How to make your bike stationary

Smooth Cycling on $15 Homemade Bike Rollers

Smooth Cycling on $15 Homemade Bike Rollers19 Feb. 2020
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Smooth Cycling on $15

Smooth Cycling on $15 Homemade Bike Rollers

In today's video I want to show you how to make bike rollers from pvc pipes and 2 pieces of metallic profiles under $15.

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Music: "Hackbeat" Kevin MacLeod. Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).



Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound www.epidemicsound.com

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Çılgın Maviş

turkiyede dolar 9 tl haberin varmı vicdansız


Pretty cool but you might want to think about raising your seat up a little bit

roni adiatmoko

that is awesome video

guillermo perez

Porque no pusiste 2 rodillos adelante al igual que atras hubiera quedado mejor


3:50 ?? amazing video man

Raj Kashyap

Love from assam India????????????


That's Avengers level editing

Jeroen Meirlaen

Where to get the rope connecting the two?

Malabar 009

I love the way you create a solution of a wish you made yourself ?

kükreyen motivasyon

Video muhteşem profesyonel çekim olmuş

Vaughn Roachford

I agree $ 15 in parts hundreds in tools


I wonder how many takes that shot to make the clip 1:52

Bob Hoskins

The production quality on this was astounding. Really inspirational. As for getting on rollers, just place them against a wall. Makes things so much easier in the beginning. We feel unstable so we feel we're going to fall so that distracts us from just focusing on balancing. By leaning against one wall it builds confidence.

kartikey Dobhal

$15 rollers. $50000 work shop. Still nice video.

jose salvattore alonso peña escobar

supongo debe ser mas dificil

Yuvraj Gupta

Who else is only watching not try to make this


I'm gonna ride them with my e-bike


Paint clings much better to CLEAN steel ?

Cruiser Bro

Dude your editing skills are amazing. Love the video!

Rajesh Sonekar


Ahmed A

اضبط ها يا جاموسه

??? 587


Efe Ünal

What kind this bearings


Uses an expensive bike but can't buy a roller or smart trainer...

Desmond Doue

Strap it down

Zach Bordeau

need a bike fit.

jeff joestar

your painting skills are shit, you're supposed to put primer on steel first and not spray directly on the piece and make it drip all over, you have to spray at a distance to allow it to mist evenly on the piece.

Mechanical Legos

You should put Like a hand generator on one of the rollers so you generate electricity


Bro the video arrangement is good high quality

Craig Herriot

He'd be more comfortable and efficient if he adjusted his saddle up a bit. It's way too low.

Eric Marcus

I think your bike is a tad bit big for you

Neelabh Tewari

2:08 which kind of pvc pipe is this?


What about 2 rollers at the front and 2 rollers at the back would that not work better for balance???


Nice drill press

anonymous bosch

Fking genius. Could do with something at shoulder height to lean against as I’m guessing it takes a while to learn to ride it.

Bishnu Maharjan

Imagine some thing went wrong on high speed

Adam Clark

As long as you don't ride your seat that low...;)

Wgen Gen

Well, $15 in parts, hundreds in tools, doesn't matter, the most important is the pleasure and satisfaction, finally tutorial simple like that.


Good video

Juan Lopez Mendez

Amazing the edition!! Congrats!

amanda jones



Bro how to run the first wheel.....

Hans Bucaycay

I wish i can afford that
I mean i don't have any kind of bike?
Love from the philippines❤️

Rodrigo Melo Mtb

Top d mais ????

new southern auto

Super wark

Yonas Sbhatu

I see more than just $15 but great work anyways.

Gavin’s play world


Lazy beach bum

4 rollers might be more stable


15 dollars plus 100.000 dollars of expertise


He bought a $10000 bicycle for this

cosgrove notts

Death trap for sure


Gracias!! eres un fenómeno campeón!!! muy currado el vídeo si señor...

Rajj Techs

How does front wheel runs?

Tina Wiebe


Grayson Hughes

Why does it look so hard to ride on

Manvesh hacks

Now add a sandpaper on rollers same like on road


Look channel Dylan Pros

Mayashree bhuyan

$15 of roller $100 of tools $1000 for broken bone lol

Namikaze Minato-kun


Josue Garcilazo Gil

Sube un vido de una visitacleta de carbon


Totally $15


Love the editing

Devjot Singh

Imagine,If suddenly the rollers jam

E-26 Md Mashrur Adib

Brother please make a washing
machine homemade.

A. L. Inabinet

Hmmmm .... Build this or get a hoover board?
1. Get health insurance first
2. Good luck

Vegan Powered

Awsome....now move your seat up 6 inches !


Nice cameraman ?

How to use metal lathe machine step by step

Very good.

Athang Gedam

Please make to produce electricity

Drilon Ramadani

bro please make treadmill you can do it

Peri Bailón

Materials and sizes please.

Jason Lome

How would you add a flywheel?

pais _jb

I like this broo...good job

samsad begam

mc pc

Suyash Sagar

How the hell is that front wheel spinning ????

Rama Raju


new boy's generation

I loved the video graphics and camera angles,,the bianchi and everything....great work

Davide Rustico

15 dollars of material and one thousand on tools


Its like a dyno for human


Should have put two rollers in the front as well.

Fog runr

I know of a guy who unicycles on rollers.

Carlos Manuel González

can you connect it with Bkool ??

Fabrice R.

Il manque juste une planche au milieu, parallèle aux rouleaux, pour pouvoir poser les pieds à hauteur du "vrai" sol quand on monte et on descend.

steven north

Good idea. Could have welded a vertical bar for a hand grip or move it closer to the wall to hold on to, a foot plate might come in handy when you step off. Obviously not needed if you intend falling off. ? ?

Florentino Iraola

Great for quarantine

Victori Art & crafts

very creative?

Zidane Zidane


J Srisai

On 1:36 YOU BROKE the STEEL??

Brendan Isaacs

Don't he know about bearings and why connecting the front with rear

Bluebarracks GD

Does anyone else question the music he uses?

Brian Noojin

Very well done. You might want to raise your seat or consult a bike fitter so that you don't get a knee injury.


Nice toys.


man that videography is more pleasing than the product ?


I wish this video title removed the $15 part. Then this would be perfect

Khalid Kasoumi

What is the name of the song that you started on
0:25 ؟

David Saric

Imagine if he slipps off he would probably go through the wall


handle > seat ??


i can get everything except the band in my town :(

eduardo gonzalez

Excelente video!!

Zohair Errahmouni


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Comments (66)
Julián David Millán Rodríguez

thank you so much, I did it


Thank you ! Was very easy thanks to your video

Terie McCunn

This video was excellent. I'm a 73 year old lady with NO mechanical ability. Followed step by step instructions and the bike went together flawlessly.

Urmila Bora

How much this cycle prices

Pure Acid

I really appreciate this video, Thank you.

Gordon Uchenick

Suggestion: Put a SMALL dab of grease onto the threads before installing the pedals.

aayan goverski

Thank u. Found this video extremely helpful

Joni Kearney

Thank you so much Jeff. You made it so easy to put this bike together. You're the best instructor.

Terrific Friend

Great job with the assembly help! Thank you!!

Lenore Riegel

This really helped me put this together on my own. I read the directions afterwards just so I'd know what to do if and when repairs are needed. THANKS

Pamela Pacioles

Great video! It was very helpful. Thank you so much!

Loren Ybarra

Great video! Thank you

Hollinshead Cottage

Thank you so, so much! I think I bought a very similar, if not the same, bike.  

After an intense workout of construction, I managed to build the whole bike...apart from the seat, which just sat on its post and spinned. I just could not figure it out and was driving me mad. 

Due to your video I tightened the bolts under the seat: Et voila! Thank you very much and Happy 2021.  

See you when I'm five stone lighter...!


Checked out your video before opening the box. Nice and clear explanation. Thank you.

Karen Borling

Sooo HELPFUL!!!!

T Demarco

Silly question- but how do you fit the strap into the clips? Mine didn’t come connected :(

AD Palmer

That you for the awesome video (I watched the next one as well). After I put the seat on and tightened the bolts, one side of the seat is slightly higher than the other. Will my body weight even it out and is that something I should just ignore if it is comfortable? Thanks!

Shirley Garabedian

i would like more info onhow to read the digital monitor


Best video ever. Step by step, so easy. Did it by myself in less than 45 mins. YOU ROCK!

Sofia Santos Mehta

Thank you for this video. Was very helpful. We assembled ours today and honestly I thought was gonna take hours but it was just quick because you were so precise with your instructions. Much appreciated


That was great. Thank you so much!

Mara Luning

Appreciate this video; super helpful. Thanks!


Thank you so much for this video. Mine arrived today and I just assembled it. After watching your video, it appears that I'm missing the screw to tighten the meter support.

Dare Adelugba

Thank you so much for this excellent video. I am not sure who are those that gave thumbs down but to me this video is excellent and a time saver. The paper instruction is awful and this video helped me.

Ivory S. B.

My bike arrives tomorrow and this has me so excited! Thank you!

Scott Valladon

Thank you very much. These were perfect instructions.

Pardeep Singh

Thanks for sharing this video it’s really helpful for me to assemble the cycle??‍♂️??

René Smith

Thank you so much! Your video was perfect--followed you every step of the way. Now I can get in shape! Really appreciate your help! :)

Tinker A

Thank you, this was very helpful!

Janet Antonelli

Thanks so much for this great video, the manual was awful. Ready to ride!!

Jana Silvestro

This was SO helpful! Thank you for making the process so easy. You saved me lots of time.


Thank you!

Avi B

After the complete assembly I am left with one nut of each type..and one knob too. Are they supposed to be extra?

Tammy tlingit

I just put my bike together watching this video. You rock.

Jihan Leonard

Thank goodness for this because those directions were kind of ehhhh lol


Good work on the Assembly, I just assembled mines watching your video ?.

John Jordan

Just got this Yosuda bike today from Amazon and your video was very helpful in assembling the bike. Thanks so much!

Billie Eilish Fan

Hi there have you ever had issues with the belt coming apart ?


This was beyond amazing. Thank you so much!!


This was simply awesome and very helpful.

Ayo Odeniyide

Thank goodness. That extra brake pad drove me nuts. Thought I missed somthing. lol

Jewell Booth

Thanks so much for this video! What would have taken 2 hours took me 30 min

Tiffany Coty

This was great! Do you know you would go about installing the additional brake pad ( that came included with the bike) for the resistance , if needed down the line. This video was very helpful and thorough!

YT Bowe

Great instructions! My cycle was delivered yesterday and assembly was a snap.

Juan C

Bro thank you so much. I wouldn't do it with out this video. The instructions were a little hard for me.

William Stokes

Thank you so much for this video. It was very helpful. I didn't even bother with the instructions. I put it together by myself and it took me 90 minutes from unboxing and unpacking to the end. I had to modify the seat some as I felt like I was sliding off towards the front. Thanks again.


thank you... i wish you included how you change the pad


Thank you so much my box did not come with instructions

Jinu Mathew

Did everyone else have for the base
1. an extra screw
2. dome bolt,
3. washer
For the handlebar:
1. An extra screw
2. Washer
I have now watched this multiple times and read instructions twice but I don’t see that needing to go anywhere else. TIA

sg home

Very helpful video, excellent recording, no doubt you will be able to assemble your bike with this video. Thank you,

Mary Christianakis

Do you know if you can switch out the pedals to get the clip in ones?

andy reid

big thanks as we followed you and put our bike together keep up good work


I wish I could maintain my calm while assembling anything. Kudos to you going a step further and record it all by yourself. Great job.

India Plough

Has anyone had clicking when pedaling? It's not consistent but can't tell what makes it come and go.

Beth Cunningham

Thank you for your easy-to-follow instructions. I assembled my Yosuda in less than an hour. My grandchildren will be impressed!

Kim Abernathy

Awesome! Thanks for this!

harold lester

Pissed that im struggling with setting up the pedals


Very helpful video

Cin Holo

Thanks so much! My eyeballs were crossing trying to read those tiny directions. LOL

M Shahbaz

Sit is not adjusting

Roger Erwin

Many thanks! If I'd relied on the instructions that came with the bike, I'm not sure if I would have ever gotten it assembled. You were a great help. Thanks again!

Betsy-Dawn Williams

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this video!! I put this bike together today using your video as my guide, and it was the perfect companion, much better than trying to read the instruction manual. Your voice is also great to listen to, calm and measured, very graceful - setting just the right tone for the listener to follow along and not get stressed out. Thanks again!


Great job on video instructions. I unboxed in garage (your way). All parts hand carried to 2nd floor room. Main frame about 49 lbs. I am 67 senior/171 lb/good shape. Maybe 30 minute assembly. I used a 1/2 in. box end wrench on the nuts. My wife likes it...great product at our price level.

Sara Crosby

Were there any extra pieces left after you finished assembly? I have a couple of bolts/screws left

Jacki_ e

Thank you for your help!


God bless you Sir, thanks for the effort and your time ?

Convert your bicycle into a VR stationary bike with Blync

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Blync makes biking indoors

Blync makes biking indoors more immersive and fun in a virtual world with a VR headset or on a screen.


Comments (5)
Eduard Robis Jr

Is this already available in the Philippines???

Susan Appleby

Working out in VR should be done standing up I think. If i am working out on the bike I will do hiits. If I am in VR I will box.

John Trenaman

Where and how can I get it in Germany?

Kent Peterson

Looks cool I want one


Does it work with every vr headset? Like the htc vive? And what range is the sensor compatible with? I have my vr in the living room (5 meters) will it work?