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Burpee Routine From Hell (275 burpees, 825 pushups) DESCRIPTION BELOW

Burpee Routine From Hell (275 burpees, 825 pushups) DESCRIPTION BELOW8 Apr. 2020
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This was the workout,

This was the workout,

for intermediate do 15 reps,

beginners do 10.

Wolfs numbers :

25 navy seals

25 1 pumps

25 navy seals

25 2 pumps

25 navy seals

25 3 pumps

25 navy seals

25 4 pumps

25 navy seals

25 5 pumps

25 navy seals

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Im almost 40...in decent shape but not the best. This workout showed me how much i need to improve....so far i made it through 5 rounds (at 10) before my body gave out and started to feel like i was gonna pass out. Im.gonna keep trying and hopefully make you and myself proud by making it through the whole thing!

Abu Sofian94

This guy is saitama ... He gonna beats area 51 ...?


He forgets to jump to end the full burpee exercise.


Just completed this on an empty stomach! :D Get some!

Michele Bertilorenzi

43 years old; i did the 20 reps pack in 57 min. I can't imagine how can be hard the 25 reps ..


Friday i finish one of your routines,in the 7th round the fatigue is full,8,9,10,all repetitions but in skipped way,is valid?

William Mayer

Why does he pat his stomach before doing a rep ?

Nikolay Dimitrov

Great challenge - I love it. I tried the advance one with 15 reps and managed to do it in 41min and 13sec. Thanks man - keep posting those nice workouts

André Santiago

I don't understand how it's works, I am a begginer, what should how should I do?


Took me 68 minutes to finish this! ????‍♂️??‍♂️

Jac Grobbelaar

RESPECT...that was amazing!!


I dont get the last push up by the navy seals PU:
Does he just push the upper body? Does he let the knees sink in?
Doesnt look like straight back.
Or is it just tze momentum for the jump?

Thanks for answers.

Joseph Watchman Kaliher


Mr Peace

Just curious Iron Wolf....what is your resting heart rate? i.e how many beats per minute (bpm). Thanks

joejoe fasho

Be a fucking anomaly

Image And Art

I do fifty and I'm out of breath, this guy is amazing

Chris Quincey

Yes wolf OMG this session was awesome,the sweat was pouring off me.

Sal Volcano

I did all 25's In about 60-70 mins I couldn't keep up with you but I am happy with myself because I didn't quit even though my mind was telling me to. You really are something bro! Keep doing what you do!

The Martini Whisperer

WTF. Legend.?

Pera Zdera

I heard he’s Kent Clark , mark my word

иван иванов

Тhis guy is very hardy.


I mean...I don't even have the patience to WATCH this for 51 minutes...let alone DO this for 51 minutes! This is next level ...major kudos

Chris Zavos

What.... An.... ANIMAL!!!


When you skip to the end you can immediately see the pump!

Andrew England

OMG , l hate Burpees and always cheated when having to do them, even during my time when I was in the Royal Navy were I was on Submarines. Since watching your workouts I’ve been hitting the Burpees. Can you just tell me why you touch your shins on the way down, and your Toes on the way up.?? Also you do something we’re you bring you hands up and down and show your Palms to the camera..


Hell yeah, I love these sorts of workouts. Make you hard to kill

Eamon Sullivan

First of all, respect. You’re a endurance beast and if the world was ending I’d want you on my team.

Secondly, I just finished doing 100 navy seals a day for 30 days. Can you do a video regarding the progression from 100 burpees a day to a solid next step and the mindset required?


By the 20th Burpee, I was like "Lawd take me now. I'm ready" But I did it, even though I stopped so many times But I finished!! Took me 79 minutes to finish.

Dharminder Singh

You're a beast and a proper inspiration.

Threat Assessment

biuld muscle you maxed you body out on condtioning !

Mark Hines

Wow burpee king that’s for sure that mentality strong in force got to give it a go

harvey ramjack

I thought you were giving a demo -- then I'm like ''shit he's doing the whole damn thing!''....Beast!

Mathijs Sanders

I did the ‘easier’ ‘beginner’ one. Everything hurts and it’s been almost three days wtf


Mad respect. Good form all the way through.

Boxing With Shawn

Ur a monster brother!

Pushing through Cancer

You have a lot of guts man! Probably your second or third workout of the day that day. Respect for you and the movement you've started. Outstanding!

Essa Slewa

Finished in 1:44. Decent for a first timer

comfort walker

wanna see him against goggins , wonder who is gona win?

Lee 1

Iron Wolf ? respect to you. I will incorporate the body builder and navy seals into my workout. Not to the extreme you go through. Workouts need to be fun too. I watched the vid in Laguna beach in the rain. So understand that you want to be proficient mentally and physically. I don’t understand why you don’t do other types of exercise. Respect keep it up

bandaru srinath

he is insane

Joca Monteiro

You are a MACHINE man..

Mihail Ivanovich

That very good workout. Thanks


I tried this today, I got to 2 pumps and gave up. gonna do it again and I will do the whole workout. I feel bad for giving up but I will overcome the mental part

Tim Fleming

Been following you for a couple weeks now. These are the first workouts in a long time I ENJOY doing. They’re helping me build exactly what I’ve been needing - mental discipline. Thank you for these videos!

Tony C Davis

You're a bad man.


Just completed the intermediate 15 reps thanks Iron Wolf

Atif Haq

Just completed the advance workout of 25 reps in 58.30 minutes. I started off with the intermediate workout back in April. Really happy with this but no where near the Wolf time.

Žygis Č

First time today i tried doing single burpess, did 160 in 22minutes, i have never sweated so much as i did this morning, how often do you do them like times per week

A Frenchman

That it, he a darpa Wolf robot first generation. Please, stay friendly to humans...

you are an inspiration sir.


so all the heavy metals, machinery, mats, pulley systems and subscription fees are not required?

Humberto Alanis

@Iron Wolf when I originally saw this video I was so confident I could do this. I even said to myself i am going to record myself and upload it to show others that you motivate people and to spread this amazing workout. When I went outside to do this I got to 10 Navy seals which is beginner and i said i guess i am gonna do beginner the 1 pumps were no problem, then when i got to the 4 pumps i just couldn't lift myself up and i thought i was in very good shape. I have no idea how I could possibly get to 25 navy seals i have to get more than twice as strong as i am now. RESPECT is the point of this post.

sujit choudhari

This is really some NEXT LEVEL stuff!!!
What a dedication :)

Máirtín Breathnach





I'm glad this guy is on our side! Unbelievable!

Brut Prut


Bradley Anderson

This man is a machine. Endurance, strength and outrageous determination.
I will be trying out this as soon as I can.

Sneaker Extraordinaire

https://youtu.be/h8x414feGl8 inspired by the wolf my get ripped burpee routine


I wanna migrate to this style of workout so I wanna know , can we do a routine like this everyday?

Питерский братишка

Просто ЗВЕРЬ )))))) Удачи


Tried this today. Only got to level 5 doing 10s in one go. It's brutal.

Fitdads 50 Plus

Hats off to you Champ....amazing #NOSHIT workout......Motivation, Inspiration and scary @Fitdads

Artūrs Lācis

Man, after trying a few of these workout routines, really start to convince myself, that gyms are not that necessary to get/stay jacked

Rob Smith

top shout to Iron Wolf, i watched this today and tried the routine but did the 10 reps as suggested for my first time i'm not gonna lie even at 56 years i keep very fit and strong but crud this was a hard hit, i kept it strict as well i had trained earlier today 40mins woodland run but this finished me off, i will use this as starting block and try and get upto 15 reps.


Hi from Spain Wolf!
Thanks for sharing your excercise which will help us to stay fit...and for sure will make lockdown a little bit less boring!
I think, if you don´t mind, I´ll start with 5 reps hahaha But for sure. I´ll increase little but little :)


This is intense. I notice that you do like a little hip thrust forward before each rep. What's the purpose of that? Just found your channel, so I'll be catching up on your stuff during quarantine and trying do a burpee (let alone hundreds.....).


Just did 1000 push-up burpee routine.

100 navy seals
50 5-pump navy seals
100 3-pump
75 2-pump

Lorenzo Battinelli

Respect from Italy


Right when you think the bar has been set. BOOOM!! SLAP IN YOUR FACE.


Jude Anjelo

Respect man

Savage Scientist

I lost 1 pound looking watching this video


Respect bro!! I did one of your 30 minute workouts last week and it kicked my ass!! I had to do one pumps instead of the 2 pumps that you were doing..


Hi, I’ve done this workout for over several weeks, working my way up to 25 reps. Today I took it to another level and modified this workout and would be good to see you smash my time lol (65 Mins)!
25 5 Pumps
25 4 Pumps
25 5 Pumps
25 Navy Seals
25 5 Pumps
25 3 Pumps
25 5 Pumps
25 2 Pumps
25 5 Pumps
25 1 Pumps
25 5 Pumps


After 9 weeks, I finished the whole routine in 1 hour 32 minutes. Thanks for the training and motivation.

Florian Luckau

Great ???

Vdsdfg BxXGG

Top 6 il migliore ti seguo dall'italia


Shit, I was done at one!

Diavlo D

To those 119 "thumbs down" dudes....maybe try knitting.

Adam Behrendt

get this guy on joe rogan

André Santiago

I do 2x10 today.


Just did this routine. It took me about 1:15, but nobody gives a fuck!! You and burpees king got me back in shape during this global lockdown. LET'S GO!!!!


Gonna try this

Neal Caffrey

Just did the intermediate one. And damn much respect for doin 25 of them all the time! No excuses. What a workout!

ninad pawar

Respect Sir ?

PowerWeight Training

Ha, this is awesome. I did a burpee workout too but it did not look quite like that! OMG! DUDE!

Hugo César Dias



Completed in 66 minutes and 45 seconds of suffering, I didn't feel that mental farigue since I've done cycling. Thanks from Italy!


Wolf this is a crazy workout. I am going to do it.


this one really tests your will to keep going and tolerance for pain


done in 44'55"... tough!!

Fenris Hexenhammer

This looks like a rough one, buddy. Navy Seals...ugh. You know when something sucks, it's good for you.

Rodolfo Axtle

I did it !!! I was able to complete the beginner session (10 reps) =D Never in a million years thought I was gonna able to complete a routine like that. Thanks for the videos. time to to start working in reaching the intermediate level.

mista pete


JP Adam

I did intermediate a few times. So today I tried between intermediate and hard, and did 20 reps of each! 56 minutes. Feeling good!

Ben Ni

What are those pumps for?

tamon fujimi


Fouche Vanwyk

this guy is beast i like these exerices

Rü D1gga

I always like his nearly 1 second warm up. Realy pro


Papa que es un croosfiter?alguien que hace todos los ejercicios con una técnica LAMENTABLE.....

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