Muscle therapy massage

Active Muscle Therapy Tutorial

Active Muscle Therapy Tutorial24 Feb. 2015
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AMTA National Convention

AMTA National Convention Speaker Jeff Forman provides a demonstration of active muscle therapy, a technique that combines movement and resistance with massage.

This tutorial is intended to provide a general overview. Before using any new technique, make sure you're knowledgeable about the massage therapy scope of practice in your area by checking with your state's regulatory board. http://www.amtamassage.org/regulation/index.html

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Ella Mihaela OmH

Thank you!

DavidLMT. Rocks

Hi  Jeff  good  stuff  curious  why  is  the  blue  ball  in  your  hand  when  pushing  through  here?

Treatment of Shoulder Pain | By Dr. Lin

Treatment of Shoulder Pain | By Dr. Lin2 Sep. 2012
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Results: 20:37

Elbow Flexion Pre-test: 1:25

Elbow Flexion Post-test: 22:30

Neck Stabilization: 7:41

Shoulder Mobilization: 11:49

SHIRT COMES OFF and more manual therapy: 15:03

For Shoulder exercises linked in the to right corner, check out

1st Shoulder Exercise 0:49

2nd Shoulder Exercise 5:41

3rd Shoulder Exercise 15:24

4th Shoulder Exercise 20:40

Local Youtube Sensation MelodicMic arranged an evaluation and treatment for his left shoulder pain that occurred recently. He wants to go back to working out and lifting at the gym but doesn't want it to worsen. He did the right thing and sought expert help! Do you want to see what happens and how Dr. Lin helps MelodicMic improve within Minutes!

Not all exercises, suggestions, and recommendations presented here are suitable for everyone and are in no way substitute for medical counseling.

These exercises can result in injury. Any user of this program assumes the risk of injury and holds harmless and releases Dr. Justin Lin and Rehab and Revive Physical Therapy, Inc. from any and all liability in connection with the program and advice herein.

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Duyna johnson

what do you guys do for suprispinatus tendonosis?

Allen Thomas

Just be a Doctor of Chiropractic  ..you pt's have totally adopted what the DC's have had to fight for for centuries against the medical establishment (and continue to win daily by not becoming bitches for MD's)  AND continue to see hundreds of patients per week while collecting 10's or 100's of thousands per month! (mostly cash)   ...and LASTLY, can usually get the job done in about 10% the time it took for you to get this shoulder up and going. Pay your respects where its due

For those looking to become a PT  ..keep your identity, gain the MOST knowledge of the human body and its function, have confidence and competence beyond most MDs (and stop being told what to do)  ..and just become a chiropractor!

the part when you held up the spine was classic  ..i thought i was watching a DC's video.

good luck "Dr" Lin

Pauline Vincent

Hi there I have a fractured my shoulder but it hurts when I do my exercise

Ann B

Just do the program in Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff at Amazon - it works.

Kay Michelle

At 10:26 did you do a manip? What restriction were you feeling? Thanks!

Trinidad Rodriguez III Laredo,Texas

inbox me Dr.

Nitin Kandwal

You talk alllooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt STFU


I have a pinching pain in my left shoulder when I move it certain ways. Really painful and annoying.

Celestine Ngina

Dr lin be blessed the good teaching I am also undergoing the same shoulder pain for six months how can you help me from Kenya

Kevin Juarez

Dang every time i see him doing the shoulder pain treatment or tests i think of my shoulder pain and say that gotta feel make you feel old and im a teen i hate shoulder pain!

Jorge Street

I can across your video on Seans Shoulder Fixer - there's many good videos there that should help you

Vinay Singh

whats your opinion for inflamtion of Suprasinatus tendon. what causes it and what needs to be done?

Nancy Lewis

Can you tell us what the name of this technique is?


This was truly something that I value. Thank you for taking the time to share this. Very descriptive and beneficial


lol dab in the thumbnail

Michael Dooley

I've been through five PT's I wish I could see you.

Dark Man X

Hanging from a bar gets rid of most shoulder pains

darrell chrisman

This was great. Need a Tucson Az location.




Hello Dr LIn, I have a question. I hurt my shoulder about 6 months ago doing push ups, since then theres been a dull pain in my shoulder with numbness from my shoulder down my arm and into my thumb. from what ive researched online all signs are pointing to radial nerve damage. i was considering sports medicine or chiro. what would you recommend for treatment? thank you

Deanna F

wow I wish I can see you! you seem like the perfect PT I'm looking for ☺


Oh where do you practice? I'm in Southern California. Had ORIF surgery March 5, 2016 for very broken humerus. Someone mentioned having PT do joint mobilization of shoulder. Is that what you are doing in the video? Wondering how to tell if the PT is qualified to do that. So far just doing usual rehab on shoulder.


Is taking muscle relaxers counter to doing these exercises???

Manju Shokeen

That's what I've been wanting ... A handsome PT :D


hello doctor wow that was awesome where r u in ny? i need help after trying bjj i was choked out now have shooting pain from upper rt side of bk throughout my rt arm i havent been able to sleep due to the crazy pain


This whole vid sums up my issues perfectly....thats what I am going to show my chiropractor...thank you guys!

zheng dong

amazing!! Dr Lin, do you do physio training?

Benigno Guilarte

This is just great !! thank you very much Dr Lin, I visited many places in my country and also got surgery for this but rehabilitation was never desirable to recover all my range of motion, but the video has helped me a lot with my volley, God bless you to help more people. Where is situated your office ? Maybe i could go on vacation for a consultation ?.

Elane Horhi

How about some exercises?


Rehab, I'm 53 and just recently started getting some significant pain in my right shoulder when I sleep on my right side. When I'm up and going through the day there's no pain just minor stiffness. Any ideas? Rotator cuff?

Aaron Wright

Jesus christ.  So many of the PT's I've been to don't care this much.  Bunch of fucking losers.

Miguel Westgate

I have known Rick Kaselj since college. Since then I have gone to Chiropractic college and become a Diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology and a Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition. [Check Details Here==>https://t.co/ouYO75dnM2 ]. As a result, I have come to some important conclusions about how the body works. Hip flexibility, mobility and strength are one of the most important things you can do to keep your overall body healthy. The way we moved thousands of years ago is our natural state, which requires flexible and mobile hips. “Dr Alan Jenks DC DIBAK DABCN”


This is relaxing to watch


Awesome video Dr. Lin. My son dislocated his shoulder wrestling. Do you have some specific techniques to rehab that type of injury?

Ritu Pal

Sir I m a student ..pls make a video on shoulder... identify the condition......through the examination..pls sir


I picked up some shoulder pain after rolling my shoulders forward too much on bench press. Weird thing is my shoulder movement and comfort is totally fine except for this:

If I put my arm behind my back and press (or swing as if I'm doing an external rotator cuff movement) the top of my hand into the small of my back, I feel pain somewhere in the center or back of my shoulder. Any ideas?

Ajit Sambhus

Hello Dr Lin--I'm from India-An IT consultant working on PC almost 10 hrs daily      Great to watch & learn on  line with your clear tips & exercises in this video-At present Have similar problem but in Right shoulder--doing regular Gym but now stopped doing same due to similar pain- Tried to do same movements as in video & hope to improve --I'll be sending mail to you at [email protected] you pl reply for guidance--I have interest for social purpose for helping needy persons who cannot afford to spend --Thanks again--Ajit

edgar gimenez

I have the same problem it also hurt a I try to sleep on the side of the pain

Lloydie Desu

Thank you Dr. Justin Lin this is sooooooo awesome it relieve my shoulder pain.... i just try it by myself but it still work :D thank you very much keeo it up!!

Jwayne Guffeyjr77

me toi

Regie Lacdan

its great no more shoulder pain

Hruday Jena

very good man...nice lecture 4 frozen shoulder


dr lin is there one of the 250 therapist in the Netherlands that you no

Loyd Ivester

great video thank you so much

Kevin Guerrero

Dr. Lin, i did some x rays and was diagnosed with Shoulder Separation. They are recommendig an Orthopedic, but i was thinking more of Physical Theraphy. What would you recommend? Thank you


Hi Dr. I am a bench press athlete from the Netherlands. During a tough schedule, everything went well, except for more and more shoulder pain during the lighter weights. This got worse every week and then I stopped. Now rest for 6 weeks, but the pain remains. The physiotherapist thinks of a subscapularis but I have doubts. The pain occurs during cross adduction test, squat (the bar should be high in the neck, arms as wide as possible), bench press at the bottom, flyes at the bottom. I had the most pain when I had to pick up a washing machine underhand with the arms coming out a bit. During shrugs, side raise, front raise no pain whatsoever. All rotator cuff exercises with bands don't really hurt either. What could it be?

Siti Nor Hamid Tuah

thank you

Eric Ehret

Wow.. you are awesome.

Thilantha Perera

hi Dr. Lin..Thanks for u'r video..becos I have also shoulder pain...lot..but not only shoulder... when i'm tried my muscles gettin hard and get pains...do u know why is that?

Arthro Scopic

Dr Lin sounds like he knows what he's talking about

Mark Medovsky

thank you very much!!!

Samuel Ferrer

Thank u sir franklin for response.im waiting for your new video .godbless

A.J. Woodall

where do you practice?


잘생겼다 ㅋㅋ

Mike Kahne

excellent video.  what type of education or certifications do you have? so i can find someone that can help me

Pat Lamb

I'd try the exercises in BULLETPROOF YOUR SHOULDER. Its the bestselling shoulder pain book at amazon and the ex's work!


Can you suggest someone like yourself in Michigan. I have had a bad shoulder issue for like ten years now. It's killing my soul.


Had shoulder pain after stretching to get something overhead . Now my right arm biceps triceps and near radial nerve on elbow hurts when I stand or sit but goes away when I lay down or support my upper back. I also get tingling via radial nerve in my hands when pain starts in arm mainly in top of arm near elbow joint... what have I done ... strained my tendons or trapped a nerve . My muscle is sore only when I’m sitting or standing not when supported at back or layer in bed.
Had it 2 weeks no better... what should I do??

Noralyn Aguilar

You are so awesome Dc.Lin.Thats my problem also.my left shoulder so painfull.

Jason Norton

Do you offer CEU courses?


I do have the same symptoms has him is there any self exercises to rehab the scapula movement

Sabrina Soto

Dr Lin I neeeeeed this

yenri lisna

hi Dr.Lin! I'm in college planning to become a physical therapist from indonesia. Thanks for u'r video, can help me for many case of FS in here... i can get some info!!! tx :)

Rope of Allah

is he suffering from frozen shoulder ? or nerve compression ?


I can’t see clearly. Camera work isn’t very well

Katt Jacob

Thank you for sharing such an educational video.
Do you know anyone who can provide your method of treatment in Atlanta. I live in a rural area of Alabama only handful of orthopedics who offer either steroid or pain medication. I don't mind traveling to Atlanta to get the treatment as soon as possible.


Hello Rehab and Revive! Do you have any recommendations for the Bay Area? San Francisco specifically for this type of treatment and therapy?


I wish I could find somebody helping me in Miami. The places I went were all so luck of knowledge

Charni Calgary S

Dr. Lin I need exactly same treatment.I m suffering with pain from last 4-5 months. I went to see physiotherapist, chiropractor and got massage multiple time but nothing worked. I m from Calgary, do you know any physiotherapist in Calgary who can fix me? I really need help. Otherwise I have to fly to see you. [email protected]


What if the exercises hurt ?

lagunera campos

is this good if i have muscle spasm on my shoulder blade

JustMyOpinion & FYI

Hi Dr Lin, I have had pain in my right shoulder joint with limited mobility for over a year and now my left shoulder too for a couple of months. I can't do push ups any more due to the pain and weak muscles. I try to stretch my shoulders from time to time for better mobility. I am concerned it may be arthritis. Thanks for posting your video, will call to request an appointment.


This video makes me want to look for a PT just like you Dr. Lin! It's too bad that your office is in SoCal because here in the Bay Area its rare to come across good PT/Chiropractors. I've been looking everywhere from the Internet to the doctors about my 'popping hip syndrome'. I believe it has something to do with a muscle/knot. Do you have any exercises in mind that can help me prevent my hip from popping? Would appreciate it, Dr. Lin!

Trisha kumar

I'm tamil

Auntie Fathica

Shoulder for almost a year i dont know what to do to get rid of the pain....i did lots of things from what i read , massage, everything i do the intense of the pain is still in it.

Fizioterapevt GREG MIRT


Sheryl Barber


Guilliana Williams

Doc Lin, I have this shoulder pain over 3 month.i have been rubbing all different type of menthol gel.the discomfort is just not going away. Just came across you video. Very interesting information. Hope you share more video because it's a great help .thank you Doc Lin.


I have exactly the same places that painful and tight..my shoulder....under my shoulder blade...just like this fellow...it has affected my strength and my hand movement ... when my knee locks it seems my shoulder is the cause from the tightness...at the moment i can stand with a rollator and shift my weight but no steps from my left foot...it's so amazing to see his shoulder blade moving like that...i have directed people to this problem...but they never did any thinglike you just did....i will do these exercises...I wonder if you are in Toronto and do house calls...I am very impressed by your methods and believe I could be walking again with you help!!! I saw a acupuncture chiropractor briefly and he said i am over rotated on one side and under rotated on the other which is causing my problem.


This video has helped me tremendously, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart, this along without my physical therapy have helped relieve great pain of mine. God bless you

Jame Andy

My partner suffer from discomfort on his leg, neck and back. Thanks to this lower back pain guidebook, he was able to take care of all those issues. According to him, he could now get enough sleeping hours for the reason that back discomfort as well as the some other aches are gone. Research this tip on Google, the tip name is Mason Κonozback

Rhonlanthung M Odyuo

I wish I Will meet you sir..
I had been suffered since from last 3years ago.

Nirav Shah

Hello Dr Lin , can u pls upload Melodicmic another video of his progression. Thanks


Dr Lin - Thanks so much for posting this video on YouTube, I have been suffering everything you cover since the 1980's and over the last 2 years it has teamed up with other self induced injuries to cause all of my right side to go numb with intense shooting pains and burning sensations.
Could you put me in touch with a practitioner in the United Kingdom that can sort me out, thanks in anticipation Mike Hale (Age 60).

Rope of Allah

I wish I could have a therapist like you ???

Amy Sales

wow shame im in the uk! ive got really bad neck, sholder, back, arm and chest pain all down my right side. It's horrible. it sounds like your really good. ive seen chiropractors here but nothing helped.


Thanks for the tips.

Trev Barlow

13:34 improved my range of motion instantly.

SuperKawaii _x3

My shoulder hurts so much when i move it using my muscles it hurts alot what do I have to do to make it not hurt?

oscar Diaz

I live in NJ and cannot afford to go fly to you.  I have been living with shoulder pain and bicep pain.  I love working out and it hurts when I do push ups, bench press and hurt when I lift my arm over head.  What kind of message I can do to relieve this tightness.   I love you technique.  Maybe you can direct me to a therapist in NJ or NY who does what you do.

Guyana King

Good night dr lin had I seen this video I wouldn't have change my shoulder's thanks

Genesis Co

Is it helpful for a painful shoulder because of volleyball? How will you know if you have a tear when you haven't seen a doctor yet?

alisah Hall

Hey dr.lin how do I get rid of a pinched nerve in my shoulder cause the spot that hurts is the spot it is numb if that makes sense . Like I can feel the pain but but to the touch it is numb ????

Alexander Ounkeo

Ohhh that hurts


This helps me so much.


Dr Lin can be a good youtuber, yeah?? ?

Trailside Fitness

I've been able to use your techniques with great success, thanks for posting this video!

Ashley Molina

i have this shoulder pain for a month now,i tried to do some of the movements but its very painful for me..i am 52 years old, i cannot reach my back or stretch my arm w/o the pain...help me please....

Sherell McKenzie

Am a massage therapist do you think this is a good technique for my shoulders? I do about 8 treatments a day i need some relief plz help.

Kevin Juarez

5:40 oh god i always squint when he does the pain reminds me of shoulder pain

Cupping Therapy Techniques for the Shoulder

Cupping Therapy Techniques for the Shoulder27 Dec. 2019
132 305

cupping therapy techniques

cupping therapy techniques for the shoulder

Cupping massage can be extremely effective in relieving soft tissue discomfort and restrictions that other forms of massage and manual therapy are not able to do. Cupping and cupping therapy in combination with various massage techniques have proven to be effective in treating athletes and all types of individuals.

Comments (28)

This hella satisfying

Lynee Michelle

Which brand cups are you using

sally newkirk

You are using magnetic cups all positive.

Mar Y

Got this done yesterday! Changed my life !

Link G

Impressive! I am in NYC I need help

The Heiky11

Thank you for the tips.

Winky The rat

The mcrib is back

Michelle Versace

my person does it with fire and sometimes he holds the flame in the cup for too long and then put the cup on my skin and it hurts so bad

zaini dancer Karachi

Very nice ???

Keegan Maroney

It seems like if there is fat stick to muscle which maybe isn’t supposed to happen cupping therapy would be used for this?

Bhavik Bhandola

Do you need that special gun or whatever that is for using this type of therapy? And how effective is this compared to other therapy treatments? Also if you do need that gun or whatever that is, can you specify what is it called and what to look for if you are getting one for yourself?


Have you ever used this? If not, would you like to have a try? https://www.amazon.com/Vacuum-Therapy-Massage-Cupping-Therapy-achine/dp/B0827P9NLF?ref_=ast_sto_dp

Christian William

"Bad blood" what is this? Middle ages?

Cupping is good for other reasons like promote circulation, and relaxation of the muscle because of the suction, but not "bad blood quack bullshit"

Ali Koen

It is not bruising. They are marks..like hicky marks. Your anatomical vocabulary is great. Improve your cupping vocabulary.


As a practitioner, you should already know that it’s not bruising that results from cupping.

Dylan McKenzie

Alright so I hurt my elbow arm wrestling and it hurts under my elbow like where my tricep is down there

Dick Piano

my right ear needs some cupping to free up that sub-cue.

English Rain

is he ded?

Syed Fawad

cupping alone is useless if you dont remove the bad blood by doing Hijama. only cupping makes no sense.

Kaden Whitney

was it me or could nobody hear the audio

Wajid ali

Your cupping is waste cause the toxic blood is still in skin take out that toxic

JuLinho Andresini

Awesome dude


I wanted to learn to do this on my own are they placed on areas where you have the most pain ?

Debilata Mili

Rubul ko

Kev Wallace

I want to try this so bad. Massages are cool, but not enough

English Rain

My left ear enjoyed that

Sabera S

Hi I can't really see your technique as the subtitles is across his body blocking what you doing. Maybe you can have the writing on the top of the screen ❤️

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