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BFS At Home - Varsity Half Rack Bench Demo

BFS At Home - Varsity Half Rack Bench Demo27 Oct. 2014
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Join CoachBFS for a

Join CoachBFS for a demonstration of the Bench Press using the Varsity Half Rack from Bigger Faster Stronger Inc. This commercial grade rack is ideal for all your core lifts from bench to squat, and when combined with a Varsity Platform it leaves plenty of room for Cleans and Deadlifts!

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Mike Makes a Contemporary (kind of) Triangle Bench

Mike Makes a Contemporary (kind of) Triangle Bench31 Aug. 2015
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Our church's high school

Our church's high school group needed some benches for their meeting area. I decided to copy Louis Lim's 'round and round' contemporary bench design, somewhat successfully.

I had trouble figuring out how to measure the "skin" that goes around the base of the triangle. I think I was trying to make a "truncated cylinder" but I couldn't quite get the dimensions right. Ultimately trial and error prevailed.

Update: Joseph Malovich designed the bench in Solidworks and solved the math problem! http://goo.gl/JptvU6

Update 2: Matthias Wandel provided the solution to the math problem if you want to make one in a different size:

"For the cone shaped pieces, lets say one curved edge length is L1, the other L2, lets say L2 is the longer one, and W is the width of that arc shaped piece needs to be. Then R2 (corresponding to L2) is: R2 = W/(L2-L1)*L2 and R1 = W/(L2-L1)*L1"

Thank you Joseph and Matthias for the help!

Louis Lim (Original Design) - http://www.makingworks.com/

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Zachary Burrows

Hey mike, do you build?


Would a quick draw up in sketchup or fusion360 not give you the correct diameter faster?

Frederick Kaludis

Mike think about building this like a 3/4" x 3/8" strip wood canoe. It would have a look something like a wood floor. Once you build a working frame for the bottom, it's just a matter bending the wood and tacking it to the frame to mold it. Then you have a bottom that's self supporting without an internal frame. After that you'll need to glass the open areas of strips between the frames members inside to set the bent, then build the top with random lengths of hard wood flooring.

The Vegetarian Baker

I wish I was this crafty. This is so cool. Looked like a good / functional bench to me.

joe Dogg

Remove the overhanging lip on top, nail plywood on so it over hangs all sides. Use flush trim bit to get it perfect.

Silvaraci Designer - USA

Very nice!


I do 3D modeling for a living and deal with conical stuff all of the time. If you want me to take a crack at it, just let me know!

Mark Kaspers

Ask Matthias Burger (with his own YouTube channel) for the Math!


Try metric measurements ;)

Björn Peter

i can make you a 3d design and generate the templates form there

Brandon Taylor

the piece you're trying to cut you should let it over hang the bench top and trace the line from the under side of the seat to get the correct radius then use the jigsaw to rough cut it then you can use a sander to finish it. let the bench top do the math for you. i can draw a sketch if you like. i drew a pic : http://imgur.com/63g38cp

Wordsnwood (Art Mulder)

I see what you mean about the "deck-like" style... I rewound to the beginning to check. is your version smaller than the original inspiration? I wonder, what if you stained the top, but painted the base white. I wonder if that would fit that space better, as you have wood floors, and painted white posts + trim. Couldn't see the background any better than that. The triangle on the ends needs a bit of work then, if you go with the painted base. Hope this helps? I'm still totally amazed at the math and success with getting that cone-like shape to work. Cool!

Juan Manuel Machuca Rodriquez

Good Project

ilan magen

Way don't you shear your conclusion with us ?

Louis Lim

You should have emailed me

Kevin R.

Mind. Explosion.
Idea: Cut in a rectangle in the side of one of those puppies, load up an iPad with this video looping in perpetuity, and mount the iPad in the hole behind some plexi. Then those youth group kids will know where these boss benches came from! ;)

Junk works DIY Garage

i would make a paper template very cool bench though i think it looks awesome

Pig Box

concrete tops for the other top, (very contemporary)

Brains Ironically

I think it came out great! Man, I wouldn't even attempt something like that and yours looks really nice. Love the top.

Joe Malovich

Mike, I whipped this up in Solidworks, feel free to ask if you have any questions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz857WOc2PX3TXhiUTFXczNPakE/view?usp=sharing

No math involved.

Matthias Wandel

For the cone shaped pieces, lets say one curved edge length is L1, the other L2, lets say L2 is the longer one, and W is the width of that arc shaped piece needs to be. Then R2 (corresponding to L2) is: R2 = W/(L2-L1)*L2 and R1 = W/(L2-L1)*L1

Heidi Perry

I worked out the math for general bench of this shape, but the measurements are off from the solid works plans by a fraction of an inch because in the real world, objects are not infinitely thin. Anyway, see the images in this folder to see the math: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2orXn8RNZeaS2VCamVRWkdPT2c&usp=sharing

Hammer and Neil

great to see the process/struggles. Looks really good.


like the design and the execution, hate the stain :) Good try anyway, thumbs up!


I'm in the sheet metal business and cones are my weak point, but one person hit it ded on calculating the pitch of the cone pus the two radius will get you where yu need to be. I personally do it trial and error with metal and just good ole fashioned experience from prior failures, wood is definitely more difficult in my opinion. Looks really good I enjoyed your video

Karl Ackdamack

Really nice build and I like the way you build your projects and design as you go. I just finished a kitchen table from Pallets and it has 57 pieces in it. I changed my design three times as I was building. BTW, I'm pretty decent with numbers but I would have struggled with this as well. I will remember this post so I can refer to the answers below if I ever need help with this type of build. In fact I'll be building a bumper for a truck I'm restoring and this will definitely help with that. GREAT BUILD, thanks for sharing.

Mateus Leonardo

The lower radius is smaller than the upper radius, its section of a cone. You have to calculate the cone angle and then using the distance between the 2 radius, you can calculate the radius sizes

rick Melto

man you need a mask .ive been doing wood work for 20 years .i have emphysema now .my chest hurts all the time cant even play with grand kids .or do much at all . im getting lung reduction surgery in the fall .its a killer ..people please be careful .its youre life .you can prevent it ...no baby powder or wood sanding ..

Zohran Bloedjes

you could use a cad program that way you just have too drawe it

ore if take that lip a away ( the plywood that is overhanging) you can just nail the bendable plywood on en then trim it flush whit a flush cut saw or a multi tool or something like that I hope it make sense too you


looks cool!

Jim Morey

I use sketchup for the maths.

john espin

I fear public maths... I like public speaking....

Michael Rapheal

Fuzzy math equals cool looking bench!! Love this!! ☺

B ONeal

Very cool project!

Peter Horoszowski

Just found your channel and I'm really enjoying it. While I wouldn't have let the math solution go either i think you could have taken a cue from counter top installers. Cut thin flexible strips and outline the curved areas and hot glue them together to make a template. Lay flat on your sheet good and you're set.

Pidasian Hippie

Very cool bench. I bet the church is really liking the fact that they have someone with your talents capable of creating such nice pieces for them.

Johnny Crochet

By the way, you might be able to scale up the design and use it as a desk.. Though that may require some modification to the inner part for drawers and leg room.

Anthony Benitez

This looked GREAT! I understand about not getting the desired style but I like it.

Johnny Crochet

Looks perfect to me. I like that two tone scheme that you started out with.

Curt Walkins

There's a template maker for cyclone separator cones somewhere online that would give you a printable template. But, perhaps you can make use of this calculator to help figure it out? It's in metric, but those conversions are a lot easier :) http://craig-russell.co.uk/demos/cone_calculator/





Hello everyone!

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Dumbbell chest press with core active

Dumbbell chest fly with core active

Dumbbell crossbench pullover

Dumbbell row and deadlift

I have made my own version on half bench. It works on overall chest , back , core muscles.

I hope you give this a go !


If you are new to exercise or planning on embarking on a new fitness programme , you should consult your physician.

this video may offer health , fitness or nutritional information and is meant for educational purpose only. This information is not meant as an alternative to seeking professional medical advice or suggested treatment. Please know that performing any exercise or programme is solely at your own risk.

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Very very exited to watch

Subhrajeet Chattaraj 46

Good doneeeee ?