How much could arnold bench

Aaron Donald Workout With Body Builder, Bench Press 385 With Ease!

Aaron Donald Workout With Body Builder, Bench Press 385 With Ease!10 Jul. 2019
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Aaron Donald WORKS With

Aaron Donald WORKS With Body Builder, Bench Press 385 With Ease!

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Anthony Martin

I can do all that without slingshots and I'm almost 50 years old

》《JayAndrsn》 《

4 dislikes, bruhh do you even lift?


They used the slingshot, it doesn’t count.

Big Mike

He should, he weighs 310 pounds. He looks like he is 250 but he has very little body fat.

Bu Venom

Yup slingshot helper= fail!!!


Nigga a beast but then pushups at the end were terrible but he still a monster

Reggie Griffin

What’s the name of the last song

Jordan Shaw

Aaron Donald benches 385 and we go crazy,but how about when Larry Allen benched 700 lbs?!?!

Brother Hood

Other than than playing sports don’t see the point of being that big


The Slingshot makes the Smith machine look like a regular bench press...Mark Bell can only be hearing cha ching after this vid!

The Score


D Ron


J Wom

That doesn’t count. He’s using a slingshot. It makes it way easier.

Angel Garza

James Harrison gotta join

Jayhawk Hoopers

Lol niggas in the comments talking shit about the bands like AD not dominating top tier athletes in the NFL please stfu.

Oliver Emsick

That’s basically like 290 in the bottom out of the hole and 385 up top but it builds momentum for overload. Still fairly lite work for lifters that 220-280 with abs

Marrkale Ward

You got me...?? my PR...yall boyz getting bread

Dandre Bailey

Rams suc

Bruce Whitaker

He Hass to be the strongest player in the NFL right?


Hail to pitt

So Cal

??????? yeah that band ain't helping........

Harold Black

Lol. Don’t count with a bench shirt..


Makin me want to get back to work, with push-ups as a foundational move!

Damon Green

None of y’all are the athlete he is! Plz save your weak ass comments if y’all step into professional athletes world, everyone of you all would get crushed! Do ya thang AD we’re gonna keep watching from the stands, TV, YouTube etc.

Damond Berry

They use a rubber band for that weight....Come on MaN

Samuel Robinson

Oh so pushups is why this nigga unstoppable?

Shaquille Marshall

What’s that 2 Chainz song?

CigHomie Cal

Hes 300 pounds so not impressive at all. Then he uses a slingshot lmfao. Hes weak as hell. He should be pressing over 500 raw at that weight

Jazspur Ingram

I really dont call it a clean bench if you using a slingshot

Anthony H

Smh using a sling shot for anything under 450 is like wearing a condom to jerk off ??‍♂️??‍♂️

Kieran Piper

Everyone hating on him “only’ doing 385 with slingshot...when they’d prob struggle doing 10 reps of 225


Yeah easy with a bench shirt on lol

Matt Thygeson

These boys a different breed of strong

Juscoastin Tuff

Y’all do realize this guys max is like 500+ pounds right prolly more dudes strong he jus lifting smart his ability makes him worth millions why waste it?

Fat dude

Wtf up with that dudes half a beard!!

Winston Ballard


j dubb leg man

So he could probably only get 365 max for 1 rep without that slingshot??? Not impressive at all for a d tackle! He's one of the best but definitely not that strong.

Antrell Jones

Oh shit them niggas strong asl?


385 light weight

Aaron Adams

I deadass can do 385 with ease with a slingshot on and I weigh 185 lmfao

Dougie Flexx Fit

Lol really made a video using our ig stories! Crazy! ?



1Bad SS

Song? 2:00

King Christian

This joke he’s 300 pounds doing 385 with sling shot yeah no shit easy work hahaha that’s terrible

troy smith

Pushups are my favorite exercise after a workout but Thats not a pushup.

Gary Jones

Pure Athlete, AD will be the best defensive player of all time barring injury.


Oh shit that's da boi Doug

Ultra Ignorance

Everyone saying “oh he used a slingshot doesn’t count “ ok you put it on and bench 385??

Zurich Foreman

He trynna play defensive end?

So Cal

?????? wtf kind of push up are these ad


Crazy him and Wilt Chamberlain bench the same amount

AJ Vega

Would love to see some real push ups ;) Just saying it’s all love :)

Bench Pressing my body weight for Reps at the Arnold Classic

Bench Pressing my body weight for Reps at the Arnold Classic4 Mar. 2012
2 817

Bench Pressing my body

Bench Pressing my body weight (255 lbs) for reps at the Arnold Classic inside the animal cage. 18 reps.

Comments (5)
Mike Less - Farmhand Mike



Man, that is impressive. Great job.

john miller

goodjob man. 255 for 18 reps is alot. and yes i only weigh 150 and can do my weight alot but i dont know if i would have to balls to do it infront of everyone. you have my respect

sean hayes

Thats very powerful


Good Job Bro!! Takes alot of Balls to get up there and try that!