Fat machine

I-lipo machine melts the fat cells away

I-lipo machine melts the fat cells away24 Sep. 2013
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In about twenty minutes

In about twenty minutes you could be losing up to an inch and half off your waistline. The technology that makes it all possible is called I-lipo.

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Chavanun Siphomsay

Where did the fat go though? It cant just like dissapear. I knoe that shrink the fat cells but what does your body do with the fat that came out of the cells


I have the feeling the fat will eventually get back there, unless may the patients follow a strict healthy diet

Shawna T

This does not work lol...well I’ve done it twice at least

LaDonna VanEngen

I cannot get the laser pad lights to come on even though the system check Is OK. How do I troubleshoot this? Any help?

David Jimenez

well, the title is misleading. The cells are still there, but their contents are released and are free to go around the body and get processed through your liver and kidneys. I dunno if that sounds safe having your organs flooded with sudden fat spikes.

Taty Aya

There’s a bunch of stuff to burn fat, in Colombia we have a bunch of static’s centers and they are way better than this one

Mini cryolipolysis fat freezing machine

Mini cryolipolysis fat freezing machine24 Aug. 2018
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Hey guys, email me if any

Hey guys, email me if any interest, [email protected]

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B. Kurnia

Hii please tell me if its work for you before i buy it. I wanted to buy this machine for so long

Jennifer Kuan

I purchased this machine, it works fine but I notice it leaves burn mark on the skin, feels like freezer burn and leaved black burn marks on my body. l am very disappointed.

Avi Sivan

better go to fatfreezer.com they are the original with great price

Monjie Monjie

How much?

Super Toy Art

Does it work as well as the CoolSculpting machine?... Please, if you've tried it, tell me, and how many inches have you lost?

Richard Mason

I have one of these but the temperature will not go below 04 and the fan does not seem to work unless the temperature is set at 00 - do you have any ideas ? Is there on online manual or helpline number for it ?

Dana Brown

Do these really work before I spend my money?

Alexis Erickson-Lambdin

This womans english is pretty good. ? thank you so much for the directions

Cuisine and Travel

Hi can you use regular antifreeze sheets with this device by either cutting it and placing in the device or putting it on the client?


I bought one of these last month. No instructions included. Thank you so very much for recording and uploading this video.

Midnight Mist

I bought one that came with no anti freeze masks. I bought anti freeze membranes but the error keeps coming up. It doesn’t work. Is there a way that I can use the anti freeze masks I bought or do they have to be specific to the machine? Is there a way to over ride the error message. Please help me

2Tone SKrrrt

What are the yellow sponges used for?

Jasmine Heaton

I just bought 1 of these. I thought it was broken but now i know why it was making noise thank you. Going to try tomorrow


Where I can buy freezing pads? Do you have it?

Fatomatic Fat Testing Machine(Fully Automatic) Unbox And Operating With Reputability

Fatomatic Fat Testing Machine(Fully Automatic) Unbox And Operating With Reputability5 Feb. 2020
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About Fatomatic

About Fatomatic

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Fatomatic Fat Testing Machine(Fully Automatic) Unbox And Operating With Reputability

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Manvendra singh

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Rushi Ghawate

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Riyaz chaudhary 007

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santosh patthe

How much

Umakant Yadav

Sir aap apna number de do

Gurjant Singh

Eco milk se koi batter nai

Bharatsinh Jadav

Price ?

Shashikant Mishra

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What is the Price ? or if you have whatsapp number give me, i am not in India

Mahinder Singh Mahinder

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Bb Challam

Can you tell us the price

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Bittu Mukati

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Yogesh Padihar

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Deepak Baliyan

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Lakshmi Durga

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Mohan Patel

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