way from shoulders back and down.......tightness.... small fall.... snapped collar bone........... all bad


So should I do pullups without activating my scapula?

Musical Warrior


François Dion

Bad cues are good business for physiotherapists.

Toth Gabriella

I found u from ur blog post on tmj which I suffer from. It was extremely helpful! Only note if you could explain also in everyday people’s terms how to do things cause at least for me it was a bit hard to understand with all the medical terms:)


am sure this is the cue for dips and pullups. If not to be done, how to do these two exercises?

Shareem Middleton

This was helpful

Retract Your Scapula - Increase Your Bench

Retract Your Scapula - Increase Your Bench20 Dec. 2016
35 280
Basement BrandonSubscribe 438 721

Retracting your scapula,

Retracting your scapula, or shoulder blades, is one of the most common cues when it comes to bench press. However if you're like me, getting in the best position or trying to pull them in and down never really made sense. In this video I show you a quick exercise I do as part of my warm up that's helped this cue finally click for me.

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Contact Me: [email protected]

Comments (93)
Travis S

These videos actually help people... you're so behind on the times

Andrew Ha

How much resistance for the bands do people normally use? I see some that are 15-35 lbs and like 50-125 lbs


Do you ever incline bench and if so how does scapular retaction play into it with your bum shoulder/s?

John Miller

great video man, I am benching tomorrow so I will give this a bash in the warm ups

Haaris Majid Training

Cool drill. Got anything for leg drive?

Calgary Barbell

Scaps back for harambe

Chance Nguyen

Just curious, what camera and you using and do you have dedicated lights in your basement?

Haircut Chael

Appreciate it. Always had a problem with retraction.

Andrew Cameron

Your right shoulder sits Lower then your right


Are you supposed to maintain scapula retraction throughout a deadlift? Thanks

Gino Brouwers

Definitely going to try this, thanks!

Gabrielle Koh

how to Kee scapula retracted?

James Ketcham

Scapular push ups work great

Marshall Buckler

Great tip, thanks.

Erick Sandoval

Gotta try this out with my personal training clients!

albert van nijhuis

I just think about pulling my shoulder blades into my back pocket.


Other tip that works: get fat

Tommy Guns

"Increase your bench" = ultimate click bait

Chris Hernandez

Dude my left arm got detached doing this exercise..!!! WTF..!!!

My dog just swoop in and took my arm like it was his treats...aha

Nice to see Grand Master Campbell still making videos...I've been away but I'm back?

Brendan Sutherland

That sweater looks like the length runs short on you

Urban Albino

Great vid

Prime Matt

Fantastic, I've never seen or thought about doing that before, many thanks.

Alexandru Salar

Good content ????

Valiant Thor

Many thanks as always Brandon.??

Arturo Iribe

This is really going to help my chest bump celebrations, thank you sir.

Adam Bannon

Nice tip!

Coach Lift

Hmm, listen to a guy that benches less than me or have fucked up shoulders?


I put a needle in the middle of the bench.


Kind of looks like part of my mating dance. Keep up the good info dude, always helpful.


Thank you Brandon. Another point worth addressing maybe is once you reach up to bar you can lose tightness there

Candace Lin

Retract those shoulders ALL day every day, like you're posing for physique comp or just like ronda rousey in her weigh-ins. Its not good just retracting shoulders for the bench then walk around like a hermit shrimp the rest of the day x

Javier Diaz

Protraction of the scapula is equally important when benching. While on the bench, imagine yourself hugging a barrel when pushing the bar up. This will ensure that the right muscle, mainly the pectoralis, act as the prime mover, and thus the movement is performed correctly.

Fuji C

I find Spoto Presses help me with scapular retraction.

Jay Park

Good fucking morning goddamnit! Ops wrong channel. Useful content as usual from Brandon Campbell. Thanks again!


I just noticed you had braces

Seth Slaymaker

This is great! I'm going to try this tomorrow...after I take a big shit of course....always include a pre-dump...I sip my preworkout during it...and watch YouTube channels...like....this one ?


Hey man if you have a light slingshot you can perform a similar type movement. I like the scapular push up as well. What helped me the most was retracting them on a floor press and on a fat pad.

GR Comins

Great tip and Video! Keep them coming, Brandon.

Robert Corral

1:30, I must I must I must increase my bust. Goofin aside great video.

Hill Billy Barbell

if you purchase the new program by Garrett Blevins, the one that's on sale until January, can you start it anytime or is there a certain start time? the reason I was asking is because I know he coaches you throughout program.


When unracking the bar for bench press do you recommend doing so w/ locked elbows/straight arms before the first rep descent?


I've got Brandon Diamond written in lip stick on my bathroom mirror. Rocky Style, except a lot weirder.

Matthew Laroche

What was ur dead, squat and bench when you first started working out?

justin phelps

2:02 that awkward stare

Adam 1

I absolutely HAVE to retract my scapula during pressing exercises due to my slouching posture.  If I let my shoulders roll forward, I am encouraging the bad posture, if I keep everything locked back, I am discouraging it.


Grest tip! I tried this today and it made total sense. Thank you Brandon!

James Greaves

Great video Big Dog Campbell. nice and short very easy to understand, Unlike some people that would make a 10min+ video on about the same subject. You get straight to the point and anyone should be able to do this and understand how to do it.

Gus Castro

Great suggestion. My first time seeing this video.

Piotr Rękas

You can also attach a band in front of you and do the same movement - I found it more armpit skin area friendly

hey i'm fine

Brandon when did you start lifting? also i'm 17 and i've trained for 2 years now but i want to get really serieus you know tracking my macros and stuff but as a student i find this to be very difficult i have a rough estimate of what i eat but nothing precise do you have any tips?

Quincy Nguyen

Can you make a video of how to fix your hips?

Mark Macqueen

This looks great, going to give this a go today Brandon!


thanks for the tip, will be trying this today, always had problems with remembering to cue scapular retraction

Mike Lawrence

I can't squat without falling forward and even after months of putting 5lb plates under my heels when I squat I still cannot even air squat without falling. my heels don't stay down and my left ankle isn't even close to flexible compared to my right one and that left heel is the one that lifts up first

Brian Alsruhe

Really useful tip man!

Enzo Gorlami

That's great advice and all, but 'What Would Dick Diamond Do?' is the real burning question we all want answered - Sincerely, the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of All Things Dick Diamond (SPAATDD)

Luke Powner

Thanks Brandon I'm gonna try this out! I have troubles with inward rotated shoulders so I'll you know how it goes!


scap plank to can can (way to hard to describe. you have to watch it to understand the movement. Theres a video on omar's channel "bench activators")
reverse bench pulldowns (performed on lat pulldown station, retract scapula 3x, then perform pulldown, pause 2s at chest)
TENS machine


Scapular control is definitely HUGE in the bench press. Funny that you mention that it's a component in every bench press 101 video cause it is one in my bench press video as well haha. Great and creative drill to get this cue down, Brandon!

Asif Munir

Forgot bout shoulder depression tho. Helps more if the shoulders are back & down to be more tight


How heavy is your resistance band, wich level is resistance band in kg?


I use to have a bad habit of arching my lower back and not my thoracic back. Did twice as much pulling volume in relation to my pressing volume and was able to get my upper back a lot tighter/bigger which helped me stabilize a lot better with heavier weights.

S Dot Musings

Another great tip can't wait to try this


this works if you have a sling shot too

Sam Fitzpatrick

So retracting your shoulders reduces ROM which can increase strength but wont benching with no or little shoulder retraction increase strength in the long term as you are using a full ROM?

Luke Slingz

Standing high rows on the lat pulldown to where the bar touches on bench, mimicking the movement in reverse

Johnny White

@2:01, you look a lot like the guy I left in my basement. Minus the Avenged Sevenfold hoodie.




Useful information! Gotta try that!

Donut Tits

I clicked on your video about 11 times so you can make money from the ads because you're a good guy. But i didnt watch the video.

Philip Maranto

i didnt read any previous comments... if you havent done so yet, check out Donnie Thompson on youtube/FB/IG for his shoulder protocols. this has literally saved my shoulders!

Johnny Koch

clickbait everytime. Tits..

Yaroslav Broda

The best cue I've found for me is one from Mark Bell and the ST crew. Stick your arms out parallel to the floor and at like 45-60 degrees out from your side with palms facing towards the floor and then externally rotate the arm as you retract the scapula.

Dave Lotito - Personal Finance & Investing

Definitely going to try this man, thanks for the tip!!

Matt Lesperance

You can also use a sex swing to perform the same exercise

Jay Kirk

Thank you!!!! Game changer! ❤️

Rory King

where do you get those bands from?

Juan Sanchez Jr

Definitely going to give this a try.

Aneesh Sompalli

Wow thanks Brandon! I'd never heard of this secret trick before. You're the best man!

Alex Beasley

Wouldn't it be better if you stand facing the other way, with the band around the back of your shoulders or something? That way when you retract your shoulders the band is actively trying to pull you into protraction so you'd have to resist against that, whereas here it looks the band would be helping to pull you back


White balance is off.

Devraj Roy



Brandon, have you found that this technique helps with other movements as well?

I feel like it's been a godsend for me when doing pull ups and incline and OHP. Does that sound right, or nah? Thanks brother.

Troy Clark

Thank you for the video, thumbs up.

Zaza Rio

I watched so many scapula videos to bench better, but yours is the most helpful, thanks!

Morgan Gayton

What helped me the most was bringing my arms up in a shrug motion then rolling back my shoulders. Great Video though.


would you recommend this stretch everyday or just do it on days that I bench?

Daredevil Singh

should I take creatine in off days

Chris Goodman

What I found worked for me ( and I still need work) is doing floor presses. It's the feedback of broadening my shoulders on the floor and not "winging" out the scapulae... I'm going to try this bandwork as well...thank you!

Bryan Yang

It's hard to see your face lately.


Just standing there, retracting my scapula like the white guy in the club who got the moves

Robi Stole

you should put your band on oposite side, so your romboideus and other muscles involved with retraction must get activated to counter the band..

Micheal L'Italien

How tall are you?? You make your rack (no pun intended ) look super tiny!