Max fitness crossfit

Max fitness CrossFit

Max fitness CrossFit5 Mar. 2013




Three forward rolls 5 wall climbs seven toes to bar nine box jumps

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First time doing the VO2 MAX Fitness Test | This was BRUTAL

First time doing the VO2 MAX Fitness Test | This was BRUTAL11 Oct. 2020
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fairly sure that vo2 max is lower on a bike vs assault bike. This is for the same reason cross country skiers score very high vo2 max numbers.

Gonelegit ❶

Thought man was praying salah in the thumbnail lol.

David Andersen

Great channel!

Note: I am writing this while eating a donut.

You are amazing, sir. Truly you are at the apex of human perfection and attractiveness, but:

It is making all of us look very bad. With the deepest of respect, please stop looking like a Greek god. Do buy a PS5, do grow a potbelly, a second chin, and stop looking so handsome.

Thank you.


What’s your 40 time???


respect bro for all the hard work u put in your vids ! keep it up!


So what do you need to do to improve your VO2max? Could you do a video on it? Thanks!

Kevon Johnson

Great fitness experiment as always by Showing us that even tho you’re look extremely fit that don’t mean that you can outwork another person in their fitness discipline

benjamin Franklin

What’s the name of the machine?

Steven d1withonly1 Walker

Best intro ever lol I still need to do a V02Max


10:19 this is the vibe


I wish you would put the Insta handles for both James and Luke. Without that data, we can't find them!

BTW: you may not be the fittest person in the world, but you are truly an inspiration to every person on the planet! You get out of your comfort zone and do other things. I just wish I had your courage to try things (bouldering, Judo, gymnastics, rugby training, etc...). You are far more athletic than you give yourself credit for. That's probably the "young you". Today, you're the man you always dreamed of being. Congratulations on that accomplishment. I look forward to seeing the man you'll become. You'll be a beast of a fit athlete!

Andrei Blaga

am I the only one looking for James's youtube page to get that sponsorship?

yas khan

Brother i Love your smile. Mashallah

Alex Mihailescu

Nice video brother ??

Ever Ready

Obi is an absolute powerhouse!! ??????

Strength 48

Luke "The easiest way to pick up your VO2 max, is to lose some weight "
Obi "Hhhhhmmm Luke do you know how shredded I am? Do I need to take my shirt off to remind you?"???

John Dabu


Tony Stanger

When your biceps are as large as your head. Olympic tier nutrition control. Well done!

Truth M

? @ "just be lazy". Motivating video ..I wouldn't have lasted a full min... looking fwd to your retest.


lmao i love that 90% of your videos are just you doing shit you hate and suck at. great video as always!

PowerWeight Training

When i was a triathlete I did wither Ramp tests ot max all out 30 20 to 30 minute efforts. Not fun! This brings back some god awful memories,

Obi Vincent

Sorry about some of the loud background noises.. unfortunately filming at a CrossFit gym during oly lifts was not a good mix! ? hope you enjoy the Video ?

Natalya Župan

Would be interested to know your VO2max on a treadmill - legs will always stop you first on the ergo! You'd also be able to take in more oxygen in an upright posture when running (not hunched over). But amazing job overall ☺ x

Jamil Chowdhury

anyone know what gymshark top he's wearing? @0.27s

Kay Bouie

I'm 100 like!?

Martin Crook

I think you should challenge Craig (HSTL made) for that one

indian guy

Hey obi please respond ! ??

Malvin Marinas

Hi Obi! I'm your fan from the Philippines! ?? ?


The clip for this video is how I feel running with a mask on the gym. Just breathing back in 80% of the CO² I just breathed out. Literally feeling like I am at death's door


Did anyone catch the details about the nutrition Obi was doing wrong? He was not getting enough carbs or something?


That test is BRUTAL. Hardest thing you’ll do, if you have a heart of a lion cause you don’t want to stop! Lol. My ass cheeks was so sensitive after getting off the treadmill I couldn’t sit down. Literally limped out the building and went on a slight slight jog to get rid of the lactic acid buildup

Practical Fitness

Obi V!

Emily Pattison

So much respect, absolutely hate a devil bike at the best of times ??

Jonez V.

5:46 Baywatch vibes


Whats vo2

Daniel Vid

Obi, unless I'm missing something, in CrossFit you want to maximise your total work output (which is related to how much oxygen you consume per minute), not your work output per kg of bodyweight (which is what VO2max is - how much oxygen you consume per minute PER KG OF BODYWEIGHT). Unlike in cycling and running, your bodyweight isn't as absolutely determinate as to your performance in CrossFit. Losing bodyweight will artificially increase your VO2max number, but you aren't suddenly going to get fitter just because you went on a cut... In fact, with less strength, perhaps your max power output could even decrease...

Staci Wilkins

Lovely ?? ??❤️

SACEX Low Carbon Economy

How you respond. I’m 50. Training weights & teaching Gracie jiu Jitsu for 22 years. My shoulders are finished from mma. I’ve decided to train 4 compounds 3times a week , go on TRT 100ml a week. Drop my weights to 75%of BWT. Slow with accentuated contraction and slowdown with a few strips. No more than 30minutes with warm ups and stretching. My question,leg press or front squats ? I can’t get my left rotor cuff behind the bar on standard squats. I dig your personality. You seem pragmatic. Your insights into muscle, glute involvement on iether movement will be helpful. Not going to increase weights, just keep the range in 3 sets 5 reps, increase to 10 reps slowly and add 2.5 kg and drop to 5 again. Help me out. You’re a smart guy. I have 2 deployments left in Peshawar and my Delts don’t need surgery but I need to access my Glock 19 and can’t afford to make mistakes. Anyway, your help on my leg press vs front squats is important. Thanks. Love & Light Ronin Gantz

Trouble Man

Always a pleasure to start my week with your videos. Much love from NJ ????

Richard Adams

Is this an old video or you guys are just not wearing mask?

Discover Training

Your videos are always so interesting!! Great work

Lamb Chop

Obi's vids are my pre-workout ??????

Ever Ready

More muscle needs more oxygen


this jingas voice is f ing annoying


I’m a little skeptical of this score as far as VO2max on this machine.. to me a 1.5 mile timed run would give a 99% correlation compared to the rest of the population with similar age profiles.. it’s apart of The Cooper Fitness test and used by all branches of military and most of law enforcement.. nonetheless Obi’s definitely a beast and no shade was meant by constructive criticism.. Great channel!

David Garcia

Wow coach, this is really an incredible tool! Brilliantly executed

JustFitness - Kiron Simmons

Shout out to the subscriber who left the first comment. Great work bro!

Panos Keramidas

Tell me please what exactly was the protocol you used to the assult air bike and the concept 2 bike. Thank you!

WOD "Cindy" Max Fitness CrossFit

WOD "Cindy" Max Fitness CrossFit8 Dec. 2012



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