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Irish Rebel Songs - Come out and Fight

Irish Rebel Songs - Come out and Fight6 Nov. 2008
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The artist is The

The artist is The Battering Ram

I was born on a Dublin street where the Royal drums do beat

And the loving English feet they tramped all over us,

And every night when me father'd come home tight

He'd invite the neighbors outside with this chorus:

Oh, come out you black and tans,

Come out and fight me like a man

Show your wives how you won medals down in Flanders

Tell them how the IRA made you run like hell away,

From the green and lovely lanes in Killashandra.

Come let me hear you tell

How you slammed the great Pernell,

When you fought them well and truly persecuted,

Where are the smears and jeers

That you bravely let us hear

When our heroes of sixteen were executed.

Oh, come out you black and tans...

Allen, Larkin, and O'Brien--

How you bravely called them swine!

Robert Emmett who you hung and drew and quartered!

High upon that scaffold high,

How you murdered Henry Joy!

And our Croppy Boys from Wexford you did slaughter!

Oh, come out you black and tans...

The day is coming fast

And the time is here at last,

When each yeoman will be cast aside before us,

And if there be a need

Sure my kids wil sing, "Godspeed!"

With a verse or two of Steven Beehan's chorus.

Oh, come out you black and tans...

Comments (100)
Ya Zeeit

Love and Respect to the irish people, I have admired you all for most of my life


Do you know how the IRA planted bombs to kill women and children? Search 'Omagh' and learn about what you support.

marc layne

Puyallup, Washington...IRA cell...We smuggled....arms, to mother Eire....1978--79....6 of our cell, of 8, were, killed in action, in the north...i enlisted, in US Army, to escape, years of in prison....

Carsten Fölsch


Brad Jensen

Rise up and fly the flag of war and claim your freedom, your birthright.

Ian Grimshaw

As an English person I completely support you. Then there was Omagh. The murder of children, deliberate, bloody murder.

charles westhoff

The only awkward part of this song is explaining that it’s about the color of their uniforms


The truth is that Brits f_ _ ked you in all wars. And you were nazi collaborators, weren't you?


Bobby Sands Heroe For Ever!!!

mr super ger

The IRA were collaborators with Hitler's Nazis. Both were murderers and terrorists.


chucky ar la

komandant history

Im british and i find this hilarious



Bulgarian Nationalist

British listening to this: Heavy Breathing*



Anakin Yamum

What band is this looking for this version

Bo Jengles

has had trouble with britain.
uses armalites.
makes catchy songs about it.

i really dont understand why the american government didnt support the ira

Valve neul

I just own a free car from a Irish business, Cant wait to start it

Gabby Fringette

Welsh, scots, irish, native americans, australian abroiginals and probably a lot more I'm missing all have something in common: hating the english

Lil Bofa

anyone know who sang this version? this is my favorite version of “come out ye black and tans” but can’t find the band

Blackwater 1001

When you find out your 66% Irish


Teacher: ok we are taking a field trip to London
Me and the boys blasting this*

Edward Koenig

Me a 2nd gen 50% Irish lad:

michaeL Whitestone


Ra Kosh

Her: we’re going to meet my parents, they know your culture so don’t get too political please.
Me 3 pints in at the bar:

Mark Rutte

I don’t know anything about the troubles. I’m here for the bop

Lava Lamp's 2nd channel

Ah yes my half irish has returned to bless me with this lovely chorus


Hehe As a man I have to give this my two thumbs up. Death or victory!

Chicken Help me

Subtitles* I was born to be an english*


Catholic religion for ever!!!

Claudio Rafael Deimundo

2135 people ran like hell away from the green and lovely lanes of Killashandra

Memento Mori

Down with the British occupation!! ??☘️??

Markoth the city guard

Fuck england


pira may have been socialist terrorists but a united ireland is a united ireland g

George Delanoy

Big support to our catholic brother From France ??



Ahmed Arikat

Same struggle with Palestine and Israel, also started by the Brits


Bobby Sands Heroe for ever!!!

Brian Cee

Of the 3,464 Medals of Honor awarded as of September 17, 2009, an estimated 2,021 have been awarded to Irish-American recipients, more than twice the number awarded any other ethnic group; 257 Irish-born Americans have received the Medal of Honor which represents more than half of foreign-born MOH recipients

Sanjay KeithAdams

Oh god no please don’t put the RA on I’m so sorry I’m so sorry

th jame

Death to RUC

not sure

Sinn Féin

papel sufitao raro

British Kid touch on Pink

Jason Greensword

We shall overcome

Red Falcon

Can we start the fucking server?!

свободу BZH

I respekt Bobi Sandu!
Mne bylo 13 let, kogda tyuremshchiki ubili yego v angliyskoy tyur'me!
V 1983 godu!
"Adieu Vielle Europe, que le Diable t'emporte"....MDR

Avishkar Wankhede

I'm 2% and I'm from India?how did that happen

the doom slayer

I'm not Irish and this makes me wanna fight the closest britt next me

Kyle Sandes

I'm American somebody explain me the IRA are part of the left party.?


Lamh Dearg Abu


Bobby Sands for ever!!!

1234 efgk


beast titan



Bobby Sands!!!

drip succubus • 2,000 years ago

irish people: i did punk rock before it was mainstream

mad max fahrgeld

30 Jahre....RIP, Bobby

Gazi Arslan

Bob was died in 27 and you still wathing this comrade cmon we shold make ireland free again

Roger Gordon

Who hates the British more? The Irish? or the South African Boers?

I fuckin hate my life

Erin go bragh

Jack Rabbit

I'm so sorry pops

Agent Meta

The ascent is soo thich that I don't know what it's saying most of the time and think he said n*** instead of native

Jon Jones

Bobby Sands - Slimming World champion 1981.

James Livanski

Freedom to all the victims of imperialism and colonialism, from South Dakota to Mexico to Palestine.
We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe. - Frantz Fanon

William Doe

This song is barking.??


Where's my Catholic CHADS at?

Raymond Necke

Discovered recently my grandad collected money for the IRA and would travel back to Ireland for " holidays "
Well done grandad ???

Yousef Okasha

Respect the Irish greetings from palastine ????

Jesus Christ



Shouldn't have stopped fighting

Ms Garamycin

0:11 auto subtitles: I was born to be an English.

Mission failed we get them next time ???


When your 40 percent "English DNA" shows Northern Ireland as the origin.

Rusty Shackleford

I'm from the US, came across a legit IRA pub in my cross country travels. We sang this word for word and were instantly left to our drinks


I uhh

Evan Tsoutsas

When you open a roth IRA


maybe all dislikes from englishmen

Jinnah Khan

Those due we're just here from south flaorda.and invalment in stare war with 2country with a bug Dipper in scices fire poor .


Liberte, Fraternte, Egalite. Our day will come.

Wending Wind

the singer sounds like a leprechaun...


What a horrible time in history

Dennis Angeln

Lets visit london for the Weekend ...

Me : come out and fight like a man

Man Of The Mould

"Come out and fight me like a man"
Proceeds to lose every battle with the British that wasn't an ambush


Poland allways for Irish Catholics...

charles uplifted

Ireland will never be free until they have the natural right of self defense against their enemies

Pierre bouquet

From corsica per la liberta m’y brothers

jesus christ

If only the IRA didn't do money laundering, selling drugs and other illegal shit instead of just fighting for freedom.. maybe then they'd have a united ireland. (maybe) no hate etc meant

Jack Rabbit

William Dalphin Moran


I broke a British kid's jaw for sucker punching me. I got suspended for defending myself better than he could. His mom was on the PTA.

Pat Maloney

Let everyone know that we are proud irish


im from fucking romania and i love this song


I'm 6% Irish ?

hanwellfox foxy

Sorry but fuck off youtube algorithm with your mindless soulless recommendation I like to hear the melody's of Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl not the devise politics

random potato

When the british kid is bullying the irish kid


23andme tells me i'm 89% irish
goes to youtube and starts playing irish rebel songs

The Last Roman

We need a song like this in the US, but instead of the Brits we will sing about the foreign jew presence amongst us.

Dunken Riedel


Малешевић Тапи

Christian brothers, greetings from serbia! Every occupation has to end at some point!????

Nick Defiler

Greeting from Georgia dear Irish friends hope once and for all Imperialism will disappear once and for all

Ms Garamycin

Proud Catholic from Iraq

Angelo Adriano

Viva o Cristo Rei!!!

Adeptus Mechanicus

Отлично IRA всегда жив

Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira - Run Away (Moldova) Live 2010 Eurovision Song Contest

Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira - Run Away (Moldova) Live 2010 Eurovision Song Contest20 Sep. 2016
13 472 047

Sunstroke Project & Olia

Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira represented Moldova at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with the song Run Away.

The saxophone player of the band got famous on internet as the Epic Sax Guy

Comments (100)
Bæby nisha

My soul splited into two and started dancing listening this


Ok that’s for sure the most famous Moldavian song

Дмитрий Ефимов

RESPECT. Очень зашло в своё время.

Spirit In The Sky

Abi hadi 2. olmuş MaNga bari bu alsaydı 1.'liği, en azından hak etmiş olurdu. Muhteşem cidden. Lena nedir aq?

Hans Gruber



To aqui por causa do Venom Extreme

Sloth Bird

feel like i'm the only one who likes this song away from the fact of epic sax guy

I don't know i just made this channel :D

Here, a legend was born

Roman Smirnov

I was a fan of Epic Sax Guy before Christ

Sir FG

yes Gandalf <3 Sax

M abt rz

I have search for epic sax beat than I find this ???????


To cool! Thats all I can say!

Rúben Silva

Epic sax guy ?

Captain Caterpillar

Everyone is here talking about The Sax Guy but I’m over here thinking Little Nicky’s brother escaped hell to bring us this jam.

Michael Ghelfi

How the greatest Eurovision song of all time didn't win the contest is beyond me...

Bobby Neacsu

I will download this fir the epic sax guy

thespeedy warrior

Fact: you only came here for the EPIC SAX GUY

Dimitri malatches

I can’t even imagine how fun this is to play on saxophone

Keegan McLean


Soy Un Noob Cualquiera

Da best song pf eurovision 2010

Oğuzhan Yürümez

For two reasons, that years' contest was brilliant:

1) Epic Sax Guy
2) maNga (I'm still upset they didn't win).

poke wizard

0:47 is the reason u came here for

aggy the hamster

Don't know about you but I'm here to find the original epic sax guy
0:47 for epic sax guy
2:01 for more epic sax


Duke Nukem on the Sax everybody.


1. sax guy
2. violin guy
3. cameraman

Matea Kuničic

Comment for Sunstroke Project: 2017 was better

Jacob Williams

Imagine being either one of those singers just to have the show completely stolen by the saxophone

Cristian Danu

This is one of the reasons I really like being Moldavian


Left dancer at 0:41, best supporting role in all of ESC


Gendalf I love you!!!! Moldova is my country I love Moldova!!!!

Full Life 3

Aga bari 2010'da kaybeceksek illa, bunlara kaybetseydik daha iyi. En azindan bir gosteri falan var.


Came here for the sax
Stayed for the fucking fire

Dr. Stuhl

Really Bad song, but epic epic sax guy.

Mantazas Žaidžia

Epic sax guy

Batantan Tan

Fun fact: viewers likes memes especially the epic sax guy


Epic sax guy DANCE? rules

Sasha217war 007

Wow super music

Pessoa Não identificada

alguem pelo venom extreme ?

yhon Escobar

El saxo está brutal!!!!!!!!

Аслан 1

Всем пох на песню


I discovered this on what would become the most anxiety free day I'd had in a long time. You may only see this song as a meme, but I will always see it as my escape from the stresses of life. ❤️


Thank me later.

GMD Basixx

0:48 your welcome

Elizabrine Animations

Meanwhile in Moldova

Buzz Lightyear

Conductor: Let's test the instrument

That one sax guy: 0:47


Gandalf: this is my place 0:49

Alen Alen

Вы должны были быть первыми но я уже не верю в голоса! Вы супер ребята

-uma Pessoa com sono-

0:47 momento epico ?

Denis Černý

pls im im sax guy xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

tugrul ertugrul


alexis benitez



알고리즘에 의해 밈의 원본을 보게되었다..ㄷㄷ

Mariame ALI

Si t'es la grâce a Hanouna...??


catchy song

Choul-joung Park

싯팔 원본이 이거였어?


The irony is they lost because of the sax guy. His lower body movement during his part was implicating something sexual, what most of the audience on tv, which had kids, didn’t like.


They can sing

ogladacz r.t.

When a backwater country which is just a weird postcomunistic leftover of another obscure nation which didn't even have a country till XIX century, that even we Polish people say is a poor sh**hole produces 2 massive multinational hits:

and by the way i mean no disrespect, people anywhere are people

Abstract Xtreme

very epic


Such a legendary masterpiece

David Norman

How did they not win!

Spirit In The Sky

Kemanist abi evleneq mi? <3

alexis benitez

like who came for the legendary sax

That one Little nuggie

The dislikes are from the people who, are jealous over that sax

Spirit In The Sky

Abi çok güzel yaa

alverto zavala

Realmente me agrado todo.



James Thomas

Now I understand why everyone memed the sax guy.... It was the ONLY good part of this elevator music from a building used for belgian pop techno raves

Sorin Gontariu



모두 에픽색소가이 보러왔지?

Joonas Linna

look i know i came here for the meme but like the song isn't that bad

Thorin Oakenshield

Some people are born legends.

Furkan Beliktay

That's what you came for > 0:47 <

ned Hassane

Big UP for the Sax guy and the volin dude

Sana Murad

all memes aside, this is great


0:48 2:00 당신들이 아는 그 하이라이트

Borderlands 2314 James Bredson

0:47 Jax sax guy mk11


This silly

1 1 1

2021 still listening every day !

VitaminD J

Anyone else skipping the singing parts and going straight to the epic sax guy? ?

Carolin Cleve

I really cannot understand why they only went to place 22 in the euro vision 2010.

Brandon Smith

Loser's of Eurovision are actually the winners of every contest.


Moldova was there with their entire population


Странно почему они не победили , они же по факту топ 1, а не 3

I'm Leonessa

Okay but this song seriously slaps

Mehmet emir Çelebi

We could be the same is real winner

Andy Shams





Fun fact: These are actually two bands having a duet. The male singer is the main band the female one is the collaborator.

Yerzat Abdykalykov

Только ради саксофона слушаю эту песню

Laszlo Lorenzi

Fans: “the violin is cool”
Me and the boys:?????

Luis Healy


stephen jay Compesino

how to make this song epic?
Sax guy: yes

Isabel Read

Moldova really said if we don't win, what do we do?


And the when the world needed him most, he vanished...

Elizabeth Del castillo

This didn’t win most probably from the vocals... imma be brutally honest...

Zeynep İnce

It was very unfair at the 2010 eurovision song contest. Lena shouldn't have won with her performance. There were much better than Lena like maNga and this performance .


Probably the most underrated song in ESC, ever. EVER.

Vašek 1985

Lol ?


everyone : ?? wow i love epic sax guy
me: Allez allez allez, allez ola olé

Run Raja Run Video Songs - I am in Love / Vaddhantuney Song - Sharwanand, Seerat Kapoor, Ghibran

Run Raja Run Video Songs - I am in Love / Vaddhantuney Song - Sharwanand, Seerat Kapoor, Ghibran10 Sep. 2014
2 506 234
UV CreationsSubscribe 438 721

Watch I am in Love /

Watch I am in Love / Vaddhantuney Video Song of our Super Hit telugu movie Run Raja Run, starring Sharwanand, Seerat Kapoor, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Vennela Kishore, Sampath Raj, Harish Koyagundla, Nikhil among others.

Comments (100)
Nagalaxmi y

బ్యూటిఫుల్ లిరిక్స్? I'm in love baby బ్యూటిఫుల్ సాంగ్ ?❤ chinmayi ur allways sweet voice ❤

shivani star


rama Devi

Lyrics Nike

Vana Ugandhar

Smily face.... heroine

Citycity City

nice song

Devi Bavani

Excellent song

sathyanarayena R

I love this song

baba shanti

I am here only for seerat

Vinny Vinod

Favorite song ?

Dinesh ReddyGM

Favorite song forever???

Gouthami Gatla

Super song..

rama Devi

I'm a made Jokic

Anumarri Anuanu

Super sonic and tails and ears open for me to come over and over again and again I don't know what I want to be a good day at work and I don't know what

mantha sowmya

Graceful voice....

Chinthoju Srilatha

My feelings

Devi Bavani

Super song kadha

Anand Garage

Chinmayee gifted with unique voice

LEE solitudinarian

Does anyone knows how they shot this

Shyam Shyam

Nice song i like this song?

Vijaya Lakshmi


Ganapathi Santoshkumar

Wt A Great Voice Chinmayi Garu ???

P Anu Radha

Babu Md

Heart touching song

Subhani Shaik

One my favourite song ??????????

Guruswamy Talari

శర్వానంద్ లైక్
నాగచైతన్య కామెంట్

poojitha pooja

Super song?

Rishitha T


Harika Reddy

Awesome song,that humming OMG?

susmitha 63

All time My fav song ???


nice song

M Bhargav


Durga kalyan K

This Song Developed as Kromeesam Policoda....

Balaji P

Ela undi Ra ?
As it is undi GA ?

BJP andh bhakts

chinmayi sriprada ????

Chandra Sekhar

I love music. naku life long gurtundipoye song mari meku?

BJP andh bhakts

2020 hi....

Priyanka Emani

వద్దంటూనే నిన్ను వద్దంటూనే

వద్దకొచ్చానురా వద్దకొచ్చానురా 

కాదంటూనే నిన్ను కాదంటూనే

ప్రాణమిచ్చేంతగా నాకు నచ్చావురా

ఉన్న మాటిది నిజమున్న మాటిది

అన్న మాటిది మనసన్న మాటిది

ప్రేమగా నిను చేరగా

ఆరాట పడుతుంది

నాలోనే ఉన్న తెలియలేదు

ఏ సడి లేని అలజడి

గుండెల్లో నిండి నిండి

ఉప్పొంగి పొంగి పొంగి

నీవైపు పరుగులు తీసిందిలా

ఓ మాట నను అడగలేదు

అదుపు లేని మనసిది

నువ్వంటే నచ్చి నచ్చి

ఎంతెంతో ఇష్టం వచ్చి

నీ చెంత చేరుకుంది ఈ రోజిలా

చుస్తూ చుస్తూనే

నేను నీ సొంతమైనా

గుర్తించలేదె కన్ను యే కొంచెమైన

వెన్నెల్లో నేనే నేను

నిన్నిలా ప్రేమిస్తున్నా

నీ మాయ దయ వలన

I’m in love baby, I’m in love baby

I’m in love baby, I’m in love

I’m in love baby, I’m in love baby

I’m in love baby, I’m in love

నీ పేరు పలికే పెదవి నేడు

పులకరింతల పువ్వయింది

నీలో అదేదో ఉంది నన్నేదో చేసేసింది

నా చుట్టు లోకమిలా నీలా కనిపిస్తుంది

నీ జంట నదిచే అదుగు చూడు

గాల్లోనా తేలే గువ్వయింది

నువ్వంటే తెలిసే కొద్ది

నీలో నిను కలిసే కొద్ది

నిన్నింక ప్రేమించాలని అనిపిస్తుంది

నీ నీడలోనే నాకు ఆనందం ఉంది

నూరేల్లకు నేను నీలోన బంది

యె ఒక్క క్షణం నీ తోడు వీడక

నీలోన సగమవనా

వద్దంటూనే నిన్ను వద్దంటూనే

వద్దకొచ్చానురా వద్దకొచ్చానురా 

కాదంటూనే నిన్ను కాదంటూనే

ప్రాణమిచ్చేంతగా నాకు నచ్చావురా

ఉన్న మాటిది నిజమున్న మాటిది

అన్న మాటిది మనసన్న మాటిది

ప్రేమగా నిను చేరగా

ఆరాట పడుతుంది

Sunchu Venkanna


Shaik Nousheen

2021vintunna vallu like kottandi

Harini Gupta

Who is listening in 2020 june

Deepu Qwert

You avoid your friends also.make good friends...always yours dj

rama Devi

Nen annana arojaina odhandi inka nen a thondara padda. Road mida dance cheskuntu vasthunte....side ki girls potharu kada vaalle kaavali Annav nv nen ah type kaadu ani chala clear ga cheppina


Nice song . ❤❤

20s ten

thaman anna katha lo inka song ?

manthu simha

Love's this❤️❤️❤️❤️

naresh minnu

Don't worry it's not thaskarinchified by the man

027_ G. Naga Mounika

Lovely song

sridhar princi

Audio song kana vedio song chustantene bagundi


krack movie song vinna tharvatha vachinavallu evaraina vunnara

# Friends vlog


prath ibha

I love you song ??????????????????????????❤❤❤❤???

Deepu Deepika

Chinmayi sreepada❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sheak Sony

I like this song ❤️❤️

Sravani Doppala


vinay raju

Poor sound quality.. Credit goes to bass guitarist

vamsi krishna

One of my fav songs

Sandhyapogu Chandu

The most underrated song, it deserves more

Srinivasa Reddy

Reddy make marvelous

Khasim Khasimsa

This song dedicated to my lover

siri sirisha

My feavarite song

Pradeep Kumar Jogu

Chinmay deserves more, no words...so clear and crisp...

pokuri sudheer

2020 listening ?

tirumal goud

I like song designing style
Its one of my fav song for ever

sathyanarayena R

Iam listing this songs daily

Yamini Ch

Brilliant choreography... Loved it ❤️?

Void Main

Can anyone translate lyrics into English please???

Joga Ramesh

Gibran magic it is

Aryan Balduri

Does anyone know the choreographer of this song? He/she must be appreciated


Beautiful song and herat touch in girls

Julie Nongmaithem ch

Nice ceography

chhinna yerragolla

E songs lyrics vintuu.... Enjoy chesina....kani...Inka inka vinalanipisthundi... Peaks...

Manju Manju

Wonderful song chinmayi voice so sweet sharwanand looking so cute

sivaprasad D

2020 lo chusinavallu like veyandii

Udhayagandhi Pothana

One of the best song superbbbbbbbbbbbbb

saddam hussain

Chinmay song well

K. bhargaveena

Beautiful song

Naresh krishna

Fav song....sharvanand's best movie....

Adduru Tulasi

My favorite song ???

Ramadevi Pala

While else in 2021...... still edicted

Srinivasarao Kadiyal

Who watch in 2020 sep like

grishma sp raju

i love this song


Lyrics in captions ?

At Last

My one of favourite ?...soooo sweet to hear ...

Srivani Sri

I love this song lyrics

siri sirisha

My feavarite song

raaj teluru

hit a like for chinmayee, she sung this song very beautiful

Chiru Sirisha

My lover favorite ?❤️ song

Sravanthi Damma.

Vadhantunee , all has done. Stupid love.

Purnima Mopidevi

What its picturization name called??


Who watching after krack 3 rd single

Chinni Babu

Super song

radha ammu

I love this song ??

Blessy God Bless you

Bobby from kakinada

Vineeth Routhu

Thaman anna kosam chusthunnollu oka like vesukondi..... ? ? ? ?
#KRACK korameesam polisoada ???

Ganisetti Anuradha

Roju e song vinavalu evarina vunara ☺

Usha Rani

I love this song???❤️❤️❤️

Keethisha G

Super super song

Vijay Kumar


raju p

My favorite song..

Divya D

2021 Lo chusevallu oka like kottandi