How long is 90 days

The 30 60 90 Day Plan Template for Managers

The 30 60 90 Day Plan Template for Managers13 Nov. 2018
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In this video, you'll

In this video, you'll learn how to use the 30 60 90 plan template for managers. Priority Matrix helps managers succeed and become more effective. Try Priority Matrix for free: https://www.appfluence.com/?30-60-90-Plan

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RMK Six Sigma

No Waffle and straight to the point. Thanks.

Hadji Abdullah

wow! what a perfect way to breakdown the first 30-60-90 days plan for a new leader!... i truly appreciate this! god bless you

Lawyer Ruins TLC’s 90 Day Fiance - Real Law Review // LegalEagle

Lawyer Ruins TLC’s 90 Day Fiance - Real Law Review // LegalEagle8 Jan. 2020
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Made-for-tv-marriages to

Made-for-tv-marriages to immigrate to the US? Sound too good to be true?

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From TLC’s description of the show:

Long-distance relationships have challenges that are sometimes difficult to overcome but consider if the distance traveled was halfway around the world and a couple had just 90 days to decide whether the courtship should conclude with marriage. That's the situation facing the men and women profiled in this series, which shares the complexities of international romances. Using a visa that allows foreign fiancees of American citizens to travel to the U.S., the men and women experience life in the States with their prospective mates for the first time. Culture and language barriers must be overcome -- not to mention the stigma of being thought of as mail-order spouses -- but here's the elephant in the room: The couples must marry before the visas expire in 90 days, or else the visitors have to immediately return to their countries. With the clock ticking, these couples discover if their "happily ever after" is meant to be.

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Big Theodore

Lonely people should not be allowed to get married especially two strangers

Kimberly Marin

Angela, I will give you my egg

Dope'd Furry

You can see the discomfort and discontent in his face

Steven S

Damn ur boring


This has been my favourite Legal PewDiePie episode.

Jacques Mena

Why he even bother mentioning Cardib? ? he sounds very racist.


This is low key so funny and definitely interesting, but damn I can hardly get thru the video without falling asleep

Al Liu

“Involuntary servitude, or worse” zooms in on ivanka trump I’m sent ???

Nancy G

Who needs to watch the show when he basically broke down the gossip haha However he did forget to mention Larissa

Mary Ann Lay Lanzon

90 days isn't long enough. Those Ukraine girls are spoiled brats. Demanding as hell.

Whitney Marie

The Melania inserts ? ?

He’s SUPER shady. I’m here for it. ?


Why are Americans limited to 2 but Indian men aren't!? I know someone 1st hand whom had 2 divorces and is currently on his 3rd. Could you explain what would happen that could allow him 3 spouse visa!?

skorpia g

Ig models are notorious prostitutes. Or what some strangers do is they steal some ig models account -put new contact info.Whats hilarious is when they drop their cashapp,zelle and these idiot men start throwing money at them not realizing they are throwing at a catfish who's collecting the money. Ive never seen such stupidity in my life!???


So that's why Paul went into the jungle? I watched only PewDiePie's reaction.


Objection - it is not possible to ruin 90-Day Fiance.

Gery W

People on 90 Day Fiance who can't get together because a K-1 visa was denied should meet up in Belgium. Belgium will take in everybody who wants to come.
You have no work or money? No problem. Belgium will take from its own people and give you money for the rest of your life. You'll even get more money than Belgians who worked their butt off for 45+ years! And if you say you have 10 more kids in your homecountry, you'll get child support for them too!
You are a criminal? No problem. Belgium will gladly take you in with the promise that you will never be convicted of anything ever again AND you will probably get extra money because your homecountry did you wrong.
You have no home? No problem. Belgium will just throw its own people out on the streets so you can have a free home to live in. And don't worry about taking care of it. If you ruin the house, taxpayer's money will be used to renew and repair it completely.
And in the rare case that any problem should arise with you staying in Belgium, they'll just give you a paper that says you have to leave the country in 30 days. Not to worry about that. Just don't leave because if they catch you after those 30 days, they'll just give you a new paper. And if all else fails, just call everybody racist, gather your mates and reap havoc in the nation's capitol. You'll not only get away with a lot of things, you might even get some financial extra's.

PS : not being white and following a certain middle-eastern/north-african religion is very useful for getting extra advantages.


hang on.......these programs i didn't know all these programs actually exist ? WTH....no wonder people are turning off the TV and switching to other platforms

Nadine Bucknor

6:40 " He's a grown ass man living with his parents. "
I've been game ended.

Rebecca Saucedo

He says here Azan was granted his visa. Where did he go?

Cebert Currie

Love your channel but the K-1 visa process really isn't a difficult process at all. Unless one has other legal problems most normal individuals acting legitimately could apply and get approval using a $10 book. I did it and it was simple, approved first shot no lawyer.

Thanks though for your videos I love watching and listening to your insights on various topics.

Catherine le greatest

Hahaha is it weird that I find you cute when you said "quality human being"? ?

jennifer garcia

I wasn’t expecting to see Melania Trump in this video ?

Leah V

I caught a cold from all the shade you threw at “90 day fiancé”.

Aniko Horvath

I love how Americans still think people actually still find the US as a desirable place to live... even with worst than disaster healthcare system, constant public shootings, chirstian fanatics, anti-vaxxers, shitty politics and so on. It's cute you guys.


Oh Paul.....Paul, Paul, Paul....


I was waiting for the finical support part. My wife isn't from Canada and i thought it would be so easy if i marry her and she would be canadian.. so wrong.. oh so wrong. this is a good video to watch.

Ultimate Empress

16:27: “Oh ma Guuhd. Uh luv you sor muuuuch. Uh luv you moooore.” Very convincing.


I came to the states on a k1 visa lol
But my marriage is legit

Ariadna Vallejo

OMG! It's really impressive the "knowledge" that this lawyer has on 90 day fiancé's couples.

Callie Masters

Check out these great kitchen appliances I got for cheap off some drug & gambling addicted guy! That guy was so smooth, his mom was in the middle of cooking on them when I got them!

Pernell Brodie

Dumbest show next to “the bachelor”.

Ari DeMatos

I don’t care about the kids, just give me the money!

Maile Kwan

????? 16:55

Alexa Byron Fujino

I went through the K1 visa process to finally marry my husband and yes it took a lot of paperwork.


?What TV show deserves to get ruined?
?Get 2 months of unlimited learning on Skillshare for FREE: https://skl.sh/legaleagle22

taha abbas

I love the idea that he must have had to watch each of these episodes to be able to use them as examples...

Callie Masters

16:28 video gives me nightmares


So a convicted prostitute can't get a visa? Does that take into consideration a woman (or man) who lived through difficult times and needed to work in the sex industry to survive?

Sean Dremel

I know this video is over a year old, but I was recently watching this, and was somewhat reminded of looking at this before when my wife and I were getting things sorted out for her change of immigration status to Lawful Permanent Resident (she’s from Mexico, and was under DACA during her time before our marriage). Honestly, when we were getting everything ready with legal paperwork (we had an attorney from a charity group assist with everything), and then going to DHS offices for our interview, it was actually a lot easier than we had thought (the interview was shorter than our waiting period for it that day ?). Our interviewer was a military brat, and I was military at the time (showed up in uniform), and everyone got off to a good start, so all we had to do was say “Yes, we’re married because we love each other, not to practice polygamy or prostitution. No, we’re not members of the Communist or Nazi parties, nor do we have any contact with terrorist organizations.”

Senada Rakic

This show is making it a nightmare for real couples ?

Alex V

Those digs at Mrs. Trump killed me?

Gricel Serrano

The sarcasm ?

Yolanda Byers

This was epic!!!


First Lady Melanina was already a successful model and had her visa before meeting president Trump all this hate towards her is disgusting.


"Love" ???
Edit: Michael and Angela were a HILARIOUS couple!??

Callie Masters

Damn, he's watched every episode of every spin-off of this show!

Nancy G

"love" haha

Just Mayson

Why do humans like hardship? can't these people find a decent person near by?

Iain Cowell

Do Airplane Repo, that show is such crap

Stephanie N

Am confused about the “drug law US or foreign”.

If you are in a country where it is illegal to drink alcohol and drink alcohol and are caught doing so, would that invalidate your right to try to immigrate to the US? Is alcohol considered the drug/intoxicant that it is?

talk of the stage

Impressed you know so much about the tv show!

David Rock

Red flag question
Paul couldn't be a citizen because he burned down a house
In America an illegal can return 7 times, 6 times for federal or state (Cali) broken laws, than come back again to murder an American citizen and its fine

Brazil is behind the times i think


sorry but im watching this 8/01/2021- exactly a year later - I just think that's cool

Beatrice Rue Betty Estelle



You shouldn’t get to say, “Mind your business” when you’re broadcasting it on national TV.


Longer episodes please!

Paper Thin

While binging your content, it has come to my attention that what I was reading as 90 Day Finances for about 3 years was actually 90 Day Fiancés. I dont have cable and am not a citizen of the US so this is earth shattering news to me.

Daniel Cona

Stick to giving "legal advice" not politics, because you only know things pertaining to one of them.

Miss Ndaba

6:38 [email protected]$$ man living with his parents. LOL!!!!!!!!!!


I would never watch a show like that and am not into anything on TLC lol but I'm a person who has never dated and "obsesses" over people like that. I know how they feel and don't like judging them.

Anna Fiore

Wait if polygamy is illegal how are there these “sisters wives” still around ?

Anthony Alvarado

Omg! I literally spit my coffee out, that was so unexpected & Hilarious!
Nice now I have to clean up the mess in my kitchen at 1:14am

Anna George

What if the foreign fiancé was a victim of human trafficking?

Steven King

It's cool man, my wife "makes me" watch that show with her too.

Jacky Star

I recommend watching Kirk Honda if you want a professional psychologist viewpoint on the show. Very educational while still being entertaining.

Uwishuknew Wishbones

Cardi b look a like wtf?! they look nothing alike. Do all Spanish women remind you of cardi wtf was that?!


This video is edited better than a Michael Bay movie

David Rock

PUblic charge?

SO guy marries some teenager, pays her way and is her "Income"
4 months later breaks up, and this "Child" is now on welfare and american

AMerica's laws are fun

Paper Thin

While binging your content, it has come to my attention that what I was reading as 90 Day Finances for about 3 years was actually 90 Day Fiancés. I dont have cable and am not a citizen of the US so this is earth shattering news to me.

David Rock

TLC "Yo we can make money off of the visa and not worry about the law"

Biden "Hold my wheel chair"

Emma Wiseman

The spiritual backbone gratifyingly tap because breath willy meddle since a careful advantage. foolish, tired thomas

John Raum Jr

grown ass man who lives with his parents hahah

Wing Kwok

The lowly toothbrush oppositely stamp because skiing controversly check at a bewildered rayon. important, terrible tsunami

Mike Jones

US Embassy in Manila where they do the most K1, have not asked for evidence of financial support for many years for the majority of K1's

Dominic Hazell

At 13:55, that is not Avery’s mother, that was her grandmother.

yung tarintino

he kinda looks like this YouTuber named @Matthias


Due to dumb luck or just not knowing, I skipped right over this K-1 Visa step and went straight to the green card.... saved me some money.

Reecie Zavala

Poor Karine :(

Jaycee Williams

What was the incident at the nightclub?

A. S.

The opening jingle sounds like the end of Crash Course’s jingle

John Fisher

Can i watch a single video where someone doesnt let me know how they feel about Trump please?


Ruins? how so? this was a year ago and if anything all these shows have just gotten bigger..

Miranda McCann

i love being a legal eagle !!!!1!

Jeppe H.

I swear the last 5 minutes of this video is comedy gold

Ethan Irwin

The erratic cinema unsurprisingly consider because frame tribally flow since a judicious result. broad, dead cellar

Shizuka Akatatsu

20:02 question 35: "Have you ever engaged in prostitution or are you coming to the United States to engage in prostitution?" What if a person was a prostitute until then, but does NOT want to do that anymore, after moving to the US? That part of the form is definetly questionable. In the case I just mentioned you are FORCED to fill out the form knowing that this statement is a lie.
Actually it isn't even that uncommon. A lot of prostitutes who want to change their livestyle need a change of location to support their efforts. Moving to a country where prostitution is illegal may even be more helpful in some cases.
(BTW I am in no way a supporter of forbidding the worlds oldest profession as long as it is voluntary and not in a form of human trafficking and forced labour)

Bad Request

Yes. Love.. because there is nothing else these people are looking for. Nothing at all!!

Ultimate Empress

The couple have to stay together for two years. What if the immigrant is a victim of domestic abuse but can’t leave because they don’t want to get deported? P.S juliana is actually so pretty wow.
I also feel bad about people not being allowed if they have done prostitution within the last 10 years. Like what if they had a rough past and were forced into it 8 years ago (living in a low economy country) and they’ve cleaned up?

Nicole Deere

#freemelania ???

Adzy Wells

I’m a K-1 Immigrant, now a permanent resident of the US. If you want to know what that experience is like as a genuine applicant...
It’s awful. The whole procedure assumes you are lying and trying to hide something or enter unlawfully and it does not stop after you get here.
I was denied a permanent drivers license because the USCIS took two years to assign me a permanent green card after my provisional one ran out and all I had were letters of extension.
Additionally, after 5 years (under the Trump admin), they threatened to deport me if I did not provide evidence that we were still together and in a committed relationship as we had not had a child or bought a home together in that time.

Also to clarify. I’m British, Male, and not especially attractive. So I probably had less of an issue than most.

Lissa Ylissean

lol i've never even heard of this show before. learn new things every day haha


What if the foreigner has been arrested for / convicted of something that is not a crime in the US? Does that just get ignored or are the immigration people extra annoying?

Ratt 64

This sounds more like a commercial for the show, than anything else. Are you getting a kickback for this advertisement? Just curious.

Mrinal Joshi

It's depressing that I can't tell which 90 day fiancée series mentioned here are fake

Reed Bradshaw

I went from the UK to USA on a K1, similar age, earnings, background and had visited each other 4-5 times a year for 4 years previous. The interviewers were very friendly and altho it took a while, it was fairly straight forward.

Girafarig Appreciator

Love is stronger than justice
-Sting, Love is Stronger than Justice

Gimme the House Key

18:42 OMFG THE MUG!!! I'm dead lmao

Thomas Becker

Some of these people seem to have some serious mental issues.

B Harv



The low key back hands slaps are amazing lol I love this guy and this my first time watching him. And C'mon he knows way too much for someone who doesn't watch the show ?

Ed Uses Mayo for His Hair! | 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

Ed Uses Mayo for His Hair! | 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days23 Feb. 2020
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TLCSubscribe 438 721

In order to keep his hair

In order to keep his hair looking young and moisturized, Ed resorts to mayonnaise!

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Comments (100)
Zofia hahah federowicz

31 yearsssss!?!?

Theon Lanes


Queen H

u need to find someone your age and stop complaining her breath, her legs, first of your short. ??????


I wonder how his hair smells up until now...

Let's Just Dirtbike

Ed is the human version of Timmy the Tooth.

chris m

And he's complaining about her breath???? ?

Amiel Francis dL Resurreccion

"im self conscious of my appearance " you should be

Alxna _

Yoooo 31 years younger holy shit

Moni Moni

Okej, Ed wasnt nice to Rose sometimes, and he could not thear her as a man, but meybe he is not very bad like a human.. I hope so.

William Lee

I was waiting for divine intervention the whole time he was putting mayo on his hair....


upset at why fat ed is popular


Smh man I'm sure there was better options to moisturise your hair and head than mayonnaise Jesus Christ man Yom never look young look at your physique hahaha unees a heavy year or 2 non stop in the gym to fix u into shape


This guy is a new level of stupidity

Mr. Yello Larva

He’s gonna eat his hair later

Shoto todoroki

n o n e c k e d ?

Dan A



I wonder how his hair smells like..

Concepcion Tovar

Mayo Why

Suhani Singh

mayonnaise has officially died

Emerald Hamster

Thanks for the beauty tip. I felt ugly before I learned this technique. Now I know that mayo makes your hair smooth and silky. I tried it today and all the bullies ran away from me. The girls did too but that's because they're playing hard-to-get. Roblox was so jealous that they warned me for putting mayo in my hair. NOT because I called someone fat.

Patrick WannaFightAboutIt?

Have a seat ed

Ed: buh...

Have a seat

Luis Ramirez

That explains why Neck deodorant exists. Thanks no neck Ed


nagito is literally dying rn

Małgorzata Wójcik

Big Ed is a Little Shit

Стоян Гургутов

This guy is discounting !!

Kelvin Inoa

Mayonnaise for hair.

Shampoo for sandwich

Everyone: surprised pikachu face

Amanda Long

this is the man nobody could hang

Sophie Castaneda



I wonder how his hair smells like..

Francis Pascual

Such a freak!!!

Christian Grey

Ed and Danielle definitely have some problems, no doubt


man what happend to his neck and also theodds1out watches this

Ebiegberi Adonkie

It may seem crazy but this actually works better than conditioners. It's also healthier

Fernando Dantas

He looks like Eggman


I bet he googled it but didn’t even bother to read the whole article.

Mathilde Henderson

why doesnt he use conditioner it does the same thing but smells better!

Ichigo Kurosaki

These neckative are insane

jasmine videos and Roblox ortega

Disgusting ewwww?????

Vanessa Letícia

He is a bit crazy but he is very funny

Danial B sky

After sleep he wake up and realize so many ant on his hair


Haha 31 years younger that's totally legal

Kailey Deguzman

Lmao he said he wanna looks “YOUNG” for her??

Tam Lewis

Next time just use miracle whip.??


This is the most annoying man ever

Dan A

My mom: wow this is a good idea :D

Siti Helwa Ashura Binte Mohammed Yazid

I think he has not heard about the thing called 'conditioner'


We stan big ed

Shana Tsui

Conditioner: am I a joke to you?


Wonder what he did with that glass of wine at the end 0_0


so does conditioner

Isaac Okari

That’s disgusting

Chi Raq773

Ed needs his own reality show seriously! Imagine all the laughs

Chem Mi Cal

Sir, get yourself a gay male friend ?

Noah Riley


Syerra Patton

I mean conditioner works too yah know

iBlitz Cube

Mayo on hair? Why not go to Salon House, they know better. Not that Mayo yuck way.


big ed was 30 when he take care his daugther but rose was 9 at that time

Demon Queen Kitty


Aesthetic Gang

0:18 that is literally the mayo I use for me sándwich lol

Be Happy

Nobody likes a guy who literally puts mayo in his hair

Dan A

Me: mom- turns off tv


i smell like a egg salad sandwich

Strxw_Brii 2.0

Big ed:Rose is 31 years younger then me

Thats sus-

Patrick WannaFightAboutIt?

Good luck ed and Mayo rise head and shoulders above the rest....

Of the losers clearly smarter than you

Dud_ Kid

yeah, but what did i search for this to be one my recommended?


He's using a spatula! Aaaaaaaah

cute me

Even Shrek is more handsome than this neckless.


Ed:puts mayo in his hair
Gordon Ramsey: idiot sandwich

Za Bel

At least he did not it eat it lmao

Sunny Sayers

OK, now just imagine Brad Mondo reacting to this?

Maddie McCrackin

just use coconut oil wtf

Pygmy Puff

LMAO People think he's crazy, but it's an actual thing that people do.

valerie milanez

mayonnaise?Jesus,, USE MENS CONDITIONER !!!!!!!..

Ren Tao



This guy should promote Head & Shoulders

Elena cassandra

manm it's the fat in the mayo that's making your hair less dry! Try coconut or almond oil.

Charlie M

947 people never tried putting mayo in their hair

Samantha Etchison

No wonder she left him


this guy literally looks like a testical.

The Father

Carlos Tevez

DJ Danika

Use conditioner my dude. He even admitted it he smells like an egg sandwich .

Rishabh Arya

Anyways he looks like a momo, what else a momo would love to have?


What a puttz


You are the reason why shampoo has instruction...

John Danielson

This dude looks like all 4 Impractical Jokers mashed together


He’s not wrong it’s actually really good for your hair ...still gross tho

That Weird Friend Group



ed shouldve just used hair oil or hair serum

LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals

Instead of this show it should be extreme cheapskate

saloni shah

Looks like ? topped with Mayo


I’m literally 12 and im watching this—

Yung Gary

Ofc he does


People make fun of him but it actually does work lol, my mom used to do this on my hair sometimes when I was little. I think maybe it's the ingredients like eggs and oil that help your hair ??‍♀️

Snowy Pets

mw wheres his neck then he says shes 31 years younger than me im like girl bye

want some suga with that tea? uωu

His hair is greaaaasyyyy

Naruto ossas

0:18 Ed and shoulders


that awkward moment when i use mayo too as a natural leave in hair treatment and everyone’s making fun of ed ??

Jay Miller

This dude is absolutely disgusting!?????????
Haaaaaa haaaa haaaa???????

What is Life

He did it wrong you're supposed to use Mayonnaise, Avocado, Egg and Olive oil it's a hair treatment or mask look it up.

Jeffrey Shill

How the hell did he find out that mayonnaise helps XDDD