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Metabolic PT Session

Metabolic PT Session9 May. 2013
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Want to learn more about fitness tools? Become a Personal Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Call us on 1300 669 669 or visit http://www.fitness.edu.au

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MikeSanNoa mail

Hard work :)

Jace Beleren

She is quite brilliant isn't she?

Hugh Williamson

Push press, I think its actually a thruster with those dumbbells.


great trainer, sharp and with a spitfire personality

Metabolic PT Session Summary

Metabolic PT Session Summary6 Jun. 2013
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Want to learn more about fitness tools? Become a Personal Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Call us on 1300 669 669 or visit http://www.fitness.edu.au

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Ndips Zingani


Msshabyn 972

thanks !


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Tiffani NtanosSubscribe 438 721

Hi guys, welcome back!

Hi guys, welcome back! Today I walked 250 ft (70 ft increase from last week's session) with the harness and walker. We followed the walking with some "squats", if you will, and then ended the session with about 30 ft of backwards steps. Even though it's only a 70 ft. (100 ft. including backwards steps) difference, progress is being made and that's all that counts!

Thank you all for the continued support!! It never goes unappreciated. Xx

Insta - @tiffanintanos

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Are you as tall as you look in this video? You look like you're around 5-10" - 6ft. Ryan's the best place in the midwest (can tell from the background), so you're in awesome hands.
Btw, absolutely ANYthing is appreciated at 8pm. I open my shades here at Sandburg Terrace and wave a flashlight with strobe for a minute or two while listening to all the hooting and hollering.
Keep up the good work! You're a tough warrior and I really enjoy your vids. Inspiring!


Looks good, keep going.


“Look at her go” ???

JohnValerie Seppelfrick

You’re a rockstar! Are you sore after a day of physical therapy?

Midean Stone

Good lord you are hot, your husband will be one lucky dude! Oh good work btw, after wiping up my drool i was able to focus on your progress, good stuff!

Lara Fujita

So happy for your progress, keep going, you got it! Wish you the best :)

San Ko

Love? and let us have good news!

Linda Marija

You are an inspiration to so many people! Keep it up! Greetings from Latvia ❤️

Arika Chennelle

GREAT JOB, MAMA! Keep up the great work ❤??


Yesss!! ??


Youre a badass.


Ill be the unpopular opinion guy here so dont get too mad, not trying to be mean.
Almost all of this PT sesh went against basic principles of proper motor stereotype retraining.
It seems they were eyeballing your weight reduction on the harness which is wrong.
All your "walking" was done through compensatory movements which might seem as progress but it really isnt. Down the line it will get harder and harder to walk properly.

Best of luck

Sally Williams

You are a rockstar!!!! I am absolutely amazed at your determination and progress. You are amazing! I am sooooo beyond proud of you!!!❤️⭐️❤️

Richard Paisley

Tiffani " I LOVE YOU"....

Ez101 R

Wow ? I’m really happy to see big change like this

andrew jones

You're doing great sweetie. Ignore those idiots with a thumbs down they must be mentally ill.


Things that we take for granted?keep moving forward Tiffani.

samich pbj

You go girl!

จีระพงษ์ หาญประโคน


Kat C

i've been following you for awhile and came across your channel again and when I saw this, wow, I literally cried. Im so happy to see this and see how far you've came! I know you're going to accomplish so much and I look up to you a lot! I'll always be rooting for you and i'll definitely be watching your journey! You've got this!!!

Dennis McPeek

Well done Tiffani, and Never give up!!


I'm totally inspired.

Mike R

Amazing!!!You are a true inspiration!


What the F? It was deleted again??? So annoying!!
(And for others... No not this video, her live)

Sherry Stephens Coleman

Good job!!!

PJ Anthony

Why has your new videos been removed YouTube saying it violates policy I didn't get to see your 3 latest videos one was just 13 hours ago

Carolyn Lindstrom

You are amazing!!!

San Ko

KeeP On! ?

Sundae Brett

Your physical therapist is amazing. You’re lucky to have him. You are doing great!


No one should ever have to go through what you have. Being strong isn't easy, but when it's the only choice you have you just do it.

Have you heard of Dr. Joe Dispenza? I had a freak accident myself and unfortunately developed CRPS, which is extremely painful and debilitating. I find his work has really offered me hope and strength. Dr. Kim D'eramo also offers a great holistic approach to healing and self love.


What a story. What a fighter! Best wishes from Spain

Nice Guy

That was really cool. Good job. Good workout.

Manon Lavigne

Sorry sweety but it’s obvious that your hoper body is doing the work, your leg are absolutely useless


One step at a time love! Your doing it! ?❤

Hanna Hanna


Vi Guez



I really love seeing you in rehab again and working so hard, I think it's been a tough go for you with paralysis and cancer but you always seem to dig deep and get stuff done anyways. I just feel insanely proud of you, great job Tiffani.

Ella Hosokawa

Nice ?

Jamal Zemour

Peace be with you Tiffani Angel❤
How are you?
Where are you?
I miss your presence
Love & Respect ❤?

patricia johannessen

Well done brilliant job you can see the improvement

Mac Kenzie

Doing great!!! Keep up the good work! We are rooting for you :)

Kirsten Ornelas

What is with the thumbs down on her videos she's freaking rocking it! It makes me angry inside anyone would be negative towards somebody who is fighting to regain mobility and doing so with grace and strength most do not possess.


Amazing job Tiffany, well done. You can see such a massive difference from your earlier sessions. I literally said "Wow!" ? Keep going, you are absolutely killing it girl ?

Liz Lin

加油~comment from China with all my love?


I know you will do it ? Ukraine supports you???

Kristina Siegfried

What’s the point of this? I’m being serious about the question what is this for just to stretch out or build muscle??

Oli R

Amazing hard work. I can see all the determination in her face.. Also very pretty she should model.


You go girl! Woohoo! Clap clap :)


What happen?????

Ai Lynn

Be strong. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Will pray for you.

Lynn Moore

Personal determination and grit!, ?


Those guys are like angels! Patience and care, lovely human beings!

Debbie Escobar

Oh how I wish you

lawn crew

So dope thats amazing

Kerry Owen-Holmes

Come on Tiffani! Your doings well? Keep on keeping on!

scott kelly

Are you able to put any weight on your legs yet? And are you getting any feeling back? Looks like your moving with much more ease! Great job ❤️


Phenomenal .....good job

martin gaudreau


Sandra L

You’re very strong ???


You work so hard ! I sent you my force for help you to continue !

won ton super noodles

?? smashin it ??

spanglish 24/7

God is with you all the way ?much blessings

Ellen Chevarie

It is truly amazing what the human body is capable of doing after an injury and how one can recover.not an easy feat.keep pushing the limits!

Van Danos

First of all i want to congratulate you for your strenght(keep it up your a true fighter) and for sharing all this personal information with us,its very important for the people to know from first hand all these things(im talking for all your videos).I must say that i accidentally found your channel,because my last name is Ntanos ..(im from Greece..do you have anything to do with Greece?)

Huda Fadhel

Gooooooood job ❤

Jessie McGinty

You're doing an awesome job, I'm amazed! You're an inspiration to so many people ?❤

dim kim

Jaaaaaaaa verdammt das will ich sehen bleib weiter so stark auch wenn es anstrengend sein wird du schaffst das

Ειρηνάκι Α.

You are a goddess.You will make it!!!!!!I send u my positive energy !!!Kisses from Greece ?????

Lisa van der Wal

You are so strong!! Keep doing what you are doing❤️

Sir Ahmed

Tiffany, I stumbled upon your channel by absolute chance. Have you considered other healing methods? Coming from East of this world. We take great pride in alternative methods like Reiki and Energy healing. Just curious.

Mark Christopher

WOW!!!! That is phenomenal! I love your determination!

Miguel Vanetta

Great video. It's really interesting to see all the advancements in physiotherapy and the progress you're making. I wish you the best!

Katie Furlan

Even if it was just one step farther, progress is progress. I admire your determination. Keep it up!

Captain Patroni

Sorry for my Typing,, Sorry for my trying,,, I came from a Siacic Never my my typeing,,, It was Sept.1 2019 from by October 7 until I was releasing on my own. I uad eop out of the Hopsital,, in my own,,, For damn 6 days , I could n't say shit to the doctor,,, I untl I could be there for a while,, and then I couldn't dell them want I was theres for,,, Ist time I had its happen,,, I spent 33 years a Truck Drivers , NO with no prblems,,, there went happens,,, I was a Home by myself,, I live along,,, I couldn't get the abmulace drivers to my house,, I tried and couldn't het them in my house,,,, It took my almost I could'nt to my garage door and let them in on my knees !!!! I couldn't took says anything it until I was in the hopsptal for 6 damn near around typing,,, hope your neadstand I want I am saying,,,, my tping is somewhat mix up,,, getting better now,,, hope your bet my message !!!!!!!!

PJ Anthony

It's great to see your progress your a very strong beautiful woman you are absolutely gorgeous keep up with physical therapy beautiful to see if your one day happens don't give up


That's so amazing thanks for sharing with us ❤️


You are an inspiration to me. All my best wishes. Thank you ?


Holy crap Tiff!! This is so impressive! You must feel so proud of yourself.... I think it is just so incredible! Is it quite tiring?? It looks like you are working very hard and I’m tired just watching!! How come they put weights on your ankles? Do they help stop spasms? I’m so happy that you are able to document these parts of your journey. I really hope that COVID has not shut down your physio. ??????

Apex Predator

Good luck on your journey but you Gotta know in your mind there are so many people in your same position do not have any of the resources that you have available to you. If you feel like one of us you’re wrong. You may struggle and fight but not to have basics of everyday life.

David Arora

Great job, That was all you.


I'm CRYING, Tiffani! I haven't been to your channel in a good year, maybe two, after you met someone ... I'm so fucking happy for you!! I remember your updates in the hospital with the many complications from your cancer and all you went through with that... To see you now, WALKING, OMG... That's AMAZING! ????? You are so damn strong!!


You are doing amazing!!!!

zable Lop

You are inspiring. You are a bad ass.

Briel Mills

Woot Woot! Yes girl!

Joey Tirado

Fantastic. This woman is amazing


Watching your videos all the way over here in Ireland, I can't help but feel incredibly proud of the effort you make and the progress you make also. Keep going and never quit Tiffani. Much love.

женя корнеев

С такими темпами через год будешь бегать как лошадь.

Bernes K

I was consuming Red Pll and MGi2 knowledge, because of my resentment towards the opposite sex, now it ain't that much. Freaking youtube algorithms, showing kind and beautiful girls.

Shirley Heinbockel

Girl you have incredible willpower! Sorry all the setbacks the past few years. You’ve overcome them.. it feels good to work up a sweat and get those endorphins activated. You are A Warrior. Blessings on your modeling career too❤️. Foot doctor cut tendons in both feet from plantar fasciitis so unable to walk too much or stand too much or pedal a bike due to flat feet. Causes incredible pain. I sit a lot. No endorphins! Crazy

abcdeisthekey PlayStation/PC

Would be better if that harness was on your bum the right way..

cb A bc


Yesenia Coan

What insurance do you have ?
Keep up the awesome work you’re doin the damn thing !

Kevin Teque

Wow you're really scrappy. Love your attitude. Thank you, you are awesome!

Manoel Ramon

such beautiful woman

Roxanne Widders

Girl you've come a long way keep up the great work hun !!!

Shea Halpern





You remind me of how much I take for granted everyday. I truly admire your courage to persevere. I really hope that you will be able to walk one day, on your own without any assistance. Wishing you all the best :)

Mike Yaz

Could have kicked a soccer ball there. You're an amazing person.

Jamal Zemour