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Meta Switch A New Approach to Weight Loss

Meta Switch A New Approach to Weight Loss10 Jul. 2015
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Max International's

Max International's Meta-Switch Weight Loss System produces real results for real people just like you. These inspirational weight loss stories will move you and the surprising results will inspire you. See how just a few weeks on the Meta-Switch Weight Loss System will allow you to discover your slimmer self!

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tiwaa appau

I'm in Ghana please want to know how to get some to buy in Ghana....please

tiwaa appau

How can I get some to buy please

Weight Loss Surgery | Outcomes, Risks & Implications for Intuitive Eating

Weight Loss Surgery | Outcomes, Risks & Implications for Intuitive Eating23 Jul. 2020
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Hi everyone, welcome to

Hi everyone, welcome to Abbey's Kitchen! . In today’s video we’ll be discussing weight loss surgery including - the common types, the benefits and risks! Most importantly, this video is not meant to be a promotion for, or a lecture against bariatric surgery.

A few disclaimers:

1) The information in this video is for education and entertainment purposes only, so you should always speak to a health care provider about your unique health needs.

2) TRIGGER WARNING: some graphics and discussions may be disturbing to some viewers so feel free to skip this video.

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Kirsten Ackerman, RD




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Contribution By: Sofia Tsalamlal, RD

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Shut up Karen

William Herd

She doesn’t really know anything, just diarrhea of the mouth, she “quotes studies” that she doesn’t even fully understand. she is super soft and looks like she hasn’t exercised at all in years. Not bad if you are a normal person, but she is supposed to be a professional at being healthy, and her body fat % is almost obese.. her best is not good enough, she’s just here to make $. find someone else.

Lucas Morales

She is horrible! She doesn't know shit. She sounds like a book not actually experience.

23 mikeallstar

Respond to Greg lol your getting crushed


why do you think you are qualified to talk about this? Being a dietition DOES NOT make you qualified. You should delete this extremely biased video

Deadra Berkan

This was not unbiased. It was VERY biased. (a quick example, you are zoomed out when you say that it could be helpful, then you zoom in close to say that it could be harmful, with a serious face, then zoom back out. you're not unbiased.) A well done bariatric program will discuss the pros and cons of the different surgeries and will support the patient in their goals, and in their health before and after, including mental health. I would hope you've actually spoke to people who've had the surgery and see how they feel. I found you because I struggle with PCOS and managing it. WLS did not heal that for me, but it wasn't promised to. I think some people get it who probably shouldn't. Who are barely 'eligible' for it, and honestly, in some online communities, I've seen others encourage people to gain that few extra pounds to put them in the higher BMI category to qualify. Anyhow, you weren't unbiased, maybe you should have prefaced it with that you don't believe in it and here are the reasons why.

Sylvia Rivera

I had the sleeve 10 years ago, got to my surgeons goal of getting to 135lbs for my 5’4” frame and have kept it off for 10 years. It’s not perfect and it’s not a permanent fix. You have to stay on track and take your vitamins for life. Totally worth it for me because it changed my life and made me so knowledgeable of my own nutrition. I have experienced dumping for only very particular foods like rice, potatoes and ice cream. All of which are no longer a problem 10 years later. The biggest negative issue I’ve experienced is body dismorphia disorder. I look in the mirror and see my same bigger body even though it’s smaller. I went from a size 22 to a 4. Also, I have the constant feeling of NEEDING to workout for fear of loosing my results. On the bright side, I discovered a sport I love: triathlon. Weight loss surgery is not for everyone, but for some the negative issues are far outweighed by the positive. But never for one second think it’s a quick fix. It is a LIFE LONG goal that you will have to work for.

Amber Clark

I had vsg and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. If your not willing to put in the work with the diet and lifestyle changes it absolutely will not work. It is a TOOL. A hammer can built a house but only when used correctly. For me it amplified all the hard work I was doing. If anyone has any vsg experience questions I’d gladly answer.

Cherry Liu

Wouldn’t liposuction be a better for weight loss since it just takes out all the fat without harming your organs?

Maher Mansour

Lol she turned off her dislikes

happy Gabby!!!

I got the vsg. I'm 4 years post op almost 5 and I gained half of my weight back. I was vomiting a lot and later on I was binge eating and purging. My life spiraled out of control. I was skinny and I was never truly happy. I've been seeing a therapist because I've been depressed. My weight gain after having two kids post op, the way I look in the mirror and what others think of me. Also I cry because I don't want to be controlled by food. I'm doing much better now and I haven't purge in 5 weeks. I'm learning to eat intuitively.

O Pritchard

Have you questioned the causality and correlation of many of these studies and the surgery. Many of these studies do no account for the fact that the sub-group who seek out major surgery may have these pre-existing issues, not a fault of the surgery per say.

The Bitchy Crafter

HAES is taking things too far in the other direction, which is equally as useless. The understanding of just what constitutes disordered eating and what causes it needs more study beyond anorexia, bulimia and bingeing. Not everyone who is fat binges, there's a whole slew of other issues going on, but that's never represented anywhere and it's only luck I stumbled on doctors who are either familiar with or creative enough to treat a wider range of disordered eating.

Meagan M

I love the idea around intuitve eating, glad more peopld are expanding on this way. Reminds me of article I saw recently.


You are so jelly of DR Greg..

Ondřej Tureček

I wonder how good is the follow-up after bariatric surgery in the US for example. In my country I read only few hospitals do this surgery as their specialty, they do maybe 500/year each and also have extensive programmes to monitor what happens with the patients in the years after. This could significantly alter the long term results.


I'm here to troll. I cant believe this numb nuts is a dietitian? How? Or she just want click bait.

Francisca Pedraza

I totally agree with some of the information presented on this video. I would strongly encourage people to do a lot of research before surgery.

BananaGamer Over9000

Shut up Karen

Brittany Coulter

You did not inform people well in this video. I had gastric bypass at 17 because I was 294 and steadily gaining. I was on the road to type 2 diabetes, heart disease...you name it. My whole preteen and teen years will filled with dieticians, nutritionists, weight watchers, gyms, general practitioners, even freakin hypnosis to help loss weight with no success, but in 35 now and last time I was weighted I was in the 170s. It’s it a perfect weight, no, but I have been classified as overweight vs morbidly obese since I was 19. I’ll take it and my body thanks me everyday for choosing to have weight loss surgery.
As far as iron goes, yes, that’s why they tell you to take as premenopausal women an iron supplement! As well as a multi, calcium and b12! Protein can be an issue, again they stress the issue that you need to meet a certain protein goal, used to be 55 grams for women, more for men. I had hair loss because I wasn’t meeting that goal because I wasn’t listening to my doctor who didn’t recommend trying to stay vegetarian post surgery since it would be too hard to meet protein goals. Eventually I listened, meet protein requirements and the hair loss stopped. Usually people only experience dumping if they are eating foods they shouldn’t be. Sugar, fried foods or super high fat foods we are told to avoid eating because your body can’t handle it. Aka you were warned this would happen and did it anyways.
Do I have things my body it weird about now that it wasn’t before, yes. It’s weird about some dairy foods but not others. Can’t find a reason why but who cares? That’s what alternative milk products are for. Do I have an issue absorbing some pill medications, yes, I take them in liquid form if possible and that seems to do the trick.
Would I do the surgery over again, 100%

Luke Gonzales

“Hey guys I’m abbey shart”



Andrew Marshall

Abbey Sharp is a fraud

Barbro Andersen

Your top ??????


Please comment this, I am so confused https://youtu.be/YGq_EbYEaSY


By the looks of it you are not qualified to talk.... about anything

Meredith Pearson

My highest weight ever recorded was 370 pounds. I had WLS (specifically the VSG) five years ago, and I wish I hadn’t. It’s not because I wasn’t successful with it. I lost about 200 pounds. Going through therapy and counseling to deal with my underlying food issues, being diagnosed with binge eating disorder, and everything I’ve learned in the past 5+ years has been wonderful. I say that I wish I hadn’t had surgery because I wish that I had been able to learn how to get to a healthy, maintainable weight without getting most of my stomach removed. I choose not to live with regret and to focus on all of the positives that have come from the eating disorder, surgery, and education I’ve given myself on healthy relationships with food. I don’t want the reason that I leave this earth to be because I ate myself to death.

Maher Mansour

Greg roasted you


Can you do a video about a what a healthy diabetes diet looks like?

Western Wallace RISE radio

Who's stupid enough to listen to this dumb woman?


I work as an RN on a bariatric floor (people recover overnight on our floor after having lap sleeve gastrectomies and Roux-En-Ys, among other surgeries). I've only been on this floor for a year and I'm certainly not the most knowledgable about these surgeries, but EVERY nurse with bariatric experience will tell you: do not get this surgery. There are so many awful complications. Your diet is so limited for so long, both before and after. You have to lose weight in order to have the surgery (it is not only those who are "very morbidly obese", many patients are just generally overweight)-- if you can be motivated to do this, it seems far better to continue that path than a surgery which will limit your life in so many ways, permanently. Sure, there are success stories. You can find them below. But for every success story, there are just as many who aren't sharing their return to the hospital weeks, months, even years later. I can usually pick which patients will end up back with complications-- these are the patients who ignore our advice; who have untreated anxiety and depression; who find the pain unbearable; who are unmotivated to push themselves to walk after surgery. I'm not blaming the patients for these traits, but I wish the screening process was more stringent, because no one benefits from post-op complications. And many complications have nothing to do with the patient but are just the risk of getting a surgery-- infection, error, etc.This is not a miracle surgery. I would argue it does not save lives. It gives a seemingly quick-fix that is like making a deal with a fairy/genie... you don't know what you're signing up for.

O Pritchard

“I’ll take out bias”
only puts “what are the risks” text in the thumbnail to set a negative bias before viewing even begins


If a discussion on weight loss surgery triggers you, you aren't gonna make it through the rest of 2020 (assuming you've made it this far) geez

Lionel R C

Since you love misinformation. Here's one, you're a pregnant witch.

Adriano Garcia


Kevin Varty

Please put the like-dislike counter back on, or is it too embarrassing for you. Sorry Ab's you've lost the plot.

Prince Janjua

The most stupid person I’ve ever seen

Josepin Rose

Hi Abbey, would love to see your thoughts on FatGirlFedUp's journey. I was inspired by her a lot, but I don't think she's had any input from a dietician? Wondering what your thoughts are on her weight loss journey and overall methods. Thanks! Am a big fan! ✨

Darnell DNICE

u suck. here for greg

Arlindo Victoria

Sorry, are you a doctor?

Ashleigh Ford

I wish you would just tell me what I need to eat to lose weight lol ....seriously though.

Andrés Denis

This lady is a lair and so irritating on how she talks. This channel is just bad and sad work

canito 666

Who is tjis snowflake

Naomi Scott

Hey Abbey, I was wondering if you could react to Sorelle Amores most recent video on her diet/what she eats. I think it’s spreading some really bad misinformation and shows some orthorexic signs

Cassandra Bettini

Hi Abbey. I know you've spoken about insulin resistance in the past, but would you ever do a video that's an overview of things that would benefit people with IR. I get a ton of mixed information, the vegans day only a vegan diet will fix it and the keto peeps say only keto can keep it under control

Mashael Waleed

Please review Annie Jaffrey’s what i eat in a day ?


Hi Abbey! I’m a teenage girl and recently just started to recover from disordered eating. I’ve been on a vegetarian keto diet for the past month, but I was wondering what you think may be the best way to eat for me, to help me lose weight and maintain my weight, but also stay healthy, if you see this please respond!

Georgina Lilly Lucas

Abbey could you please do a video on Lumen? Whenever I watch your videos I get it advertised and its rather frustrating. I would love to hear the research behind it! Hope you are doing ok x

Karson Bruce

I loved the video, there may always be room for improvement, but despite the bias some see there are also kernels of truth. Its up to us to take and leave what she has taken the time to give us, then do our own research. Abby Sharp you are enough.


The best WLS? Gallbladder removal! :) Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction, Post Cholecystectomy Diarrhea? Down from 135 to 115! (JK: definitely NOT a WLS...)

Last Minute Heroics

Abbey is soooo benevolent, I can't even troll her channel. Dammit !!! ???

Josh French

She has no clue what she is talking about

Kathleen Barney

I had bariatric surgery 14 months ago. It was the best decision I ever made for myself. I was 38 and 315 pounds and losing mobility. My knees hurt all the time. I lost 90% of my excess weight and have been maintaining at 160 for 2 months. I am not thin and about 15 pounds from a normal BMI but my body refuses to lose anything else. I also have continued to work with a dietitian and therapist to change my relationship with food. It's not the easy way out at all. I had a sleeve gastrectomy and do not have any malnutrition issues. Nothing else had worked. The only foods I do not eat are rice, pasta, carbonated drinks and alcohol because they all cause pain and discomfort. I otherwise eat a fairly balanced diet. Therapy is very import both pre and post op and unfortunately many patients do not have access to it or deny that they need it. HAES is a lie when you have a 54 BMI as I did and I wish you'd interviewed a bariatric dietitian instead of a HAES one. I had spent 20 years trying to lose weight in other ways. It isn't the right choice for everyone but for some people it is the best option for themselves and their own health.

pastor gainz


Izabel Campana

Thank you for all the information here. It was really helpful to me.

Forest Green

If you're so committed to people not losing weight, how about you gain 400 pounds then talk the same talk.

It's seems so condenscending to overweight people I'd imagine hearing all these petite people talk about how they're (overweight people) fine and don't need to lose weight.

How about you try carrying hundreds of pounds of excess weight. Weight is more than beauty or self esteem it also directly impacts one's health and quality of life.

ShockWave ZERO

This is an example of you really stepping out of your lane. But more importantly failing at several things, such as being unbiased, as well as genuinely providing quality education. How do you expect the audience to believe you are staying unbiased when you highlight the risks way more than any possible reward? This might as well be fear mongering. Unbiased requires you to be able to balance out the pros and cons. A 40-60 ratio would have been fine, but instead this feels like a 5-95. I don’t think you truly grasp what unbiased is. That or you are trolling, which is not educational.

As for quality educational content, I notice a huge problem with this. There are so many holes you leave open. When you introduce the different types of surgery and procedures, you should at least provide some simple enough context to show that you at least know what you are talking about. And that’s the problem, also with you bringing up researches. You give the numbers for rates of failures or whatever the results are, but you don’t care to provide some context as to why it happens. Even a hypothesis can help provide context. Do you assume your audience will just know, take your word, or just do research? Even then, how much of the research will they understand. That’s the problem with even leaving research links. How many people actually grasp the research? How many people have the time to try and comprehend it? Bringing up research is fine, as long as you show you can understand the thing and break it down for the audience. But if you don’t- it becomes moot. As an educator, if you truly see yourself as one, your job is to check for understanding as well as make sure that you focus on effectively communicating your information to the audience, which I don’t think you do a good job of, really to be honest. You leave too many holes and you assume that the audience will mostly genuinely understand it. It’s the old school force fed education system that’s still prevalent, all over again, and that is not effective teaching.

Last but not least, I don’t think you truly see as complete a picture as you need to. You and the person you consulted with. How do you expect to help more people? I think you are letting your morals and bias really get in the way of seeing the whole picture. Case in point, there is some truth to society trying to force larger people into a smaller size. But that’s just it. Some of that is true, and I don’t doubt there are people trying to force it. But you also need to look at the intentions, and also recognize that some are genuinely concerned and are trying to help. Not all are really forcing this. Both of you are only providing one part of the picture, but you are not seeing it through as many lens. At this point, I truly also question how much of your field you really understand. I also question how much you truly care about personal growth, because I see a lot of room for that. But the question I suppose is- Do you even care or want it?

brianna mallory

I had the gastric sleeve back in December 2019. Started at 249 and now I’m 175. The cons about the surgery was I wasn’t mentally prepared. When your that obese it’s not simply because you just love food. I would say 80% of it is emotionally and mental. In my opinion. So while it helps you loose weight fast. It doesn’t change you brain. That’s a whole other part. & it’s a the hardest part. I thought loosing weight would help so much but truthfully all it did was lower the number on the scales & the only positive thing was not having to take as much medicine anymore.
Anyways I believe it can work, but I think they should be doing more for the emotional mental part instead of causing fear & aneixty about food.
It’s about having a healthy relationship with food & they don’t teach that. They teach extreme measures. Which can be bad especially for someone who has a eating disorder



alessandro colosio



My cousin had wls 2 years ago (after having a lung embolism at age 25). She lost so much weight in so little time! (From 130kg to 65 kg in 6 months) I was honestly deeply jealous, but I've never been overweight enough to qualify for wls.
For her, so far, it has been good. She left her terrible bf and got a new one. They're getting married in november (maybe a bit fast). She's gained alot of self confidence. It might have been the right solution for her,cause she also suffers from mental impairment and had been subjected to verbal abuse from her father for most of her life. I hope she continues doing well.

On my end, discovering intuitive eating has helped my mental health. I'm not jealous of her anymore and I just wish her happiness. Part of me still hopes that my body will get smaller through eating more mindfully and more in tune with my body, but who knows?

Mrs Rita

I don't think this video understands what wls does to people with food addiction. It's not a miracle but it's the best help available so far.

Dom Ferris

Delete your video of Greg douchette. It’s fake news. You completely took him out of context and misrepresented what he said. You didn’t even know he’s 100% open and honest about his steroid use. 8 hours of research my ass cheeks.

Andrew Garcia

Can’t wait to start listening to this podcast!

Jasmine Rogers

As a nurse practitioner, who does not specialize in weight loss or nutrition, when I see people in the office post gastric sleeve eating 500 calories a day, I am so thankful to have an RD like you to refer them to because I 100% agree, nutrition afterward is a huge concern! A bypass is not a magic cure people... I just don't understand all the arguments in the comments? Unless you're arguing a roux-en-y's effectiveness for treating diabetes, debating biases or opinions of weight loss is just futile. Spread some love, because you are all amazing! <3

Hayet Bel

My friend got it, she lost 50 kg during the first year.
Now she gained back 25 kg , I don't think it really works. I really want you to talk about diets for diabetes

Yulia Aguila

Okay, I definitely understand that this video has serious issues regarding bias BUT I feel it needs to be said... Abbey's not wrong either. For context, I had a sleeve gastrectomy and I experienced/am currently dealing with a LOT of the complications she mentioned. I think that the focus of the video should really be about who WLS is for and how VITAL it is to go to a reputable program. The program I was part of was extremely lax and completely about the money, but I had no clue at the time. I thought my experience was normal until my complications started to seriously affect my life and I joined some forums online. That was when I realized that WLS was never a good fit for me as I had been told by medical professionals because of my mental and physical health at the time. WLS forever changed my life and while I did lose the weight and have kept it off, it's come at a high price and people doing research need to know that can happen. WLS can save lives and is necessary in some cases, it's not just about "putting someone in a smaller body" MOST of the time, but sometimes it is and that should be talked about too.
I know a lot of people might disagree and I understand that. I can only attest to my personal experience. Sorry for the dissertation and thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this, it was kind of cathartic to write out lol

Mella Licious

I just had wls—I’m a little freaked out.

Sierra 2002

Anyone else hate the phrase “engagement in joyful movement”? Like exercise shouldn’t be torture, as there’s many fun ways to get and stay fit (dancing, rock climbing, swimming, hiking, etc. Not to mention many people enjoy going to the plain old gym.) But i think that phrasing undermines the fact that there’s inherently going to be times during exercise where you don’t feel all that great. Exercise should be a CHALLENGE (to some extent) and you’re going to feel tired, sore, exerted, and straight up in pain sometimes due to the nature of certain sports or exercises. If I only allowed myself to do exercise that felt “joyful” 100% of the time.... I’d probably be very inactive and out of shape. Plus I feel like it’s mostly females using the phrase “joyful movement,” never once have I heard a male activist/dietician/trainer say something like that, and to me it has misogynistic undertones. Like just cause I’m a girl all my movement has to be soft and painless, and I shouldn’t do tough exhausting types of exercise cause I’m a fragile woman. Not exactly the rhetoric I’d like to be spreading.


I wanted weight loss surgery for 15 years after my weight crept up to 310 pounds. I tried qualifying for it many many times, I went to a famous weight loss surgeon, dr. Nowzaradan in Houston. I could never get my various insurances to approve me because I didn't have any co-morbidities. The bariatric surgeons did the best they could to help me qualify but I just never did qualify. I was in weekly therapy during this most recent time and eventually I got to the point where therapy had helped me so much that I decided to try changing my eating habits again. In September of 2018 I weighed 310 pounds and I decided to change my eating habits for good. It's been almost 2 years and I have totally changed my eating lifestyle. I don't use food as a coping mechanism (I transferred addictions, now I have an over shopping addiction) I love the foods I eat but I have cut out alcohol, extra sugar/desserts, and animals. I am a vegetarian now, I eat some cheese and some of my pasta is made with eggs, but that is as far as I go with animals in my food. I found a way of eating that works for me and I've lost 87 pounds since September 2018. I am happy now that I never got weight loss surgery. I know about 6 people who have got it including one of my sisters. Of them only 1 has kept her excess weight off. I discuss my weight loss journey on my Youtube page.

Parapas stonga


Cathryn Goll

I lost my best friend of nearly 20 years after she had this surgery. Her thinking changed and she became obsessed with sex. She also seemed to really enjoy alcohol more than before the surgery. It took a few years but we have reconnected online but never in person. I am happy to see her improved health but I am still very sad that I lost her as my bff.

Lisa May

This has nothing to do with this video, but I just watched a trailer for a Netflix documentary coming out August 12th called Unwell, it looks like it might be a good one for you to review.


Can I request EatMoveRest as a review?

Priscilla Garza

The comparisons in the data sets you picked from are not comparable. Not to mention this is a lifesaving last resort surgery for many. As a medical student, frankly, I think you should have used their data, their results, their opinion on this topic if you wanted to have it be comprehensive and accurate. They are the experts in this field. This is nowhere near unbiased and sometimes I worry that the HAES and rejection of weight loss through serious measures for seriously in danger patients ends up being far more damaging. Morbid obesity can seriously shorten someone's life. Of course it's not going to work for everyone.. oftentimes no one things will but it shouldn't be vilified so heavily.

Jessica Link

I just want to know why she is doing this video. Did viewers ask for it? It seems random and out of her realm. It just seems like she is encouraging fatphobia.

The Messy Catholic

Can we bring back extreme Diet Debbie? Long time viewer here!

MidnightSun ADV

Abbey, dr’s need to do what works to help patients with situations that will shorten there life. Nothing is perfect. You are presenting the downsides of this in a way that is designed to talk people out of it. This is often life saving surgery abbey. You said so in your video in the most blah way possible. This can cause gonsmacking 30 percent drop in mortality. You passed over that like it was nothing. There is nothing unbiased about this. I lost 125 lbs naturally and am so glad I did not get surgery. But I can still see from the perspective of medical professionals that are trying to do something that helps there patients given the general ineffectiveness of reccomending lifestyle change and the fact that obesity especially exetreme obesity kills that this is the right thing to reccomend. Try some other options first but if you keep gaining weight till your over 300lbs it’s time to consider these life saving procedures

Bio Zelink

Abbey Sharp? Sounds more like Abbey Dull. Abbey Extremely Dull...

Lillian Lilo

My GSS is booked in since yesterday. I will have it in June during uni holidays. At 265 lbs my quality of life is poor where I refuse to socialise or see people because I'm embarrassed of the way l look. I'm trying to get to 220 lbs by surgery date and I'm looking forward to being able to live my best life.

Karson Bruce

Could you possibly do a video on building muscle and intuitive eating. I cant find anyone who will talk about were these two come together. You're either intuitive eating and going for a gentle walk, or supper obsessed with Macros, micros, and calorie count and busting your ass in the gym.

pumpkinmakesmelaugh alot

I want her to go raw vegan for a week and eat 3k calories a day and 18:6 intermittent fasting she will lose 5 pounds in 1 weeek ?

Jaguar Rose

I'm SO GLAD she mentioned the emotional and psychological aspects of weight and weight loss. So many people suffer from poor self image and self worth from years of being extremely overweight, bullying, emotional abuse, loneliness, sadness, self-loathing and insecurity. Just losing the weight without dealing with that pain can be a setup for failure -especially if they're having the surgery well into their adult years. If food and eating are your primary coping skill then even when you lose the weight, without changing that you'll fall back into old unhealthy habits. If you don't develop healthy coping mechanisms then when life gets rough you will just eat yourself back to your old weight. Food can be a dangerous vice, and until you get control back you'll always be susceptible to it. As a culture we focus too much on what's on the outside without ever dealing with the deeper issues hiding underneath.


I bet your acne would clear up if YOU ate a better Healthy diet ABBEY

Caitlin Bedell

For me personally, I had been overweight since I was 7 years old due to incompetent nutrition education from my parents. My bariatric surgery was a tool for me to essentially “reset” my eating habits and completely relearn what I knew about food. I am now 2 years post op, 145 pounds lighter, maintaining a healthy weight, eating a “normal” and healthy amount of calories for my age and size, chasing my son around all day and exercising for fun. I eat intuitively as my stomach is about the size of the “average” persons at 2 years post op. I make it a point not to overeat to restretch my stomach and I follow my post op directions. I understand that surgery is not for everyone: there are at least a dozen people I know that have had surgery either around me or before me that have regained some or all of their weight back. But for those who have spent their entire lives taught the wrong way of eating this surgery can be the blank slate they need.

Kerri C.

This felt very biased, but we'll intended. There's countless studies that show that the weight loss solution with the best long term success rate for morbidly obese adults is weight loss surgery, particularly with aftercare services. Many large hospital systems have Bariatric and Metabolic Health departments in which patients can be seen by everyone from dietitians to psychologist to weight loss surgeons if deemed medically necessary.

Nhan Luong

Greg Doucette sends his regards.

Briar kiwi

I have a family member that was severely obese and with 2 kids was unable to get down and play with them because of her size. She ultimately decided to go the surgery route and was required to have 1 year if therapy and deal with a nutritionist/dietitian in order to learn how to have a healthy diet. She was required to lose a certain amount of weight to have the surgery . It has been over 5 years abd she has kept a healthy weight. She is able to play with her children and do healthy active activities she was not able to do before the surgery. For some people this surgery is very helpful and necessary.

Blast Call

Your review of Coach Greg was woefully inaccurate and condescending. Enjoy the wrath of the justice mob downvoting until you apologize.


What happened to the likes?? It got that bad?? Just remove this video. Unsubscribed.


Could you possibly review TheChicNatural? :) She recently uploaded a video with what she feeds her 1 year old vegan child. Would love to see what you think of that and of her other content :)

Alexandra Kennedy

Hi Abbey, I’m a dietitian working in Bariatric surgery. I do agree with a lot of your points in this video, however I want to add - yes, weight loss surgery CAUSES weight loss, HOWEVER that is not always the main goal. It’s not always about “wanting people in larger bodies to fit into smaller bodies” and more often than not, the goal is to reverse chronic conditions, get rid of medications, improve sleep/sleep apnea, reduce pain on joints, and improve quality of life. With that said, there are definitely unfortunate side effects of surgery. If someone is well prepared and completely understands that having surgery will NOT change their entire life, nor their eating habits or relationship with food, surgery can be successful. Surgery should be the last resort and only for those who completely understand both the amazing benefits and the realistic risks. Surgery is most definitely not for everyone, but this video definitely had a negative twist. I work with hundreds of patients who agree that surgery changed their lives.

Leanne Edwards

I had the sleeve done 9 years ago and I lost 166 lbs slowly too. I just had my first baby too so yes I gained weight with that but not until my third trimester did I gain a big chunk of the weight. I try to live a healthy lifestyle but sometimes I do like my high crabs and chocolate ? so I have a better relationship with food than when before the surgery where I emotionally ate and binged


I'd love to see a video that breaks down macros. What they do individually and together, and the ideal points in the day to load up for sustained energy and nutrient absorption. You talk about it a lot in your videos, but it would be nice to have a video covering it all at once.

Olinda Cadena

I normally watch and love your channel but as a bariatric patient, I do not think that you gave enough information regarding the benefits of this surgery for people that may watch this and could actually benefit from it.

Most of what I heard was very negative regarding this surgery. I played this video for my husband whom also did not enjoy the content because he's been very involved in my bariatric journey and he knows that the studies and stats, are just that. Having someone who has actually had this surgery would have been more helpful, rather than a woman that worked in a bariatric office. She knows what she knows based on her assumptions of the patients.

Plus not every surgery yields the same results/statistics so multiple patients of different bariatric surgeries would be more helpful. Even the title of the video seems more negative than unbiased.

I am glad I did not see this video when it came out, it would have been one month prior to my surgical date and it would have scared me and clouded my judgement a bit.


You can tell she’s a Psychopath

Makeup By Karen G.

I had VSG in 2017 and it changed my life. There are many reason why one has bariatric surgery and I am one example where changing my diet did not allow me to reach my goals while dealing with medical issues. Bariatric surgery allowed me to reach my goals but it involves some serious work on my part. I did the work, I started therapy before my surgery and I am sure that is what helped me reach my goals and remain there.
While everything you say is true and the risk are real, lets not forget to shine the light on all the success stories and people who’s life has changed for the better.


I'm an internal medicine doctor and seen basically every complication you mentioned. Alcohol addicion is no joke after bariatric surgery, their liver is usually a bit "fatty" before surgery and if you start to drink, liver failure is quick to come. Iron, B12 deficienty is so common I wonder do the suregons, nurses who inform patients even talk about vitamins and minerals... of course there are so many success stories as well but we need to address the possible negative outcomes as well. It'such a big surgery with lifelong changes to a persons normal anatomy but I feel like a lot of people don't take it serious enough.

Alfredo Oviedo

Abby sharp doododoododoodo

Molly Compton


How to Take Metamucil: Learn All the Different Ways

How to Take Metamucil: Learn All the Different Ways13 Mar. 2019
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Watch this informative

Watch this informative video where we explain all the different ways to take Metamucil! You'll also learn about how Metamucil helps you feel less hungry between meals*, how it helps manage healthy blood sugar levels* and even how it can help lower your cholesterol†! Learn more about its benefits here: https://www.metamucil.com/en-us/articles/Fiber-101/benefits-of-metamucil-fiber-supplement

A lot of people don't know about the many different ways to enjoy Metamucil. The fact is we offer many different types of products to make it easy to get the daily fiber you need in your diet. Whether you'd prefer to make a smoothie, take a capsule, or mix with a cool glass of water, we have the right product for you. Learn about the benefits of 100% natural psyllium husk fiber such as:

• Helps support digestive health*

• Helps support heart health by lowering cholesterol†

• Helps support healthy blood sugar levels*

• Helps support appetite control*

With all these amazing benefits you can see why Metamucil is the #1 doctor recommended fiber supplement brand. Try it today and power your health from the inside with Metamucil!

Join the 2 Week Challenge today: https://www.metamucil.com/en-us/offer-main-section/two-week-challenge

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Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Metamucil

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

†Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 7 grams of soluble fiber per day from psyllium husk, as in Metamucil, may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol. One serving of Metamucil has 2.4 grams of this soluble fiber. One serving of Metamucil capsules has at least 1.8 grams of this soluble fiber.

Comments (100)
rere nomad

im type 2 diabetic. should i get the one with sugar or the sugar free one?


I have horrible constipation with craping and bloating and just started taking (per urgent care doctor)Metamucil. She wanted me to start once a day for a week, then twice a day, for a week then 3 times a day if I can tolerate it, everyday. Has anyone else had great results doing it this way? DESPERATE

Kevin McGurn

I've been taking this for a few days. If it turns to a gel like mixture after a few minutes, should I still drink it? Or should I chug it down in a few seconds so I finish it before it starts to get solid?


Amy thank you so much. Vert helpful. ( ) me giving you a big hug. ?

Money Jackson

My dude Howard Stern takes it every day so... Swears by it. So, If it's good enough for my dude it's good enough for me. ??


My very own companion had been identified as having very high cholesterol and was placed on medical care. Seafoods are usually not on his diet plan therefore a decision to move in this path is not hard for him. Using this unique cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) is the most beneficial alternative for him. A few months have passed and also the final results are all beneficial, He got his cholesterol to go lower. They do not leave an aftertaste. .


I recently had colon cancer surgery and am having uncontrollable Diarrhea, the surgeon who performed the surgery and a different doctor in emergency both told me to start taking metamucil.. they said it will help absorb the excess fluid so I'm going to give it a try....anyone else use it for Diarrhea?

Lyn Sherwin

I'm heavily pregnant and couldn't go. Had this and I finally went and feel less sick and bloated. I was so uncomfortable. What a great product and it doesn't taste bad.

nour s hilal

Someone told me if you take this it makes you loss weight is that true??


Why does she look like she doesn’t like the taste of it?

Romeo Ramos

How many capsule do you have to take, at a time

Christian Gaylord

Thank you for the informative video. Amy seems pretty cool!

Felicia K Thompson

Love the Explanation and demonstration! Today begins my journey of The Metamucil Life, I love the taste, now watching the video I see that I used to much (2 Tbs/16 oz water) so I had some clumps, but moving forward I’ll follow the instructions of the video. Lol

nand kishor

my constipation has gone when I heard it's price???

PI 369

Can anyone drink it? Thanks!

Gil Dellisola

Unable to find Berry sugar free. Is it still being made?


It’s NOT a cup, it is a glass.what a waist of 4 min. Lol

Priscilia Fomatati

Am drinking it right now hope it works for me

Robert Turner

I see on a video you can put it in a smoothie which I like that idea when I put it in water do I have to drink it straight down or can I sip on it and if I put it in a smoothie while I have to drink it straight down


Is it safe to take this everyday? I was prescribed this for fibre and I'm almost out but I want to continue taking this for the rest of my life because it helped with my tummy problems so much

Angela Hunter

She didn't explain how to take the pills. How many do i take? Do I take them all at one time?

Yue Came

Can I mix this with meal replacement shakes?

John Moore

If you’re someone who struggles with sticky/fatty poop, Metamucil is a godsend. I had been struggling to get the last bit a poop out (“infinite wiping”) for 4 years due to diet changes and health issues. I saw a clip from H3H3’s podcast about psyllium husk and decided I’d try out Metamucil. It almost immediately solved the problem, no more infinite wiping in the bathroom. I just take 2 teaspoons right before a meal if I’m at home, or 2 teaspoons as soon as I get home if I eat out.

One kind of odd “side effect” is that my farts don’t smell at all anymore but my poop is definitely smellier. Which in a way is a benefit if anything.

Ethan from H3H3 loves the stuff so much that he said he’d be willing to have Metamucil be a sponsor of the podcast.

Stephen Barnes

Thank you for sharing and careing


I'm finally getting serious about my insulin resistance problem and my waist divided by height ratio of 0.6. I was a bit put off by having to drink the Metamucil so quickly before it gels up. But, your suggestion of making it into a smoothie is a perfect solution. Hopefully, some day I can report back that I've dropped 10 inches off my waist size. Well, maybe 8 inches. I'd be happy with 7 inches, though.

JB24 Speaks

The look on her face when she drank that was funny.

Denisa Neagoe

Hello. This would help me with my chronic constipation? I tried everything and nothing works..

c0mmenter 1

This is the most informative fibre supplement video I have ever seen in my life !

Obamathanosgoku -Obamanosoku the final memélord

This stuff cured my chronic IBS-C and I feel amazing every day now.


How often should I take this?


Just tried metamucil for the first time today. I stirred it in for about 10 seconds and it didnt dillute completely. I guess I'll try blending it.

QueenieSheGod Banger

How do you take the capsules??


Does Metamucil have lead in it due to the psyllium? And 2) why do you put sugar in your product? The no sugar added one is sold out everywhere...

Magda Vallarino

Is it Keto?


Yo this was the best thing I’ve ever found for actually helping my Ibs and occasional constipation

Visions Reform

Can i take this on a daily routine? Or is there a recommended time period it should be taken? For example; most laxatives recommend not to take more than 7 days.

Luis Aguiar

Is this good for loose stools and diarrhea? Trying to put a stop on it. Also will it trigger weight loss? I'm trying to maintain my weight.

Angel Garcia

has anyone with IBS-d tried this?

Ted Flores

I love the cinnamon spice fiber thins. Yum!

LadyCiel P

does it still work if you use more than 8oz of water

Vikas Luthra

Why put chemicals in your body when there is a product available for 100 years called isabgol

Gabe Jm

Aspartame? Insulin resistance?

Princess of Keys

I feel like I have constipation myself so I haven't really tried looking for solutions until now. I would love to try this and see how it works for me



Kirb Harp

I was wondering if it's ok to mix Meta Mucil with chia seeds? Thanks...


Also, at what age can we take this? I really need to know more about it before taking it. Thanks.

Gayle Cheung

Yikes I don’t know about two weeks on a regiment, LOL

Elif Naz Eylül

I have only one question do we have to take Metamucil every meal in one day or just one time a day ?


Shame on them for changing the metamucil coarse..the way it was for many years, decades..the new metamucil course is not the same, it doesn't work the same. Of course they did find a way to Jack the price far beyond inflation

Will Levine

What about gummies? Are they as effective?

Jasmine Martinez

Is it okay to take Metamucil and fiber pills at the same time?

Ronnie Gonzalez

If you work out and take in a lot of protein this really helps with digestive.

German Shepherd Daphne Channel

Ok. So I took capsules of the husk stuff and I choked one day because I didnt drink enough water. I just bought this and have had it for 4 days because I'm afraid of choking again

Brandon Cole

This has really helped with my constipation issues i've been having. I am glad this product exists.

Dave Smith

Which metamucil compares to the 14 day cleanse product? Worked so well want to get the exact same product in bigger size. Your product selection
is pretty confusing on which one to purchase

Maho A.A

i have a big problem when going to the bathroom, and let me tell you im so HAPPY. Ive been drinking it every night and when i wake up in the morning i go poop right away. Best feeling ever. i also like the flavor?


Can I give to my 6 year old?


But it contains yellow 6 ? yiiikkeesss.


Howard Stern sent new here. Baba booey!

Quintavious Crumpch

Are you supposed to drink this pre or post meals? I’ve heard both sides. Does it make a difference?

Love Learning

No it doesn't taste delicious. But its good to have though.

Eric Jr

I’ve been taking this for about a week now and I’ve noticed significant improvements in bowel movements and acid reflux. This will be part of my regular diet from here on..

Remy Name

Been taking for 3 days nows & still haven't had bowel movement in 10 days. How soon should it regulate digestion?


I suffer from IBS from Stomach flu in 2017 There was days I'm fine & there's days I need to go really bad even in public that was never an issue before.
I was told to stop taking dairy products so i did I got better for a while. last year I bought coconut milk & it made it worse my stomach still reacting to the coconut milk even though hadn't touch it in about 6 months. I went to the pharmacy the pharmacist recommended Metamucil this was last week

Chad Wagemann

To me it tastes like the powder drink mix Tang...delicious!! Takes me back to when I was a kid!

Enileg Ganda

Im from philippines,do we have this product in my country?thank you

Devon something.

Ok makes sense l, I mixed two table spoons ended up with jello. It's says one to two rounded teaspoon.....durrr. lol

Jea Kim

3 times a day ~~~ meal eat before or after which time best ?

Thomas Sithiphong

Can one become dependent on metamucil? As I've been mainly been taking Miralax for my issues.


do i need to take alot of water during the day wiith this


Can It Be A P A R A S I T E C L E A N S E R For The Intestines.

Jeri Wendzel

If I would like to add this to my daily routine to lower cholesterol but am very regular already, will I have daily diarrhea for the rest of my life??

Judy Davis-Edwards

Can you take the medicine out of the capsules and take it in applesauce? I can't take large pills or large capsules.

Austin Falconer

Man do those chocolate ones ever stick to your teeth! Swish well with lots of water!

Devyn a c

Hello my constipation has been completely awful for the last 3 days. If I eat the Fiber Thins with a glass of 8 ounce water will my constipation finally come to an end?

Abdul rahman Balouch

what time to take this? empty stomach or morning?


I did start to acquire this amazing cholesterol guidebook “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). This primarily due to an advice given by my personal medical professional and so I can have the cholesterol dropped. Everyday, I need to obtain a caplet. This ought to be done for just two months. My cholesterol lessened Thirty points. I will definitely continue applying this item and as well encourage it to my very own relatives. .

It’s Anonymous

I just took my first tablespoon of it right now, when I’m able to eat breakfast?

Angel y Ana Morales

I start taking it for 3 days and it actually clean my intestines, I am usually constipated and hungry all the time. It make me go 2 to 3 times a day and helps me with my appetite. It is awesome!


Don't you have to drink another glass of water after taking metamucil? this was not mentioned. Also I usually take it right before bed, then another glass of water, brush my teeth and sleep. Is this a good way to take it?


Go to any Indian store and ask for ispagol :)


How often do you drink? I been take every day .

Magda Vallarino

I like it when it’s jelly and I eat it as a dessert

Susan Brak

So I was recommended by my doctor to start taking it, I dont seem to like it cold and heated the water up today and to ME it was much easier to drink...is heating it up gonna compromise any of its benefits?

Soli Holi

Thank you!

free meow

What are the calories in the sugarless could not find it anywhere

Estefania Villanueva

Is it okay to feel nauseous after drinking it ?

Josephine Seraphin

I want to try out the fibre thins because they look delicious however, I am lactose intolerant. Does the fibre thins contain any dairy at all?


Hey Metamucil. could you make a product with less chemicals ? Like a more 'natural' option without the added artificial taste and color enhancers ? Thanks

D Narentz

So you take it before? With? Or after a meal?

Debbie Hernandez

Can you take it when it thicken?


With the smoothie version, did she say that you can add “Melk?”

natalia vinsensia

1:16-1:20 16 oz = 2 teaspoons/tablespoons.

Selena Cullen

would it make a difference if i drink it after it has become a gel-like texture? I tend to drink very slowly

Reese J

I have terrible IBS-D (Irritable Bowl syndrome-Diarrhea) this stuff has really stop my diarrhea and made it completely normal. I know TMI but lol if you have IBS-C or Ibs-D you know the feeling when you’ve found a semi cure

Jazz Dy

Trying for 2 days now,now I can p*** bigger than before ,and felt more energetic at work ?

Jenna Ridenhour

Mine gelled up immediately and definitely made me go immediately as well... ?


Love this stuff. Its important to note that this stuff may make vitamin/medications absorption a little difficult so its best to drink it by itself


Pro tips ?

E's TV Stuff

Meta mucil is awesome I have had a great experience with it